Mariam Khan Reporting Live 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Rifat gets a shocker

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rifat laughing that Mariam and that guy is dead. She says the haveli is mine now. She dances. Fawad holds Mariam’s hand and says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you. He sees her hand bleeding and tries to cover the wound. He says be brave for yourself and for me. He hears truck’s horn and says maybe the highway is close. Biji cries and asks where is Manjeet. Madiha asks Zain about Mariam. Aijaz comes and asks why are you all looking worried, where is Mariam, she wanted me to tell her a story, she didn’t come to me. He asks Madiha why is she crying. Madiha says Mariam will come to us soon. Rifat and Choti look on and smile.

Rifat says hope is a very bad thing. Fawad takes Mariam to hospital. Fawad asks doctor to take it easy, she

is in pain. Doctor asks him to relax. Fawad says you will be fine, I m here. Doctor says bullet isn’t in her body, it just passed by, don’t worry. He treats Mariam. Fawad says I won’t let anything happen to you, you can’t get away from me, never. He cries holding her hand. He says when I love someone, I can do anything for that person, you better stop troubling me.

Fawad asks doctor for his phone. Goons also come there. Doctor asks Fawad to go backside to get signal, its highway area. Fawad goes. Rifat says its morning, I have no idea where is Fawad. Choti calls Fawad and says he isn’t answering. Aijaz refuses to have medicines. They all wait for Mariam. Zain says there is no info about Mariam yet. Fawad’s assistant comes to ask about Fawad. Zain says I tried reaching him. Assistant says Fawad was going towards jungle when I called him. Madiha asks why. Assistant says Fawad went after Manjeet, the people were doing some illegal deal, I don’t want to bother you more, that place is dangerous. Rifat worries and thinks of the photo. She checks the pic and sees Fawad. She gets shocked. Choti gets shocked too. Rifat cries.

Choti says control yourself. Ballu points gun at doctor and threatens him. He asks doctor to give him painkillers. Ballu gets treated and leaves. Fawad hides Mariam from him. Fawad says these people have shot Manjeet. Doctor says such people have controlled this small area, you can call your home. Fawad says I will be here with Manjeet. Doctor goes. Jaanun na….plays… Fawad falls asleep. Mariam wakes up and sees him. He also wakes up and asks are you fine, why are you crying, are you in pain, I will call doctor. She says I m fine, don’t leave me, stay with me. He says I won’t go anywhere. She says I won’t talk to you if you scold me. He hugs her and says I won’t let you go anywhere, you keep inviting problems. They cutely argue. She asks him to say what was he going to say. He says one min. She says this is not done. He says I will be right here, close your eyes. She closes eyes. She thinks even I want to tell you something.

Mariam says I want to tell you something. He asks what is it. She says I m not Manjeet Kaur, I m Mariam Khan, Majaaz Khan’s daughter. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nina

    Thank you, Amena, for your work. The scene in the hospital is fascinating. Fawad took responsibility for Mariam and desperately tries to guard her.They both are good actors because their acting makes harmony between them.

  2. This rifat acts so funny. Over the top. Her happiness is as if she’s gone mad. Her cries are also like she’s gone mad. I couldn’t help but laugh at her today.

    A sweet show like this is understandable the scanner and likely to go off air aparently. But terrible saas bahu serials run for years and despite no one really watching it or their trps being average, they get to keep their shows and stuff audience with regression. This is like nepotism even in serial Industry.

    1. Nina

      Totally agree with you

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