Mariam Khan Reporting Live 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam makes Madiha wanted

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fawad shouting seeing Zain with Mariam. She says I will leave now, my sister is here. He thinks where is Meher. The reporter praises Majaaz for his sincere work. Rifat says we have to find some solution. Wasim stares at the tv. Rifat shouts on servants. Wasim says we have tried everything, what else can we do. She says we will have to find a new way, else he will bring loss for us. She sees a reporter against Majaaz and gets an idea. Mahira feels hungry and waits for the fast to complete. Aijaz comes. Madiha asks him not to keep fast. Mariam says you should keep half fast like me. Aijaz says its nothing like that. Mariam says you fooled me, Nanhe was also joking. Mahira asks who is Nanhe. Mariam says Fawad, my enemy. Meher gets special dish and says I should write

a blog.

Omkar and family come. He praises Majaaz’s article. Majaaz says I will make truth reach destination. Madiha asks them to have iftaar and pray. Meher asks Dadda to pray for her. Madiha wishes Meher gets a nice guy. Meher asks why, what’s the hurry, I want to become a lawyer, why don’t you pray for career. Madiha says you can become lawyer later after marriage. Majaaz says don’t worry, she is young, she will get married at a right age. Madiha says what’s wrong if I pray for her, you all are upset with me, I feel I m not wanted here. Mariam looks on. She recalls Madiha’s words and thinks she is sad, she feels she isn’t wanted. They break the fast. Mariam prays for all her family. She wishes to get her role model, Zain gets his uncle and aunt. Zain prays that Mariam gets her uncle and aunt.

Mariam asks Majaaz what’s role model, I have to write an essay on my role model. He says we will do it in some time. She asks him to help him, her project will be best. He checks some articles. She asks whose pic is this. He says its written Wanted. She says wanted means needed, who needs this man. He gets a call. He goes. She gets an idea.

Its morning, Mariam says I want to keep a fast., madiha asks her not to be adamant. Mahira says I didn’t sleep well. Madiha says if you sleep all well, it won’t be a fast. Mahira beats Mariam and hits Meher by mistake. Madiha asks them to sit well. Mahira apologizes. Mariam calls her witch. They come to college. Madiha says I have to go shopping. Mahira says everyone is looking at you as you are my daughter, I m famous here. Everyone in markets stares at Madiha. Police comes there and shows her the wanted pic. Madiha gets shocked.

Mahira comes to Rihaan and hears girls talking that he is angry. She goes to him and asks him to attend class. He says only if I could, I m suspended for the day just because of your sister, she cancelled my concert and complained about me. She says I know you guys like fighting. He says she is boring, stubborn and a book worm, she went to the principal like a loser. She says enough, she is focussed on her career. He asks her to go alone to passport office. She says I will go alone to US as well. She leaves.

Mariam and Lallu come home. They see the media at home. Mariam sees the felicitation and smiles. Majaaz says I will not move back, I will be able to fight against evil. They praise him for bringing the truth out. Mariam imagines Majaaz like a king. Aijaz says this was really good, you made me proud. Mariam hugs Majaaz. She asks Madiha to get camera, she got her role model. Madiha says and I found you. Mariam gets punished. Madiha asks her to polish all shows. Mariam says I didn’t do anything. Madiha asks did you print this pic in newspaper. Mariam nods. She sees devil horns on Madiha’s head. She says I did it because no one cared for you. She recalls putting Madiha’s pic on the board. She says sorry, I know its not your good pic, next time I will use the pic I click by my camera. Madiha says you always talk back, you are flying high. Mariam says I don’t have wings. Meher and Mahira smile. Aijaz comes and saves Mariam. Madiha says you have spoiled her a lot. Mariam says I got your pic printed so that you become wanted. Majaaz says everything is not a joke, you have hurt Madiha and also spoiled newspaper’s reputation, you won’t be forgiven.

Mariam leaves her house. Majaaz gets the letter and says its first hearing notice of this haveli dispute from court. Madiha asks him to sell the press soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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