Mariam Khan Reporting Live 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahira refuses for the alliance

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam picking the coins. She goes towards the lady. The lady says now none can save you from me. She gets some chloroform. Aijaz feels unwell. Madiha asks are you fine. He says yes. He looks at the door. The lady goes to Mariam. Rifat says it sometimes happens, heart doesn’t handle sudden happiness. Aijaz smiles and taunts her. He asks what happiness are you talking about. He waits for Mariam. Majaaz says she is playing outside, she will come. Aijaz says she should have come. Rifat gets bored. The lady stops on seeing Mariam’s friends and Rangeela. She hides. Rangeela takes Mariam. He asks them not to get separated. Lallu says if we go lost, we will go home. They play hide and seek. The lady follows some other girl.

Rifat says children’s hearts shouldn’t

break. Meher says I don’t know what’s happening. Rifat says let elders do the talking. Madiha says I understand everything, we accept this relation by all our heart. Rifat and Wasim smile. The lady calls and says Mariam isn’t coming to us, I will get her any way. Madiha says its time we make a new beginning. She asks servant to get sweets for everyone. Majaaz asks Meher why didn’t you tell us. Madiha says Meher had hidden a big secret. Meher says I m not hiding anything, I don’t even know Zain. The lady kidnaps some girl. Mariam’s friends call her out. The lady takes the girl to her car. She sees her face and says who is she, where did Mariam go. Mariam comes to her friends. The lady stares at Mariam. Mariam clicks their pics.

Meher says I can’t do this marriage. Rifat says no, we are talking about your sister Meher. Madiha asks what, this is Meher and that’s Mahira. Rifat asks what, oh its a confusion, we got Zain’s alliance for Mahira, they like each other. Mahira says I don’t know him. Rifat says I have seen you two having golgappas in market. Mahira says but that’s Mariam’s good boy, is his name Zain. Rifat says yes, that good boy is my son Zain. Majaaz recalls Zain. He says I met him, he is good hearted guy. Rifat says he is one in a million, he likes Mahira. Meher says I knew you have someone in your life.

Majaaz asks why didn’t you say this before. Rifat asks what would she say, that she loves Zain, whose parents you all hate. Mariam wishes everyone. The lady says I have to get Mariam, there is less time. She goes to get Mariam. Rifat says you really think we will plan attack on Majaaz, how could Meher file FIR against Wasim. Meher says I thought… Majaaz says I refused for this. Wasim says let it be, she did what she felt right, I was not behind this attack, I didn’t know Sarfaraz will do this. Rifat says we didn’t know he is using us to take revenge from you. Mahira thinks Rihaan’s dad planned attacked on dad, what shall I do now. Aijaz says how dare Sarfaraz do this, he wants to end my family. Majaaz asks him not to get anger. Aijaz says I m not happy with this alliance, but children’s happiness is imp, its your wish.

Majaaz says I don’t want to decide anything in haste. Rifat says you know us well, you met Zain too, you can take your time. Majaaz says I want to talk to Mahira first, I don’t want her to take decision under any pressure. He goes. Mariam comes home and turns to see. She says I feel someone is following us. The lady hides. The lady sees the house and recalls Aijaz’s words. She sees servant coming and thinks where to go now. She hides. Majaaz asks do you have any objection. Mahira says yes, I don’t want to marry. Madiha says but you like Zain. Mahira says no, I just met him few times, I don’t love Zain, he is handicapped as well. They get shocked. Majaaz says this thinking is wrong, you can’t neglect someone’s ten qualities by his one weakness, I met Zain, he is a nice guy, he has really impressed me, tell me if you like anyone else. Madiha asks whom do you like. Mahira thinks of Rihaan.

Mariam comes home. Madiha says your uncle and aunt have come to meet you. Mariam gets glad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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