Mariam Khan Reporting Live 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz gets defamed

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam asking where are we going. Madiha stops the car and asks Mariam to wait. Mariam thinks its my waiting day, why is Madiha going to witch’s house. Rifat gets shocked seeing Madiha. She asks why did you come again, was the insult done less yesterday. Madiha says I have come to ask you, why did you send gifts to Mariam and give hopes to Mariam when you didn’t had to come in Roza kushai. Rifat says I have no time to waste, I will never send gifts to you, you can leave. Madiha sits in the car and cries. Mariam thinks did the witch slap mum. Rifat thinks is Mariam Madiha’s daughter, she got Mariam after my son, she can trap Wasim. She calls the reporter and says no need to wait, just defame Majaaz and his family terribly. Mariam makes Rifat’s drawing. She

imagines Rifat and turns into a supergirl. Rifat apologizes to her. Mariam shoots at her. Aijaz comes and calls her out. He asks what are you doing. She says nothing.

He says I had some work. She asks what do you do if you get angry on someone. He says I used to scold the person a lot, just my neighbor was my enemy, I played Gilli danda in childhood. She asks how. He says I will show you some day, I broke all the glasses of neighbor’s house. Mariam gets an idea and says I got it. He says stop, I want your help. She asks him to say fast. He smiles.

Rifat sees the time and plays the news. She says the story of Khan family will come. Omkar teases Majaaz and calls him old. Majaaz says my dad didn’t get old, then how will I get old. Omkar asks shall we have it. They take cigarette. Someone comes. Rifat sees the news. Reporter says Majaaz has taken his wife’s mum’s life, Madiha is Majaaz’s wife, Majaaz trapped her as she was rich, Wasim’s mum got the shock and died. Wasim comes and looks on. Madiha and Omkar’s wife come and ask what are they doing. Omkar says we were not having cigarette, we were seeing news. Majaaz plays the news. Reporter says Majaaz is a murderer. They get shocked. Mariam comes and says I want Dadi. Madiha asks her to go. Mariam says no, I want Dadi. Madiha shouts on her. Mariam goes. Majaaz stops her. Aijaz asks what happened, what did Mariam say. Wasim says Rifat, its not good to go to this level. Rifat says you are innocent, what to do, we have to play tricks as per the enemy’s smartness, don’t know Majaaz saw the news or not. He says our respect…. She says its news, people will forget it in few days. He goes. Mahira and Meher come to Mariam.

Mahira says I m upset as mum didn’t scold me, mum scolds the one who she loves the most, she loves Mariam the most now. Mariam asks why does she scold, is she in tension. Mahira says yes, I wish she scolded me. Meher says or me. They kiss Mariam. Meher says you wanted my help right. Mariam says I have to meet my friends, we will write essay later. She goes. Zain comes to Rifat and asks what’s all this, you did this right? Why, you have done wrong. She asks will you teach me now, you have shopped gifts for Mariam, see this shopping list, for whom did you buy toys, this relation broke because of Madiha. He asks what’s wrong. She says she ruined our family respect, she snatched your dadi as well, don’t try to join the relations which got broken. At night, Majaaz says I never expected this from him. Omkar says they have no conscience. Majaaz says Madiha got hurt. Omkar says they want to break your courage, they can’t stop you. Majaaz says everyone knows about me, they are digging my past further, its the limit, I m scared that they can learn Mariam’s truth.

Mariam goes to punish Rifat. Zain stops them and asks where are they going. Mariam’s friends say we are going to your house. Mariam complains about Rifat and says we want revenge.

Update Credit to: Amena

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