Mariam Khan Reporting Live 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aayat fools the family

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rifat coming and consoling Madiha. She hugs Madiha and says Mariam came from hospital few days back and this happened. Madiha says I made her sleep in room, she disappeared, how did this happen. Aijaz says it happened because of someone at home. Aayat says I know you are mentioning about me, trust me, I didn’t do anything. Madiha goes to pray. Aayat smokes. Rifat comes to her and coughs. She says you can smoke, you spoke about taking Mariam, and she disappeared, Zain’s marriage will be stalled if we don’t get Mariam. She gets a call and shouts Madiha. She says there is some news about Mariam on tv. Majaaz asks people about Mariam. He hears the news and stops. The reporter tells about the child kidnappers.

Madiha cries. The goons think when to go out

and take Mariam. Inspector asks Majaaz did you check hospital. Majaaz says no, nothing happened to my Mariam. Meher says we shall check the house well, maybe we missed some place. Madiha asks did you check the storeroom. Meher says no, I will check now. Aayat says I will come along. The goons take Mariam and run. They hear Meher coming and hide again. Meher and Aayat look for her. Meher doesn’t see her. Mariam’s friends look for her. They get a clue, Aayat’s wine bottle and think what is this doing in Mariam’s room, something is wrong. Goons try to leave. Majaaz comes home. Madiha asks where is Mariam, you said you will get her. Mariam signs no. She cries. Inspector says we have to wait for kidnapper’s call. Majaaz gets a call. He answers. A man asks do you want to have a credit card. Majaaz disconnects. He sees Aayat coming with her bag. Aayat says no one trusts me, I m going.

Inspector says we have to check your bag. Madiha says this cloth looks like Mariam’s clothes. Mariam’s friends look for her. Aayat says its my personal things. Madiha asks why are you worried then. She checks bags and finds Mariam’s clothes. She says its really Mariam’s clothes. Mariam gets conscious. Goon says she is getting conscious, we should faint her fast. Mariam’s friends hear some voice. Aayat says I wanted to take Mariam’s memories with me, can I leave now. Omkar says its not the right time for you to leave, you should help us. Inspector says until we get info about her, you can’t leave. Aayat defends herself. Majaaz consoles Madiha and hugs. Inspector says we will find Mariam soon, do let us know if you doubt anyone. Majaaz says have faith on Lord, we will get Mariam. Aayat cries. She then starts laughing. She recalls kidnapping Mariam and sending her with goons. She says none can get saved from my planning. She recalls instructing the goons. She says I will find my either way.

Police looks for Mariam and checks the goon’s car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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