Mariam Khan Reporting Live 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz gets attacked

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Majaaz saying Mariam surprised us, she helped us, I m so proud of her, I should have praised her but I scolded her. Mariam says I was not scared, I would have run to dad, dad has scolded me, my essay won’t be liked my teacher. Mahira says you know dad’s anger gets calmed soon. Rifat gets a call from her friend. She says news reporters are such that make us famous. The lady asks her does she remember her promise, it will be tough to get a girl for Zain. Rifat says we still have time, we will choose the girl soon. She ends the call. Her sister in law says if Zain doesn’t get a girl, it will be bad for our respect. Rihaan calls out Mahira. Mahira asks Mariam to stay there. She goes to Rihaan. They argue.

She says we are not wrong, this relationship is wrong,

you don’t like my sisters and family, we won’t meet now. Mariam runs and hugs Zain. Rihaan says fine, I won’t come. Fawad pulls Zain and asks Mariam to stay away. They argue. Mahira stops them. She says I wanted to meet you, where were you. Zain asks really. Mahira sees Rihaan and makes him jealous by praising Zain. She says kids like you a lot. Zain looks at her. Kaise mujhe tum milgai…..plays…. Mahira thanks Zain. She says we shall meet out for coffee. Zain says omg, I mean yes we will meet. Rihaan thinks why am I feeling jealous. He goes. Mahira says we are getting late, we will leave. Zain asks Fawad to go for class. Majaaz and Omkar come to the office to get papers. Fawad and Mariam argue over Zain.

Fawad calls them beggars and pulls heir hair, all the kids fight. Mariam pushes Fawad. Teacher comes to class and sees the mess. He asks Mariam to submit her essay, who is her idol. Mariam says my idol is my dad. Omkar says we can’t do anything if we lose file. Majaaz says this file is imp for us. The goon asks him to go home. Majaaz asks him to give file. The goon punches his face. Mariam says my dad writes and sells the truth, he is a brave journalist, he works hard, he is my idol, my hero, he solves all the problems, he helps everyone and gets happy. Majaaz fights with the goons. Mariam says he isn’t scared of anyone, except my mum, he doesn’t fight with anyone, except evil. Goon beats up Majaaz badly. Omkar stops the goon from running away. He sees Majaaz beaten up. Mariam says he just supports the truth. Omkar shouts Majaaz. Mariam says he doesn’t take bribe, since bad people take bribe, my dad is my idol and my hero. Teacher asks everyone to clap for Mariam. They all clap.

Teacher says this is the best essay, amazing, very good, well done. Mariam smiles. Omkar beats the goons. Goons beat him too. They hear police siren and run. Omkar holds Majaaz and asks are you fine. He shouts for help. Mariam is called by principal. Everyone rushes to hospital to see Majaaz. They see Omkar injured too. Aijaz asks how is Majaaz. Omkar says he has severe head injury, he had much bleeding, his operation is going on. Madiha gets shocked. Mariam runs to see Majaaz. They stop her from meeting Majaaz. They wait outside OT. Doctor comes and says Majaaz is critical, we have to keep him under observation. Omkar says we have seen the peon’s pic and went to get the file, then goons came and beaten up Majaaz. Mariam feels guilty.

Everyone cries seeing Majaaz. Doctors treat Majaaz. Mariam prays for Majaaz. Lallu comes and says your dad…. Mariam runs…

Update Credit to: Amena

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