Mariam Khan Reporting Live 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam collects evidence

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar saying they are having fake papers and stay order, we will go and search the school for original papers. Mariam and friends follow Majaaz. Sarfaraz says if they get papers, our game will be finished. Rifat says I have already made the backup plan. He praises her. Rifat says we should be alert, I will go and see. Majaaz and Omkar check the papers in office. Majaaz asks peon for land papers. Peon says I don’t know anything, I don’t even know reading. Mariam comes and clicks pics. Omkar threatens the peon. Majaaz says leave him, maybe he is saying truth, we have to think something. They go. Rifat comes. Peon gives her the file. She asks him to keep it back in locker, she will take it locker. Mariam clicks pics. Rifat asks who’s there. Mariam and her friends

hide. Rifat comes and asks who’s there.

They tease Rifat. She asks what are you doing here. They run. She says Mariam has the camera, snatch the camera, run. Sarfaraz says we will call goons and get them beaten up. Meher says we are not scared of your threatening, I m a law student. Rihaan says I m also a law student, my dad will win as court is favoring him. Mahira stops Meher. Majaaz comes. Meher asks did you get papers. Majaaz says no, have faith in Lord, if he wills, he will take us ahead. Mariam runs. Rifat runs after her. Cycle falls on her. Mariam says Lord is seeing everything. Mariam comes to look for her friends. Rifat goes back to school office. Mariam hears her. Rifat sees her hiding in cupboard. She catches the camera. She scolds Mariam. Mariam snatches it. Rifat ties her up. Mariam jumps and gets free. She says it was easy to get free, I will teach you how to tie ropes. She ties up Rifat and says this was so easy. Rifat says fine, open this, I have to tie you. Mariam says I don’t know untying it. She picks the camera and goes.

At home, everyone sees the news. They get shocked seeing Rifat tied up. Reporter hypes the news about the attacker kid. Mariam sits silent. They ask Rifat who did this with her. Reporter asks was Rifat fighting with a little girl and fell in trouble. Madiha says its wrong, who can do this with her. Majaaz says everyone was with me, we didn’t do this. Mahira says right happened, media is making fun of them. Madiha says its wrong. Meher says Aijaz says right, when you dig a pit for anyone, you fall in it. Rifat gets angry on reporter. She cries and says I lost my respect. Zain says but who tied you. Mariam says Meher you promised me you will help me in writing essay. Meher says I remember well, come to me, I will check the essay. She laughs seeing Majaaz’s pic as superman. Mariam says I will paste more photos tomorrow. Meher says you should write a good essay.

Its morning, everyone learns that Mariam went after Majaaz. Madiha and Majaaz ask Mariam why did she go there. Mariam says I had to complete my essay and click your pic, that was your surprise, when I reached there, I covered all the news like a good reporter, even then everyone scolds me, I m upset. She gives him the pics and goes. Madiha asks Meher and Mahira to go and see. Omkar says I didn’t get sleep thinking of the school land case, where will we get real papers. Majaaz says I m thinking the same. He checks the pics and gets shocked.

Majaaz and Omkar seeing peon giving file to goons. Majaaz asks for file. Goons attack him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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