MANZIL… The unknown destination…shot 1

Hi ? buddies, MANZIL… The unknown destination… Is my another short story venture. It’s going to be really short maybe four to five shots only. I was really pissed of with my regular study schedule and owing to a bit of ill health I decided to pen down a short story. This is supposed to be a mash up of drama, suspense, thriller and comedy. It has nothing to do with the ongoing IB track but a way different and is a complete story in itself, just the characters are same, accept few additional and definitely, Saumya in place of Bhavya, personally I have not fantasised much of Bhavya’s character, which hasn’t really been pulled off in a good way.
Let’s start.

Hopefully! You guys will like it.
Don’t forget to drop your views.

MANZIL… The unknown destination…



In the mid winter, when the road side was covered in snow and white sheets formed over the house. The dark night turned even darker as moon found solace behind the thundering clouds. Few houses across the lane had dim lighting owing to the fire being burnt in the living rooms while the rest seemed deserted. In the sheer silence of the night two little whispering sounds could be herd.

“It’s really cold and I am dying of hunger.” Came the mere whisper.
“I understand, but I don’t think we have a way out.” Replied the other in same volume and guilt not going unnoticed from that voice.
“It’s ok I think we should take shelter in shed of that house.” Said the first voice in assurance, pointing at a house in visible distance whose patio is lit by an old tungsten bulb that flickers more often.

“We would be, trespassing.” Said the second voice showing significant displeasure to the suggestion so forwarded.

“Then we will end up dying in this cold.” Reprimanded the first being annoyed.
“Fine, we may do that for the night. But we got to wake up early and evacuate the place before the owner is up.” The little one finally gave up the idea of a hot argument in the cold night but with sternness’ by the end.
“Done.” The little girl to gives her word.
Both silently took their shed at the patio being at comfort.

The beach wrapped Mumbai seemed to be in less effect of the cold weather, the moon was brighter then ever in complete contrast to the huge bungalow that stood deserted on the shore. A little trace of light, here and there, occasionally, lit the corridors of the mansion that showcased dullness.

In the deep dark corner of the bungalow was door left ajar peeping into it, you witness a heart-bleeding view. Where a lady laid motionless, her skin so pale that it shone in the moonlight, her hands so tired – they wrinkled up in her middle age, her dark black silky hair laid open beneath her heavy head, every inch of her face spoke volumes about her, ethereal beauty. Undoubtedly, even after lying on her death bed for more then 3 years 11 months this lady didn’t lose even an ounce of her beauty, neither the paleness could get her rid – of her divinity. The long wires that were attached to her body made her a bunch of mess but still she looked, beautiful. The only source of noise in the room were the machines that were attached via the wires to her.

Still, laid a head touching her fingers, a man sat with his head their clutching on to the wrist of the lady. Afraid – if he let’s the wrist loose, the lady may vanish in a flick. His black hair set into a mess, while his forehead curled into a frown. Something, disturbed him, maybe, the reality that’s worse, then the nightmares. His white features twitching into annoyance, head moving in despair. He wakes up with a jolt, pressing his hands around his tight face he looks at his position and soon realises, the anxiety was just another nightmare and he had fallen asleep reading story to, his beloved wife. Stretching his eyes out of sleep he looked at the book that lied on the bed “ISHQ: EK IMTHIAAN…”, read the words in bold dark.

He gets up from the bed and fidgets through his phone for a while and placing it back in his pocket walks into the washroom. Opening the tap he washes his face with more then excess amount of water and looks upto his reflection. Anger, irritation, glee, attitude, smile, frown… Nothing, nothing, could make a way upto his face. Emotionless and mechanical – he had turned over the years. The walls he had built, around himself fortified his feelings and heart. No one, no one, can break those walls now. Sweetness, kindness, love, affection, nothing could melt him. Rock, you may call him now.

Back at Srinagar the dark night had melted into azure morning, sun unexpectedly, shone over the horizon. The long lost hustle and bustle became even more enigmatic with passing time.

TIME… That’s what is about to change.
WAIT… That’s about to end.
LIFE… That’s about to be joyous.

Hailed the surroundings as the winds changed their directions.

In-between all this in a small red house’s patio laid comfortably two little kids cuddling into each other despite the irritation that sun rays usually provided in the morning, today they made theses two relax and in the warmth it so provided they slept peacefully.
But not for long, a lady in late 50’s with protruding belly, round moon-like face, wearing huge spectacles that presently relaxed on her sharp pointed nose looked at the two kids, anger making her cheeks red.

Lady, shouted in her shrill loud voice, “Wake up you, two!”
The loud cranky voice of her made boy wake up with a jolt followed by the girl who was pulled along. Her loud shout made a girl run half way through the kitchen that was quite evident from her hands as they were dipped in flour, the girl seemed to be in early 20’s, her curly long tresses laid flawlessly on her back a strand coming on her face as the breeze blew, her almond shaped hazel eyes were filled with shock and worry at the same time, the effect it owed to the lady’s shout.

“What happened? Massi!” The girl questioned in her honey voice but soon understood the matter on seeing the two kids. What shocked her beyond measures was the fact that the two kids weren’t even a bit scared but brushing the thought away she escorted her burning aunt inside, promising to look after the matter in person. After leaving her aunt in so that she could slouch on the sofa comfortably the girl made her way back to the patio.

“Who are you two? Where are you’re parents? What brings you here?” She questioned the duo both out of worry and curiosity, playing their role equally.
“If you halt for a bit only then we can explain.” Said the boy whose hair shone to golden brown in the morning sunlight.

“Fine. Speak, if-you-please!” She said feeling a bit offended but then bringing up an inch of arrogance.
“We lost our track.” Said the girl to which the boy glared her, with his chocolaty brown eyes. But to let not loose the track, girl quickly pressed his hand in affirmation.
The girl who was probably older to the duo scanned them with piercing eyes, but then decides to buy what they said and continued in a bit of sympathetic tone “Where do you, belong too?” She counter questioned to increase her knowledge.

“Mumbai” the girl said in haste, but continued “Our family lives, there and most probably they would be on their way back by now. Somehow if you could leave us there.” She completed with a tight smile, while the boy looked on being significantly disappointed by the little girl.

“Aren’t you done with them yet.” Came the hoarse voice of the girls massi, from inside.

“Look you two, go in their,” she said pointing to the outhouse, “And wait for me I will take you both in a while, with an hour or two I am leaving for Mumbai too. Fortunately, our destination is same but till then you both need to hide in the outhouse at right time I shall turn up to take you, two with me. Now go; fast!” With that the young lady disappeared in the house while the two kids stormed to hide in the outhouse.

The sun shines over the horizon in much of it’s usual way with it’s golden rays dancing over the blue ocean water. The beach seemed to have had a turn over, over the night as it got crowded with tourist and vendors, while the local elites walked their way through, the huge bungalow stood the same way facing the beach as deserted as it was the night before yet a sound of a person or two could be heard.

The wooden name plate carved out of oak read the words in big gold “THE OBEROI EMPIRES”. Legacy – spoken volumes. Moving in the Oberoi family sat at the dinning table discussing a word or two.
“This house has lost it’s charm, just like my billu’s life. I am scared, the time has never turned so ominous.” In a shrill, week voice the lady presented her worry to her family. In her old age she seemed to have had too much of sorrow for the life time. Still she sat their her hair neatly tied in a braid, wearing a light peach suite and a few light ornaments.
Another lady siting opposite to her in light brown half saree, with her eyes highlighted with khol, face dull yet glowing in richness. She empathetically rubbed the old ladies hand and spoke in comforting tone, “Don’t worry mummy ji, the time seems to take a leap all over. It will change and things will change for good; this time.”

“Kaise? How Janvi, haven’t you seen billu, since the day Anika has gone in coma he has forgotten himself, his very – own self. No anger, no arrogance. He has become completely mechanical. I am worried for him.” Every person on the table could reckon the changed behaviour the eldest son of their family, had shown after his wife, Anika slipped into coma. But all were helpless as the other.
“You are right mummy ji, my son has become a walking robot. That incident has not only left a scar in his life but a void too.” Said the lady sitting on the other side, her face overflowing with restlessness. She wore a shinny purple Punjabi suite but not even a bit of shine reached her face.

“You are right choti ma. Shivaay has stopped living his life only.” Said the boy who sat upright in his chair his long hair shone in sunlight unlike his face that was as pale as his brother had the previous night.
“He doesn’t even smiles when I crack a joke.” Cribbed the youngest Oberoi brother, who had a well built body. He too seemed to be as dull as his other two brothers, with the course of time, he had lost all his interest- in all that which once he not only rejoiced but couldn’t even imagine to live without. Time changes everyone; though…

“Good morning.” Chirped a voice from the staircase. Hearing her melodious voice all turned their gloomy faces into a sweet forced smile, ironic… Isn’t it. But that the magic. The only spell she knew and none else. The three years old girl walked her way to the dinning table and wished everyone in person and all returned the favour with a kiss and hug.

“So are you ready.” Asked her grandfather who sat on one of the seats.
“Seems like, grandpa.” She replied with all her innocence poured in, while the long haired guy, Omkara, adjusted the girl on her seat adjacent to him.
“Where’s, Shivaay?” Asked Tej Sigh Oberoi in his naturally scary voice.
“Papa, is coming.” She said in a little scared tone. While Om smiling rubbed her back to make her feel relaxed, which genuinely worked.

Within a while a not so very tall man in his blue and white three piece formals appeared from the staircase and sat besides, Omkara, his face same like the previous night; EXPRESSIONLESS! Hands worked on robotically on his meal, while all his eyes focused on was his cell phone shuffling down for the meeting schedule, not really! But trying to escape any sort of unpleasant look or comment over his changed behaviour.

“Shivaay, why don’t you come along to meet Gauri today, she is coming back.” Said Om trying to sound cheerful but somehow he failed miserably.
“WOW, Rapunzel is coming.” Chirped the little girl in her over excitement.
“Sorry, Om I won’t be able to make up for that.” Said Shivaay in his never so mechanical way.
Before, Om could accept his words, Rudra spoke, “You promised Gauri di that you will catch up with her as soon as possible and there is no better day then today. Please bhaiya today evening we will pick you up.”

“I wouldn’t have said a no if somebody had asked me.” Said the little girl portraying her annoyance with a cute pout.
“Who can stop you.” Said Om bending down to her with a smile, to which she clapped in happiness.
“But I have an evening lesson with Mrs. Braganza, unfortunately. So inform Rapunzel that I will meet her on coming Sunday. Better invite her home.”

“As you say, my Lord.” Om bowed in anticipation to hear the angelic giggling of his niece, the only free spirited human left in the house, now!
“But I have a meeting to catch up. So pass a sorry from my side to Gauri.” Said Shivaay being determined of his decision.
“You can at least give her a visit, dad.” Reprimanded the little girl, twirling her brown curls away.
“You better get on with your breakfast without another word, Ariana.” Shivaay spoke plainly showing no preferable emotion. While, Ariana being disappointed took back to her breakfast now with same gloomy face as the rest on the table shared. This act by Shivaay, clearly annoyed everyone else too, in the room.

Face – off….

Any guesses!!!!

Who are the two kids???

Whose the girl, who offered to help the kids???

What’s with ShivIka and their past???


How’s the story???

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

Hope so you guys remember me still ? ?…

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