MANZIL… The unknown destination…. SHOT 8… ISHAANA…

Take a breath buddies. Pretty please take it for me. Ok I did the same thing. This is for all those who are madly in love with Vrushika and Shantanu’s pair. I have never seen anybody so super excited for any pair but all the peeps outs there who were in all praise for the duo let me conform they are being paired up in here. So now please calm down.


So let’s begin with the next chappy.

[Btw any guesses about the handsome Santa as the cover. Let’s see who knows him the best ?.]

MANZIL… The unknown destination…


The air had a new zeal, it was dancing in craziness. The flowers were blossoming to an abnormally bigger size, birds were chirping and singing melodiously. The change was welcomed wholeheartedly by the nature too. It was also celebrating the return and happiness of it’s most innocent creation.

The mansion’s walls were echoing with unstoppable glee, the more you see the more is your heart set to peace. Smile adorned every single persons face.
The entire Oberoi clan and kids were sitting on the dining table for lunch. All of them had introduced themselves to each other and were relishing their dinner.

Rudra: Dadi kal toh Christmas hai.
(Dadi, tomorrow is Christmas.)
Dadi: Haan.
Rudra: Aur ye Bhabhi ke uthne ke baad aur bachoon ke ghar ane ke baad pehla festival hai. Kun na hum isse zoron shoron se manayain.
(Dadi, this is first festival after return of kids and after Bhabhi has gained conscious, we shall celebrate it with pomp and show.)
Om patting Rudra’s back: Waah! Rudy, itni samajhdaari vali baat, tabaiyat toh thik hai na Teri.
(WOW! Rudy how come you gave such an amazing idea. Are you alright.)
Rudra: Very funny O. Rudra Singh Oberoi ke ideas humesha top class hote hain ye baat alag hai ki aap un ideas ko samajh nahi pate ho.
(Very funny O. Rudra Singh Oberoi always gives top class ideas that’s a different matter you do not understand any.)
Swayam comments sarcastically: Aur ye baat uss se bhi zyada alag hai ki uske ideas mai se koi kaam nahi Karta.
(And that’s even more different a matter that your ideas never work.)
OmYa share a hi-fi, while O comments “point hai”.
Rudra cribs: Shivaay Bhaiya.
Shivaay who was trying hard to control his laughter, laughs out listening to Rudra’s cribbing. While Rudy makes a cry baby, puppy face.
Saumya slyly: Cry baby Oberoi.
All start laughing hearing her but two people who do not laugh are, one Rudra himself and other is his jaan-e-maan.

Shivika genuinely feels sad as none was supporting her Rudy chachu. So she angrily speaks in his defence: Stop laughing. It wasn’t funny at all. He is really smart.
Shiviaansh: Oh, Miss. Defence lawyer, stay shut.
Shivika pokes him with butter knife for which he yells overdramatically and then getting up from her seat she walks to Rudra and cupping his face with her small hands ensures him: Don’t worry Ru pa, I am with you.
Rudra who feels emotional by seeing her by his side after four years hugs her tightly making Shivika smile wholeheartedly, Rudra wipes his tears before they fall from his eyes. Rudra makes her sit in his lap and kisses her cheeks.
Shivika to OmYa: What were you saying his plans are stupid and never work?
Both OmYa gulp under the Jr. SSO’s glare.
Shivika smirks and continues: Next time, if you are in a fix don’t dear come to my Ru pa. Hmm…
Rudra gives all of them a victory smile and hugging Shivika says: Thank you jaan-e-maan.
Shivika dramatically: Apke liye kuch bhi. BF.
(Anything for you BF.)
She winks showing her tongue and the duo share a hi-fi.
Shiviaansh who was all in support of Om speaks up in his defence: Oh Miss, who even wants your suggestions and advice. We are enough intelligent to think ourselves.
Shivika feign astonishment: Intelligent…… Intelligent, ke spellings bhi ate hain tujhe.
(Do you even know spellings of intelligence?)
Shiviaansh ranting back: Baat toh aise kar rahi hai jaise oxford dictionary hai tun.
(You are talking as if you are oxford dictionary.)
Shivika smiling smugly: Aur tun baat toh aise kar raha hai jaise lawyer ho kahin ka.
(And you are speaking as if you are a lawyer.)
Shiviaansh: Haan hun toh tujhe kya.
(Yes, I am but what’s that to do with you?)
Shivika: Nahi mujhe kuch nahi hai par taras toh mujhe un bicharoon par aa raha hai Jo tujhse apna case ladwayenga. Ek toh harenga upar se paise bhi jayenga.
(No, I have nothing to do with that but I pity those who will give their case to you at one side they will loose and on other side there money will also go in vain.)
Shiviaansh: Unki fikr tun maat kar vo kya hai na sare Teri tarhan mand buddhi nahi hote.
(You don’t worry about them. Actually all are not dumb minded like you.)
Shivika who gets angry with his words shots him back: Agr vo mand buddhi nahi honge toh tere pass kun ayenga. Sooch na ek baar ye bhi aab sab meri tarhan bhole toh hote nahi ki tere jhanse mai phaas jayain.
(If they won’t be dumb minded then why would they come to you. After all everyone isn’t innocent like me to get into your words trap.)
Shiviaansh with Oh really look: Innocent. Hahaha…. Hahaha…. Innocent and you. God Asu, at least think before cracking jokes.
Shivika gets super angry at him and picking up a ketchup throws it towards him. Shiviaansh glare her angrily while she flicks her hair in pride.
Before Shiviaansh does anything else Shivaay picks him up: No you aren’t doing anything, I don’t want the entire table to turn into sabzi Mandi.
Shiviaansh hits on Shivaay’s shoulder to free himself but Shivaay doesn’t budges, Shiviaansh glares a dancing Shivika who has been accompanied by Ariana to celebrate her victory.
Shiviaansh shouts: I will get back to you for this Shivika.
Shivika shows him tongue ? and continues celebrating with her dance while rest all are laughing at her.

Once Shivaay leaves taking Shiviaansh all smile.
Janvi emotionally remembers: Four years back before Shiv and Shivu left for their trip, how badly had they demanded for Tej and Shakti to wear Santa out fits.
Dadi: Ya and at the end both had to agree also.
All laugh remembering the old memories.

In Shivaay and Anika’s room, Shivaay enters with Shiviaansh and drops him on bed.
Shiviaansh punches him on stomach and Shivaay yells: Ouch….
Shiviaansh: This is for saving your daughter.
Shivaay: Oh God! Shiviaansh. Man do you have bones or iron in there.
Shiviaansh showing off his muscles: Iron man. Buddy!
He ends patting Shivaay’s shoulder who nods in disbelief.
Shivaay: Come on let’s get you changed.
Shiviaansh: No I am going down to make your darling daughter learn a lesson.
Shivaay holding him back: No way. I am getting you changed right away and not a word against that Shiv.
Shiviaansh makes an angry face and folds his arms across his chest and Shivaay picks him up and takes him to get changed after getting out his clothes and towel as the amount of sauce he had stretched from face till end of his shirt, Shivaay really admired the level of accuracy his daughter has in throwing things just like her mother, only difference is she is more in love with throwing sauces rather then water.

Shivaay helps Shiviaansh remove his clothes.
Shiviaansh: Papa, soap.
He points at the wash basin and Shivaay gets it without noticing his son’s smirk.
Shiviaansh sheepishly: Papa….
Shivaay while turning on the tap: Hmm….
Shiviaansh more cutely: Papa…
Shivaay turns to him and signals what. Shiviaansh smirks and rubs his sauce laden shirt on Shivaay’s face and bursts out laughing seeing his fathers remarkably priceless expression with a wide open mouth and wider eyes.
Shiviaansh: Hahaha…. Hahaha…. Save your daughter more now.
Anika who had come searching for them bursts out laughing seeing this scene, Shivaay turns his face towards her and glares her for laughing.


Who cares?

Definitely, not the mother-son duo.

Anika trying to control her laughter: Hahaha….. Shivaay….. Hahaha…. App…. Hahaha….
Shivaay gets irked seeing mother-son duo and grins sheepishly seeing the showers, he pulls out both the showers and holding them in his hand calls the duo: Shiv, Anika.
Both look at him in between their laughter and nod in what.
Shivaay smirks and raises the showers towards them making them wet in seconds. Both look on shocked at him.
Anika: Shivaay ye kya kar rahe hain aap?
(Shivaay what are you doing?)
Shiviaansh squeals in irritation: Papa…
Shivaay: Hye come on laugh more now laugh laugh.
Anika sees detergent powder kept by her on a side shelf and holding it empties it on Shivaay.
Anika proudly: Aur paani dalo, ye mera hi official right hai. Hahaha…..
(Put more water on us, but mind it that it’s my official right. Only mine. Hahaha…)
Shiviaansh: Well done mumma.
Both Ani- Shiv share a hi-fi while laughing at Shivaay whose face is completely white and he looks terribly horrifying and anger just adds on to it.

Back at room both Ariana and Shivika enter in search of their parents and brothers.
Shivika: Yaar, jise upar bhejo wo wahin so jata, wapis aneka toh naam hi nahi leta hai.
(Who so ever comes upstairs he sleeps there only, they don’t even think of coming back.)
Ariana while hearing the noise from bathroom: Ye bathroom mai itni khi khi kon kar raha hai.
(Who is giggling in the bathroom?)
Shivika: Raam Jane. Chal dekhte hain.
(God only knows. Let’s check.)

Ariana nods and both walk upto bathroom only to encounter a ghost ? who is allegedly according to them for the present time their own father and their darling brother and mother who are drenched in water. Both face palm themselves and say in unison: Yeh ho kya raha hai.
(What is this happening?)
Shivaay turns to the girls and duo scream: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….. Bhooth…. Bhooth…..

There screams only results in another round of roller coaster ride for the mother and son duo. Who almost roll down while laughing.

Anika: Oh God man.
Ariana being scared with puppy face: Mumma you are laughing. That too in front of ghost.
Shivaay being highly vexed shouts: Shut up Aru! Firstly this little monster had spread sauce on my face and then this elder monster had put detergent on me. Now what’s left.
Shiviaansh and Anika glare him with their similar pierced looks.
Aru with wide eyes: Papa it’s you.
Shivika replying to Shivaay’s question: Apko dhona.
(To wash you.)
All start giggling.
Shivaay frowns but Shiviaansh starts the shower in his hand and Shivaay’s face gets washed by itself only, where he frowns being irritated and others have a gala time laughing.
Shivika smirks and takes shaving cream and hands, shampoo to Ariana, both do thumbs up ?.
Shivika: Papa…
Ariana: Mumma…
Shivaay / Anika: Haan….





The girls squeeze the bottle and the contents empty on Shivaay and Anika respectively.
Shivaay: What the wuck?
Anika: O beta ki!
Shiviaansh: Hahaha…. Hahaha…. Hahaha… Perfect shot.
Shivika raising her imaginary collars: I was born perfect.
Shiviaansh shows her tongue in return of her self prais.
Shivaay scopes Shivika: Shivika ki bacchi. Kya laga tujhe tun baach jayegi.
(Shivika, dear what did you think. That you will be saved. Hmmm….)
Shivika nodding her head vigorously in disagreement: No. No. No…. Papa no…. Please….


And the girl ends up in the bath tub along with her brother who is laughing whole heartedly.


Anika drops Ariana in the tub to give company to the bro-sis twin.

Ariana: Urgh… Maine kya kiya?
(Urgh…. What did I even do?)
Shivaay: Oh! Really, then what was that shampoo stunt?
Ariana: Shivu di gave me shampoo.
Anika: Sahi hai ab Shivi di bhegain hain toh aap bhi bhego.
(Perfect, now is Shivu di has become wet even you to become.)
Shivika punches Shiviaansh on his shoulder: Idiot because of you we are here.
Shiviaansh: Oh really, silly girl who had spilt that ketchup on me.
Shivika sternly: You deserved it.
Anika: Ary, bas kitna lado ge tum dono. Chup! Bilkul chup!
(Oh God! How much will you two fight. Quite now!)
All silence themselves.
Shivaay taps Anika’s shoulder who raises her eyebrow in order to ask “what?”.
Shivaay: Shall I do one thing?
Anika being confused nods seeing his puppy face.
Poor move girl! Your husband isn’t really innocent. Hahaha…

Shivaay scoops Anika and puts her in tub too, making the kids burst out in laughter and Anika widen her eyes.
Anika: Shivaay!!!
Shivaay: Hahaha…. Aur gussa karo.
(Be more angry dear.)
Anika: Oh really.
Shivaay nods doing hi-fi with his daughters nd with in seconds an angry Anika pulls him in tub too.
All look at each other and then burst out laughing.
Poor tub!!!
Taking shower they sprinkle water on each other and start throwing bubbled water doing water masti.

Shivika looking at Shiviaansh closes her eyes hurriedly: Haaw!!!
Shiviaansh being confused: What?
Shivika without opening her eyes: Shame shame…
It’s then Shiviaansh notices that he isn’t wearing a shirt and hides in Anika’s embrace while Ariana too closes her eyes and Shivaay and Anika laugh out seeing their childish antics. But it’s then when Anika notices the marks on Shiviaansh’s body and looks shockingly at Shivaay, who nods and signals her to control herself. Anika rubs of her tears and covers Shiviaansh with her duppata making him comfortable and less shy. She kisses him on his hair making him look at her and then ruffles his hair lovingly, he smiles at her.
Anika getting over her emotions completely: Now remove your hands girls.
Shivika: No. No. Never.
Anika: Umm…. He is covered.
Shivika and Ariana open their eyes and giggle at Shiviaansh who glares the duo.
Ariana resting her head on Shivaay’s chest who was already siting in a funny position where his legs were out of the tub and he was resting his back on the other end with his hand supporting his head he had actually laid down in slant position.
Ariana: Papa, bhaiya looks so girly.
Shivaay laughs hearing her, while Anika back hugs her annoyed son.
Anika: Okay let’s get going. There are no plans to stay here.
Shivaay: Right.
Shivaay gets out of the tub awkwardly making everyone laugh and finally slips on the floor and his totally mad wife and kids burst out laughing at him, while he nods in disbelief seeing them.

Shivika: Papa aapko toh khade hona bhi nahi aata. Hahaha…..
(Papa, you don’t even know how to stand. Hahahaha….)
Shivaay: Laugh beta as much as you can laugh I will get back to all of you for this.
All the kids nod giggling at him.
Shivaay: Get washed up guys you all are filled with soap. Shiviaansh you come in your room I will get you another set of clothes.
He says looking at the wet clothes he had actually brought for Shiviaansh and looks back on getting response to see them continuing their water masti and he nods in disbelief.
Shivaay sternly: Anika…
Anika : Haan Shivaay.
Shivaay: Out of there now.
Anika makes puppy face but on receiving a stern glare gets out of the tub.

After getting changed all move to Rudra’s room. The kids hop on the bed to their respective favourite chachus.
Ariana enquiringly on not finding Swayam: Where is Chu?
Swayam entering the room: Here sweetheart?
Ariana happily hops on him to be showered with kisses.
Anika looking at the bed where all the elders were packing gifts: What’s this going on?
Saumya sternly: Bhabhi! What are you doing here?
Anika making puppy face: Doctor sahiba please for some time then I will leave.
Saumya: Fine. 15 minutes.
Anika cribbing: 30 minutes.
Saumya: 15.
Anika: 30.
Saumya: 15.
Anika: 30.
Saumya: 10.
Anika: I will settle on 15.
Saumya: Good.
Anika makes a sad puppy face.
Shivaay: Btw what’s going on?
Sahil enters with few boxes and ribbons: Packing.
Shivaay: Ya I can see that but for what?
Rudra: Oh God bhaiya, you are so dumb. Tomorrow we are celebrating Christmas these gifts are for kids.
Shivaay: That’s great.
Om: Anybody for tea.
Anika: Me.
Gauri: Me too.
Sahil: Me three.
Swayam: Me four.
Saumya: Americano.
Shivaay: Espresso.
Shiviaansh: Hot chocolate.
Ariana: Ditto.
Shivika: Copy to all.
Om: Guys I wasn’t taking order in restaurant.
All giggle.
Om: Shivaay. Help.
Shivaay nods and follows him to the kitchen.

ShivKara were preparing tea, coffee and hot chocolate.
Shivaay looking at disturbed face of Om: Om.
Om looks up at him: Hmm…
Shivaay: Want to share something.
Om looks at him for a while and then nods: Shivaay, I was thinking.
Shivaay casually: About whom?
Om: Ishaana.
Shivaay getting normally alert: What happened?
Om: Shivaay, when everything I back to normal and is good then even she deserves to know everything. She deserves to know that she isn’t responsible for anything. She deserves to come out of the dark past of her.
Shivaay: You are right Om. I think so we should tell her in person. Why not go to ghar tomorrow? It’s Christmas also and I am sure everyone will be glad meeting her.
Om: Nice idea man. So tomorrow.
Shivaay nods: Deal.
Shivaay being a little sceptical on seeing Om’s excitement: Do you love her?
Om looks at him being astonished: Are you mad. You know everything. Right?
Shivaay chuckling: Of course, I know everything. But that idiot doesn’t.
Om laughs: Right. He will remain majnu only.
Shivaay: On a serious note, what’s with Gauri.
Om trying to escape the conversation: Ummm….. Nothing.
Shivaay: Oh really.
Om: Fine. I don’t know.
Shivaay placing his hand on Om’s shoulder: Think about her man and think wisely.
Om: Confusion hai and that to alot.
Shivaay: Take your time bro.

Om nods and duo taking the beverages leave to Rudra’s room.

Packing of gifts was done, everybody was chit-chatting slouching comfortable either on bed or couch.
Sahil and Shiviaansh’s head was resting in Anika’s lap, while Shivika was sitting in Rudra’s lap and Ariana in Swayam’s. ShivKara enter with the beverages and Om forwards hot chocolate to Shivika, who makes an annoyed pouty face and looks away from him, Om chuckles at her antics.
Om: Abhi bhi naraaz ho.
(Are you still angry.)
Shivika nods looking away.
Om: Umm…. Come on baba.
Shivika: No.
Om cutely: Please….
Shivika angrily: Big no.
Shiviaansh comments: You ar a big Nautanki. Leave her Chote papa.
Shivika glares at him and then hides her face in Rudra’s chest being highly annoyed by them.
Om: Buddy, not fair.
Rudra: Not fair lambe Baal wale prani (creature) you have made my jaan-e-maan upset.
Om: Ary I am trying to make up.
Swayam trying out his luck: You aren’t angry on me Shivu. Right?

Shivika coming out of embrace glares Swayam indicating that she is equally angry and then again hides herself in Rudra’s chest who kisses her head. If he genuinely was superman for someone, someone who considered him his idol, the only person was Shivika, the Shivika whom he knew four years back he highly doubted that she would be same. But few things never change and that included their bond too. Nobody ever knew why Shivika admired him so much. It has always been a conundrum for all.

Om and Swayam hold their ears: Sorry Shivu.
Shivika looks up to Rudra who nods in forgive them.
Shivika turns towards the duo and asks them to remove their hands from their ears and then smirks evilly, making the duo scared.
Shivika: Sing and dance. Entertain us.
All chuckle while OmYa give the most scared look as they knew what’s coming next. And here goes the devil.
Shivika: Omi pa, will dance and Swa pa will sing.
All burst out laughing, Swayam dancing and Om singing is imaginable but vice versa is a disaster. Shivika winks at Saumya who returns back the wink ? with her most chirpiest smile.
Swayam: Are you sure.
Shivika: Ya, Omi pa will dance on your beats only.
All giggle and mentally want to award Shivika for such a brilliant idea. Both OmYa share a scared look.
Shiviaansh Charing for the duo hoots: Come on you both can do it.
Ariana: Yes go for it Chu, I know there is nothing you can’t do.
Swayam gulps in: Baby it’s singing.
Ariana: So what come on. Go for it.
Shivika: Don’t kill time guys get started.
OmYa nod.

Swayam starts singing in his anti-melodious tone no, not in tone actually but as if he has been asked to read an essay and he is reading in crying tone:
Pehle kabhi hua karti thi
Dil se meri dosti
Pehle kabhi raha karta tha
Ye dil mere paas hi

Shiviaansh to Om: Come on Omi pa, dance.
Om nods and making faces starts throwing his hands in air, making Shiviaansh pat his head and others try to control their laughter.

Swayam continues in same way while Om does all the weird steps:
Phir hua isey jaane kya
Mujh ko hui na khabar

Swayam gets lost remembering someone as the lyrics reminds him of someone and his crying tone turns into chirpy and he sings rather then reading but his voice being all non melodious:
Mera sab kuch le gaya
Mujh se bacha ke nazar
Kehne ko hai mera par meri sunta nahi

(Being in trances he hits his chest with his hands making the elders look at him with raised eyebrows. While in front of Swayam’s eyes is a beautiful girl whose long hair are moving in rhythm to wind and her body is dancing in pleasure.)

Kahin ye tere dil se to chup chup ke milta nahi
Nahin toh mere seene se ye dil nikalta nahi

Shivika covering her ears shouts: Stop it! Stop it! You too Omi pa. It wasn’t a punishment for you two but a torture to us.
As she says that all burst out laughing.
Both Swayam and Om compose themselves.

Shivaay sings in teasing manner looking at Swayam: Kahin ye tere dil se to chup chup ke milta nahi
Nahin toh mere seene se ye dil nikalta nahi.
Uhm… Uhm… Uhm… (he clears his throat and looks at Swayam whose eyes are all wide.)
Kahin ye tere dil se to chup chup ke milta nahi. Kiske dil se?
(With whose heart does your heart meets, secretly?)
Swayam while trying to gather words: Umm…. Kis kis…. Kisi ke nahi….
(Umm… No… No…. No one.)
Om rounds his arm on Swayam’s neck and repeats: No one.
Swayam moving away: You are over stressing yourself O. Chill.
Rudra: Swayam… Why are you lying what about the girl you were thinking about right now.
Swayam: Shut up! Rudy no girl and all. Kill this topic man!
Shivaay: Really, brother.
Swayam gulps in looking at Shivaay’s: Bhai, believe me please.
Shivaay nods but doesn’t buys his lie.
Swayam’s mind thought: Kya fayda uss mohbaat ka zikr karne ka jo kabhi Puri nahi ho sakti, bhai. Kaisa insaan hun mai, usi ladki se pyaar kar baitha jis se mera bhai karta hai. Shit man!
(What’s the fun of telling you about that story which can never be completed, bro. What sort of person am I, who fell in love with the girl, who is my own brothers love. Shit man!)

Shivaay turns to Anika and forwards his hand for her, Anika looks at him shocked and nods in no, but he forcefully takes her hand.
Shivaay: Come on Anika.
Anika: No Shivaay.
Shiviaansh: Come on mumma go na.
Anika: Ary, no.
All: Please…
Anika smiles and then she gets up and Shivaay sings for her.

Shivaay while swinging Anika lightly:
Pehle kabhi hua karti thi
Dil se meri dosti
Pehle kabhi raha karta tha
Ye dil mere paas hi
Phir hua isey jaane kya
Mujh ko hui na khabar
Mera sab kuch le gaya
Mujh se bacha ke nazar

(Anika blushes listening to the lyrics and covers her eyes but Shivaay removes her hands and winks at her.)

Kehne ko hai mera par meri sunta nahi
Kahin ye tere dil se to chup chup ke milta nahi
Nahin toh mere seene se ye dil nikalta nahi

Shivika holds Rudra and Saumya’s hand and make them hold each others hand and Rudra pulls Saumya on the floor and continues to sing while Shivaay and Anika keep dancing:

Kuch iss tarah milta hai jaise ajnabi
Aur meri iss halat pe khata taras bhi nahi
Jaane kis ke dhang me khud ko hai dhaale huey
Mere kitne hi raaz hai khud mein sambhale huey
Par iske raaz hain mere liye raaz hi

Shiviaansh pushes RiKara to dance and sing, Swayam looks on being a bit shocked but composes himself. Ariana forwards her hand to Swayam who signals in questioning look.
Ariana: Dance please.
Swayam’s happily agrees while Shiv and Shivu sit and watch the couples along with Sahil.

Om sings swinging Gauri around, Shivaay joins him while back hugging Anika and Rudra pulls Saumya near to him and dances with her:
Kahin ye tere dil se to chup chup ke milta nahi
Nahin toh mere seene se ye dil nikalta nahi
Kahin ye tere dil se to chup chup ke milta nahi
Nahin toh mere seene se ye dil nikalta nahi

Shivika and Shiviaansh clap for all of them as they end dancing.
Sahil: Hmmm…… Kya yaar mai hi yahan akela bacha hun.
Anika: Toh tujhe kisne roka hai, dhundh la koi.
Sahil: Kya di. Ye sab kaam nahi hote mujhse.
Ariana cupping her face: Kya mamu, ye toh basic hai aap na Ru pa se regular classes Lena shuru karo, ye na ho ki hume Puri Zindagi mami hi na milain.
(What mamu, this is basic. You should take tution from Ru pa. Otherwise it may happen that we do not get a mami for our entire life.)
Sahil: Oye! Kya haan. Ye ma…. Mamai…. Tujhe kun itni jaldi hai.
(Why are you in so much hurry?)
Ariana cutely: Aap ke upaar bhi toh koi brigadier hona chahiye.
(There should be someone to control you too.)
All chuckle looking at Sahil’s shocked expression.
Sahil: Jiju ye top ko kahan se laye ho.
(Jiju where did you get this clever girl form.)
Shivaay kissing Ariana: What wrong did she say? After OmRuYa it’s your turn only. Three of them have chosen girls for themselves only you are lagging behind.
Swayam and Om nod first and then together shout: What? When did I get committed.
Shivaay makes grumpy face and says: As if I can’t see. Hmm….
Swayam: Bhai…. I am serious I am not in any relationship.
Om: Me too, man. You know that, right?
Ariana giggles: Liar… Liar… Pants on fire.
Shivaay laughs out and shares a hi-fi with Aru.
Om: Aru!!!
Swayam: Aru stop it.
Anika: Stop all of you. Stop irritating my devars.
Rudra: Bhabhi, nobody cares for me only at least I like a girl. Get me married if I will wait for these two then I will remain unmarried for next 40 years. One is commitment phobic and other is devdas. Inn dono ke beech mai main kun phasun.
Saumya hits him as the rest chuckle over his overdramatic melodrama.
Shivika rounds her hand around Rudra and places other hand on her waist: RU pa, don’t worry tomorrow I will talk to dadi ma and make her agree to get you married with Su ma.
Saumya blushes hearing ‘Su ma’. While Rudra pecks her being overly excited.
Anika: Vo toh thik hai par, Saumya tum sure ho na ki tumhe iss duffer se shaadi karni hai.
(That’s alright but Saumya are you sure that you want to get married to this duffer.)

Saumya looks into Rudra’s eyes which were waiting for her reply impatiently. She knew why Rudra had asked for marriage in this way as he had promised her that the day his Bhabhi will be fine and Shiv & Shivu will be back home that means the day when his family will be completed he will get her home making her his wife. She knew how much Rudra had loved her and his support throughout all her ups and downs was the best gift for her. She simply nods looking into his eyes while he is staring at her passionately drowning in their love.

AniRi hug Saumya for her agreement while the brothers hug Rudra and congratulate him.

Shiviaansh was sleeping besides Om, he wakes up and gets up rubbing his eyes. He looks around and smiles seeing Om sleeping. Shiviaansh sits on Om’s stomach and smiles sheepishly. Slowly he pulls Om’s hair, Om touches his heads and rub over their and again sleeps back, Shiviaansh nods in disappointment and then plucks a hair from his beard, Om again rubs his beard irking Shiviaansh for his failed attempts. Shiviaansh pats his shoulder but Om shrugs it away. An annoyed Shiviaansh was about to leave but Om pulls Shiviaansh back and chuckles at him, while he glares back at hits Om on chest with his small fist.
Shiviaansh: Urgh…. You were pranking me.
Om chuckles and kisses Shiviaansh’s face: Good morning.
Shiviaansh smiles brightly: Good morning pa.
Om: I missed you so much.
Shiviaansh lying straight on Om’s chest: Me too.
Om smiles.
Om: Buddy….
Shiviaansh looks up at him signalling to continue, but in return Om winks at him and both share a hi-fi.

Three of the kids enter and smile mischievously seeing their parents sleeping peacefully. They get on the bed and taking thin wires with them starts to irritate their parents by inserting the wire in their ears to give them ticklish feeling. Both Shivaay and Anika ignore it and the kids chuckle. They get up and get paints and sketch pens. They start painting their parents face on finding continuous irritation and coolness on his face Shivaay opens his eyes and Shivika smiles widely showing her cheeky smile to him, he too smiles back without understanding her crazy motive. He rubs his eyes spreading the red and blue paint making it complete black. The kids have tough time controlling their laughter. Shivaay feels something wrong and turns towards Anika and shouts seeing her.

Shivaay: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….

Anika wakes up with a jerk, she looks at
Shivaay and shouts: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….

Both turn to the mirror and together shout: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

Kids burst out laughing seeing their beautiful parents. Shivaay and Anika understand their prank and glare the kids who are actually rolling on the floor. Both see each other and exchange smirks. Shivaay and Anika walk to their kids with most innocent faces the trio look at each other and start running around the room.
Shivaay: Ary…. Kahan chale.
(Ary….. Where are you running?)
Saying that he holds Ariana tightly by her waist.
Ariana with puppy face: Papa…. Mai apki sabse pyaari beti hun na.
(Papa….. I am your most innocent daughter. Right?)

On other side Anika holds Shiviaansh.
Anika: Shivaay, I got him.
Shivika giggles looking at her siblings condition.
Shiviaansh: Hold her two.
Shivaay catches her: Where will you go miss. Don’t you think your pranks are increasing too much.
Shivika laughs out loudly hearing him complain while the other two are looking at their sister as if she has lost it completely but Shivaay and Anika smile hearing her care free melodious laughter which came like an ailment to their burning souls.

Anika feign strictness: Bohaat hassi aa rahi hai tujhe.
(You are laughing a lot.)
Shivika nods while laughing even more. Anika taking blue colour smears it on Shivika who looks on being shocked at her mother.
Anika: Now laugh sweetheart.
The rest chuckle looking at Shivika’s condition, who squeezes another bottle at her mother who moves but in that process paint ends up on Shiviaansh who frowns.
Ariana pleads to Shivaay: Papa leave me please…. Leave me otherwise next is my turn.
Shivaay leaves Shivika instead and taking paint in his hand applies it on Ariana’s face showing his tongue to her in teasing manner.
Ariana: Papa….
Shivaay chuckles at her irritating cribbing voice.
Shiviaansh takes a box of paint and empties it on Shivika’s head painting her completely red.
Shivika looks on with wide eyes and mouth.
Shiviaansh laughing at her: This is your true face Shivu…. You are actually a ghost. ?.
Shivika angrily holds Shiviaansh and tips his face in another big paint cane. Painting his brown.
Shivika: Hows this little monster?
Anika and Shivaay cup their mouths and Ariana face palms herself.
Shiviaansh empties yellow paint on her and add some white over it. Shivika takes orange paint and pours it on Shiviaansh finally adding some violet to it.
Shivika: Hows this dear brother?
Shiviaansh pours blue paint on her: Just like this.
Before Shivika pours another paint on Shiviaansh, Shivaay pulls her away: I never knew my kids are junglee.
Shiviaansh: She started.
Shivika: Oh really idiot. You started.
Shiviaansh: You…
Shivika: You…
Shiviaansh: You.
Shivika: You.
Shivaay innocently: I think Anika and me were your first prey.
Both the kids look at their innocent father and burst out laughing.
Shiviaansh hugs Shivaay from waist, while Shivaay cares his hair.
Shiviaansh: Btw it was your brothers idea to wake you two up in a dhinchak way.
Anika: OmRuYa…. These three I won’t spare them today.
The kids chuckle.
Shivaay: Ary…. Jhansi ki Rani leave them.
Ariana: Ya mumma leave them and come here.
Anika bends to Aru’s level and raises her eyebrow in questioning manner.
Ariana kisses her: Merry Christmas.
Anika smiles and hugs her: Merry Christmas, Aru.
Shivika and Shiviaansh: Merry Christmas.
Anika and Shivaay: Merry Christmas.
Anika: Okay. Now lot of masti has been done, you all get changed otherwise this paint won’t remove easily.
Shivaay teasingly: Ya do that fast, in this avatar you look even more dangerous Anika.
Anika raising her eyebrows: I look dangerous to you.
Shivaay: Of course.
Anika: Oh really Shivaay. You know you are thankless. You should thank God for giving you world’s most beautiful wife.
Shivaay chuckles: Beautiful and you. Hahaha….
Anika: You are challenging me.
Shivaay: Fine I challenge you.
Ariana: What papa, you both are fighting on such silly matter.
Shiviaansh: It’s not silly.
Shivika: You mean mom isn’t beautiful.
Shiviaansh in his defence: I wasn’t saying about mumma, she is the most beautiful one but I am saying about you. You look like a ghost.
Shivika: Fine. I will show you how beautiful I am.
Shiviaansh: Think once again. You will loose.
Shivika angrily: Challenge accepted.
Shiviaansh: Fine.
Both the boys move in one direction and girls in opposite direction.

All have assembled in hall and are chit chatting.
Meera: Where is Asya?
Shiviaansh: Di, she is Shivika.
Meera bites her tongue: Sorry. Spoke that by mistake. But where is she.
Shiviaansh: It’s alright. And she is mad. She will come soon.

Gauri to Shivaay: Bhaiya, Bhabhi seemed to be angry in the morning during arti, did you fight with her.
Shivaay makes faces on being caught: No… No… Nothing like that.
Swayam: Bhai don’t lie.
Shivaay: Fine. I just said that she isn’t beautiful and she took it as a challenge.
Rudra: Now toh Bhabhi will come after two hours.
Shivaay: Seems like.
Both Gauri and Saumya were boiling hearing the boys.
Saumya: How can you say that bhai?
Shiviaansh casually: What’s the big deal, even I said that to Shivika.
Gauri: Are you mad Shiviaansh. A girl can’t bear if somebody says that she isn’t beautiful.
Rudra mischievously: Why? Why can’t they hear truth.
Saumya: So you think that I am not beautiful.
Rudra still being oblivion of upcoming storm says in order to irritate Saumya: That’s true.
Gauri with pierced eyes to Om: You too think the same.
He makes puppy face as he is confused that how come he was a part of this conversation. This irks both the girls and they storm stamping their feet towards Shivaay & Anika’s room.

After few minutes, Anika, Shivika, Ariana come down wearing similar navy blue fairy one piece, with similar sandals. Anika’s hair were tied in a messy bun with her hair flicks coming out, Shivika had set her hair in a messy braid while Ariana two had the similar hair style, three of the girls were joined by Gauri and Saumya. Gauri was wearing navy blue gown with her hair straight and half tied up, she stood besides Anika and the duo hold each other’s hand, while Saumya holds Ariana’s hand. Saumya wore a navy blue gown and her hair were perfectly set in a bun. All of them slayed their outfits.

As soon as boys turned to look at the three eternal beauties their breath hitched. They looked on being completely stunned actually they were blown off by the magical beauties.
The ladies smirk at their respective men.

Manav sarcastically: You were saying something Shiviaansh?
Shiviaansh gulps in: Umm…. No…. Not really.
He blinks his eyes over and over again only to confirm what he is looking at.
Ruhaan (the boy whom Shivaay gave his jacket, who is differently abled): Beautiful. They look beautiful.
He said fidgeting with the same jacket given by Shivaay all smile looking at him. Since the time Shivaay had given him the jacket he isn’t ready to leave although he isn’t wearing that but he holds it in his hand.

AniRiYa coe and stand in front of their respective partners and smirk at them making the men gulp.
Anika: Excuse me.
Saying that she walks away followed by the girls giving her royal ignore to THE SSO. Shivaay’s jaw touches the ground seeing her tantrums.

Shivika to Shiviaansh: You were saying something Mr.
Shiviaansh: Uhh….
Shivika: Whatevere.
Saying that she walks past him shocking him, while Ariana giggles at all the men and her brother and follows the girl gang.
Shiviaansh to Shivaay: Phail Gaya raita.
Shivaay: Phail hi Gaya hai beta.
Janvi while giggling at the men: If you all are done staring your respective partners then shall we make a move.
All nod and leave.

Ghaar is an official venture of Oberoi’s started by ShivOmRu for Anika, as a gift to her on her first birthday after Shivaay and Anika’s wedding. ShivOmRu had promised Anika to not let any other orphan suffer the way she did. She was highly overwhelmed by their gesture. Presently the place is handled by Anika’s dear sister Ishaana who took over it with two reasons, the most prominent being her guilt and other was she wanted to take over so that it doesn’t gets neglected in Anika’s absence. Ghar is in near proximity to Oberoi Estates, ten minute distance by walk, even then Ishaana had never entered Oberoi Estates for previous 4 years, not even for once.

ShivOmRu enter Ghar first asking the rest to wait for a while.

A lean, fair girl in her early thirties, wearing a simple plain white with her long black tresses flowing freely with the air current had knelt down in front of a three years old kid who was nudging her over food, she was pleading the child to eat while child being hell adamant had sworn not to let a morsel touch his taste buds. ShivOmRu smiled seeing her efforts. Three of them walk to her and Shivaay picks up the child in his arms and it’s then when Ishaana notices them, she stands up and smiles looking at their not so usually glowing faces. The glow that had vanished years back had appeared with double the intensity.
Ishaana: Good morning guys.
ShivOmRu with great zeal: Good morning beautiful. Merry Christmas.
Ishaana with slight yet genuine smile: Merry Christmas.
Shivaay to the kid: Mr. Abhay why are you not listening to my sister. Hmm…
Abhay: Ganda…
ShivOmRu laugh at his pronunciation.
Ishaana being completely done with the food battle complaints: Look na bhai, he is so adamant.
Shivaay to Abhay: Come on man, stop irritating your di, she is making you eat so sweetly, eat na.
Om: Let it be Shivaay, I don’t think he is in mood to eat. He will come to Ishu once he is hungry. Right?
He asks Abhay playing with his hands and Abhay smilingly nods.
Ishaana giving in: Fine. Go and play then.
Shivaay drops him down and he runs to his friends.
Ishaana: Aye bhaiya, I have made all the arrangements for the day.
Shivaay stops her: Wait Ishu, for today we have something for you.
Ishaana: No bhaiya I don’t need anything please.
Rudra: Ary Ishu di dekh toh lo ek baar, fir pasand nahi aya toh hum gift vapis ke jayenga.
(At least see the gift once, if you didn’t like it we will take it back.)
Ishaana: That’s not needed….
Before she completes Om covers her eyes with a cloth and takes her to the main garden where nobody is present.

Ishaana: What are you guys upto?
Shivaay: Wait Ishu you will come to know.
Rudra: Ok di at the count of 3 open your blindfold. 3…. 2…. 1…. Now.

Ishu opens her blindfold only to get the shock of her life. A lady in her mid thirties stood wearing a beautiful navy blue dress with her hair tied in a bun and diamond earring adorning her ears, her arms crossed across her chest as she looks on with her brightest smile. Ishaana’s eyes tear up on seeing the lady, she covers her mouth in astonishment, while a teary eyed Anika smiles at her sister.

Anika: Ishaana….
Ishaana runs and hugs Anika tightly while she cries in hysterics: Di….
Anika cares Ishu’s hair: Shhh….. Bas shant ho ja.
(Shhh…. Calm down dear.)

Rudra in his usual cute self: Ary, Ishu di aap toh sirf Bhabhi se milkar itna ro rahe ho agr aap un dono se miloge toh baad aa jayegi.
(Ishu di, you are crying on seeing Bhabhi, if you meet those two then definitely flood will come.)
Ishu coming out of the hug: Who two?
Rudra points at Shivika and Shiviaansh who stood write beside him, both cutely wave at Ishaana and she gets confused and looks at Anika who nods while smiling giving Ishaana the biggest shock of her life.

Ishaana in a feeble hardly audible tone: Shivika…. Shiviaansh….

The twin duo nod. Ishaana goes and takes the duo in a bone crushing hug and both smile.

IshKara the evil friends..I hope so that now all of you are satisfied as I have tried my best to add all the tracks so asked for.

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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