Mariam Khan Reporting Live 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Zain does Mahira’s aid

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam telling about her role model. Aijaz gets glad thinking its him. He says its about Majaaz. He says it means I m not your role model, I will just meet my friend and come. He smiles and keeps his walking stick in the car. He goes to meet his lover. He says I couldn’t invite you in Mariam’s Roza kushai, so I have come with sweets. She asks him will he not come in. He says Mariam is waiting for me in the car. She says please come in. A news is shown about a witch. Rifat sees the news and claps.

The man comes. She says you are so good at this. He says so you are Rifat, you wanted to meet me. She says yes, why don’t you reveal any sensational news about Majaaz. He says but he is honest and sincere. She says everyone is honest. He asks what’s my profit.

She shows him the cheque.

The old lady scolds Aijaz for snatching happiness from her daughter’s life. Aijaz says I wasn’t coming here because of her fear. The old lady calls him shameless. Mariam says Aijaz didn’t come, his stick is here, I will go and give him. The man asks her to stop. Aijaz says I have promised you and I will keep my word, you shall be my bride. His lover gets happy. The old lady scolds him. Aijaz goes out and sees Mariam. She asks who is shouting inside. He lies about the locked devil. They rush and leave in the car. Aijaz says don’t tell this to anyone, its our secret, I will get chocolate for you.

Teacher says what’s this, wrong english, who is your role model. Mariam says he is my father, he is a great man, sorry, I couldn’t write more. Teacher says anyone with a complete essay. Lallu/Rajbir raises hand and says rhino is my role model. Everyone laughs. Lallu says I want to become rhino, because he just eats and sleeps, he never goes to school and studies, he is the best. Teacher asks him not to pick any animal, choose people. He asks Fawad to stand up. Bell rings. They all go. Mariam says we shall write principal’s name instead rhino. Lallu agrees. Fawad keeps his bag and goes. He sees Mariam going and thinks she has his bag. They fight for the bag. Mahira and Zain come there. Music plays….. They see each other. Mahira stops the fight. Kaise mujhe tum…..plays…. Zain says I just come here to see you. She asks him to stop his brother. Zain stops Fawad. The boys get Fawad’s bag. Mariam’s bag flies in the air. A phone falls down and hits Mahira’s forehead. She sees the blood and faints. Zain gets her to hospital. She holds his hand and asks do you know how to do this, I can’t take risk with my face. He says I know first aid well, don’t panic. She asks where is the doctor, I will file a complaint against him. She sees her nail bite on his hand and apologizes. He says don’t bother, its fine. Mariam hugs her.

Mahira says you always get saved making a cute face. Mariam asks did you meet good boy. Mahira says yes, he is a good boy. Zain smiles. Mariam says I prayed to Lord and my wish got fulfilled. Zain says children are Lord’s fav. Mahira says I want to give money, but I have no cash right now, I will return it. He says relax, you can send by mobile. She says yes, tell me your number. He says sure. Nurse comes and asks Zain to stand out. Mahira gets scared hearing about injection. She comes home and does drama. Madiha asks her to stop nonsense. Mariam gets the pics to show everyone. Aijaz recalls Mariam clicking his pic and checks all the pic. Galti se mistake….plays…. Mariam winks and says it was a flash. Aijaz says great, its really nice. Majaaz says you will get training, you have clicked nice pics. Madiha gets sad seeing Wasim’s pic.

Rifat insults Madiha. Madiha says if you didn’t had to come in Mariam’s Roza Kushai, why did you send her gifts. Rifat says I didn’t send any gifts. She sees Mariam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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