Mariam Khan Reporting Live 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aijaz warns Aayat

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam lying to Madiha for Aijaz’s sake. She says I m feeling hungry, I want good. Madiha takes her. Mariam talks to her friends and praises Aayat. They ask her to lock Aayat and Aijaz in room so that their fight ends. Rifat asks where is washroom. Madiha shows her. Aayat asks doctor to send reports soon. She drinks wine. Mariam comes and asks what are you having. Aayat says my medicine, do you want to have it. Mariam says it smells bad, you drink it, dad is calling you. Aayat asks why. Mariam says don’t know, dad is waiting, hurry up. Mariam goes to Aijaz and says your friend has come. He asks how come she is here without any invitation. She says don’t know, she is waiting for you in room. He asks what. She says I will tell mom and dad. He says no, I will

go. Aayat and Aijaz come to the room.

Mariam locks them. Aayat sees this and thinks wow, Mariam has finally done this. She calls out Aijaz and asks are you going to be angry on me forever. He says stop your drama. He says nothing changed, you can fool Majaaz, not me, tell me why did you come here, if you try to hurt any member of my family, I will not spare you. She shouts on him and gets insulting him. He says you have shown your colors, I curse the day that I prayed to have a daughter, you are characterless, you had an affair with Sarfaraz’s brother and had a child with him, out of wedlock. Rifat hears them. Aayat cries and takes a vase to hit him. Mariam comes. Aayat hides the vase. Mariam asks have you two become friends.

Aijaz scolds her and goes. Rifat says I have to find Aayat’s illegitimate child, it will be fun now, I got to know their weakness. Zain asks Mahira did she like the ring. Mahira says yes. He says I didn’t know this will happen so soon, we got engaged, I don’t have your phone number, can I call you at night. She says I sleep early at night. Meher says you can talk during day time, I will save her number in your phone. Zain gives his phone. Rifat and her family leave. Majaaz asks Omkar why didn’t he tell about Gauri’s ill health. Omkar says I took her for checkup, you would have worried during the engagement, she will get fine, doctor prescribed medicines, I m bothered about something, I know you are happy with Aayat’s arrival, I find it fishy. Majaaz asks what’s wrong with you.

Omkar asks why did she come. Majaaz says she wants us to accept us, even Wasim came suddenly with his son’s proposal, see everyone is happy, Mahira got a nice guy like Zain. Omkar says I want this to happen, but keep an eye on Aayat, beware of her, I will ask Aayat for cigarette if you don’t have. They laugh. Madiha and Meher grind the haldi. Mariam asks Mahira to work too. Everyone jokes and pulls Mariam’s leg when Mariam falls in haldi. Majaaz hugs Mariam.

Aayat manages work. Madiha says take some rest, you aren’t well. Aayat says there is marriage at home, I will manage. Rifat and family come. Rifat hugs Madiha. She asks Aayat about her husband and children. She asks don’t you have any kids. Madiha says lets begin the ceremony, Mahira is waiting for you. Aayat thinks to take Mariam soon and leave.

Aayat gets the doctor’s call. Rifat checks the reports. She says its some different matter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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