Mariam Khan Reporting Live 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rifat finds Mariam’s truth

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rifat and Fawad arguing. Fawad says I had made Manjeet out and now I got her back, what’s your problem. He goes. She thinks why did he get sympathy for Manjeet. He smokes and comes to Mariam’s room. He asks why did you choose this room, it belongs to my childhood enemy. He says i have much talent, focus on driving. Fawad and Mariam are on the way. He troubles her. She asks why is that pendrive so imp. He thinks of seeing Fawad as terrorist.

Mariam asks where do we have to go. He asks her to return pendrive to him. She feels sleepy and thinks of her dad. He thinks Majaaz’s story is imp to me, I can get everything when I get that pendrive back. He stops the car. Chalte chalte…plays… He asks her to get down the car, the road is open for

everyone, she can just go. She stands outside the car and shivers in cold. He does his work. She thinks if he is rude, I m stubborn, I will see how much he troubles me. She comes home in the morning. She sleeps. Alarm rings. She gets Fawad’s message. She gets ready. She thinks to sleep for ten mins. Madiha comes there and sees her sleeping. She recalls Mariam and cries. Fawad comes and wakes up Mariam. He says just come, else get out. Mariam goes with him. Madiha asks her to eat something.

Rifat comes to meet a man. He is sick. He says doctors are also helpless now. She asks him about Mariam’s death command. He says that girl is alive. She gets shocked. He says I didn’t kill her. He recalls Biji asking him to spare the girl, the girl is innocent, she doesn’t know anything. She promises to never come back. He lies to Rifat and is about to shoot. A tree falls over him hand. He asks Biji to take Mariam away, but none should know that she is alive. He says I felt that Lord told me to spare that innocent girl’s life, I couldn’t raose my gun to kill her.

She asks do you know who is she and where. He says she said she is Balwinder, she was going to raise the girl alone. Rifat thanks him for info. She smiles. Mariam tells Biji that Fawad is troubling her a lot. She says I can never believe that my dad is a terrorist, he can never leave his values. Fawad gets recalling his past seeing two boys fighting. Fawad goes to meet a doctor. The doctor says courrt asked me to help you, the session is to control your anger. Fawad asks for final report. Doctor says no, this temper isn’t good for your health. He stops Fawad from smoking. Mariam looks for him. She hears the doctor’s words and gets shocked. Fawad recalls the past. He cries.

Doctor says Govt gave this responsibility to me to help you recover from trauma. Fawad asks Mariam not to test his patience. They argue. She calls him a criminal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    There are the two vital immediate need for Fawad throw smoking and keep calm.I am glad to see some signs of change for the better.

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