Mariam Khan Reporting Live 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam strikes a deal with Fawad

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fawad seeing Mariam with Bhakti. He says they would be making plans against me, I can’t lose the pendrive, all my hardwork and time will be ruined. Bhakti asks Mariam what’s her reply about the deal. Mariam refuses and says I won’t cheat anyone, I don’t want to make any deal, journalism is bad, innocent people get hanged, I hate your profession. She goes. Bhakti thinks Fawad’s confusion can be profitable for me. Fawad thinks Bhakti doesn’t know my smartness, they will wait for my move. Bhakti thinks how to convince her. Fawad sees Mariam on the way. He looks for her. Mariam visits the Dargah. She cries and talks about Majaaz. She says I never lost hope, I knew I will surely meet my dad, but what I saw today, I couldn’t believe that, he can’t be

like that, he always wrote the truth in his articles. He taught good to his children, I will find the truth which Fawad knows, please help me.

Maula maula…plays…. Fawad comes there to pray. Mariam says one comes here with a clean heart, I don’t hide anything from him, I want your help in return of this pendrive. He asks really, you want to get benefits and giving me this lecture. She says I know this pendrive is imp, just listen to me, I have even a copy, you have to help me, I don’t know anyone here, give me a job in your office, and a small room in Firdaus Mahal. He asks what nonsense, are you insane, I m quiet as I m here, don’t think its my weakness. She says fine, I will think of something else. He asks what is your motive.

She says you will know it when right time comes, its my way or my way. He says forget about living in Firdaus Mahal, you can do what you want, I don’t care, got it? She says you will get loss for yourself, Bhakti also wants this pendrive, you won’t tolerate this.

Madiha shows Mariam’s little frock to Meher and cries. She says she would have grown up till now. Fawad gets Mariam home. He says she will stay in this house. He asks Mariam to remember that she is here as a guest, if she tries to make new relations, she will lose the old one. She thinks I have come home because of dad, the distance in relations in same. Fawad gets pendrive. He thinks she has blackmailed me, I will upload this story and then I will have all info, she will be out of this house. Mariam asks for her room. Madiha asks why. Mariam says Fawad has told me. Madiha gives her keys and says its your room now.

Mariam unlocks the room and recalls old moments. She says I still want mum’s love. Meher asks how did you open Mariam’s door for a stranger, what happened to you. Madiha gets sad and can’t answer her. Mariam recalls her childhood. She cries. Biji calls her and asks why are you crying. Mariam says I m in my room, there is nothing like before. Biji asks her not to cry, you got a handsome guy Fawad, get friendly with him. Mariam smiles. Biji says you can decorate your room, your new innings will start tomorrow, impress Fawad with your work, he shouldn’t find that you don’t have any copy, its a chance to find about your dad. Mariam agrees. She asks Biji to take care. Mariam thinks I can’t lose after reaching so close, I have to reach dad’s truth.

Fawad asks Mariam to focus on driving. He troubles her. She sleeps while driving and hits somewhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    Mariam had taken a risk not in vain and gave a flash card Fawad she is putting it forward as the conditions to go back home. Now Fawad should hire her as a driver sleeping at the wheel. LOL

  2. Rina Mukherji

    The grown-up Mariam comes across as stupid. And Fawad behaves like a misogynist. How can any modern , sane girl tolerate such behaviour from him?

    And why does Majaz have to continue with terrorists for so long? He could easily find a way out, or else, serve as a conduit for the Indian army/intelligence.

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