Mariam Khan Reporting Live 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam wants Aayat to stay back

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam saying I got Mahira’s necklace. Aijaz thinks of Rifat’s words. He hears Mariam and goes. Aayat recalls his words. Madiha thanks Lord and takes necklace. Mariam says I got this in an empty sweet box. Aijaz sends kids out. Majaaz asks him to let Aayat stay till Mahira’s marriage. Aijaz refuses. Aijaz asks Aayat to leave. Aayat cries and asks them to tell Aijaz, she doesn’t want to go. Aijaz says enough…. Mariam looks on.

She thinks why did I get the necklace, now Aijaz won’t forgive Aayat. She goes to her friends and says Aijaz should stop Aayat. She feels guilty Aijaz shows the wine bottles and says this is Aayat’s doings, I don’t want her shadow to fall on Mariam, I want her to leave from here, I won’t listen to anyone now. Madiha says dad’s decision is right. Mariam and kids go to Aijaz. They all ask him to stop Aayat. He says elders decide after having a well thought, you shouldn’t ask for this, go now. He stays angry. Rifat jokes on Aayat. She says she needs something from Mariam, why were Mariam’s medical reports doing in her room, I remember the hospital name. She calls the reporter.

Aayat thinks of her son and shouts. Mariam asks what happened, why are you crying, who is Jibraan, sorry I found the necklace and you are asked to go. Her friends give her ideas to try and stay back. Mariam says I know who will help me. Meher and Mahira ask Majaaz to do something and stop Aayat, they can’t be selfish. Madiha says Aayat has been drinking here, Aijaz has decided right, Aayat will never change, she should go. Rifat and her sister in law tease Zain about Mahira. Mariam calls Zain and shares the problem. He gives her many ideas. She says think more and give me amazing idea, Aayat shouldn’t go from the house. Zain says fine. Fawad comes. Rifat asks did you break the camera. Fawad says no, Aayat has pushed me. Rifat gets shocked. Rifat says Aayat is upto something. Aayat talks to doctor and says Mariam’s life is precious to me, just do all the preparations and be ready. Aijaz asks did Aayat not go till now. Aayat comes with her bag and asks can I get permission to meet Mariam for the last time.

Mariam slips down the stairs and falls down. She gets injured. Everyone rushes to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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