Mariam Khan Reporting Live 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rihaan meets Mahira during Mehendi function

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam talking to servants. Aayat thinks its right time to talk to Majaaz about taking Mariam with me. She tries to talk. Madiha asks Majaaz to talk to caterer. He goes. She asks what’s the matter. Aayat says nothing, come we will do the preparations. She makes a face and goes. Madiha thinks what does she want to talk to Majaaz. Mariam thinks of camera and gets sad. Majaaz looks on and asks the reason. Mariam asks how will I do reporting without a camera. Majaaz says so this is the problem, you can still click pics, come, you need to watch everything carefully and capture, I will repair your camera soon, then till utilize your eyes. He says I will print it in mind. He hugs her.

Mariam collides with Rifat and hurts her. Rifat gets angry. Madiha asks are you

fine. Rifat says yes, Mariam is sweet. She gets mehendi for Mahira. Majaaz welcomes them. Rifat asks where is Mahira. Aayat stops Majaaz to talk. Omkar says financer is calling, we shall talk. They go. Madiha sees Aayat. Aayat thinks visa isn’t getting extended, I have less time, no one else will understand. Amna keeps the mehendi over the cupboard’s top. Mariam says we shall apply some mehendi and see. The bowl falls down. Mariam gets worried. She sees some juice kept there and smiles. Rifat compliments Mahira. Meher says I will not leave Rihaan, he can’t escape my eyes, he can’t do anything. Mahira says lets see how you stop him. Rihaan comes in disguise of a girl Shabnam. Mahira says Shabnam is famous mehendi artist. Rihaan goes to Mahira and hold her hands. He compliments her. Madiha asks Amna to get mehendi. Madiha says it has some strange smell. Mariam says it smells good. Rifat says its organic, it will have good smell. Rihaan says I will apply our own mehendi. Rifat says Mahira will apply our mehendi. Rihaan says there is no fun in mehendi without music. They agree. Aayat sees Omkar and Majaaz talking. Mariam comes and calls them for dance.

Madiha says I m noticing you want to talk to Majaaz. Aayat says nothing and goes. Everyone dances on mehendi laga ke rakha…. Rihaan sits with Mahira. Zain comes and smiles seeing Mahira. Rihaan and Mahira dance. Everyone dances. Rifat keeps an eye on Aayat. Meher makes Mahira sit. Rihaan applies mehendi to Mahira. Meher sees Rihaan and thinks he has come here too. Meher gives Mahira’s hand to Zain. Rihaan and Mahira leave. Meher stops them and slaps Mahira. She asks Rihaan to leave. She removes his wig and scolds him. He says I don’t care for anyone, you can tell anyone. She asks don’t you care for Mahira’s dignity. He leaves. Rifat says Aayat, you are showering love on Mariam, you got her tests done. Aayat says you checked my belongings in my house. Rifat says it used to be your house, its not your house now.

Aayat says I need to talk to you. Madiha asks the matter. Aayat says I want to take Mariam with me to Pakistan for few days. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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