MANZIL.. The unknown destination.. SHOT 13…NIGHT OUT

MANZIL… The unknown destination….


SHOT 13…

Shivaay was sitting in library working on his laptop when Rudra knocks the door.
Shivaay looking at the door: Rudy…
He signs him to enter.
Shivaay: What happened Rudy?
Rudra places his tab in front of Shivaay: Look at this bhaiya.
Shivaay looks at the tab: NO MORE MISSING.
What’s this Rudy?
Rudra while scrolling down the screen: Bhaiya this facebook page for all the kids who are missing. People put pictures of kids they find in inappropriate conditions and from here many parents often trace down their children.
Shivaay nods understanding his point.
Rudra continues: Bhaiya we have already informed police but still I feel with help of social media we can get in touch with parents and family sooner. What’s say?
Shivaay: Hmm…. You are right Rudra. Ishu has pics of all the kids. You ask her and with some information put on the page or rather you make one more page to in attachment with GHAR.
Rudra: Okay bhaiya.
Shivaay smiles and ruffles Rudra’s hair while Rudra gives him confused look.
Rudra: What happened bhaiya?
Shivaay nods in nothing and smile. Rudra finds it awkward but just smiles back and leaves wishing Shivaay good night. Within a weeks time all the kids have started studying in GHAR and are taking the needed education. During this period they have bonded well and always stay at GHAR only. The Oberoi’s made sure that none of them should be uncomfortable and everyone must get the necessary care required. While Om has formed a great bond with Amal and Ruhaan as both got a great bend towards art. As Amal could not use his hands so Om helped him learn painting with feet. He stated one of epitome of art world Christy Brown.

@DAY 1….
Amal was sitting being disappointed in an isolated room, he was looking at the paints and chart papers kept in front of him as the previous period was of art and now all have gone as the day ended but he was all gloomy being unable to draw. That was the time when Om was checking over GHAR, he found Amal sitting forlorn, so he walks in.
Om placing hand over Amal’s shoulder says gently: What happened beta?
Amal looks up at him and nods in no, he gets up to go but Om understands his condition seeing the paints and art work of other kids, he smiles and holding Amal’s shoulder stops him.
Om: Wait Amal.
Amal stops and looks at Om, who smilingly picks up an art book and paints.
Om: Come with me.
Taking Amal he walks to the open garden.
Om: You know Amal, nature is the best inspiration for art. Come sit.
Amal: But…. I can’t paint.
Om smiles: Who said you can’t?
Amal: Om bhaiya, I don’t have hands.
Om nods: Who said you need hands to paint.
Amal looks on being confused while Om makes him sit and places a cardboard in front of him with the art paper attached.
Om: You know Amal. There has been a man named Christy Brown he was an Irish writer and painter who suffered from cerebral palsy and was able to write from only one toe of his feet.
Amal looks at him being more confused.
Om removing Amal’s shoes: Amal he never painted using his hands but he painted with his feet and I must say his paintings were aesthetic.
Amal: But what’s that to do with me.
Om smiles and pats his forehead: Buddhu, even you can paint as painting comes from heart, from with in no matter how you put it on the canvas. What’s on canvas it’s for others to see but before anybody sees a painting it’s drawn in the heart and mind of painter.
Om places a brush in between Amal’s toes and carefully makes him dip the brush in the paint and helps him paint the paper.
Amal smiles as his eyes tear up.
Om wiping his tears: What happened Amal?
Amal hits his body on Om’s chest and cries, while Om creases his hair lovingly.
Amal in between his sobs: Thank you….
Om gets Amal out of the hug and wipes his tears: Amal… Believe in yourself man, the only place where you can’t achieve your dreams is here (he says pointing at Amal’s head). You can do anything you want. And about not being able to do few things then we have a very short life let’s focus on what we can do rather then what we can’t.
Amal nods with a smile.
Om: Promise me from now on you won’t cry over anything and we will try everything together.
Amal nods.

{INFORMATION ABOUT CHRISTY BROWN: do check his paintings guys. He is author of many books one of them is his autobiography named “MY LEFT FOOT”.}

Shivaay smiles remembering the blissful event as he rests his eyes on the arm chair. How many beautiful memories they all have made together. How sweet and innocent these kids are. They have become part of each others life. He often wonders who will they see them off if by chance their parents come and claim them. They have become a family and GHAR is his life. He smiles and closing his laptop goes to his room.

Anika is making all the three kids sleep but neither of them is ready to even close their eyes. Shivaay smiles seeing the condition of room as well as Anika. He really missed all the stupidity and mess his kids and his wife use to create. These four years have changed many things in their life something’s for good while other for bad but in total let’s believe ‘all is well, that ends well’.
Shivaay: What’s going on guys?
Anika: Shivaay dekhiye na, inn tennon ne dukhi kar diya hai, sone ka toh naam hi nahi le rahe hain.
(Shivaay, look these three are troubling me they aren’t ready to sleep.)
Shivaay looks at his kids feign anger and they make cute innocent face and he chuckles seeing their antics: What’s the matter? Why aren’t you three sleeping?
Shivika: Maan nahi hai.
(Not willing too.)
Shivaay: And why so.
Shiviaansh: Obviously, buddy because neend nahi aa rahi.
Rudra entering the room with a sleepy OmYa: Hume bhi.
Anika pats her head: Iss ghaar me teen nahi saat bacchon ko sambhalna padta hai mujhe. Mai toh wait kar rahi hun in teenon ki shaadi ho jaldi se.
Swayam: Bhabhi, Om and I were sleeping only this Dumbo woke us up and got us here.
Shivika: RU pa, even I am not feeling sleepy.
Rudra: Let’s do something rocking then.
OmYa: NNOO….
Shiviaansh and Ariana: Please….
Both sigh and fall on bed as they both were in deep sleep.
Saumya enters the room with Ishaana and Gauri: What’s up guys?
Rudra excitedly: Even you aren’t feeling sleepy Sumo.
Saumya nods.
All: Aww…
Ishaana: Guys why not rock the night.
Swayam: Yaar can’t you people sleep.
Shivika being irritated: Chu!!! Can’t you wake up. Such a sleepy head.
Swayam: Girl, we aren’t free like you I have lots of work to do.
Shivika: Chu…. You can never be more busy then me.
Swayam: Oh! Really. What do you do entire day.
Shivika: What??? You are asking what I do. You should ask what I don’t do.
Swayam nods casually as he is feeling sleepy.
Shivika: I get up in morning….. Then I brush my teeth, then I take bath after that I eat breakfast and then I go to school, I study over there on my return back home I play and then again study…. Oops I forgot in between that I have my lunch too after that dinner at night. Ek bacche ki Zindagi asaan hai. Kya! Mazak samajh ke rakha hai.
Swayam looks her with wide open eyes as she explains her schedule as if she is the most busiest person in the world.
Swayam: Really.
Shivika: Obvio…. And what do you do get up go to office, eat, sleep and repeat. I mean seriously.
All laugh listening to her short schedule explanation of Swayam’s day as if he doesn’t even works.
Swayam: What the hell!!!
Shivika: Neend aayi hai ab.
Swayam realises that in his shouting and talking his sleep said him bye bye, he makes puppy face as Om slaps him playfully and laughs at his condition.
Shivika looks at him sheepishly with her raised eyebrows.
Swayam to Shivaay: Bhaiya…. Ye ladki….
Shivika cuts him: Bohaat achi hai… Bohaat talented hai…. Bohaat samajhdaar hai… Bohaat beautiful…. Bas bas itni tareef mat karo Chu. I know that. Chill….
All look at her with open mouths while Rudra hugs her and swings her but ShivKara slap his head.
Shivaay: You have made her also like you.
Rudra proudly raises his collar.
Gauri: But now what?
Shivika and Ariana together shout: ICE CREAM….
Shivaay: Girls, it’s 12.
Anika: Please Shivaay…. Late night ice cream is so much fun.
Shivaay: Are you mad Anika, this late you all want to drive and go to have ice cream.
Shiviaansh: DRIVE??? No buddy…. No drive. Walk and go.
Shivaay: No way.
Ishaana: Please jijs….
Shivaay: No way.
Gauri: Bade bhaiya…. Please na….
Saumya also accompanies trying to plead Shivaay who forthrightly rejects their propsal.
Anika: Shivaay aap chalenga ya nahi.
Shivaay: No.
Anika: Fine then. Hum sab apke bina jayenga.
Shivaay: Oh really.
Anika: Any doubts.
Shivaay nods in no: Let’s see how you go.
Anika: Don’t challenge me. I can do anything.
Ariana: Urgh…. Billu billi…. Quite. No fighting.
Shivaay: And no means no.
Om: Shivaay kya kar raha hai chal na yaar.
Anika: Ary kaise Om inke pair toh pholon ke bane hue hain road par ghis-wis gaye toh.
All chuckle hearing her sarcastic remarks while Shivaay makes faces.
Ishaana, Gauri and Saumya: PLEASE BADE BHAIYA/JIJS…..
Shivaay: No.
Ishaana: Jijs aap apni saali ko mana karoge.
Shivaay emphasizes and corrects Ishu with a smirk: Nahi devrani ji.
Shivika and Ariana make puppy faces and blinking their eyes try convincing Shivaay: Papa….
Shiviaansh giggles and whispers: Clean bold.
Om and Shiviaansh share a hi-fi as Shivaay finally agrees.

For thirty long minutes all kept walking but didn’t find any ice cream parlour open, Shivaay was continuously giving teasing looks to all of them irritating them. He nudged Anika as she was the one getting most angry over him.

Shivaay starts singing sardonically:

paune bara baje
dono ghar se chale
what’s going on?
what’s going on?

soye hain raaste
yeh kaha ham chale
what’s going on?
what’s going on?

Anika being highly irked sings in response to his song:
bulaya kisine tumhein kya
yaha jo tum lehrake aaye
kare ham jo chahe tumhein kya
jo aaye hamko samjhane
ham toh chale
pitche tum ho pade

All together sing seeing their song fight while exchanging confused look:
what’s going on?
what’s going on?

Om sings questioningly:
paune bara baje
dono ghar se chale

Rudra winking at Shivaay and Anika teasingly asks:
what’s going on?

All teasingly:
what’s going on?

Shivaay trying to stop them:
hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

Rudra in order to irritate Saumya pulls her hair and she glares him and stamping her feet moves forward, Rudra making an oops face follows her while she ignores him royally.

Rudra sings while turning around and seeing Saumya with a bright smile enlightening his face:

chalo chodo nakhre dikhana
duniya ka na koi thikana

Saumya hitting him on shoulder continues:
kaha seekha baatein yeh banana banana
duniya se hamko yu bachana bachana

Swayam in response to Saumya sings in order to irritate girls:
ladki ho tum dekh na patchtaaogi
bandhi hui laut ke phir aaogi

Ishaana irritatingly pulls him away and all the girls move towards one side and start walking separately, as Ishu sings:
seekha hamne jaakar phir na wapas aana
ham toh chale
pitche tum ho pade

Three of the kids face palm themselves and looking at the divided teams sing being confused:
what’s going on?
what’s going on?

Om pats Shivika and Ariana’s shoulder and showing his watch sings, while both make nervous face as having late night ice cream was their idea:
paune bara baje
dono ghar se chale
what’s going on?
what’s going on?
(Both the girls make puppy face and show as if they want ice cream making everyone smile.)

Gauri continues giving a reply to Om:
chalo hamein itna batao batao
parwaah tumhein kyon yeh sunaioo sunaao

All the boys moving back sing as if they do not care a bit:
parwaah kise hain jaao jaao ha jaao
reh lo akeli jo reh paao reh paao

Girls sing as if emotionally blackmailing the boys:
rehna pade toh chalo reh jaayenge
thodi kami yeh chalo seh jaayenge

Boys reply them while placing their hands on each others shoulder:
toh fir jao rehlo sehlo phir batlaao

Girls being angry and irritated sing pointing at the boys:
ham toh chale
pitche tum ho pade

Kids seeing the world war of words sit on the road and face palming sing hopelessly:
what’s going on?
what’s going on?

Seeing the kids Boys move towards them and to convince the girls as they knew they have irritated the girls more but the girls being stubborn sing angrily and being totally annoyed as they see boys coming towards them:
bulaya kisine tumhein kya yaha jo tum lehrake aaye
kare ham jo chahe tumhein kya jo aaye hamko samjhane
ham toh chale
pitche tum ho pade

Kids nod their head in disbelief and continue with their ranting:
what’s going on?
what’s going on?

Boys pointing at watch show each other:
paune bara baje
dono ghar se chale
what’s going on?
what’s going on?

soye hain raaste yeh kaha ham chale
what’s going on?
what’s going on?

paune bara baje dono ghar se chale
what’s going on?
what’s going on?

Shivika and Ariana shout: ICE CREAM…
All see towards a stall of ice cream and sigh in relief and sprint towards it ordering their flavours.
Shivaay: Guys now let’s go back you all can continue eating on our way back.
All nod.
Ariana: Papa why aren’t you eating ice cream.
Shivaay: Not in mood Aru.
Shivika: Papa…
Shivaay looks at her and she signals him to bend and he does, she forwards her ice cream but he politely nods in no.
Shivika making puppy face: Please one bite papa.
Shivaay: Shivu I don’t need it Baccha.
Shivika: Please…
Shivaay sighs and opens his mouth as Shivika makes him eat from her cone.
All smile seeing the duo.
Ariana: Papa not fair.
Shivaay: Now what happened?
Ariana emotionally blackmailing him: You only love di, that’s why you took a bite from her and not me.
Shivaay looks at her with wide eyes as she makes puppy face and forwards her chocolate ice cream cone towards his mouth and he eats being dumbstruck of her antics and she winks him and then hugs Shivika slyly smiling at him.
Shiviaansh inserts a spoon full of ice cream in open mouth of Shivaay who moves back as reflex and looks at his son, who chuckles seeing Shivaay’s reaction.
Shivaay: Ho Gaya tum teenon ka.
Three of them nod and he stands up.
Rudy back hugs Shivaay: Bhaiya…. You don’t love me at all.
Shivaay: Now what happened to you.
Rudra: You didn’t take a bite from me.
All start laughing seeing Shivaay’s ‘fas gaya’ expression.
Shivaay: Iss se better hota ki mai apne liye ice cream le hi leta.
Anika: Toh apko roka kis ne tha Mr. Bhau khau Singh Oberoi.
Rudra cribs: Bhaiya…
Shivaay opens his mouth and making a cry baby face takes a bite.
OmYa sheepishly: Shivaay/ bhaiya…
Anika too accompanies them: Shivaay…
Shivaay: Guys please now I don’t want any ice cream.
All chuckle.
Anika: Waise bhi mujhe meri ice cream bohaat pyaari hai.
Shivaay: Accha ji….
Anika nods sheepishly.
Swayam: Bhabhi aise maat kaho khama kha bhaiya iss bichari ice cream se jal rahe hain.
All laugh seeing Shivaay’s expression.
Shiviaansh after finishing his ice cream wraps his hands around Shivaay’s legs.
Shivaay: What happened buddy?
Shiviaansh: Neend…
Shivaay takes him in his arms and Shiviaansh sleeps placing his head on Shivaay’s shoulder. All start talking on random topics while walking back home. At front both Shivika and Ariana were taking, giggling and jumping behind them all the elders were walking.

All ladies were sitting in hall with Saumya’s mother (Devika) and the kids.
Dadi: Anika…
Anika: Ji dadi.
Dadi: Mangani ki saari tayariyaan ho gayi hain.
(All preparations for engagement have been made?)
Anika: Ji dadi sab ho Gaya hai. Aap bas ek baar dekh lo.
(Yes dadi all the preparations have been made you just check them once.)
Dadi: Chal sab se pehle mujhe meri bahun ke jode dikha.
Anika: Jo hukum Akka.
(As you say.)
Dadi chuckles hearing her words.
Anika is about to go and bring the dresses when Ariana comes in front holding scale in hand.
Ariana acting like an officer while hitting scale on her hand lightly: Mumma…. Where are you going?
Anika nods in disbelief: Kahin nahi officer sahiba.
Aarti: Ji ma’am.
Anika: Aarti tum please ja kar mere room se sabhi dresses nicha la do.
Aarti: Sure ma’am
Anika to Ariana: Happy now.
Ariana: Back to your seat.
Anika feign a salute: Yes ma’am.
Janvi: Ye Shivaay ne tumhare liye ache bodyguard appoint kiye hain.
Anika: Kya badi ma aap bhi. Shivaay ne toh in sab ko mere piche laga rakha hai aur mai ek bhi kaam nahi kar paati. Sara din bas baithe raho aise thodi kaam khatam honge.
Shiviaansh: Mumma, stop complaining.
Shivika: Grow up girl.
Anika rolls her eyes in disbelief while rest chuckle.
Pinky: My grandchildren are saying right Anika you should rest only.
Anika: Aur sabhi tayariyaan.
OmRuYa: Hum hain na.
Anika: Lo dulhe apni shaadi mai aab khud thodi kaam karenga.
(Will the grooms work in their own marriage.)
Rudra: Oh ho Bhabhi, don’t take so much tension. Just chillax…
Aarti comes down taking all the dresses and places them on the table.
Dadi: Lo dekh lo aapni aapni biwion ke jode baad me maat kehna agr tumhe pasand nahi aye toh.
All chuckle seeing the grooms.
Swayam: Dadi aab Jo aap doge vo toh apki bahun ko pehna na hi padega aakhir ladke waale Jo dhere aap.
Anika: Bhai me toh dono side se hun. Ladki waali bhi aur ladke waloon ki taraf se bhi.
Om: Nahi Bhabhi aap toh sirf humari side se ho. After all aap humari Bhabhi ho.
Rudra: Aur nahi toh kya aab humari Bhabhi paraya dhaan ho gayi toh hum kahan jayenga.
All hit their foreheads.
Dadi: Rudra Teri sagai ho rahi hai aur jald hi shaadi bhi, tun kab sudherega.
Shiviaansh: Iss janam me toh koi umeed nahi hai.
Shivika reply’s back tauntingly: Dekho baat kon kar raha hai jise abhi tak apne laces bhi tie karna nahi ata.
Shiviaansh slaps her head and she glares back angrily all ready to slam him into a square box but stops hearing their angry mother.
Anika: Shiviaansh, Shivika no fighting. Tum dono kabhi ladne ke ilawa koi aur kaam bhi kar liya karo.
Both sit back making innocent faces while Shiviaansh gives a victorious smile and Shivika passes an irritated look and mouths “I won’t spear you”. In return Shiviaansh shows his tongue ? to her.
Dadi: Anika, ye Ishu, Gauri aur Saumya ko bula tab tak mai Sara saman unke liye tayar kar deti hun.
Anika: Dadi ye mere dewaar apni apni biwion ko bula lenga aap mujhe batao kya karna hai mai karti hun.
Shiv, Shivu and Ariana shout: MUMMA….
All shut their ears with hands.
Om: Bhabhi aap ko koi kaam karna hi kun hai faltu mai ghaar mai bhukamp aa jayega.
He says looking at the kids and their antics as they are fully devoted to the task their daddy dear has given them.
Shiviaansh: Dadi ma, you tell us we will do the work.
Dadi: Acha… Toh ek kaam karo pehle ye teenon thaliyaan alag alag rakh do.
Shivika: Okay amms.
They place the big plates separately.
Dadi: Aab ek ek dress sabhi thaliyon me rakho.
Ariana: Done. Now what.
Dadi: Now place these jewellery boxes with the dresses too.
Shivika: But which one with which dress.
Janvi: You guys only select for your chachi’s.
They open all the boxes and their eyes glitter seeing the beautiful sets in the boxes.
Shivika: WOW amms these are so beautiful.
Ariana: I also want to wear them.
She says making puppy face and everyone chuckles.
Anika: Aru jab aap bhade ho jaoge na tab pehn na abhi aap iss sab ko kaise handle karoge.
Ariana: But mumma ye bohaat beautiful hain.
Janvi: Par apke samne kuch nahi hai. Aap jab bade ho jaoge na toh app iss se bhi zyada beautiful jewellery dalna.
Ariana nods happily and the kids place the sets after matching them with the dresses.
Shivika: Done….dana…. Dana….done….
Dadi: Acha aab ye Jo chudiyaan hain vo rakho in sabke saath.
Shivika: Su ma ki blue dress ke saath blue and golden bangles. Gauri ma ki green and golden bangles and Ishu ma ki bhi green and golden ye toh same same ho jayega.
She said being confused and disappointed.
Anika: Ary so what un dono ki dresses toh different hai na.
Shivika: But bangles toh same hain.
Anika: Unki dresses ke saath match kar rahi hain na.
Shivika: Fir bhi why same-same.
Anika: Ary but shade different hai.
Pinky: O My Mata, Shivu aab kya chahti hai tun.
Shivika while thinking: Kun na dress ka colour change kar Dain.
Anika: Aur itni jaldi dress kahan se ayegi.
Shivika: Vo bhi hai. Chalo koi baat nahi hum unhe mana lenga yahi dalne ke liye.
All giggle at her childish Nautanki.
Dadi: Chalo ab in thalon ko jaldi se red kapde ke saath cover kar do.
Shiviaansh: Ye toh chota sa hi kaam tha.
Anika: Hmm… Aur aapne mumma ko karne nahi diya.
Shiviaansh: Toh kya hua aapne kiya humne kiya ek hi baat hai. Point toh hai ke kaam khatam hona chahiye Jo ho Gaya.
Anika smiles and kisses his cheeks.
All the to be grooms get their to be brides.
Ishaana: Dadi aapne bulaya.
Sahil entering: Ani di maine catering wale se baat kar li hai vo time par pohanch jayega.
Anika: Thik hai fir bas ek baar bahar ke arrangements check kar lun mai.
All together: ANIKA/ DI/ BHABHI/ MUMMA.
Anika stops in her track and looks at everyone with wide eyes.
Anika: Haad hi ho gayi…. Aaj ane do Shivaay ko mai chodungi nahi unhe mujhe koi hilne bhi nahi deta.
Saumya: Bhabhi….
Anika cuts her in between: Chup karo doctor sahiba aapne bhi mujhe kam tang nahi kiya hua hai. Agr aise karoge toh mai alsi ho jaungi.
Tej, Shakti and Shivaay come from office at the very moment when Anika is complaining about everyone.
Shakti: Kya hua Anika.
Anika: Papa, aapke iss bete ne mujhe tang kar rakha hai.
Shivaay points at himself and then looks back: I have just come right now Anika.
Anika: Par apke ye bodyguard toh mere saath haar Waqt hote hain na. Ek bar khade ho jao toh pure ghaar ko sir par utha lete hain.
Shivaay gives an impressive look to his wife’s bodyguards aka his kids.
Shivaay: I am impressed Baccha party.
Kids: Thank you sir…. Pavement.
Shivaay glares them in disbelief.
Shiviaansh: Come on buddy it’s clear business.
Shivaay: Beta apne baap se paise mango ge.
Shiviaansh: Thik hai apke baap se maang lete hain. Lao dadu humara pay cheque do.
Shivaay pats his head and murmurs: Inka kuch nahi ho sakta.
Shakti: Bhai mai kuch nahi dunga meri beti ko pareshaan kar hai tum logon ne, mai kun bhala kuch dun.
Shivika: Sara khandaan hi kanjus hai. Rehne de Shiv ye log ek foti kaodi nahi denga. Muft mai kaam karate hain.
Om pats her head playfully: Nautanki.
Shivika rubbing her head: O pa, don’t take your brother’s side. You are always bias.
Dadi stops their argument: Acha acha bohaat ho Gaya tum sab ka. Pehle vo kaam kar lain Jo zaroori hai aaj shaam ko engagement hai. Shivaay, pehle tun Bata bacche kab ayenga.
Shivaay: Dadi don’t worry they will come in some time.
Anika emotionally: Unke bina toh kissi bhi function ka koi maza hi nahi ata.
All nod.
Dadi: Chalo, aab shagun ki baari.
All nod.
Dadi: Chal Anika tun aa sab se pehle.
Anika being confused: Dadi mai! Kun, shaadi toh in teenon ki hai.
She says pointing at three brides.
Dadi: Toh kya hua tun toh humare khandan ki sabse badi bahu hai iss liye sabse pehla haq tera hai.
Anika smiles and goes forward, Pinky gets a shagun thaal for her and gives it to her.
Shivika quickly removes the red velvet cloth from the edge and peeps inside only to be disappointed.
Anika: Kya hua.
Shivika: Blue!
Anika: Toh?
Shivika: Same as Su ma.
Anika chuckles and pats Shivika’s forehead lovingly: Buddhu.
Dadi: Chal Janvi ab Teri baari Gauri ko uska shagun de.
Janvi hands over Gauri her dress followed by Pinky giving shagun to Ishaana and Janvi to Saumya.
Rudra making puppy face: Not fair, where is our shagun.
Dadi: Khoteya shagun dulhan ko milta hai.
Rudra: Kun shaadi sirf inki thodi hai.
Janvi: Rudra tumhe tumhari SaaS shagun denga, hum nahi. Toh aab tum apni SaaS se hi mango.
Devika smiles looking at Janvi.
While Gauri sadly looks at Om and same goes with Ishaana as both of them do not have parents.
Devika: Aaj mai apne ek nahi charoon damadon ko shagun dungi aur apni beti aur bete ke saath milkar.
All look at her being confused while dadi, Janvi, Pinky, Anika and Sahil smile understanding her.
Devika: Sahil ja mera charoon damadon ke liye shagun lekar aa.
Sahil nods smilingly and gets well packed gifts in four different plates covered by cloth.
Devika gives the first plate to Shivaay and half cupping his face emotionally says: Mai janti hun mai na tumhari SaaS hun aur na hi ma par Shivaay, tumne haar baar mere bete hone ka farz nibhaya hai. Tumne mere bohaat madat ki hai aur Saumya ko kabhi bhi uske bhai aur mujhe mere bete ki kami mehsoos nahi karne di. Isse apni ma ka pyaar samjh kar rakh lo.
Shivaay hugs her being emotional: Thank you ma.
Devika smiles as he bends to take her blessings.
Devika along with Anika moves towards RiKara and creases Gauri’s hair: Jab tak mai hun tum meri beti ho aur mai tumhati ma. Agr tum bura na Mano toh tumhari shaadi ke sabhi rituals mai karna chahungi.
Gauri being emotional hugs her: Thank you ma.
Devika kisses her forehead and presents pleasantries to Omkara who takes her blessings and she happily wishes them best for their life.
Anika wipes Gauri’s tears: Chaar saal pehle jab tumne is ghar mai kadam rakha tha na uss din se hi tumse ek alag sa rishta jud Gaya tha. Aur pichle chaar saal mai tumne Jo sab mere liye kiya hai mai kaise kahun tum….
Gauri cuts her: Bhaujai apko kuch kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai humne Jo kiya apne parivaar ke liye kiya kisi aur ke liye nahi. Aur rahi baat bachoon ki toh ye mere liye bhi wahi maine rakhte hain Jo apke liye rakhte hain. Aur bade bhaiya unka aur mera alag account hai.
All chuckle listening to her as Anika hugs her.
Shivaay: Ary Anika kun tum meri behn ko rula rahi Ho.
Anika: Acha baba kuch nahi keh rahi mai apki behn ko. Khush ab.
Shivaay smiles side hugging Gauri and Anika.
Rudra: Wahan kya emotional scene hai….
Shivika: Bas bg mai koi hum saath saath hai ki tuning laga de toh ek Dum filmi touch aa jaye.
All smile as Devika presents shagun to Swayam and he takes her blessings by touching her feet and she blesses him.
Devika hugs Ishaana.
Ishaana: Thank you…… Ma…
She says hesitantly but Devika kisses her forehead insuringly.
Anika hugs Ishaana emotionally: Mai Bata nahi sakti ki mai kitni khush hun tun aur mai humesha saath mai rahenga.
Ishaana nods but her face turns sad and Anika questions her through her eyes rather then saying anything Ishaana hugs Anika.
Ishaana: Sorry di…. I wasn’t there for you when you needed me.
Anika getting away rubs Ishaana’s tears: Pagal hai kya. Kuch bhi bol rahi hai. Vo time jitna hum sabke liye critical tha utna tere liye bhi. Tujhe bhi zaroorat thi khud ko sambhalne ki aur tune toh meri sabse badi responsibility sabhali hai. Tune GHAR sambhala hai vo GHAR jis me meri jaan basti hai. Ab bas purani baton ko bhul ja.
Om: Haan waise bhi rote hue kisi chudail se kum nahi lagti ye.
Ishaana glares him angrily and punches him on stomach.
Om: Ou!!! Moti kitni zoor se Marti hai.
Ishaana: Tujhe bakwaas karne ke koi paise deta hai ya tun waise hi Karta hai.
Om: Iss me bakwas kya thi chudail jaisi toh lagti hai tun. Ankhain dekh apni Puri kaali ho gayi hain. Chudail kahin ki.
Ishaana punches him again making everyone cup their mouths.
Ishaana: Aur tun mera fav punching bag hai.
Anika: Yaar Ishu sudhar ja kitna maregi use bichara mera devar.
Om passes a victorious look to Ishaana.
Ishaana: Haaw di aap dhokebaaz nikle.
Shivaay: Ishu ye pagal hai iski batain mat suna kar.
Rudra with wide open mouth: Haaw! Bhabhi bhaiya ne apko pagal kaha.
Shivaay widens his eyes in shock as he called Om pagal not Anika, Anika shoots daggers at him while he tries clearing the mess: Anika maine tumhe nahi Om ko pagal kaha hai. Mai tumhe thodi pagal keh sakta hun aise.
Rudra adding fuel to fire: Haaw…. Bhabhi ye kehna chahte hain ki ye apko sabke samne nahi peeth piche pagal kahenga.
Shivaay glares Rudra while Om takes Rudra’s side as Shivaay went against him.
Om: Pehle baar is duffer ne sahi baat ki hai Bhabhi. Shivaay apko aise kaise keh sakta hai.
Swayam was giggling seeing all this and in order to irk Shivaay more he too sides with OmRu.
Swayam: Correct Bhabhi. Abhi toh iski zubaan se nikal Gaya socho apke piche kya kya kehte honge bhaiya.
Om teasingly: Shivaay very bad….
Shivaay glares the trio who giggle at his expenses and all stare each other and then start chasing each other.
Shivaay: Tum logon ko chodunga nahi mai aaj.
Rudra: Pehle pakad toh lo bhaiya.
All laughing seeing the brothers and Anika smiles but passes an angry glare to Shivaay who makes a puppy face but then she points at his brothers and he continues to chase them.
La la la la la…….
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta
Shivika: RU pa jaldi…. Run fast.
Rudra nods and escapes Shivaay.
Ariana: Chu….. Fast papa is behind you.
Swayam nods and runs as fast as possible.
Shiviaansh: Come on O pa, papa shouldn’t catch you.
Shivaay sighs in disbelief: Mere bacche ho tum kabhi toh mera saath do.
Shiviaansh: Apne payment di.
Shivaay opens his mouth in shock while rest laugh.
Rudra teasingly: Bhaiya…. Aab pakdna nahi hai kya.
Shivaay rushes to hold him.

Na ab kabhi nazdeekiyon Ki fiza ye
Aaye na doori dilon Mein
Karti hai aakhein dua yeh
Koi Khushi Ho koi gum Ho
Kahi jyaada kam Ho..

Four of them end up falling on the sofa one over the other and laugh out seeing each other.
Rudra: Bhaiya hug.
Shivaay extends his arms for his baby brother and three if them hug him.
Shiviaansh cutely: What about us?
Brothers smile and pull the kids in a hug.
Koi Khushi Ho koi gum Ho
Kahi jyaada kam Ho..
Baatenga Jo Ho aata
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta………..
La la la la la……

Shivaay ka manana,
Shaadi ka aana,
Engagement ka ho Jana. ????…
(Rhyming tha toh maine aise hi likh dala ??)….

Hye buddies…..
In starting I have talked about #NO MORE MISSING I have herd about this page on facebook I really don’t know much about it but it is an example that how we can use social media for a cause. It can be used for many other means and not only for the purpose we people generally use it for.
If you want to share something regarding this or anything else most welcome.

Oka guys a pre information for all of you this is third last chappy of the ss and after this only two episodes are left and the story shall be wrapped after that. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT SO FAR. I hope so that I was able to make the message reach you guys LOUD AND CLEAR.

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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