Mar Dala… (One Shot)


Mar Dala…


The story opens up in Kolakata, a woman is shown praying in the temple and crying.

“Hey Bhagwan… Please… Please save him, I will die without him.” The woman prays.

Just then the woman feels pain.

“Aahh!!” The woman screams in pain.

She touched her stomach only to find out that her water had broke. And she is revealed to be 9 months pregnant.

“There she is! Get her and kill her illegitimate child!” A man shouts.

The woman tries going but can’t move, she breathes heavily. The temple bells start ringing fast. Then the idol is shown.

The men are slowly approaching the woman while she screams and shouts in pain and fear.

“T…Tum l…log kabhi Nahi… Khush r…Reh sako ge!” The woman shouts and curses.

The men laugh, one of the man takes a gun out and points it at her. He then pulls the trigger and the screen goes black.

A woman is seen praying in the same temple, she has her eyes closed and is wearing glasses and a White saree.

“Whatever happened 20 years ago in this temple… I don’t want the history to repeat it self… That night was a dark night… It was her 20 years ago and now… I have a feeling that something wrong’s going to happen.” The woman says in a worried tone.

The wind starts blowing while the bells of the temple start ringing again. The woman opens her eyes and looks around.

“T…this isn’t a good sign…” The woman worriedly says.

Her face is shown and she is revealed to be Janki.

“What is written in her destiny?” Janki says and looks on.

Scene shifts to a college, a girl walks in a green Anarkali suit. Her hair is tied in a plat.

“Hey Bhagwan… It’s my first day in college… I hope everything goes well.” The girl says.

All laugh and giggle as she walks past. She nervously looks down. She then bumps into a guy an angry guy and loses her balance but he holds her on time. You could hear everyone gasp.

“Omg… Isn’t that Sanky?” One of the girl whispers.

“How can Sanky hold this BehenJi?” The other girl whispers back.

“Sanky?” Everyone whisper.

“Ab Sanky will show this BehenJi her aukaad!” One of the girl whispers and she is revealed to be Kavita.

The guy who held Swara on time is revealed to be Sanskaar aka Sanky.

“S…sorry.” The girl worriedly says and composes her self.

Sanskaar also composes himself and his anger was gone. He leaves the place while the girl walks in the other direction. Kavita looks on shocked.

“What happened? I was angry but why did it vanish as soon as that girl came in front of me…?” Sanskaar thinks and questions himself.

The girl walks inside the class room and sits down. She sits down worriedly and glances around. The teacher and 5 students walk inside.
The students take their seats and the teacher starts teaching. The girl is surprised.

“S..sir? Why are there less students here?” The girl asks.

“You must be the new student… Swara Gadodia?” The teacher asks.

The girl is revealed to be Swara and she nods positively.

“Hi, I’m Mrs Sharma.” The teacher introduces her self.

“Hello Ma’am…” Swara says confidently.

“Well, no one likes philosophy and they don’t bother to even come…” Mrs Sharma explains.

“But… It’s one of the subject…” Swara says.

“Yes but they don’t care if they fail or what… Ever since Sanky came… Everyone are rebelling.” Mrs Sharma sighs and complains.

“Sanky?” A confused Swara asks

“Haa, no one says anything to him because his granddad is famous here… Especially his Dad! And he’s related to the principle!” One of the female student complains.

“Famous?” Swara asks.

All nod yes.

“MP? PM? Police? Commissioner? ACP?” Swara asks.

All nod no.

“They’re famous for Gundagardi! They’re the most dreaded and evil goon’s” The student tells.

Swara is shocked.

“Gunday? But Ma’am… We should stop this… This isn’t right… Education is important… And why doesn’t the Principal sir do anything?” Swara asks and says.

“The principle is related to them… He is also scared… No one has the courage to stand against them.” A student complains in sad tone.

“Arey… Aise Kaise?” Swara asks.

Swara then breathes and says “I will talk to him…”

All get shocked.

“No… Leave it Swara… Focus on your learning and education.” Mrs Sharma tells.

All nod at her and agree with Mrs Sharma’s words. Swara then nods and Mrs Sharma starts teaching.

*College Ends*

Swara walks out the gate and waits for the Taxi. She gets a call and attends it.

“Haa Maa? I’m coming soon.” Swara tells.

“Jaldi aana, I’m worried.” A familiar voice is heard.

“Haa Maa…” Swara says and disconnects the call.

The wind starts blowing. Swara looks on.

“Arey… What happened here? The weather was alright a minuet ago…” Swara says.

Just then she hears the temple bells ring. She looks around and her scarf flies off. Swara looks on and follows it.

“Mera duppata!” Swara shouts.

It lands on someone and covers their face. Swara stops and stands in front of that person.

“Sorry… My duppata just flew and…” Swara says but stops as the person slowly takes off the scarf of their face.

Swara is surprised to see the person and he is revealed to be Sanskaar. Sanskaar also sees her.

Janki opens the window of her room and looks on.

“Yeh Achcha sign Nahi hai…” Janki says worriedly.

Swara then hears the temple bells again, this time she feels like they’re calling her. She takes her scarf off Sanskaar and runs there. Sanskaar looks on as she drops her bracelet. As Sanskaar got up to give it to her, she was already long gone.

“Why is this weather gone bad?” Sanskaar questions.

Swara then reaches outside the temple, she slowly walks up the stairs while examining the place.

“Y…yeh jagah… Why does it look familiar?” Swara questions.

She reaches on the temple steps, she was about to enter but stops as she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns around and is shocked to see that person.

“‘Maa? What are you doing here?” Swara asks.

The person that kept her hand on Swara’s shoulder is revealed to be Janki.

“Humne kaha tha Ki come home… Why are you here?” Janki strictly says.

“Maa… I was just…” Swara says.

“Bas! Come now.” Janki says and holds Swara’s hand and walks away.

“But Maa, why don’t you let me enter that temple?” Swara asks.

Janki ignores her words.

“Maa, please tell me… I want to know… Each time I try to enter, you always stop me.” Swara says hoping Janki would answer.

“Because it’s nearly night and it’s going to get late…” Janki tells and they reach their house.

“But Maa… Our house is 10 minuets away from the temple…” Swara says.

“Chup! Ek baar keh diya Na?! Go into your room!” Janki angrily shouts.

Swara gets upset and walks into her room. Janki feels sad and looks on.

“But the Haveli is behind the temple and is 5 minuets away.” Janki says sadly and goes into her room.

Swara’s room:

Swara is seen crying.

“Why? What is Maa hiding from me? She isn’t telling me… Maa always gets angry when she catches me near the temple… But why?” Swara thinks along with cries.

Swara then takes a photo out from the drawer, she looks at it and cries even more.

“I’m sorry Laado… I couldn’t save you… Please forgive me.” Swara says while hugging the picture.

The picture is revealed to be of 12 year old Ragini, 12 year old Swara and Janki.
Janki was witnessing all this and couldn’t hold in her tears and runs to her room. She starts crying.

Swara and Ragini were playing, suddenly some men come on horses. Swara and Ragini get confused.

“Where’s Janki?” One of the man asks.

“Why?!” Ragini asks.

“Because we want to speak to her!” The man shouts.

“No! You’re not allowed!” Ragini shouts.

“Ragini… Calm down.” Swara says.

“Why do you want to meet her?” Swara asks again.

“Because I do…!” The man shouts.

“Pata Nahi if she gave birth to a son or a daughter.” The man sighs.

Janki then comes out without looking up.
“Laado… Shona, come inside now.” Janki says.

“Bhabhi Ji…?” The man says.

Janki looks up shockingly and is stunned.

“How are you Bhabhi Ji?” The man asks with a fake smile.

“W…what are you doing here?!” Janki angrily says and hides Swaragini behind her.

“Oh… So you gave birth to daughters?” The man says while glancing at Swaragini.

“Go away from here!” Janki says.

Janki then leaves with Swara and Ragini and locks them inside the house.

“Why have you came here?” Janki asks the man.

“Bade Malik wanted to know wether you had a Malik or a Maid!” The man says and jumps off his horse.

“They’re my daughters! Not maids!” Janki shouts.

“Then they’re useless for Bade Malik!” The man says signals his men.

The men get down and throw petrol around the house, Janki was about to go but the man holds her hand and covers her mouth. Janki shouts.

Swara and Ragini are shown sitting down.

“Swara… When will Maa come?” Ragini asks.

“Very soon.” Swara assures.

The men the set the house on fire, the other man laughs while Janki cries.

“Shona… I’m going to the toilet…” Ragini says and leaves.

Just then Swara looks out and sees fire. She stands up and opens the door only to see the door on fire.

“Laado… Aag!” Swara shouts.

Swara goes inside and couldn’t see Ragini, the men laugh and leave on their horses. Janki breaks down and cries.

Swara then manages to come out and Janki sees her.

“Maa… Where is Laado?” Swara asks.

“Isn’t she in there?” Janki asks.

“Swara! Maa! Bachchao!” They hear Ragini shout.

“Laado?” Swara says and was bout to run in when a man stops her.

Janki was also about to go in but the village woman stops her.

“Laado!” Both Janki and Swara shout.

After that incident, they lost Laado and moves away.

End of Flashback.


Swara wakes up sees a photo on her chest. She picks it up and looks at it. A faint smile is shown on her face.

“Swara! Come down quick…” Janki shouts.

“Maa? Why does she sound so worried?” Swara says and rushes out from her bed.

“Kya hua Maa?” Swara says and walks up to Janki.

Janki points at the door and Swara looks there. She is stunned.

“Mrs Sharma? What happened?” Swara says.

Swara sees Mrs Sharma and he bruises that are clearly visible on her cheek, head and arm.

“What happened?” Swara worriedly asks.

Mrs Sharma then cries and hugs Swara.

Mrs Sharma cries and tells Swara and Janki what had happened to her last night.


Mrs Sharma came out of the shower in her nighties. She sits on the bed and relaxes.

“I wonder when Surish will come back, I’m missing him.” Mrs Sharma says while looking at her and her husbands photo. Surish is revealed to be her husband.

Just then she hears a loud banding sound. She thinks who came out at late night and opens the door. She sees some men and they forcefully come inside.

“Oh hello… Who are you and why are you here at this time?!” Mrs Sharma asks.

The same man that burnt Janki’s house is shown and he slaps Mrs Sharma. Mrs Sharma is shocked.

“How dare you… What do you think of yourself?! You would make people go against us in our area?!” The man shouts and grabs Mrs Sharma by her hair.

“Wh…what are you saying?” A frightened Mrs Sharma asks.

“Oh… So you don’t know?! We’re gunday and you want Sanskaar Baba to leave the college?!” The man says and pushes her down.

He then starts abusing and beating her up. He tried to force himself but stopped.

“Aha! I can’t do this… You’re a married woman and you have respect… Next time you do this mistake then watch!” The man says and leaves with his men.

Mrs Sharma cries.

End of flashback.

Swara and Janki are shocked.

“I came here to stay with you for some days until Surish comes back… I don’t want to stay alone… I didn’t know Swara was your daughter Janki… I found her address and came here…” Mrs Sharma says.

“How dare they?!” An angry Swara huffs.

“Please Swara… I’m warning you already… Don’t do anything that would make you regret later… I don’t want them to go through what I went through.” Mrs Sharma says while crying.

“But Ma’am how?” Swara asks.

“Camera… They have Camera around the college to keep an eye on Sanskaar.” Mrs Sharma explains.

“This is not right ma’am! They can’t do this! They insulted a woman and they cannot do this!” An angry Swara says.

“Janki… You tell her… She shout stay of of it.” Mrs Sharma tells Janki.

“No Tara… Whatever that beast did, he should deserve a slap!” Janki tells.

“Haa! I’m going now!” Swara says and storms out.

“Oh no! Why is she going to their Haveli?” Mrs Sharma says.

“What?!” A shocked Janki questions.

“Haa, the Haveli behind the temple.” Mrs Sharma tells.

Janki is super shocked.

Swara is walking on the road and stops a man.

“Do you know where the woman beater stays?” Swara asks.

“Behind the temple.” The man says and leaves.

“He is famous but for such a cheap act!” Swara angrily says and walks towards the temple.

Swara then reaches the Haveli gate and looks on. She was about to open it when she hears Janki shout stop.

Swara turns around and sees Janki standing there.

“Stop right there Swara…” Janki says and Mrs Sharma is with her.

“But Maa… Why?! They should deserve a slap!” Swara angrily says.

“Swara…” Janki says but too late. Swara had already stormed inside the gate.

Janki looks on worried and walks forward.

“She went on that side of the city… This can’t happen…” Janki worriedly says.

Men are playing kabbadi while the other men are sharpening the weapons. Swara looks on while walking and they are shocked seeing her. Sanskaar, who was lying down is shocked to see her and stands up.

“What is she doing here?” Sanskaar says to himself.

Sujata then comes out and is surprised to see Swara.

Swara sees a man sitting down and walks up to him.

“Excuse me… Do you know where K… I forgot his name but K is?” Swara asks.

The man isn’t responding or moving.

Swara then crosses the White line that is like a boarder and shocks everyone. She stands in front of that man. That man is revealed to be Shekhar. He is staring in space.

“Hello?” Swara asks.

“Who are you?!” A man shouts angrily.

Swara turns around and sees a man and he is revealed to be Daada Ji.

“Vo, I came to search for the a man who begins with K…” Swara says nervously.

“K? Who are you?! That’s what I asked!” Daadaji shouts.

“S…Swara.” Swara hurriedly says.

DaadiJi points the gun at her, all look on, Sanskaar and Sujata are shocked.

“Deen… Your habit hasn’t went hasn’t it?!” Another man says.

Swara turns around and looks at him. He is revealed to be Sanskaar’s DaadaJi, Arvind.

Swara is shocked to see the same man who killed her sister near Arvind. Swara gets angry.

“You’re so bad… You can’t even handle your son!” Arvind shouts.

“At least he doesn’t kill innocent people!” An angry and upset Swara says while looking at the man near Arvind.

The man and Arvind look on. Dadaji puts the gun down.

“You’re talking about Kamas?” Arvind asks while pointing at the man near him.

Swara is shocked and thinks “So he’s the one who abused Ma’am?”

Swara crosses the boarder and walks near Kamas and gives him a tight slap across the face.

All are shocked, especially the woman.

“How dare you?!” Swara shouts.

“You like abusing woman a lot?!” Swara angrily asks.

Swara sees the rod and picks it up. She starts hitting Kamas while all look on.

“Because of you I lost my…” Before Swara could complete her words she hears someone shout her name.

“Swara!” Janki shouts.

All look there and are shocked to see her, expect from Sanskaar.

Mrs Sharma also walks in, she angrily glares at Kamas.

“You see her over there?!” Swara points at Mrs Sharma.

“You abused her! How can you?!” Swara angrily says and drops the rod.

Janki and Mrs Sharma walk up to her.

“I told you not to come here! But you don’t listen to me!” Janki shouts.

“But Maa… People like him should…” Swara says but gets stopped.

“Bas, we are leaving right now!” Janki shouts.

All are shocked to hear the word Maa expect from Mrs Sharma and Sanskaar.

“Bach gayi.” Kamas whispers.

Arvind is angry.

“Janki…?” Daada Ji says and Janki stops.

“Where are you going?” Daada Ji says.

Swara and Mrs Sharma are confused along with Sanskaar.

Janki turns to Daada Ji with tears in her eyes.

“Where did you go Janki? Why did you leave your house?” Daadaji asks.

“She’s nothing to you!” Arvind shouts.

“She’s my daughter-in-law!” Daadaji shouts.

“But she’s my daughter!” Arvind shouts.

Mrs Sharma, Sanskaar and Swara are shocked.

“Daughter? Daughter-in-law?” A confused Mrs Sharma asks.

“Since when did you start caring about daughters?! You threw your granddaughter to our side!” Daadaji angrily says.

“She is your granddaughter too!” Arvind shouts.

Dadaji and Janki get shocked.

“Maa, what’s happening?” A confused Swara asks.

“You’re Maa is my daughter.” Arvind tells.

“No wonder you’re brave like us.” Arvind adds.

“I don’t want to keep in contact with any of you…” Janki says and turns around.

“Beta… Please come back… Don’t leave Shekhar again.” Daada Ji says.

Janki is shocked and turns around. Daadaji then turns Shekhar’s wheelchair and Shekhar is revealed in front of Janki. Tears fall out of Janki’s eyes.

“He is in coma…” Daadaji tells.

Janki then walks forward.

“If you cross that line then watch!” Arvind says.

Janki ignores his words and walks towards that side of the boarder followed by Swara and Mrs Sharma.

“Today you broke all the rules!”
Arvind shouts.

“You never accepted me as your daughter! You valued your sons more!” Janki shouts.

Swara is confused with what’s going on.

Arvind angrily walks inside. Janki is happy to see Shekhar but sad as well.

“Maa… I want to know what is happening.” Swara asks.

Janki wipes her tears.

“I will tell you the truth… Come with me.” Janki says and walks inside with Mrs Sharma and Swara.

Daadaji also goes inside with Shekhar.


Janki is sitting down and starts narrating.


Janki loved Shekhar but Shekhar loved someone else, Daadaji and Arvind were friends and they forced Shekhar to marry Janki. Shekhar was drunk and thought Janki was his lady love and consummated. Later he woke up and realised what he had done. He then found out that his lady love was pregnant. He went to console her. Janki was also pregnant but couldn’t tell as Shekhar never was home.

9 months later they found out that Shekhar had an affair with his love, Sharmishta… but the people attacked them, Shekhar was bleeding and begged Sumi to run so she ran. Janki also followed the men.

The lady that was praying is revealed to be Sharmishta. And the guy who shoots her is revealed to be Kamas.

Kamas leaves and Janki walks up to her, Sharmishta gives birth to a daughter and takes promise from Janki that she would take care of her and name her Swara.

Janki agreed and left, she decided to go far away from her family as they broke and tore apart because of Shekhar and Sharmishta. Janki then gave birth to Ragini and brought both Swaragini up.

End of flashback.

Janki had tears in her eyes while Swara was socked.

“M…mein aap Ki Beti n…Nahi hoon?” Swara asks with tears in here eyes.

“You are my daughter and will remain my Swara but it’s true that I’m not your biological mother.” Janki cries.

Swara then runs out, Mrs Sharma stops Janki saying that Swara needs time. Mrs Sharma then consoles Janki.

Swara is seen sitting on a bench. Sanskaar comes there and sees Swara cry.

Kaise Bataye Kyun Tujhko Chahe
Yaara Bata Na Paaye
Baatein Dilon Ki Zuban Aankhon Ki Tujhe Samjhayen

Sanskaar walks up to her and sits besides her.

Tu Jaane Na

“Maa told me…” Sanskaar says while looking forward.

Tu Jaane Na

“She said you’re Janki Mausi’s daughter…” Sanskaar adds.

Tu Jaane Na
Tu Jaane Na

Swara looks at him with tears in her eyes.

Sanksaar then his head turns to Swara with a fade smile.

Hmmmil Ke Bhi
Hum Na Mile

Swara then hugs him and cries.
Sanskaar is shocked at her sudden move.

Tumse Na Jane Kyun
Milon Ki Hai Fasle

“I’m not her daughter… I’m Sharmishta’s daughter.” Swara cries.

Sanskaar is stunned.

Tumse Hai Jaane Kyun
Anjane Hain Silsile
Tum Se Na Jaane Kyun

Sanskaar thinks why he can’t break the hug.

Sapne Hai Palkon Tale
Tum Se Na Jaane Kyun

Kamas looks at them and looks on, he then heads inside.

Kaise Bataye Kyun Tujhko Chahe
Yaara Bata Na Paaye

Sanskaar feels like hugging Swara back.

Baatein Dilon Ki Dekhon Zuban Ki Aankhe Tujhe Samjhayen

He finally breaks the hug and Swara looks at him.

“You’re Sharmishta’s daughter?” Sanskaar asks and stands up.

Swara nods yes.

“Because of that woman my Mausi had to suffers and… And she adopted you?” A confused angry and annoyed Sanskaar says.

Sanksaar then leaves and Swara looks on.

“Arvind and Daadji used to be best friends but because of my Maa… They got separated… Now I have to unite them.” Swara thinks.

Swara then wipes her tears and stands up. She walks inside.

“Swara…?” Janki says and runs to hug her but Swara stops her which shocks Janki.

“Maa…” Swara emotionally says and hugs Janki.

Janki then fade smiles and hugs Swara back.

“Janki!!” An angry Arvind shouts while coming out.

Swara and Janki break the hug. DaadaJi comes out.

“You… You adopted her?!” Arvind shouts.

“How can you?! She isn’t your real daughter!” Daadaji shouts.

Swara thinks Sanskaar told them but it happens to be Kamas.

“What are you saying?!” Daada shouts.

“She is that witch, Sharmishta’s daughter!” Arvind shouts.

Daadaji gets shocked.

“But she is also my husbands daughter!” Janki shouts.

“And this is our family matter, you don’t need to get involved!” Janki adds and walks inside with Swara.

While going in, Swara glares at Sanskaar.

After a while, Janki explains everything to Daada Ji and Daada Ji accepts Swara as she is still Shekhars daughter. Swara goes up to Shekhar and hugs him.

“Baba…” Swara says.

“The word Baba echoes in Shekhars ears which makes Shekahr move a little.

Shekhar then closes his eyes and falls into the floor which shocks everyone.


Shekhar opens his eyes and looks around, he sees Janki sitting in front of him. All are happy to see Shekhar back.

“Janki?” Shekhar says.

Janki nods yes.

“This is your daughter… Swara.” Janki says.

Swara looks at Shekhar with teary eyes. Shekhar is surprised.

“Sharmishta’s daughter.” Janki adds.

Shekhar is shocked and looks on, he then hugs Swara and Swara hugs him back.

Daada Ji walks out and just then Daadi rushes in.

“Shekhar… Mhara chora…” Daadi says.

Swara and Shekhar break the hug.

“Shekhar ke Papa told me everything…” Daadi tells and sits besides Shekhar.

“I will never forgive them.” Daadi tells.

Janki and Swara go out, they see some men putting the big cloth to block each other’s view.

“Bhaiyya… What’s happening?” Janki asks.

“Bade Malik said to cover this.” The man says.

Janki and Swara nod and then go into their rooms.


Swara gets ready and goes to college, she ignores Sanskaar and he ignores her too.

Then there was a party going on and Swara gets forced into it by some of her friends. Sanskaar is also there, Swara is in a Orange Anarkali suit with opened hair.

Sanskaar and Swara avoid eye contact.

“Chal Na, dance karein.” Swara’s friend says.

“No, you all go…” Swara says.

“Hah! This BehenJi will dance?” Kavita laughs and walks away.

“Actually, let’s go.” Swara angrily says and walks up the stage.

She signals the DJ to start the music and all look up at the stage. The light shines on Swara and she is seen wearing Black knee length strapless dress. All the boys drop their jaws while looking at her. Sanskaar is stunned. Kavita is shocked.

Sau Tarah Ke starts playing…

Kal subah sochenge jo aaj raat kiya,

Swara starts dancing…

Kal subah gin lenge saari galatiyan.

Swara moves down as she dances.

Tu mera abhi, ho jaana ajnabi,
Phir hum milenge na kabhi…

Some boys then walk up to her and surround her.

Kal subah chale jayenge hai ghar jahaan.

Swara mouths it and dances…

Kal subah bole jo bhi bolega jahaan.

Swara continues mouthing while dancing.

Tu mera abhi, ho jaana ajnabi,
Phir hum milenge na kabhi…

Boys: Sau tarah ke rog le loon.
Ishq ka marz kya hai.
Sau tarah ke rog le lu.

They dance around Swara…

Ishq ka marz kya hai.

Tu kahe toh jaan de doon.
Kehne mein harz kya hai.

One of the boy mouths and comes close to her.

Sau tarah ke rog le loon.
Ishq ka marz kya hai.

Swara dances and sees Sanskaar.

Baahon ko baahon mein de de tu jagah.

Swara dances with another boy.

Tujhse toh do pal ka matlab hai mera.

He twirls her and Sanskaar gets annoyed seeing that.

Sanskaar: Tere jaise hi mera bhi dil khudgarz sa hai

Sanskaar walks up to Swara…

Sanskaar: Tere jaise hi mera bhi dil khudgarz sa hai
Tu kahe toh jaan de doon
Kehne mein harz kya hai…

He dances with Swara and Swara walks away.

Sau tarah ke rog le loon
Ishq ka marz kya hai
So tarah ke rog le lu

Swara dances with other boys blanking Sanskaar.

Ishq ka marz kya hai
Kal subah tak jhoota bhala pyar kar

Swara mouths and hugs one of the boy to make Sanskaar feel jealous.

Kal subah tak jhooti batein char kar

Swara walks past Sanskaar and dances.

Tu mera abhi, ho jaana ajnabi,
Phir hum milenge na kabhi…

[ Arabic ]

Tu kahe toh jaan de doon
Kehne mein harz kya hai…

Sanskaar takes Swara away with the song confines playing.

Sau tarah ke rog le loon
Ishq ka marz kya hai
So tarah ke rog le lu
Ishq ka marz kya hai

“What are you doing out there?!” Sanskaar asks.

“I’m dancing… What’s it to you?!” Swara angrily says.

Sanskaar then pins her to the wall and Swara glares at him.

“College mein Saal bhi Nahi hua and you’re already changing?!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“What’s it to you? Why are you stopping me…?!” Swara asks.

“Because this is too much… You’re better in those Anarkali suits…” Sanskaar manages to say.

“Why? And who are you to tell me this?!” Swara says.

Sanskaar then wraps his hand around Swara’s waist and pulls her closer.

“Leave me!” Swara says.

Sanskaar picks her up and starts walking while Swara is telling him to leave her.

Sanskaar then reaches the store room throws Swara down. He locks the door and turns to her. She gets worried and moves back each time he takes a step toward her. Then, Sanskaar forcefully pins her to the floor.

“Help!! Help!! Help!!” Swara screams and shouts.

She turns her head to the other side while pushing him.

“What if someone else done the same to you?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara hears boy doesn’t look at him.

“That’s what i was saying… This attracts attention and Kal ko someone else would do this! That’s why I was saying not to do that.” Sanskaar says and gets up.

Tears escape Swara’s eyes and she turns to him and he leaves.

Swara gets changed back to her Anarkali and comes out. All praise Swara as she walks past. She faintly smiles. She sees Sanskaar waiting at the gate, he starts waking and Swara follows as she understands he was waiting for her.

“Why did you tell them that I wasn’t Janki’s daughter?” Swara asks.

“I didn’t.” Sanskaar tells.

“You did.” Swara says.

“I didn’t.” Sanskaar says.

“It must’ve been Kamas…” Sanskaar adds.

Swara thinks about it as Kamas is always with Arvind.

“I’m sorry…” Swara says.

“Kyu?” Sanskaar adds.

Swara catches up to his pace and says “For being rude and not listening…”

Sanskaar chuckles and Swara looks on.

Janki is worried as Sanskaar and Swara haven’t returned.

“Hey Bhagwan… Whatever happened to her mother… Shouldn’t happen to her.” Janki prays.

“History cannot repeat it self…” Janki adds.

“What happened?” Mrs Sharma asks.

“Swara… I’m worried for her… Whatever happened to her mum shouldn’t repeat with her… Sanskaar and Swara…? Never!” Janki says and opens her eyes.

“But their hearts will meet one day… You can’t stop the power of love…” Mrs Sharma warns.

“Yes, I know but she can love someone else but not Sanskaar…” Janki says.

“If they’re destined then you won’t be able to change that!” Mrs Sharma says.

Janki then leaves and Mrs Sharma looks on.

“You can’t separate the lovers and if they’re meant to be one then they will surely be one!” Mrs Sharma says and looks on.

Swara and Sanskaar walk to their house, but Swara goes to the other side to enter. Both SwaSan enter. Swara is in her room and is thinking about why Sanskaar cares so much while Sanskaar is thinking why is he feeling attached to Swara.


Swara and Sanskaar talk near the lake.

“I want to talk to you.” Both SwaSan say together.

“You say first.” Swara says.

“No, you say first.” Sanskaar says.

“Well… I wanted to… Say… That I… Want to… Unite both of the families…” Swara says.

“That’s what I was also thinking…” Sanskaar tells.

“But how?” Swara pouts.

Sanskaar then thinks of something and shares it with Swara. Swara is shocked but later agrees for the families sake.

Swara and Sanskaar are shown taking wedding rounds. The wind blows strong and the temple bells ring. Janki could hear them and sense something was going to happen.

“What is this sign?” Janki questions herself.

Sanskaar then fills Swara’s Maang and puts Mangalsutra on her.

The wind starts blowing hard, the pandit also declares SwaSan as married couple.

“But Sanskaar, are we doing the right thing?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods yes and assures her. Then both enter the house and shock everyone.

“Chore! What did you do?!” Sujata shouts.

“Sanskaar!” Arvind angrily shouts.

“Daadaji… I married Swara…” Sanskaar says.

“Be grateful that you’re my grandson and I didn’t kill you! But get out from here now!” Arvind shouts.

“But Daadaji, this is my house too!” Sanskaar says.

Arvind fumes in anger.

“Tell him to get out from here!” Arvind says to Sujata and goes inside.

“What did you do Sanskaar?!” Sujata questions. Daadji and Shekhar are also dazed.

Janki comes out and drops the glass of water.

“Swara!” Janki angrily shouts and is shocked to see Sindoor and Mangalsutra on Swara.

“What is all this?!” Janki asks.

“Maa… I got married to Sanskaar because I love him.” Swara tells.

Janki shakes her head in a disagreement and walks inside.
Shekhar and Daadaji also go inside and the curtain/cloth is pulled down. Arvind then comes out with a gun. SwaSan look on. Arvind points the gun at Sanskaar and angrily eyes him. Arvind then puts the gun down and starts laughing. Sanskaar then smirks. Swara is confused.

“Wah! You’re a real sher!” Arvind says.

“Now you can leave…” Sanskaar says to Swara.

Swara is confused along with shocked. Sanskaar gives the devil smirk.

“Yeh hai Mera Pauta!” Arvind proudly says.

“What’s going on?” Swara confusingly says.

“This was all our plan! To break you down! And now you came to us so we can do whatever we want with you! Whatever your mother did! You have to pay for it!” Arvind tells shocking Sujata and Swara.

“In fact, this whole plan was made by me! I wanted to slowly gain your trust and then use you and later discard you!” Sanskaar says.

Swara is shell shocked.

“But we still need to use you and then later we will discard you!” Sanskaar adds.

“Take her away!” Arvind shouts.

“You can’t do this Sanskaar! You…” Swara says.

“I can and I will!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“Whatever your mother did was not right and it was me who told Dada Ji that you’re Sharmishta’s daughter and then we made this plan!” Sanskaar adds and smirks.

Swara gets angry and slaps Sanskaar across the face which shocks Arvind and Sanskaar.

“How dare you?!” Swara shouts.

Sanskaar gets angry and grabs Swara by the hair, he then takes her inside while Dadaji smirks. Sanskaar throws Swara on the floor and looks the door.

“You’re really fond of slapping?! Now watch!” Sanskaar says and moves towards her.

Swara then stands up and walks towards him.

“Why did you do this?!” Swara shouts while hitting Sanskaar.

Sanskaar holds Swara’s hands and pulls her towards him. Swara breaks down and falls on the floor.

“You want to hit me?! Then hit me! I don’t care but if you think you’ll be able to break me then you’re wrong!” Swara says and challenges Sanskaar.

She wipes her tears. Sanskaar looks on.

“Hmm… We will stick with the plan… We will send you to our men’s…” Sanskaar says and makes her stand.

Swara is shocked.

“You can’t do this… I’m your wife, you married me!” Swara shouts.

Sanskaar grabs her arm and drags her out, he then throws her inside the room and shuts it from outside. Swara is shocked to see Kamas and the other men there.

“Sanskaar!” Swara says and bangs the door.

“Take her… She’s all yours! Bhaiyya Ji said!” Kamas tells with an devilish smile.

The men look at her lustfully, Swara cries while banging the door.

The men approach her and Swara is shocked.

“Stop right there!” Swara shouts.

Swara looks around and then sees a small built in temple with Krishna’s idol.

Swara then chuckles.

“You have Krishna here and still do these deeds?” Swara asks.

They stop.

“Now this Chori would tell us?” Kamas says and approaches her.

Swara quickly folds her hands and starts praying while the diya is lighting.

“Please send Sanskaar back…” Swara prays.

Kamas touches her but she jerks him off and opens her eyes.

“Don’t touch me!” Swara shouts.

All men start laughing.

“Or want would you do?” Kamas says in a pouty tone.

“I’m your Bhaiyya Ji’s wife! And you all will touch your Bhabhi Ji?!” Swara angrily says.

All look on, Kamas is speechless.

“But if he doesn’t treat you or wants you as his wife then…” One of the man says and Kamas smiles.

“But that wouldn’t change the faux that I’m his wife! He took 7 rounds with me… He filled my Maang and put Mangalsutra on me… That makes him my husband!” Swara answers.

“Don’t listen to her.” Kamas says.

“You’re going to insult a woman… You won’t get rewards for this! How many of you read the Mahabarat?” Swara asks while glancing at all.

“Waha Krishna protected Draupadi… From getting insulted… And you have Krishna here and still ready to insult a woman’s dignity?!” Swara adds while shouting.

“You won’t be able to do anything to me! Like Krishna protected Draupadi… He would protect me too!” Swara says and folds her hand calmly.

She starts praying, the men look on, Kamas signals them to go ahead but they nod no as they see Krishna’s idol. Kamas then approaches her slowly. He takes her scarf/duppata off and throws it on the floor. The other men look on. Kamas then rips both of her sleeves off. Swara still hasn’t opens her eyes or flinched. Kamas forwards his hand near her chest

The Windows automatically open and blows hard. A long red sheet falls in between and stops him from touching Swara.

“These were there to stop the fan from falling.” One of the man says.

Swara still has her eyes closed and prays. Kamas is on the other side of the sheet.

“I guess this is a sign… We should stop…” The other man says.

Just then the door opens, it happens to be Sanskaar that comes in, he sees Swara folding her hands with closed eyes on the other side while Kamas tries to remove the sheet but the wind keeps it in place. Sanskaar looks on.

“Bhai… Forget it… We shouldn’t do it!” The man shout.

Sanskaar then grabs Swara from her arm and takes her, Swara opens her eyes and sees Sanskaar. She gets relief with teary eyes. Sanskaar brings Swara into his room, Swara looks at Sanskaar with teary eyes. She then hugs him.

“I knew you would come Sanskaar… You couldn’t see a woman getting insulted.” Swara says and remembers Sanskaars words.

Sanskaar doesn’t hug her back and jerks her off.

“Stay in your limits! I only came there to check but I saw a drama scene going on!” Sanskaar says.

“Who are you lying to Sanskaar? I know you came for me…” Swara says.

“Why would I come for you?! I don’t have any reasons!” Sanskaar says and turns.

“That’s what I want to ask you… Why?” Swara asks.

“I don’t have time for your nonsense!” Sanskaar says and leaves the room.

Swara looks on and says “I know somewhere, deep down you do care… You have a heart but you don’t show it… I will try my best…”


Swara gets dressed in a white shirt with black chinos and opened hair. She smiles at everyone.

“Good morning.” Swara says.

“Chori! What is this?!” Sujata asks.

“Mummy Ji… Come on…” Swara says and steps out.

“Bye Mummy Ji and yeah, don’t wait for me… I’ll be back late.” Swara says and walks out.

Sujata and the men look on.

Swara reaches the college and smiles at everyone. All the boys look on, even the ones that are with their girlfriends. A boy drops his book down by accident, Swara picks it up for him and gives it to him.

“Hi and sorry…” The boy says.

“No, it’s okay…” Swara says.

“Hi, I’m Laksh… Laksh Kapoor.” The boy says and is revealed to be Laksh.

“Hi, I’m Swara.” Swara says and shakes his hand.

Sanskaar sees this and looks on, he angrily leaves form there.

“I’m new here…” Laksh says.

“That’s why I didn’t see you before…” Swara says.

“Hmm… Married?” Laksh asks.

Swara looks on surprised.

“Your Mangalsutar…” Laksh points out.

Swara sees it out and hides it.

“Haa.” Swara says with a fade smile.

“May I know who that lucky guy is?” Laksh asks.

Swara looks down and doesn’t say anything.

“I guess that’s a no.” Laksh says.

“I’ll tell you at break.” Swara says.

“Okay.” Laksh says.

“Anyways I have Phycology first… You?” Swara says.

“Same subject.” Laksh tells.

“I’ll walk with you…” Swara says.

“Sure…” Laksh says.

They walk to Phycology class.


Swara and Laksh are sitting inside the canteen. Swara tells Laksh every thing and Laksh looks on.

“That’s so bad… Sanky? Married you to take revenge?” Laksh asks.

Swara sadly nods yes.

“I need your help…” Swara says.

“I’m always ready to help you… Just tell me what I need to do.” Laksh says.

Swara then holds Laksh’s hand and Laksh gets confused but happy.
Swara signals him that Sanskaar is there.

“You got me happy for no reason!” Laksh says.

Swara then smiles.

“Don’t worry, your turn will also come but with your girl.” Swara says.

Sanskaar sees Laksh and Swara laughing and fumes.

*End of college*

SwaLak walk out.

“So you want Sanskaar to say what’s in his heart?” Laksh asks.

Swara nods yes and says “And fight for justice.”

Sanskaar walks past SwaLak. After a while Swara reaches the gate and opens it. She sees Arvind standing there angrily. Swara smiles at him.
Arvind glares at her. Swara walks towards him.

“DJ… I’m very tired… I’ll talk to you later.” Swara says and walks up.

Arvind is shocked.

“I guess a new avatar was blessed inside her…” One of the man says.

Swara then sees an angry Sanskaar and smirks a little. But she walks inside and throws her bag on the bed. Sanskaar notices her.

“Why did you come college today?!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“Because I did!” Swara says and sits down.

“Throw your attitude away!” Sanskaar angrily says and turns to her.

Swara ignores him and take sher shoes off.

“I’m talking to you! And who was that man?!” Sanskaar angrily asks.

“Who? Lucky?” Swara says.

“Lucky? Already friends?!” An overprotective Sanskaar shouts.

“Yeah and? What’s it to you? Mind your own business!” Swara says and sighs.

“It does matter because you’re…” Sanskaar stops as he realises and looks away.

“Huh? Why?” Swara asks.

Swara purposely keeps her phone down and goes to the washroom.
Swara’s phone starts ringing and Sanskaar glances and sees Lucky flashing. He gets angry and picks it up.

“Hey Swara… Are you free today? I thought we could go and watch a movie…?” Laksh asks.

Sanskaar angrily disconnects the call and throws the phone on the bed, he knocks on the toilet door.
Swara opens the door and Coles out in a pink Anarkali.

“What happened Sanskaar? Chill…” Swara says.

Sanskaar angrily pins her to the wall.

“Where are you planning to go?!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“No where… And did anyone call me?” Swara says

“You’re not going anywhere.” Sanskaar tells.

“I will go!” Swara says.

“No!” Sanskaar says.

“Yes!” Swara shouts.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Swara says but stops as Sanskaar shuts her up by pecking her cheeks.

“You’re not going and that’s final!” Sanskaar says and leaves

“Arey… How can he do this?!” Swara says and touches the cheek he pecked.

Swara then goes to the door and tries to open it but it happens to be locked from the outside.

“Open the door!” Swara says while banging on the door.

“We have to finish this girl off!” Arvind says while standing outside Sanskaars room with Kamas.

“Ji… When?” Kamas asks.

“I’ll send Sanskaar somewhere tonight and then you can take her to the jungle and kill her.” Arvind says.

Kamas nods and gives ghe devilish smirk.

The door finally opens by Sujata. Swara stands up and walks there.

“MummyJi… Where’s Sanskaar?” Swara asks.

“He’s downstairs or gone out.” Sujata says.

“Hmm.” Swara says and walks out.

She sees Arvind sitting and drinking tea. She walks up to him.

“Hello…” Swara says.

Arvind ignores her, Swara then walks inside the kitchen and starts cooking.

“Today, Swara would cook something special.” Swara says to the maids.

Just then a maid runs in and says “Didi… Sanskaar baba is beating someone up.”

Swara is shocked and runs out. She sees Sanskaar kicking Laksh and looks on shocked. Laksh is bleeding from his head, nose and lips. Swara runs up to Laksh and pushes Sanskaar.

“Lucky…?” Swara says while wobbling Laksh.

Tears run down Swara’s eyes, she angrily stands up and glares at Sanskaar.

“How dare you?!” Swara shouts.

All look on.

“I was quiet with what you did with me but today I’m not going to stay quiet! Enough! You all are animal and are thirsty for blood!” Swara shouts.

“Kitna giro ge?! Don’t you all get tired! He didn’t do anything!” Swara shouts.

“Stay out of it!” Sanskaar says.

“No! Enough is enough!” Swara says.

“You all are here as humans not animals! Why do these types of acts?! Killing someone isn’t a good thing! I agree that because of my Mother this house fell apart but have you ever thought why?! You all forced Baba to get married to Janki Maa and shot my mother?! What is this?!” Swara shouts.

Janki, Shekhar and DaadaJi hear too.

“All you ever do is kill an innocent person! What was my mother fault?! She only loved and didn’t do any crime?! What was my sisters fault that you all killed her?! You killed Janki Maa’s biological daughter, Ragini!” Swara shouts with tears in her eyes.

Janki hears and has tears in her eyes too while Shekhar is shocked.

“Now I had enough! I was quiet for my mother and sister but not today! I won’t let you take Laksh’s life!” Swara shouts.

Sanskaar then looks at Arvind who avoids eye contact with him. Swara calls the ambulance and goes with Laksh.
Arvind was about to go in when he gets stopped.

“One minuet Dadaji… What is she saying?” Sanskaar asks.

“She’s lying to you!” Arvind says.

“But what she said was different to what you told me! I want to know the truth!” Sanskaar says.

Arvind walks away and so does Sujata.

“Only one person can tell me the truth!” Sanskaar thinks.

After a while Sanskaar goes up to Janvi and asks for the truth. She tells him, Shekhar and DaadaJi everything. Sanskaar is shocked.


Swara comes back home, she sees the curtain down and the White boarder line erased and looks on surprised.

She walks forward and sees Arvind and DaadaJi talking and laughing.
Sujata and Janki talking. Shekhar talking with Kamas. Swara is surprised. She then walks up to her room. She walks in and sees the room dark. The door then shuts behind her and she turns shockingly.

Then a light flashes to the wall, a paper is stuck on it. It says ‘I’m
Sorry Swara’ with an emoji drawn.

The light then flashes somewhere else and the same letter was there. The light then flashes on the mirror table and she sees a rose with a letter. She picks it up and starts reading it.

‘Dear Swara…
I want to apologise to you… For hurting you and using you… Dadaji told me a different story to what you had said today. But Janki Mausi told me the truth and I was feeling bad and disgusted at myself that I believed Dadaji… I confronted him about this.


After talking to Janki, Sanskaar pulls the sheet down and shouts Dadaji. All come out and Sanskaar starts telling them how wrong they were and they were arguing and shouting. Shekhar then filled Janki’s Maang and surprised everyone, including Janki. After a lot of arguing, they had tears in their eyes and crossed the border and hugged each other.

Kamas also revealed a secret that during the fire incident, Ragini was outside, so he abducted her and told Arvind and Arvind threw her in DaadaJi’s side saying that she’s Janki’s daughter.

Then Ragini comes back and Junk tells he the truth and they share a hug. Everything is sorted out and Sanskaar was waiting for Swara to come.

End of flashback.

‘I know this relationship was a forced one… Sorry… The divorce papers are right there and you can sign it. Thank you… Sanskaar.’

Swara finishes reading the letter and sees the divorce papers. She then picks them up and rips them apart.

“You still haven’t said what was in your heart!” Swara complains.

The flashlight switches off. Swara then feels someone’s hands wrap around her waist and feels someone breathing on her neck while resting their chin on her shoulder.

“I… Love you…” These three words were slowly whispered in her ears which makes her close her eyes.

“Since our second meeting…” The sound whispers in Swara’s ears.

It happens to be Sanskaar’s voice, Swara smiles while closing her eyes.

“Your looks… Killed me…” He continues whispering.

“Your attitude… Killed me.”

“Your smile… Your laugh… Your voice… Your way to talking… Your eyes… Inho ne Mar Dala… I really love you…” Sanskaar whispers points the flashlight on them.

Swara opens her eyes and sees Sanskaar and her reflection in the mirror. Sanskaar then switches the flashlight off and turns her towards him. He leans in and pecks her forehead and then both of her cheeks and then lips.

Swara shivers, Sanskaar cups her face and says “I’m sorry Swara.”

Swara then hugs him. Sanskaar presses a button on the remote and puts it down. A song starts playing.

Ho tere ishq mein dooba rahe
Din-raat yunhi sada

Sanskaar breaks the hug and twirls Swara as dim lightings are on.

Mere khwaab se aankhein teri naa hoye juda

He pulls her closer and she blushes.

Mera naam tu haathon pe apne likhe baar haan

He pecks her cheeks again.

Aye kaash ke aisa bhi din laaye woh Khuda

Tu hi mera mera mera [x8]

He twirls her.

Tu hi mera aa aa.. [x2]
Tu hi mera mera mera [x4]

“I love you too.” Swara whispers.

Hai teri chahat meri zaroorat

Sanskaar smiles and she pecks his cheeks.

Sooni hai tujh bin duniya meri

“You’re very fast…” Sanskaar says.

Naa reh sakoonga main door inse
Hai meri jannat galiya teri
Ho… ho …
Ho.. teri

Swara feels shy and hides her face in Sanskaars chest.

Hai teri chahat meri zaroorat
Sooni hai tujh bin duniya meri
Naa reh sakoonga main door inse
Hai meri jannat galiya teri

Sanskaar then moves closer to her ears and whispers “How did you forgive me so quick?”

Ummeed ye seene mein leke main hoo jee raha

“Because I trust you… I already knew you had feelings for me.” Swara tells

Kabhi tu mile kahe mujhse ke main hoon tera

Sanskaar smiles and twirls her and hugs her from behind.

Tu hi mera mera mera [x8]

He then moves her hair to one side and opens her Anarkali straps. Swara closes her eyes.

Tu hai qismat tu hi hai rehmat
Tujhse hi judi hai meri har khushi

Sanskaar then turns Swara towards him and slowly undresses her.

Tu hi mohabbat, tu hai raahat
Lagti bhali hai teri saadgi

He then makes her lie on the bed, both share an eye contact.

Paata hoon khud ko tere bina tanha
Mujhe thaam le, mujhe rok le
Bhatka hoon main bhatka

He then kisses her and they slowly consummate their marriage.

Tu hi mera mera mera [x8]
Tu hi mera aa aa.. [x2]
Tu hi mera mera mera [x8]

The moon is shown, then DaadaJi, Shekhar and Arvind are shown talking.
Janki, Ragini and Sujata are shown talking and laughing. Then in the sky, a start is shown shining.

‘Mil Gaya Sharmishta Ki Beti ko uska Pyaar… Ho gay SwaSan Ek… Ajeeb and boring Kahani me Mar Dala Ho ga Na?’ A voice tells.

Mrs Sharma/Tara – Rucha Hasabnis

Kamas – Nikhal Mehta

Arvind – Kamal Narayan (from Udaan)

Special Appearance and a special thanks to Laksh (from SwaRagini)

Thank you for reading my OS… I hope I haven’t bored any of you… Now that I read it again… I think is not good and it’s just boring and long… Sorry for any mistakes…

Do tell me your opinions via comments… ?

Thank you ?

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