Mariam Khan Reporting Live 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam goes missing

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aayat asking Mariam to come with her. Mariam says fine, I will ask dad. Aayat puts her to sleep. Madiha come to take Mariam. Aayat stops her. Madiha says you showed your true colors. Aayat says I love Mariam. Madiha says you can’t love anyone, you have already spread poison here. She asks Aayat to leave from the house. She goes. Aayat says they will think as I want, just one more move left to play.

Madiha comes to Aijaz and helps him. He says its got so cold now, I need a blanket. She gives him the blanket and medicines. He asks why are you worried. She says I m scared for Mariam. He says I won’t let her go. She says if your heart melts for Aayat. He says I will never allow Aayat to take Mariam, this won’t happen, Aayat was my daughter, just Majaaz

is my child now, don’t worry, Mariam won’t go anywhere, she will be with you, you should rest now. She goes.

Its morning, Madiha looks for Mariam. Meher and Mahira say Mariam isn’t there. Madiha asks Aayat. Majaaz says she would be playing with her friends. Madiha asks her to find. Aijaz comes home and asks what happened. Majaaz says we can’t find Mariam anywhere. They worry. Majaaz comes to meet Omkar. He says Mariam isn’t at home. Omkar says Mariam isn’t here. He asks Lallu to come fast. Lallu and Akshay say Mariam didn’t come here, but we will find her. Majaaz worries. Omkar says Mariam will be found, don’t worry. Majaaz comes home and says Mariam isn’t with her friends. Everyone stares at Aayat.

Aijaz asks Aayat where is Mariam, she has kidnapped Mariam. Aayat says why am I blamed always, why would I be here to help you if I kidnapped her. Meher says maybe Mariam went to meet her good boy. Rifat says Mahira is my would be bahu. Majaaz calls her. Choti answers the call. He asks is Mariam with Zain. She says no, Zain has gone out for work. He says Mariam is missing. She says we will come there, don’t worry. She tells this to Rifat. Rifat says Mariam comes up with a new drama every day, take care of Fawad, I will come. Madiha cries for Mariam. She asks Majaaz to get her. Aayat says I will come along. Mariam’s friends ask everyone about Mariam in the market. Majaaz goes to police station with Aayat and Omkar.

He tells inspector that Mariam is missing. Inspector asks him if Mariam has any mental illness. Majaaz scolds him. Inspector asks weird questions. Majaaz says she is precious to me than my life, she is mentally fine. Inspector asks him to calm down, its routine investigation. Majaaz asks him to find Mariam and do his work. Inspector says we don’t need to learn from you. Wasim comes and says you will get Mariam, don’t worry. Omkar takes Majaaz. Wasim asks inspector to do the work. Inspector agrees. Majaaz prays for Mariam and cries. Wasim asks them to come home. Reporter hears them and thinks its a good scoop. Mariam’s friends pray for her. Maula…plays….. They wish to find her. Madiha and everyone think of Mariam and cry. Rang de…..plays….. Majaaz cries.

Rifat taunts Aayat and smiles. She gets a call and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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