Mariam Khan Reporting Live 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aayat gets blackmailed by goons

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madiha crying for Mariam. Meher says my friend messaged, Mariam’s news is coming on news channel. Madiha scolds the media reporters. Majaaz says its good, as people will be aware and may inform us if they see her. Rifat says sometimes kidnappers harm child. Madiha cries. The goons take Mariam and flee. The goon says the rich is rich, we are paid less, I will demand 10 lakhs. Majaaz goes to Mariam’s room and cries hugging her pic. Rang de…..plays…. Madiha and Meher also think of her and cry.

Aayat calls the goon. The goons see checkpost and worry. Aayat says I have to go and check myself. Police asks goons about Mariam. They get shocked and refuse to know. Inspector checks their car and find something. Madiha says Mariam is found. Everyone gets

glad. Aayat thinks the goons didn’t do work well. Majaaz says we will be there soon, send pic on this number, thanks. They all hug. Majaaz gets the pic. They see some other girl and cry, that its not their Mariam. Inspector says so much wine. Goon jokes and leaves in the car. Goon says we have fooled police well. They recall making Mariam lie under the seat to save her from cold. Aayat goes to her car. Majaaz and Omkar accompany her. Servant says I got Mariam’s cloth piece. He says I checked, but she isn’t here. Majaaz says it means she was at home, how is this possible, someone took her just now. Aayat gets a call and says its a marketing call, we should search for Mariam. Majaaz and Aijaz go to police station. Rifat goes to Aayat.

She taunts Aayat and threatens to expose her. She goes. Aayat gets angry. She calls the goon. They demand 10 lakhs instead 1 lakh if she wants the girl. He threatens to expose her in front of the family. She gets shocked. He says you can commit a theft if you can get family member kidnapped, just get money. She says Jibraan is struggling for his life, I m stuck here, I have to do something. Aijaz asks inspector why isn’t he able to find a girl. He worries for Mariam and cries. He praises Mariam. Inspector says you will find her soon, don’t worry. Majaaz says have faith in Lord, we shall go home. Inspector gets a call and says fine, I will come. Aayat asks goons to meet her at godown. The goon says we know you need this girl, we need money. She says how shall I get so much money. Majaaz and Aijaz come home. Majaaz asks him to go and rest. Aijaz goes to sleep. Aayat comes to his room and steals a safe. Aijaz coughs and gets up. He sees her.

Majaaz checks Aayat’s purse and finds money. He asks where are you going with this cash.

Update Credit to: Amena

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