Mariam Khan Reporting Live 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam breaks her fast

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam waiting for Majaaz and Wasim. Madiha asks Meher to handle Mariam. Meher asks Mariam to have her fav. things. Everyone prays together. Mariam says I won’t break my fast till dad gets uncle. Madiha calls Majaaz and asks him where is he, Mariam is waiting. He drives in high speed. He says I m on the way, I will come soon, the court gave us next date for hearing. Madiha gets relieved. Everyone asks Mariam to have food. She refuses.

Majaaz comes home and hugs her. She asks where were you. He says sorry I got late. He says you look pretty like a fairy. Mariam thanks him. He asks her to break the fast. She says no, I will wait for uncle and aunt, else they will feel bad. A man comes with gifts and asks is this Mariam’s house. She shouts Mamujaan and

runs. Everyone go and see some man. The man says your uncle couldn’t come, he has sent gifts and a letter. She fails to read it. Madiha reads… I m sending gifts for you, I will come next time, Mamu loves you, hapy Roza kushai. Madiha cries happily. They all smile. The man leaves. Mariam happily breaks her fast. Everyone gets happy. They smile.

Its morning, Madiha asks Mariam to freshen up fast. She leaves her and goes. The shaving cream falls in the sink. She picks up the cream and adds the toothpaste to fill the box. She goes. Aijaz comes there and gets ready. He applies some cream and gets the bad smell. He washes his hands. He shouts Mariam.

Mariam asks Majaaz what’s his fav dish, hero, book and subject. He asks her to ask Amna. Madiha asks how is this toothpaste smell coming. Aijaz says its hard for me to stay here, I won’t take Mariam along, I m going to meet my friend to give sweets. Majaaz asks Aijaz to drop Mariam. Aijaz agrees. Mariam shows the bag sent by her uncle and smiles. She says this is my dad’s power box, its mine now, I will always keep it. She goes.

Fawad asks Zain whom to make his role model. Zain says your role model is in front of you. Fawad says I can’t make spiderman my role model. Zain plays with ball. Fawad gets hit and falls. Rifat asks Fawad what happened. Zain apologizes and gifts a bag to Fawad. Fawad thanks him. Zain says welcome. Rifat says many proposals came for you, choose any one out of these three. Zain says I have to leave for imp meeting, we will see later. He goes. Rihaan asks for money. Sarfaraz asks did you go ahead with Mahira. Rihaan recalls their fight. Sarfaraz says I want to see their family destruction. Rihaan asks the reason of hatred. Sarfaraz says the reason is his cheat, my brother….. what he did with me, he has to pay for it, marry Mahira and get her in this house. Rihaan looks on.

Aijaz worries and checks the pics developed. Mariam winks to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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