MANZIL… The unknown destination…shot 2 “CONNECTION”

Hi ? buddies, this is Shivika back with the second part of “MANZIL… The unknown destination…” “DESTINY…”
So RiKara is the final couple.
Coming to the characters.
Sahay= Vishal Bansal
Asya= Ruhanika Dhawan
Ariana= Kaitlyn Maher


MANZIL… The unknown destination…


Boyfriend ki isse koi Kadar nahi,
Pehli date pe kahe, okay… Bye…
Cutie pie…
Cutie pie…

“Chup karo, besuron ki rani” yells a boy coming down the stairs being totally irked.


The girl shouts even louder ignoring the ranting from the boy or in order to vex him.
Boy: Urgh…. Shut up! Mom, ask her to stop this nonsense. She is irritating me.
Girl: Mom, ask him to shut up! I am singing.

Boy making faces: Singing??? Your voice is more like noise.
Lady: Ary tum dono na chup ho jao. Bas jab dekho tab pure ghaar ko sir par utha kar rakhte ho.
(Keep quite both of you. All the time you just need a reason to create hassle.)
Dadi: Rehne de na Anika, bacche hain inhi ki wajha se toh ghaar me ronak hai.
(Let it be Anika they are kids, because of them only the house seems to be lively.)
Girl: Correct aams. Love you.
Dadi smiles at her while pulling her cheeks.

Pinky: Haan Anika tun na inn dono ko kuch maat kaha kar agar mera pota-poti hi ghaar me shor nahi machaenga toh kya hum machenga.
(Right Anika, you should not scold these kids if they won’t make noise then I will do that.)
Shakti entering from door with other men: Vaise konsa tum chup rehti ho.
(When do you stay silent.)
All laugh at the remark.
Kids: Papa, Omi Papa, Rudy papa, bade dadu, dadu.

They shout in excitement on seeing them and run in frolic towards them.
Shivaay: Araam se.
(Be careful.)

But before that only the little lovely girl was in his embrace hugging him tightly and he was reciprocating to it with double the enthusiasm. While the boy hugged Om and Om kissed him on his cheeks. Girls turquoise eyes glitter seeing all of them back home. Her eyes were same like her father’s “kanji”, while the boy had inherited coffee brown eyes from his mother.

Rudra: Ary bhai! Koi hume bhi bhao de do, hum bhi aaye hain inke saath.
(Somebody, also give me a little attention. I have also come along with them.)
ShivKara chuckled while the two kiddos hopped on Rudra.
Girl: Rudy papa, you know na you are our favourite and we love you more then these two. You don’t feel alone, please…
She says making puppy face to which Rudra gives her a tight peck on cheeks.
Rudra: I love you jaan-e-maan.
Girl: I love you more Ru pa.
Boy comments on his sister: Nautanki.
Girl glares him.
Rudra: Hye buddy! Not a word to my angel.
Girls swings her hair in the air in victory, while her brother smiles inwardly seeing her happiness.
A girl enters the hall with water, her face enlightened with smile and she looking no less then an epitome of beauty. The girl is none other than Ishaana.
Ishaana: Papa, Chote papa, Bade Bhaiya, Rudra, Omkara ji how are you all?
She asks forwarding each one with a glass of water.
Shivaay: Badiya. (great.)
Anika: Aap sab jakar change kar lijiye aur Ishu tum khana lagwa do.
(You all freshen up till then, Ishu you set the dinning table.)
Ishu: Ji Bhabhi.
(Okay bhabhi.)
Girl: Papa I will come with you.
She entangles her hand with Shivaay’s and accompanies him to room.

From room Shivaay shouts: Anika mera kurta kahan hai.
(Anika, where is my shirt.)

In hall, Anika pats her head: Inka kuch nahi ho sakta. Ayi mai Shivaay.
(He won’t change. I am coming Shivaay!)
Rest of the ladies chuckle.

The girl is jumping on bed while Shivaay is removing his shoes.
Girl: Papa… Papa… You know today in school I had lot of fun.
Shivaay: Accha ji, what did you do?
Girl: Maximum day was free. Three teacher were absent and which substituent makes the kids study.
Shivaay smiles, while the little bundle of joy laughs detailing her anecdotes.

Anika handing over kurta/shirt to Shivaay: Ye li jiye.
(Take this.)
Shivaay holding Anika’s hand: Thank you.
She smiles back.
Girl: Mumma…
Anika: Hmmm….
Girl: Mumma…
Anika: Hmmm….
Girl cries loudly: Mumma…..
Anika being irritated: Kya hai?
(What’s the matter?)
Girl with a pout: Aap meri taraf dekh hi nahi rahe ho.
(You aren’t looking at me.)
Anika dropping Shivaay’s bag on the table turns to her daughter: Ab bolo meri ma kya hai.
(Now speak up.)
Girl forwards her arms towards Anika and Anika nodding in disbelief walks to the bed and picks her up.
Anika: Hmmm…. Say.
Girl: Talk to papa about the trip, please….
Anika sighs hearing her: You know, he won’t permit. He can’t stay away from two of you.
Girl with a sad puppy face: Please na…
Anika: I will try.
Anika is rewarded with a peck in return.
Boy enters the room: Are you sure about that.
Shivaay comes back to room after changing: Sure about, what?
Trio exchange a look.
Anika: Shivaay, vo….
Shivaay: Kaho Anika.
(Say it.)
Anika after inhaling a breath: Shivaay, let them go to the trip.
Shivaay looks up sternly: Aren’t we done with that topic, guys.
Girl cribs: Papa please.
Shivaay: No, not at all. I had said that before only.
Boy: Buddy, please…. It’s matter of just three days and we both will always be together.
Shivaay looks at the pleading trio: No.
He says firmly.
Shivaay continues: And that’s final I won’t hear another word over it.
The kiddos hang their head sadly and leaving their parents in room walk out to the dinning table.
Anika: Please Shivaay.
Shivaay: Anika stop being their lawyer. You are saying to me as if you would be happy seeing them go.
Anika: Of course not, Shivaay. But I would be even more upsetting to see their sad faces.
Shivaay looks at her and rubs his temples: You only say that we should not keep saying yes for everything to them.
Anika: I say for only those demands which shouldn’t be fulfilled and they both are enough mature to handle small things so stop being so strict.
Saying that she marches past him being totally annoyed, while Shivaay sits pulling up a puppy face being totally helpless and then goes down.

At the dinning table everybody sat silently, Shivaay knew that the silence was meant only for him. After all, whenever he tries being strict the two kiddos form an Anti-Shivaay party taking entire family in their support. This rule and inequality according to him; is only applied on him because when anybody else says no they either melt the person’s heart or agree. But in his case only he was the victim and even the defence lawyer and with 200% surety that decision would be against him like always.
He cleared his throat and forwarded his hand to take a chappati but the little boy pulls the plate away.

Shivaay: Buddy!

Boy looks at him with a frown and piercing look but says nothing, at all.
Shivaay was about to take bowl of dal but Rudra pulls it away.
Shivaay: Fine. What’s the problem now?
Ishu giggles: As if you don’t know bhaiya.
Shivaay being irritated: Fine, start with your court session vakil sahiba (Miss. Lawyer).
Ishu: Okay.
My lord (she says addressing dadi) iss zalim baap ne apne do Chote Chote, pyaare pyaare bachoon ka dil tod diya, vo bhi sirf iss liye kunki vo unhe trip nahi Jane dena chahte.
(My lord! (she says addressing dadi) This ruthless father has broken heart of his two innocent kids. Just for a pity reason and the reason is that they both want to go on a trip.)
Shivaay: Oh come on Ishu, you are exaggerating the matter uselessly.
Dadi: Order, order.
Shivaay: Dadi!!!
Dadi: Mr. Oberoi you are in the court not in your house.
Shivaay looks around and sees everyone super serious and nods in disbelief.
Shivaay: My Lord! I object.
Ishu: Why? What wrong did I ask?
Dadi: Objection overruled.
Shivaay: Oh God! What’s all this? My Lord the prosecution has no proof against me.
Ishu: I have proof. If you permit My Lord, I would like to call my first witness Mrs. Anika Singh Oberoi in the witness box.
Dadi: Permission granted.
Anika comes in front all the while giggling at the funny court session.
Ishu: So Bhabhi tell us, what is your relation with Mr. Oberoi.
Anika: He is my husband.
Ishu: And these kids.
Anika: They are our children.
Ishu: Now tell us Bhabhi, what you know about this case.
Anika: You are absolutely right this tadibaaz bagaad billa is really rude to my innocent kids.
She says making faces at Shivaay who looks on in disbelief.

Shivaay: My Lord….
Ishu cuts him: I am not done with my witness Mr. Oberoi, so please do not interrupt.
Shivaay sits back being dissapointed.
Ishu: My Lord! This is statement of the rest 14 members including Khanna ji, Mishra ji, driver uncle and a few other employs who were present at the crime scene.
Shivaay: What the wuck? Do these idiots work for me or my kids.
Girl: Apko Jo bhi kehna hai katghare me jakar kaheya.
(Whatever you want to say please that by standing in the witness box.)
Shivaay: Fine all of you have become on one side and left me alone. Perfect.

He pretends being hurt and turns away melodramatically, the only thing he has skilfully learnt from his wife and daughter is – how to do drama. 100/100 as the plan worked. Both the kids looked at him feeling guilty they quickly back hug him.
Boy: Papa don’t say that. We won’t go anywhere if you don’t want us to go.
Girl: Yes papa, but please don’t feel bad. Nobody is against you we all are with you.
Shivaay: So you both won’t go.
Both nod.

Shivaay smiles looking their worried and sad faces but after sometime agrees too: Fine go wherever you want to.
Both look at him confused.
Shivaay: I loose you two win. But I don’t want to see you both sad.
Girl: We aren’t sad papa. We won’t go upsetting you.
Shivaay hugs the duo and smiles at their cuteness.
Shivaay: Ary I am not saying under compulsion, I actually permit two of you.
Kids: Saachi.

Shivaay nods both hug him excitedly and peck his cheeks, followed by OmRu who join the hug.
They all soon start their dinner, while the girl sits in Rudra’s lap and boy in Om’s and the O Bro’s feed the kids.
Dadi: So as soon as they come back we will begin with IshKara’s wedding preparations also.
All nod smilingly while IshKara share an eye lock.

A few days later ShivOmRu leave to drop the kids for their trip. Both the kids were waving at the trio, when the girl slips.

Shivaay: Aaaaa…..

He wakes up and sees around only to find Ariana sleeping besides him. He stokes her hair lightly and kisses on her forehead as a drop of tear threatens to tickle down his eyes. He lays besides Ariana and creasing her face hugs her tightly. Shivaay thanks God for keeping Ariana safe and with him and drifts to not so peaceful sleep.


As usual the dinning table was enveloped in silence as per Shivaay’s liking. Nobody use to speak as the topic they would start won’t be preferred by Shivaay and he will get annoyed in a way so all generally stay on silent mode.

Gauri enters with the kids and in her chirpy voice enlightens the mood of all: Good morning, everyone.
Dadi: Ary, Gauri kaisi hai tun. (How r u?)
Gauri hugs dadi and takes her blessings telling about her own well being and also asking about dadi’s. She takes blessings from everyone present there and introduces the kids. Both the kids touch elders feet and take blessings, delighting everyone with their manners and making Gauri shocked too.

Dadi: So you two are Asya and Sahay. I heard your story yesterday and believe me it was amazing.
Both pass a small smile to her.
Pinky: Chalo tum Saab bhi Khanna kha lo.
(Come on you people also join us.)
Asya sits between Ariana and Shivaay, while Sahay sits next to Ariana followed by Gauri.
Ariana: Hi Didi, Hi Bhaiya.
Asya and Sahay smile broadly on being addressed in such a way for the very first time.
Asya & Sahay: Hi!!!
They look on with a questioning look.

Ariana: Ariana.
Asya: Nice meeting you Ariana.
Ariana: Same here.
Asya takes a bottle of sauce while talking to Ariana without noticing the name but Sahay does, and snatches the bottle.
Sahay: Asya!!! At least look what you are picking up.
He shouts at her in concern while she gives a confused look but then sees the label on the sauce and realises her mistake and reason for Sahay’s anger.
Asya: Sorry Sahay, actually I didn’t notice.

Sahay keeps the bottle away being annoyed.
Dadi: What happened?
Asya: Nothing ma’am actually I am allergic to tabasco sauce, that’s all. Sorry for inconvenience.
Dadi: Ary, ma’am… Sorry… What’s all that call me par dadi or anything you want.
Asya scratching her hair: Par dadi????
Gauri: Umm…. Grandpa’s mother or father’s grandmother is known as par dadi.
Asya nods: In that case may I call you aams.

For a while the entire clan stops with their respective works and give their undivided attention to Asya recalling her words, dadi nods being emotional. All resume their food with a tornado-of-doubts in their mind and heart but Shivaay keeps staring; Asya. Who on feeling his gaze turns to him, her blue eyes looked deeper then ever before. By some chance in anger yesterday Shivaay had failed to notice those deep textured kanji eyes of her but today they have made him spellbound. He keeps staring at her being unable to take his eyes off, Asya didn’t feel any discomfort but something in the bluish turquoise orbs of Shivaay too had casted a spell on her and she couldn’t take off her eyes from his.

Ariana distracts the duo: Asya di even papa and I are also allergic to tabasco sauce.
Asya questioningly: Papa???
Ariana shows her Shivaay and spells: Papa.
Asya looks at Shivaay and says: Papa.

The entire world halted for Shivaay, his heart had never pumped this fast ever before in his life, a hard striking past had come over him and he looked at, Asya; hopefully.

Asya: You are Ariana’s papa.
Shivaay nods without saying a word.

Asya gets back to her plate her mind filled with questions and awkwardness while heart- never felt better before.

Shivaay occasionally turns his eyes to Asya and Sahay and his eyes this time notice Sahay’s eyes which stopped at his for a while, Shivaay smiled looking at his eye – so familiar. Sahay shakes his head in questioning manner while Shivaay nods in no and just passes a smiles.

Asya was about to say something to Ariana when she shushed her.
Asya whispered: What happened?
Ariana whispers back: Papa doesn’t likes much noise while eating.
Asya makes faces and turns to Shivaay and pats on his arm, while Ariana tries stopping her but fails and shifts a little towards Sahay and holds his hand, Sahay who had heard their conversation but didn’t will to speak, understands Ariana’s fear and holds her hand protectively in his.

Shivaay: What?
Asya: Apki problem kya hai.
(What’s your problem?)

Shivaay looks on being confused with her words.
Asya: I mean, ek no. ke angry young man ho aap, par bacchon ko kon darata hai aur vo bhi, apni hi beti ko.
Shivaay looks at Ariana who passes a tight smile and nods in no.
Shivaay: What are you exactly talking about?
Asya: Kal humse lad rahe the, vo toh thik hai par ye konsa rule hai bhai ki koi dinning table par baat nahi kar sakta.
Om intervenes: Actually, Asya, Shivaay doesn’t prefers talking on table.
Asya: Haad hai na vaise, ek insaan ke liye baaki saab chup rahe. Kun bhai ye kya Shensha-e-alaam hain kya.

(It’s limit, why should everyone else stay quite because of one single person. Is he a ruler or what?)
Sahay and Shivaay in unison: Shensha, what?
Asya patting her head: King of world! Cut it, point is apko bolne me problem hai toh maat boliye aur agaar batain sun ne me dikaat hai then use ear plugs, man! Why should everybody stay quite because of you. (she bangs her hand on the table) aaj fainsla ho kar rahe Ga.
Rudra: Kaise.
Asya: Mera tareeka se.

(In my way.)
Shivaay looks at her in ‘oh really’ way, to which she nods and gives a look stating ‘any doubts’.
Asya: Aapko mera sawaloon ka jawaab dena hoga and believe me, aap hi iss rule ko toden ge.
(You will have to answer few of my questions and trust me you will only change this rule.)
Shivaay turning in his seat towards Asya, placing one hand on table and other on his chair in full tadi speaks: You think, you can make Shivaay Singh Oberoi loose, then let me tell you I never loose.
Asya sits in same way as Shivaay and in equal tadi speaks: You won’t be able to speak this after few minutes, reason being you have never faced Asya before.

With that she flicks her hair back. All look at the duo enjoying to their fullest with trances of shock.

Shivaay: In your dreams, baby.
Asya: I will make you loose in reality, baby.

Shivaay raises his eyebrows while Rudra whistles for the new valiant princess.

Asya: Ready.
Shivaay: Everready.
Rudra comments: Battery ho kya.

(Are you battery.)
Shivaay glares him while Asya smirks.
Asya: No worries he will soon be declared one. So price would be, if I win I can make you do any three things and same goes for you.
Shivaay: Fine! I am in.
Sahay: All the best Mr. Oberoi.
Shivaay: Thank you, Mr. Sahay.
Sahay nods in anticipation.
Asya: So let’s start.

Q1.) Where are we sitting?
Shivaay: Are you kidding me.
Asya: That’s not the answer I believe.
Shivaay: In Oberoi Empires.
Asya: Good.
Q2.) Where is Oberoi Empire located?
Shivaay pressing his temples: Mumbai.

Asya: Q3.) Where’s Mumbai located?
Shivaay breaths in, dramatically: India.
Asya: Good.
Q4.) What does Indian constitution states?
Shivaay: What makes you ask me this question.
Asya being dramatically shocked: Oh! You don’t know the answer. Try remembering, maybe, you would have learnt it in 1st or 2nd.

Shivaay: It states that we are sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic, government is by the people, for the people and of the people and have liberty to thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; equality of status and…
Asya cuts him: That’s enough. Now Last question, How do we elect our government?
Shivaay proudly as if he had cleared CA: By elections. And that’s the right answer, so you loose and I win.
Asya smirks: I said questions end not the discussion and as per your right answers only…. you loose.

All look on confused accept for Sahay.
Ariana: How Didi?
Asya: Simple, as per him only we all are Indian citizens and we all have right to speech and nobody can devoid us of that. So you can’t stop us from speaking hence, we have all the rights to speak even at the dinning table. If still you have problem, then in reference with your answers only, we can conduct elections. I mean majority always wins. So why not. (turning to rest) Okay, all of you who wish to speak at the dinning table raise your hands.

All look on shocked at Asya and definitely the audacity she bore, her audacity was a complex thing to both Sahay and she, herself.

Firstly, dadi raises her hand, followed by TejVi, Pinky and Shakti.

Shivaay stares warningly at OmRu and Ariana, but Asya counter stares them with double the anger and OmRu raise their hands.

Asya: Meri Bareilly ki chiraiya.
She says looking at Gauri who to raises her hand.
Finally, all look at Ariana who looks at everyone and then at Shivaay who pretends to stare at her and she nods in no.
Asya: Why?
Ariana: Papa will be alone.

Somewhere, her words pinch Shivaay and he looks on guilt stricken.

Asya boosts her: Hye! Don’t worry. I am with you just chill.
Ariana stubbornly nods in no.
Asya sighs: Anyways even if you do not vote we have a clear-cut majority here.
She turns towards Shivaay with a smirk much like the one plastered on his face.
Asya: So in that case you loose Mr. Oberoi and I win. It’s a crystal clear victory. Now you all may put your hands down.
All obediently do that.
Shivaay: You all again formed Anti-Shivaay party.

As soon as words leave his mouth he realises what he had said and so do the rest. He gets up from the table and starts to leave. Asya notices everyone’s dull expression unable to interpret; what happened just in split seconds but decides to not let anybody be hurt because of her.

Asya: I didn’t know, that you are such a big looser that you leave the battle field.
All look on shocked and scared of Shivaay’s anger as she had plugged the wrong string.
Shivaay looks back at her: I am not running.
Asya: If that’s so. Why are you leaving your breakfast mid way?
Shivaay gets back to his seat and makes an excuse: I was just expecting a call.
Asya: Leaving food mid way, is bad manners. Didn’t you know that. They are basic manners.
Shivaay: Talking while eating, is also wrong. Basic manners!
He remarks back with a smirk.
Asya coughs: Umm… I don’t think so.
Shivaay: Maybe you didn’t read the Basic Manners book completely.

Asya glares him angrily and her hands moving in anger and because of that the ketchup on her plate spills on her only. Shivaay bursts out laughing seeing her face smeared with ketchup and so does Sahay. But the rest look on shocked, it was like after ages, Shivaay had laughed. Asya gets angry seeing the duo laugh and taking two glasses of water throws at both, one at a time. Both look on shocked at her, while she passes a smirk.

Sahay gritting his teeth: Asya, run for your life.

Asya knew what happens when Sahay is angry so she runs in order to save herself. After taking circle of entire living room she comes back and hides behind Shivaay, who glares her and she curses her destiny.

Shivaay: Sahay, she is here.
Asya in anger: Kaisa admi ho ek choti si pyari si bacchi ko phasate ho. Sharam nahi aati apko.
In the mean time Sahay comes there and Asya from under the table goes to the other side defending herself using Rudra.
Sahay: Get out of there Asya, because if I catch you, it won’t be really nice.
Asya: Do I look like a fool to you.
Sahay picks up the ketchup and squeeze it towards Asya who bends down and ketchup lands on Rudra’s face and Om’s hair.
Sahay: Shit!!! Sorry uncle.

Rudra stands up in anger: First, ketchup and then uncle.
Asya instigates him: He is such a fool, he is calling uncle to such a young boy. Show him what you are capable off.

Rudra in anger holds the bowl of salad in front of him and throws it towards Sahay who bends at the nick of time and the salad lands on Shivaay’s face.
Shivaay gets up and looks at Rudra, who is squeezing his face murmuring ‘bhaiya’. All look on scared with Shivaay’s anger but he takes the juice and throws it to Rudra but as Sahay stood up at the end moment the direction of juice shifted from Rudra to Tej.
Tej gets up cleaning his face: Shivaay.
He roars in anger.

Shivaay gulping: Sorry bade papa… Vo…
Tej takes the pickle kept in front of him and aims it at Shivaay but due to poor aiming it lands on Shakti and Pinky.
Shakti in disbelief: Bhai saab.
Pinky: O my Mata, Jeth ji.
Tej laughing seeing the duo: Sorry, but you look really nimoda nimoda.
Rudra: Nimoda??? What’s that papa?
Tej: Nimbu ka acchar tha na.

None else laughs, accept him.
Tej: Sorry, bad joke.
Janvi: Worst I would have ever heard.
Pinky: Not fair jeth ji.
Tej: Sorry Pinky, it happened because of Shivaay.

Shivaay in his defence: Not me, it was Rudy.
Rudra: Bhaiya, what did I do?
Pinky spots an onion on the table and aims it at Rudra who is pulled by Asya and the onion lands on Om’s head styling his already saucy hair.
Gauri: Hahaha…. Hahaha…. Hahaha….
She takes a peal of onion and eats it and all burst out laughing.
Om: Bohaat hassi aa rahi hai.

Gauri nods in agreement.
Om pours entire rice on her, Gauri looks on horror struck by his act. Gauri takes bowl of dal and pours it on Om but he directs it in opposite direction towards Shivaay who bends seeing that and dal gets poured on Ariana.
Ariana: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…………
All get worried and rush to her.

Shivaay cupping Ariana’s face: Aru…. What happened?
Rudra: Bhaiya maybe spices went into her eyes.
Shivaay nods: Aru… Baccha see here open your eyes.
Ariana nods in no being in pain.
Shivaay: Om give me water.
Om passes the water. Shivaay takes the jar and was about to pour it on Ariana but she diverts it towards Shivaay making him totally wet and bursts out laughing, followed by the rest.
Shivaay: What the wuck?




Everybody splashes water on Shivaay.
Shivaay: Stop it guys. Stop it.
Dadi: Now stop all this and go and get changed.
All nod and walk to get changed after playing breakfast holi.

Dadi: Asya, Sahay why aren’t you both going?

Gauri: Oh, no! Actually they don’t have clothes.
Om: Why? Didn’t they bring it along.
Gauri becomes alert after spilling the words: No actually they don’t have clothes, here.
Shivaay: It’s okay I will ask Khanna to get some dresses for them, till then Asya you can share room with Ariana and Sahay you can come along with me.
They nod and walk to their respective rooms.

Shivaay goes and gets changed first and when he comes out he sees Sahay struggling to clean his hair. Shivaay walks to him and takes the towel from his hands.
Sahay: It’s okay, I will do it.
Shivaay: No problem, I can do it for you.
He starts cleaning Sahay’s hair.
Shivaay: It won’t come out like this, come with me.

Shivaay takes Sahay to bathroom and makes him sit near the sink and carefully cleans his hair with water. Sahay mischievously splashes water at Shivaay.
Shivaay: No Sahay, please beta I have changed right now only.
Sahay sit in thinking position.
Shivaay: Hye buddy! What are you thinking now?
Sahay: To agree to you or not.

Shivaay pleadingly: Please…
Sahay: Fine, I won’t splash more water on you, already I have wasted more then required water on you in these two days.
Shivaay chuckles: We are done buddy.
Sahay looks at the mirror and styles his hair properly.
Sahay: Now we are done. Let’s go.
Shivaay: Clean your face and then come.
Sahay nods while Shivaay leaves.

Khanna: Sir, may I come.
Shivaay nods.
Khanna: Sir I have brought what you asked for.
Shivaay: Hmm… Then give.
Khanna: But sir…

Shivaay: What Khanna?
Khanna: Sir, this won’t fit you. It’s too small.
Shivaay: What are you talking about, Khanna?
Khanna showing a shirt and pant: This sir.
Shivaay rubs his forehead: Khanna, who told you that I will wear this.
Khanna: But sir accept you who will wear this.
Shivaay: Khanna, are you mad. Do you think that I will wear kids clothes.
Khanna: Then why did you ask me to get them sir.
Sahay coming out of bathroom: They are for me.
Khanna: Sir, who is he?

Shivaay being irritated: Khanna, have you employed me to answer all your questions. (Khanna nods in no) Then stop asking so many question. Do what you have been asked to and leave.
Khanna nods and gives the outfit to Sahay and leaves.
Shivaay: Iss Khanna ka kuch nahi ho sakta.
Sahay comments: Apki tarhan.
Shivaay passes ‘oh really’ glare while Sahay makes an escape to bathroom again.

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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  4. where is anika

  5. Awesome update

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear.. But Anika missing is creating a mystery

  7. OMG OMG.. laughter riot .. i must say you are an awesome writer .. will be waiting for the next.. pls post ASAP..

  8. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

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