My Marred beauty ( TWL ) ( Sneak Preview ) ( mmz)


Silence was surrounding her lane . She started taking long steps to reach her hostel .

Her lips parted when she saw some drunkards on their bikes.

She hold the stripe of her bag tightly . Her eyes were glued on the road. Night was dark and street lights are not helpful enough to enlighten the fear of ‘ alone girl’ in her mind.

She cursed herself for many times for forgetting her pepper spray at her room . The cold winds were sucking heat from her body , without seeking her permission . she pressed her lips , and continued on the lane.

“ hey se*y lady..want to enjoy the ride” . One of them said and winked towards his friends. Her speed increased and her open fist got clenched.

“ so much in a hurry ..we can help you out” said another among them and came in front of her.

She startled and moved one step back quickly. “ so shall we??” that guy who was not looking more than 18 asked her coyly.

“ let me go” . She snapped back and pushed him little . She started moving forward again.

“ your bag …hmm smells nice” . A guy whose arm was tattooed said after snatching her bag. She looked his face. It didn’t took a minute for her to guess that he was a drug addict .

His whole arm was showing all signs of the doses taken by him by needle.

“ give my bag ……back” . She said raising her voice little.

They all laughed and started passing her bag to each other.

“ hey ..give my bag back” she shouted this time. They all stopped and started moving towards her.

“ get back” . She warned them.

All of a sudden, the attention was diverted when they heard the honking sound of a car. The car was heading towards them in a furious speed. No one moves from their place . After a minute the car halted . The lights were off inside the car.

She blinked when the door of the car got opened.

“ hey man ..use some other street ..we are little busy” . A stout tanned guy spoke who was holding a bag.

He comes out of his car and closed the door. She looked him . Her mind recorded only two things first. Complexion Dark . Eyes. Oceanic blue. Then she scanned him from top to bottom. He was tall.

He was dressed in white shirt . Grey waist coat . Black Jeans. In the right lower arm , something was in scripted in black ink.

“ the f**k …someone dared to stop my way, he will not leave you guys” . He said and his expressions were showing how much he was pissed off .

“ who is he ??” asked one of them .

“ RRR” he replied . She saw his thumb moving on his forehead. He was really pissed with all of them.

“ Apologize or suffer” he said again.

They all got confused. “ Apologize him” she said seeing the confused expressions of the boys who were surrounding her.

He chuckled. “ yeah she is right” he said and stiffened.

The drunkards looked her and one of them hold her hand.

“ leave my hand” she shouted.

The guy who was holding her hand looked towards the one standing near the car. “ we will enjoy with this girl here only …go away from here” .

Her eyes widened and she tried to kick his manhood . But failed when another one hold her and pulled little towards him.

“ okay” said the boy who was near his car. He raised his hands up . “ so you guys choose …suffer” . He said and started clapping slowly.

They all look towards him with confusion. Her cheeks were wet from her tears.

“ rule no 1 …RRR ..never likes interruption” he said and opened the buttons of his waist coat.

“ rule no 2 ….whenever you heard the three ‘R’ means like RRR…then bow your head in respect …doesn’t matter if he is there or not’ . After done with his waist coat , he now pulled the sleeves up of his shirt.

“ and the last rule …no 3….RRR….don’t like douche bags… try not to come in front of him” he said and showed thumbs down.

“ so it’s simple …fight and win …and the winner ..will get the chick” . He said and pointed towards her .

She was frozen after hearing his words. She was expecting him to help her. But here he was treating her like a trophy , which got lots of wet kisses from the one who wins it , while the poor trophy had just get her metal wet.

“ Disgusting” she shouted and snatched her bag back from the fat guy near her.

“ okay ….challenge accepted” the tattooed guy spoke with a smirk on his face. She stumbled when that guy hold her wrist.

“ one fact…I forgot to tell….i never lose any ‘CHALLENGE’ “ he said casually.

she saw those boys moving towards the ‘RRR guy’ . She didn’t know his name . Her heart skipped a beat when the four of them attacked that guy together.

His fist was clenched. He saw four of them jumping on him. That’s enough.

“ the nerve of a commoner to show disrespect……well RRR ..don’t like this thing” . He said when he planted his powerful punch on one of them .

She was shocked. The guy was on the floor oozing blood from his mouth. He fainted within 10 seconds. Not a single movement . She cupped her mouth.

She saw rest three were standing in shock. They all shouted together and attacked him again.

He twisted one’s arm and kicked the other one and with his head he attacked on the third one.

“ this is for breaking Rule no 1 ….. RRR …..will surely kill you” . He said and break the arm of one of them.

She forgot to exhale. Her breath was now halted in her lungs.

The man whose arm got broken was on the ground. He was screaming in pain. The other two looked towards their friend and they stiffened after hearing something.

“ Two more ……..and I will win the challenge” . He said and smirked.

She was already exasperated with the goons . She wanted to slap each one of them. Her fee were aching . But still she picked her bag , only to run away from all them.

The two boys were started begging to him. “ pls leave us …you keep the girl” . He chuckled and then nodded in negative.

“ Sorry ….RRR’s command….you need to pay for breaking other two rules” he said and raised his both hands in defense . She gasped when she saw him slapping hard on the cheeks of those two.

“ who is RRR??..we will apologize to him” . One of them said while holding his tooth in his hand.

“ oh it’s me ……hello young men ….i am ROHAN RAI RATHORE…..the royal prince of the prestigious town …Amirkot….which is in the state of Maharashtra of my country INDIA ……” . He introduced himself with a smile on his face.

Her face lost all colors. Did she heard right. Is he is the Rohan Rai Rathore. She observe his face keenly again.

“ the f**k can she failed to recognize him…….. The only
sworn enemy of her father………….the man who had nerve to defeat her father……..her father………Neil Malhotra…………god….. that’s means…………Samridhi Neil Malhotra ……… saved by a enemy of her family ..Rohan Rai Rathore” she mumbled and wiped the sweat droplets on her forehead.
he saw the goons leaving in their bikes .

He bend down and picked up his waistcoat. She was all standing there , glued at one place , staring him.

He stopped and turned before opening his car.

“ you are safe, go home now, and keep this with you” . He said and throw something towards her.

She failed to catch and it fell on ground. The pepper spray. It was the same , which she had left in her hostel.

Samridhi got confused little. “ if he had this pepper spray ..the he could have used it on the goons ..but he didn’t …and hardly I saw boys keeping it” . She murmured and hold it tightly.

He started his car and left. “ Such a gentleman” . She muttered angrily. “ can’t he just offered me a lift” . she thought and started moving again.

Samridhi thanked her stars at the same time too.

“ I think he didn’t identify me …Great” she said and called her Dad.

“ Hello ….ridhi …..dear ….what’s up” asked Neil after picking up the call .

It didn’t took a minute for her to guess that her father had won the deal ..defeating all enemies.

“ congratulations Dad .. For your deal” she said and then all she can hear a laughing sound of her father.

“ yeah …I won …especially when I won over him….Rohan Rai Rathore…god Ridhi …his face was worth watching….and the best part was that ….the ‘ Mr Royal Rathore’ was
smiling cover up his failure” said Neil and laughed again.

Samridhi smiled meekly. ‘ Mr Royal Rathore’ …. ‘ Mr RRR guy’ ….had protected the life of Malhotra Princess. She thought.

“ Ridhi …I am missing you here….honey take care of yourself” said Neil.

Samridhi disconnected the call after sometime. In morning he was in India …and in night he is in London….” she took a sigh . “ private plane” she murmured.

Samridhi brushed her thoughts and headed towards her hostel

The warden as usual give her a sheepish smile when she found her smoking. Ridhi climbed the stairs and opened her room. The moment she opened the door, her face again lost all colors .

“ you” she said and then everything went black before her eyes . He hold her in his arms.
well i forgot to give the sneak preview of this one …it is will be connected further to My window love …it is the part of that only..but i will write it separately

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