Mariam Khan Reporting Live 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aayat finds the reports matching

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahira telling Rihaan on call about Zain and her engagement. He assures to wed her. Meher comes there. Mahira ends the call. The nurse learns that Mariam’s reports are sent home. She worries. Mahira and Zain’s haldi ceremony begins. Everyone dances. They apply haldi to Zain and Mahira. Rihaan applies haldi to his face. He comes dancing and applies haldi to Mahira. She smiles. He goes. Everyone applies haldi shagun to each other. Nurse calls Aayat. Aayat is busy in dancing. She goes aside and answers. Nurse says Mariam’s reports are sent home. Aayat rushes. The servant receives the reports and gives it to Majaaz. Aayat gets shocked.

Majaaz says whose medical reports is it. He doesn’t check and gets busy with guests. She thinks if he reads Mariam’s

name, it will be a trouble. Mariam goes to Majaaz. Fawad sees the camera. Aayat pushes him and makes the camera fall. Mariam gets shocked. She fights with Fawad. Majaaz keeps report in pocket. Everyone gathers and stops he fight. Aayat goes and takes the reports from Majaaz. Fawad says someone pushed me, I didn’t break the camera. Mariam says I promised to keep camera safe, I failed to keep the promise. Majaaz consoles her. Aayat goes. Majaaz says we will repair this camera, you have to smile. Rifat goes after Aayat. Aayat gets a call and keeps the reports. Rifat sees wine there. She checks Mariam’s reports and says is Mariam ill, the matter is fishy. She keeps reports back and throws the envelope. She goes. Aayat says where are the reports.

Rifat comes to Aijaz and asks why are you looking sad, is everything fine, I know your pain, you faced humiliating because of dear ones, we were in same situation when Madiha eloped, its fine, Madiha fell in love with an honest guy and married him, but your daughter Aayat… she smokes and drinks alcohol, she has got old pain and sorrow back, poor Mariam’s illness, I have read her medical reports. Aijaz says Mariam is healthy and fit.

She asks whose medical reports was that. He asks what reports. Fawad comes and greets. He asks her to come fast. She goes. Rifat says we had much fun. They all leave. Zain applies his haldi to Mahira and smiles. Aayat looks for reports. Mariam’s friend say maybe Aayat broke the camera. Mariam says why will she, she is my angel, I m in bad mood. Aayat gets the reports. Mariam’s friends tickle her. Aayat thanks Lord that reports matched. She says its time to take Mariam. Mariam gets some box. She gets Mahira’s necklace in it. She shouts I got Mahira’s necklace. Aayat realizes about the necklace.

Mariam says I got this necklace. Aijaz asks Aayat to leave the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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