Mariam Khan Reporting Live 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aayat makes a request

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rifat scolding Mariam. Akshay says its not mehendi, but spinach. Rifat gets shocked. Mariam laughs. Rifat gets angry. Doctor informs Aayat about her son. She says I have to talk to them right away. She stops the music. Everyone stops dancing. Aayat says I need to talk to you. Majaaz asks her to say. Madiha says guests can go and have food. Aayat says my visa is ending. Aijaz says you saved Mariam’s life, you can stay back for a few days. Majaaz says I will help you in visa extension.

Aayat says I tried my best, but couldn’t, I came here to apologize to you all, Mariam loves me a lot, I got attached to her, I want to spend my life’s ending days with her, I want to take her along with me to Pakistan for few days. They all get shocked. Majaaz says enough,

this is not possible, Mariam won’t go anywhere, forget this. Madiha and Aijaz scold Aayat. Aayat says if I leave, I can’t see Mariam again. Madiha says Mariam is my daughter, not yours. She cries. She says you left her to die. Aayat says I m facing death now, let her be with me, accept my request as my last wish. Gauri says you don’t look ill.

Aayat says I stay happy so that no one else gets upset, I hide my pain behind my smile. Majaaz says she won’t go, this is our last decision. Wasim says sorry, we will leave. Rifat says these people think of going when drama gets some fun. Wasim and family leave. Majaaz gets sad and asks will Mariam go away from us. Omkar says no and hugs him. Aayat comes to Majaaz. He asks her to sit. She takes a stone and wipes her drawing. He asks what are you doing. She says stop finding me in this picture, I m here, you think I m so bad that I can’t take care of Mariam. He says I never considered her bad. She asks can’t I take her with me, I won’t tell her the truth, Lord has snatched my husband as well, I felt its better to die than living alone, I wish to live after seeing Mariam, I want to give her happiness. Omkar comes. He scolds Aayat. She goes. Omkar asks Majaaz not to melt his heart. He says I know you love your sister a lot, how can you forget that Aayat didn’t care for others lives for her motives, just think about Mariam.

Meher comes to Aayat. She asks her what duties did she fulfill towards Mariam, they will never let her take Mariam away. Aayat angrily throws things. Madiha says Aayat’s truth has come out. Majaaz says she is dying, what wrong did she do. She asks do you want to send Mariam. He says no, her intentions aren’t wrong. She says if you decide anything wrong, I will never forgive you. She goes. Aayat smokes. Mariam comes and asks her to tell some story. Aayat says I will tell you, come. She asks Mariam to come with her.

Everyone looks for Mariam and doesn’t find her. Majaaz says nobody knows about her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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