MANZIL…The unknown destination…SHOT 10…THE EVIL TWINS

MANZIL… The unknown destination…


Anika was removing her jewellery in front of the mirror as all the events of few days back were playing in her mind like whenever she wished to do some work all shouted at her and strictly asked her to rest. How her own kids didn’t allow her to work rather they get her engaged with themselves in talking and all. How Shivaay keeps changing topics whenever she offers to help, how all had turned dotting towards her. With that the thought of her kids short term vulnerable exile plays in her mind, how the other kids have suffered and how all her children that now included those too who have become a part of her family with in two days, bare their troubles by themselves with a smile. All this disturbs her deeply. It’s then, when she feels a hands snaking around her waist and those hands hold her hand and help her in removing her bracelet.

Anika: Shivaay, what are you doing?
Shivaay turns her towards himself: Are you still angry?
Anika gives him a confused look.
Shivaay biting his lips: Today mornings incident.
Anika pats her head: You are mad Shivaay.
Shivaay: Then what are you thinking about.
Anika: Bacchon ke bare mai.
(About kids.)
Shivaay sighs: Anika, relax.
Anika: How Shivaay? I know how dreadful it is to live such life. You know they always keep smiling. With so much pain if a person smiles…. You know what it means. (she continues as tears roll down her eyes) Shivaay, when a person is broken to such an extent that all the worse happenings stop showing affect on them. Then…. it’s then that smile….. That smile becomes their only language of pain. They do not share their pain…… The only reason is they know how painful it is. They know the meaning of pain…… that’s why they know that this pain is only theirs only theirs. They will never share.
Shivaay pulls a crying Anika in his embrace as his heart churns remembering all the incidents, after a long gap he manages to comfort her after mustering his courage and confidence: They will. They will Anika. It’s just that with our persistent efforts and patience we will have to incur faith in them. And I will do that at any cost. I won’t let them suffer. Our kids aren’t weak and they will never be. Are you with me. (he asks hopefully)
Anika nods in agreement: I am with you Shivaay. Always.
Shivaay caring her hair: Then we all will do it together, after all we have our complete family with us. None of them is alone.
Anika nods.
Shivaay places a kiss on her forehead and rubs her tears off as she smiles…… She smiles…..for him….. Only him…
Shivaay hugs her again.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage
Teri Ungliyon Se Ja Uljhe
Shivaay plays with Anika’s tresses, giving her ticklish feeling.
Anika: Shivaay, please.
Shivaay nods in no, making her laugh at his antics as he tickles her.
Anika: Shivaay please.
Shivaay: Only on one condition.
Anika: What?
Shivaay: No tears. If we break down we won’t be able to strengthen them and you are my strength. I can’t see you breaking.
Anika nods and hugs Shivaay.

Koi Toh Toh Na Laage
Kis Tarah Girha Ye Suljhe
Shivaay kisses her forehead and creases her face as both join their foreheads. Enjoying their own time with each other after 4 long years, where both are at their own peace which they get from each other.
Hai Rom Rom Ik Taara…
Jo Baadalon Mein Se Guzre…
Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage
Anika kisses Shivaay’s cheek as he smiles at her gesture.
Anika gets up from bed and holding Shivaay’s hand drags him with herself to the pool side, both sit silently at their favourite spot. Anika smiles mischievously, making Shivaay doubt at her, he pierces his eyes and looks at her sceptically. Anika motions her hand from inside the pool sprinkling water at Shivaay. Who widens his mouth and Anika starts running while Shivaay chases her. She goes and hides behind a tree when Shivaay holds her dupata/stall and pinning her to the tree comes in front of her. He crease her angelic face making her feel shy.
Shivaay: Anika…
Anika: Hmm…
Shivaay: You looked beautiful today.
Anika blushes harder hearing him praise her.
Tu Hoga Zara Paagal, Tune Mujhko Hai Chuna
Kaise Tune Ankahaa, Tune Ankahaa Sab Suna
Tu Din Sa Hai, Main Raat
Kun na Dono Mill Jaayein Shaamon Ki Tarah…
Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage
Ke Teri Jhooti Baatein Main Saari Maan Loon
Aankhon Se Tere Sach Sabhi, Sab Kuch Abhi Jaan Loon
Anika sits near the pool as Shivaay places his head on her lap as she cares his hair.
Anika: Shivaay…
Shivaay calmly: Hmm….
Anika: Thank you.
Shivaay opens his eyes and looks at her questioningly, Anika who understands continues.
Anika: Thank you for coming in my life and making it so beautiful.
Shivaay pecks her forehead: Thank you for everything Anika. Above all for the most wonderful kids in the world. You know when Shiv and Shivu weren’t here, you were in coma, Aru became my strength. She gave me the strength to fight and live. I wonder what had I done to have a family like this. World’s best family. Dadi, mom, dad, bade papa, bade ma, OmRuYa – my life (he says placing his hand on his heart), best sisters Gauri and Saumya, worlds A1 sali sahiba and sale saab (Both chuckle) and the best kids.

He closes his eyes diving in the serenity of the moment, letting the peace to soak in deep. As Anika continues to stroke his hair with all her love.
Tezz Hain Dhara, Behte Se Hum Awaara Aa Tham Ke Saansein Le Yahaan…
Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage
Teri Ungliyon Se Ja Uljhe
Koi Toh Toh Na Laage
Kis Tarah Girha Ye Suljhe

Knock…. Knock….

Both get startled with the knock on the door and walk to their room, only to find a sleepy Ariana, in crying mode. Shivaay picks her up quickly as both the mother-father get worried.
Shivaay stroking her hair: What happened Aru?
Ariana between her slow sobs: Chu…
Anika and Shivaay get worried hearing about Swayam and question in haste: Swayam… What happened to him?
Ariana looks at them and with few more tears coming down her eyes says: He is okay.
Both Shivaay and Anika sigh in relief.
Anika caring Ariana’s hair: Then what happened beta.
Ariana: He slept while making me sleep and then I saw a bad dream and woke up and came to papa.
Shivaay and Anika sigh after getting done with their worries.
Shivaay stroking Ariana’s back: Bas mere Bacche. Bura sapna hi tha na uski wajha se rote nahi hain.
(It’s alright dear that was just a nightmare. You shouldn’t cry because of that.)
Ariana hugs him tightly and while sobbing speaks: Papa… bohaat bura tha.
(Papa…. it was really bad.)
Shivaay rubbing Ariana’s tears: Ary, bas meri jaan ro maat.
(Don’t cry dear.)
Anika: Aru, apne sapne me bade ghost ko dekha.
(Aru did you see big ghost in dream.)
Ariana nods.
Anika: Aru aap toh bohaat brave ho fir aapne usa Mara kun nahi. Agr vo agli baar ayega na toh use utha kar ek Chandani marna uske sir par fir dekhna vo apse dar kar bhaag jayega.
(Aru, you are so brave then why didn’t you hit him. Next time when he come you take your sandal and hit it on his head then see he will run away being scared of you.)

Anika shows Ariana by holding her sandal in her hand and then throwing it away in anger. Ariana and Shivaay start laughing seeing Anika’s antics.
Shivaay: Dekha ye hai Jhansi ki rani ka version. Aap apne mumma se do teen aur tareke sekho ghost ko Marne ke mai ja kar change kar ke Ata hun.
(Look this is your mother’s Jhansi ki Rani version. You learn few more ways of making the ghost to run away till then I will change and come.)
Ariana holds his collar tightly and nods in no.
Shivaay: Just two minutes.
Anika taking Ariana in her arms: Aru, let your papa go, I will tell you the best ways to make the ghost run away. Next time when he will come to you in your dreams then beat him so much that he never dear to disturb my daughter’s sleep.
Ariana giggles as Anika tickles her tiny waist and then kisses her cheeks. While Shivaay leaves to change, Anika and Ariana sit on bed as Ariana cuddles more into Anika who tells her different and funny ways to make the ghost flee. Shivaay comes back within two minutes.
Shivaay: So how will you make the ghost run away, Aru.
Ariana smiles sheepishly and Anika winks at her.
Ariana: Shall I tell.
Shivaay nods in agreement while setting his side of duvet.
Ariana smiling slyly, picks up Shivaay’s phone and throws it, shocking Shivaay and making Anika burst out in fits of laughter.
Shivaay looks with wide eyes towards Ariana who makes a cute pout and then at Anika: You have started teaching her all this.
Anika in between her laughter: I didn’t teach her, she only told me that whenever you get angry you do this. I mean in previous so many years you might have left everything accept for this.
Shivaay makes faces while getting in the duvet: Hahaha…. Very funny.
Ariana sits on Shivaay’s stomach as he lays down: Papa, you use to throw so many phones. How many phones have you broken till date?
Shivaay sighs: Ask your chote papa, RU pa and Chu, they have exact count of how many phones I have broken till date.
Anika to lays down and Shivaay pulls her near him while Ariana lays over Shivaay’s chest as he envelops the duo and trio drift into a deep slumber.

A worried Ishaana rushes in and starts jogging in the room.
Om come out from bathroom after freshening up and gets confused seeing her.
Om: Kya hua bandariyon ki chaheri bhena?
(What happened to relative of monkey’s?)
Ishaana glares him angrily and throws a pillow towards him which he skilfully dodges away.
Om: Oh!!! Ho!!! What happened?
Ishaana: Swayam….
Both IshKara sit on bed cupping their faces and drift into the memory lane.

Ishaana enters wearing faded blue ragged jeans, with light grey shirt and holding a bowl filled with pop corns, from her face it was clear that something had vexed her to great extent.
Ishaana: Om….

Om who was busy with his statue just nods irking Ishaana, she shouts his name again and again Mr. Artist just nods, being irritated to hell, Ishaana throws all the pop corns on his head.
Om stares her angrily: What the hell?
Ishaana slaps him on face and goes and sits on bed by folding her legs, Om creases his cheeks due to heavy slap making puppy face but understands that something is disturbing her so he goes and sits besides her. She wraps her hand around his arm and places her head on his shoulder.

Om calmly: What happened Ishu?
Ishu raises her head and stands in front of Om: Jis musibaat ka darr tha vahi ho Gaya.
(What I was afraid of, happened.)
Om: Aisa kya ho Gaya?
(What happened?)
Ishaana irritated: Pyaar.
Om starts coughing hard and Ishaana rather the patting his back slaps his back hard while Om showing hand asks her to stop.
Om after gaining his composure: Kis gadhe se.
(With whom?)
Ishaana sits back making a puppy sad face: Swayam se.
Om shouts: Kis se?
(With whom?)
Ishaana: Oye Zulfi Singh holi bol. Tere bhai se hua hai.
(Hye! Mr. Long Hair speak slowly. I am in love with your brother.)
Om still being in shock: And how did you come to know that?
Ishaana being irked of him yells: Saale sir par bulb lagaya tha aaj tak laal tha Swayam ke samne ate hi haara ho gayi.
(Idiot I have attached bulb on my head till date it was red but when I came in front of Swayam it turned green.)
Om: Thik hai shaant ho ja.
(Ok relax.)
Ishaana: Kaise…. Jab se pata chala hai dimaag ghum Gaya hai.
(How? Since I have come to know my mind is revolving.)
Om: Tun use ja kar keh de.
(Go and say it to him.)
Ishaana: Aise hi.
(Like that only.)
Om: Haan.
Ishaana: Thik hai. Keh deti hun.
(Fine I will say.)
She stands up to go and tell Swayam but then stops after taking few steps and turns back and asks while chewing her nails: Usne mana kar diya toh.
(If he said no.)
Om: Kar sakta hai.
(He can.)
Ishaana hits him on shoulder: Information kya de raha hai. Koi way out Bata.
(Stop giving information and tell some way out.)
Om: Dekh jab tak tun use bataye gi nahi use pata nahi chale Ga aur jab tak use pata nahi chalega tab tak tujhe kaise pata chalega ki vo tujhse pyaar Karta hai ya nahi.
(Look till you won’t inform him, he won’t get to know and till he doesn’t get to know till then how will you know that whether he loves you or not.)
Ishaana looks at him with anger but controlling herself speaks: Tere itne lambe bhashaan ka matlab kya nikalun mai.
(What shall I conclude out of your this lecture.)
Om sighs and sits back: We need to find that, Swayam loves you or not.
Ishaana being irked: Pichle adhe ghante se mai bhi wahi bak rahi hun.
(I am also speaking that since past half an hour.)
Om casually: Right.
IshKara start thinking about a way to know about Swayam’s feelings.
Ishaana smiling brightly: Idea.
Om curiously: What?
Ishaana: Jealousy.
Om: You are mad Ishaana.
Ishaana: Shut up. I am not mad. If I am with some other guy and Swayam gets jealous seeing me then definitely he has some feelings for me.
Om: Ishu do you know what.
Ishu confusingly looks at him and repeats: What?
Om: You need a psychiatrist.
Ishi slaps him on shoulder and he shouts feeling the pain.
Ishu: I need a boyfriend not a psychiatrist.
Om hits his head as he knew when Ishaana is upto something she will do that, no matter how foolish things sound and turn up to be.
Ishu starts checking out Om.
Om being conscious questions her: What Ishu???
Ishu holds him: Chill Oye! I was thinking….
Om being scared as if he knew what was coming ahead: What?
Ishu: Tun itna bhi bura nahi dikhta.
(You don’t look even that bad.)
Om glares her giving “oh really look”.
Ishu: Hmm… Decided.
Om: What?
Ishu: Aaj se tun mera boyfriend.
(From today you are my boyfriend.)
Om getting back: Pagal hai kya tun. Pyaar mera bhai se karti hai aur boyfriend mujhe bana rahi hai. Chal Oye tere sanki plans mai me tera saath nahi dunga.
Ishu makes puppy face: Dekh le dost nahi hai tun.
Om: Chal… Chal…. Haat tere chakar mai mai nahi fasne wala.
(Get away girl I am not going to get involved in your plans.)
Ishaana blinks her eyes cutely making super cute and innocent face while Om makes a crying face.
Ishu: Please….
Om: No…
Ishu: Please….
Om: No…
Ishu: Apne bhai ke liye bhi nahi karega.
(You won’t do it for your brother as well.)
Om: Vo kahan se beech mai aa Gaya.
(How did he come in between.)
Ishaana feels like pulling her own her but then maintaining her calm continues: Abe tere bhai se hi toh mai pyaar karti hun use mujhse achi ladki kahan milegi.
(Mr. Can your brother get a better girl then me.)
Om: Badi mil jayengi.
(He will get many girls.)
Ishu glares him angrily and takes a knife from fruit plate and places at his neck: Kya kaha?
(What did you say?)
Om being scared: Nothing.
Ishu: Banga na mera bf.
(You will be my bf.)
Om nods and the turns the knife away, Ishu throws the knife away and hugs Om.
Ishu: Thank you.
Om slaps her back: Chal Oye mai nahi karunga natak.
(No I won’t act now.)
Ishu giggles: You are best Omi.
Om pulls away: Okay, but promise me if you find out that Swayam loves you, you will never hurt him. He is very innocent.
Ishu smiles at the brotherly protective side of which she has undoubtedly admired in all the brothers the most.
Ishu: Promise. Mgr agr tere bhai ne kuch kiya na toh…
(Promise. But if your brother did something…..)
Before Ishu completes, Om speaks in serious tone: Mai use nahi chodunga. Agr vo mera bhai hai toh tun meri bestie hai, tujhe koi hurt nahi kar sakta.
(In that case I won’t spare him. If he is my brother then you are my bestie too, no one can dear to hurt you.)

Ishu smiles at him, she knew as a friend Om is best. She genuinely admired the love, faith and interest Om puts in any relation. Either he never builds a relation and if he does then no one can handle a relation better then him. That’s Omkara Singh Oberoi for his loved ones.

Ishu: Omi….
Om: Ishu what shall I do now I did everything that you asked me to do, we did all the stupid bf-gf game too. Going on stupid idiotic dates, walking hand in hand, speaking those foolish cheesy line and above all making everyone act as if we are really getting married that was the hardest part. You know that a secret can’t stay in this house still we all tried our level best to hide things from Swayam.
Anika entering the room: Now it’s time to complete that task.
IshKara give her confused look: What?
Anika: Ishu, Om last time due to all the happenings you both couldn’t marry but now we will conclude that scenario.
Shivaay who had come along with her reprimands: Have you lost it Anika?
Anika: Ary Shivaay picture climax ke bina Puri thodi hoti hai.
(Which movie ends before climax?)
Shivaay: But Anika this is to much. I will talk to Swayam about this you people drop all your stupid ideas.
Ishaana getting up in rush: No…. No….. Please bade bhaiya, please….
Shivaay: No, not at all Ishaana.
Ishaana pleadingly: Please give me sometime to sort this out, please.
Ishu says making puppy face to which Shivaay gives his stern look she pours in more cuteness making Shivaay laugh at her antics.
Ishaana: Hasa toh phasa.
Shivaay: Ishu….
Ishaana: Please bade bhaiya, a little time more. I promise I won’t torture your little brother more.
Shivaay: 24 hours.
Ishaana wide opens her eyes hearing the time limit.
Shivaay: And that’s final.
Ishaana: Fine….. Your idiot and dumb brother will see now what Ishaana can do.
Shivaay teasingly: So what are you planning choti dewarani ji.
Om chuckles hearing his words while AniIsh give weird looks to him.
Ishaana after gaining her composure: Time for bomb no. 333.
Shivaay & Anika casually: 333???? What’s that?
Om shouts: NNNOOO…
Ishaana pats his shoulder: Chill man.
Om hits his head understanding Ishaana’s intentions.

Ishaana shocked….
Family rocked….

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Stay blessed
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