Mariam Khan Reporting Live 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Fawad scares Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam giving pics to everyone. She shows Aijaz’s pic. She says this pic got cut. They laugh. Majaaz says I will teach you to click pictures well. He asks her to have food first. Mariam asks Madiha does he has a twin sister. Madiha says no. Majaaz jokes. Mariam takes the food for Aijaz. He hears a sad song and stays upset. She asks him to have food. He refuses. She asks him to see the pic and then have food. He gets shocked seeing his pic with his lover. He asks did you show this to anyone. She says no. He says give it to me. She says first have food. He says I will have food. She says I need this pic back. He says this is the pic of someone I desire. She says its my pic, I want it back. They fight for it. The pic gets torn. He gets angry. She runs away. He sees

her lover’s pic. He gets the lover’s call. She says I will never come your home now, you will get insulted, I will get habitual to live without you. He says I promise I will not let you get insulted again, I will wed you and bring you in this mansion. She asks really. Mariam says I will give this pic to Aijaz. She hears him.

Its morning, Mariam sees Madiha’s preparations. She says I will have food in Iftaar, I will also keep fast, no one can scold me. Amna gets milk. Madiha also gets a milk glass. Mariam finishes the milk. Madiha asks Mariam to get ready for school. Mariam says today I will take good pics, Mahira scolded me, as she looked joker in her pics. Majaaz calls her and asks her to remember three things, frame, focus and click. Mariam clicks pics. She says I will frame the shots in best way, I will click good pics. She says I want to become like you, a journalist. He explains her the work and motive of a journalist. She gives camera to Majaaz and goes to get ready. Madiha says stop teaching this to Mariam, sell the press so that we all get rid of this journalism. He looks at her.

Fawad says I have teach them a lesson. Rifat asks him to go to school. She scolds the servants. Zain says I will drop Fawad to school. Rifat asks the reason for his love. He says I thought to drop him as his school is on the way. Rifat says meet the principal and find the kids’ parents. Zain says yes, I will complain about them. Mahira drives and asks Meher to make her notes.

Mariam signs no. Meher refuses saying our subjects are different. Mariam sees a board and asks Meher about it. She asks Mahira to drive slow. Mahira stops the car when Mariam pushes her. Mahira drops Mariam on the way and goes. Mariam comes to school and gets tired. She says I have come slow. Teacher says you have come late for the class. She says my dad says coming late is better than accident. He says oh yes, go and sit. Teacher asks them to say the names of five aquatic names. Everyone raises hand. He asks Mariam. Mariam sees her friends signing and says Fish…. Teacher asks what’s the other four. She says Fish’s mum, dad, brother and sister. Kids laugh. Mariam is made to leave the class. Her friends also tease teacher and get out of the class.

Fawad says you got punished again, you will learn a lesson today, my elder brother will come to complaint against you. Zain comes. Mariam gets shocked seeing him. Mariam says so he is Fawad’s brother. Fawad will tell everything to him. Fawad says principal loves my brother, you are gone, you will be punished. Zain says what’s guarantee of their safety, its a big mistake. Mariam thinks good boy will get upset with me. She thinks of Zain. Principal says right, tell me the names of those kids. Fawad says your parents will beat you a lot. Mariam thinks of Majaaz. Principal says thanks for informing, I will take all the necessary action. Zain sees Mariam.

Mariam says sorry, I didn’t know Fawad is your brother, else I would have not come your home. Zain says so it was you. She says yes, we won’t come again, did you complain about me. Zain says I will complain for sure.

Update Credit to: Amena

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