MANZIL… The unknown destination… NIGHTMARES??? Shot 3

Hi ? Buddies, this is Shivika back with third shot of “MANZIL… The unknown destination…” “NIGHTMARES OR ???”.

MANZIL… The unknown destination…


Gauri with Asya and Ariana comes there.
Gauri: Bhaiya, where is Sahay?
Shivaay: He has gone to change will be back in a while. Are you okay?
He ask seeing Gauri’s worried face.
Gauri: Vo actually bade Bhaiya, I have to report to the office in two hours and before that I need to go for a round of shopping with Asya and Sahay, so that’s why getting a little late.
Sahay comes after changing: I am here.
Asya: Is it important for me to accompany?
Sahay understanding Asya’s discomfort, ensures: No not at all, you stay back.
Gauri: But…
Sahay: Please Didi…
Gauri nods.
Ariana: Can I accompany.
Shivaay: Ariana, your Rapunzel has to go to office.
Gauri: It’s okay bhaiya I will take her along, she will give company to Sahay. So we will leave now. Come Asya I will drop you home.
Asya nods.
Shivaay: Wait Gauri.
Gauri: Ji bhaiya.
Shivaay: How will Asya manage alone at home, leave her here.
Gauri: But bhaiya; dadi ma, Janvi aunty and Pinky aunty have gone to a relatives place, Tej uncle, Shakti uncle and Rudra have gone to office and Om has gone to gallery. Even here she will be alone only.
Shivaay thinking something for a while: No, I am here only, leave her with me. I will take care.
Gauri smiles seeing his gesture: Thank you so much bade bhaiya. (turning to Asya) And don’t you dear trouble him.
Asya innocently: When did I trouble him?

Shivaay chuckles: It’s ok, Gauri. She isn’t a trouble, anyways.
Gauri: Thank you, bhaiya.
Sahay: Thank you, Mr. Oberoi.
Shivaay: Mr. Oberoi??? Come on man, I don’t deserve to be addressed that formally.
Sahay: Okay, buddy.
Shivaay smiles.
Gauri: Let’s go. Bye bhaiya.
Shivaay: Bye, Gauri.
Ariana runs to Shivaay and gives him a hug: Bye papa.
Shivaay bending down kisses her forehead: Bye, sweetheart.
Sahay: Bye, buddy.
Asya: Sahay, may I have a word.
Sahay nods and both move out.

Asya hugs Sahay who pacifies her.
Asya: Sorry, Sahay because of me you have to pretend to be so strong.
Sahay: It’s not because of you or anyone Asu, it’s for us and don’t worry I will be all okay.
Asya coming out of hug: That’s the point, how? Even after being with Didi we both often fail to maintain our calm, how will you do that outside. When, when you will be surrounded by so many strangers?
Sahay: Don’t worry I will take care, you just relax.
(after a small gap) Shall I ask something?
Asya nods.
Sahay: What’s with the Oberoi’s?
Asya: I don’t know, when I am with them the fear inside me… It seems to…
Asya trails while Sahay supplies: Vanish.
Asya: Right. A flare of confidence runs through my veins. It feels that nobody can harm me. Bering here feels like I am at the safest place of world. There’s a warmth all around.
Sahay: Same here. I never thought that after that dreadful incidents I would be able to speak in front of a stranger but yesterday, I got into fight with buddy, maybe for you but…. Speaking to him felt as if it’s not the first time. Even after yesterday’s incident and what happened today at the dinning table, still he was so caring towards me and even now he accepted to look after you.
Asya: Right. Weird, all is weird.
Sahay: Very much. Anyways I think I should leave, you take care.
Asya nods: Don’t forget to get what all I had asked for.
Sahay: I won’t.
Asya: Take care.
Sahay nods and both walk up to their respective destinations.


Asya enters to find Shivaay working on his laptop and decides not to disturb him but finds the room to be a boring place but even that grudge vanishes as she finds a book on the table that was, maybe, of Ariana smilingly she takes it and walks to her bed. “NANCY DREW AND THE CLUE CREW” read the heading on the title page. It wasn’t enough time, when Asya found herself shuffling through the pages of the book and being so deeply engrossed in the book she didn’t realise when she had fallen asleep reading the book, nor did Shivaay realise about her presence being highly engrossed in his work, not until he herd light murmuring turning into scared shouts. The sudden voice made him scan through his room and soon he saw Asya sweating profusely and shouting with the words which weren’t clear enough to Shivaay, who had been startled for a while but then ran towards Asya. He shook Asya.

Shivaay: Asya… Asya… Wake up… Wake up Baccha…

But Asya didn’t even react to his words making him worried to hell, his heart had stopped beating for few seconds seeing Asya’s condition. He sprinkles water on Asya shouting her name. Asya wakes up with her eyes wide open as if she has seen a ghost and body shivering with cold tremors. Shivaay jerks Asya yelling her name. Asya flickers her eyes and looks at him as the power gets off making her condition even worse.

Shivaay calls Khanna at the moment: Get the power checked Khanna.
Khanna: Yes, sir.

Cutting the call he looks at Asya who was a bit visible as the time was of near evening, her condition made him worry more. He moves towards Asya trying to hold her but she shrugs back and crawls back seeing Shivaay come near her. Shivaay tries again but this time being scared Asya falls of the bed.

Shivaay shouts: Asya!!!!

He rushes to the other side to hold Asya but she struggles in his grip, crying being a complete mess.

Asya: Leave me…. Leave me…. No… No… Don’t hurt me… Please…. Please…. Sahay….

Shivaay moves back hearing her words: Asya… It’s me Shivaay…

Asya nods in no and crouches herself near the table folding her legs and keeping her arms above them throwing her head over it trying to hide from everything around.
Shivaay touches her but she shoos it away moving back.

Shivaay: Asya… It’s me… Shivaay… Remember… I am not going to harm you.
He tries to remind and ensure her but it didn’t work. The current came back and Shivaay sighed hoping to see a better state of Asya but she didn’t even move a bit.
Shivaay: Look Asya power is back. Lights are on. See Asya.
Asya nods in no.
Shivaay tries holding her but she moves back giving a shriek cry.
Shivaay: Okay I am not touching you. But raise your head please. See the lights are on. Darkness is gone and nobody is hurting you here.

After quite a long while of cajoling, Asya finally lifts her head, giving a bit of relief to Shivaay. She looks all around and then at Shivaay who is at a distance from her. A glass falls from a passer by worker mistakenly and hearing that Asya smashes into Shivaay’s embrace.

Shivaay: What the wuck are you doing, Rahul? Clean it and leave.
The worker nods and rushes being scared of Shivaay and his tone.

Shivaay tightly engulfs Asya in his embrace while she is in his lap by now. He pats her hair kissing her forehead to calm her down, while she is a crying mess.
Shivaay: Shhhh….. Asya I am here right here don’t worry Baccha, don’t worry. Just calm down.
Asya sniffs and hides into his chest even more, her tears flowing through her eyes unstoppably.
Shivaay keeps kissing her hair and rubbing her back holding her even more protectively every second as if they aren’t two separate individuals but they are one single person. After crying continuously for an hour Asya looks up at a worried Shivaay, who rubs off her tears looking at her.
Shivaay: Don’t worry sweetheart it was just a nightmare.
Asya throws her arms around his neck and places her face on his shoulder, Shivaay gets up from the floor and sits on the sofa taking the first aid box and makes Asya sit in his lap who keeps clinging to him.
Shivaay: Show me your arm Asya.
Asya forwards her bruised arm and Shivaay carefully cleans the bruised area and then puts a band aid over it.
Shivaay to cheer up Asya: Look it has been so late and we skipped our lunch too. Tell me what will you eat. Pizza.
Asya nods in no.
Shivaay: Noddles.
Asya again nods in no.
Shivaay: Ice cream.
Asya keeps nodding in no.
Shivaay caring her hair: What will you have Asya?
Asya hugs him: Nothing.
Shivaay: Hye! Come on eat something otherwise Gauri and Sahay will scold me. Tell me what’s your favourite dish. I promise I will make it for you.
Asya looks at him: You will make???
Shivaay nods in approval.
Asya: You know how to cook.
Shivaay again nods.
Asya: Then make anything but don’t leave me and go.
Shivaay smiles and picking her up in his arms walks to kitchen: I am not leaving you. We both will make food together. So what about Manchurian.
Asya: I have never eaten that.
Shivaay: Then what you like to eat.
Asya in dull tone: We use to get only dal chawal or chapatti there.
Shivaay being shocked: Where?
Asya becomes aware because of his reaction and fumbles a bit: No… Nowhere… I mean mom never allowed us to eat anything from outside all boring home made food.
Shivaay nods being satisfied by her words: No worry today I will make Manchurian and it will be healthy to you just chill.
Asya nods.
Shivaay joyfully begins his kitchen classes: So first let’s take all the vegetables. Carrot, onion, beans, broccoli, capsicum and cauliflower.
So step one is to splice all the vegetables. Come on help me.
Asya: I have never done this before.
Shivaay: So what come, I will teach you.

Shivaay helps Asya to cut the vegetables all in all he noticed many things in the kitchen nothing much had changed since he had last stepped in here, nearly four years. He would have never put a foot in if it was here but coming in and changing Asya’s mood- no regrets. He himself was glad to find solace in his kitchen again one of the hobbies he has loved since his childhood. After two hours of cooking the duo were done preparing a yummy lunch- not actually, they were quite late to call it lunch but still.

Asya excitedly: It’s done. WOW! We did it.
Shivaay doing a hi-fi with her: Yup! We are done.

OmRu who had come home inhaling the magical fragrance and being under it’s spell walk upto the kitchen. Undoubtedly, both were surprised seeing Shivaay and Asya cooking and having fun together.
Om: Shivaay.
Rudra: Bhaiya.
Shivaay and Asya turn to them.
Asya runs to the duo when Rudra takes her in his arms, her blue eyes sparkling and body swinging with waves of over joy, that reminds Rudra of somebody really close to him.
Asya: You know what we both made.
Rudra fighting with his tear drops and managing a smile: No, you tell me what?
Asya: We made Manchurian and fried rice.
Om bending towards her: So will we get it to eat.
Asya acting as if in deep thoughts: Umm…. I will have to ask my master chief.
Om: Master chief???
Asya nods and shows Shivaay to him.
Om: Accha ji, so Mr. Master chief has made food today. Hmm…
Shivaay: Ya we have got really late for lunch so prepared this, come on you two too join us.
Rudra with new found zeal: Of course bhaiya, after all you have cooked after so long.
The O bro’s sit on the sofa in the kitchen itself while Rudra makes Asya sit on the table in front. The brothers take their plates and they forward the first bit to Asya together. Asya laughed seeing three spoons in front of her. But to her joy Sahay and Ariana too joined in. Sahay ate from Om’s spoon, Asya from Rudra’s and Ariana from Shivaay’s.
Shivaay: So how was your day?
He asks Sahay and Ariana. Asya too looks on curiously waiting for Sahay’s answer.
Ariana: It was amazing papa.
Sahay looking at Asya as if understanding her inner thoughts: It was great we bought all that was needed.
Asya smiled hearing his ensuring words.
Om: Come on now you two also start eating.
With that the duo hop on the table and the brothers feed three of the kids one by one.
Others who were seeing them smiled with tears of happiness.

Everyone was sitting in the hall talking to each other.
When Shivaay passes the dinning table and finds Gauri’s phone ringing. He sees the caller id “MAYURI PATEL” and realises it would be for Sahay and Asya, on finding Sahay nearby he calls for him but Sahay walks away as he didn’t hear Shivaay. So Shivaay picks up the call.

Mayuri: Kaim cho Gauri bhen!
(How are you?)
Shivaay: Hello! Actually this is Shivaay this side and not Gauri. Wait I will give the call to Asya and Sahay.
Mayuri: Namaste mote bhai, par phone aap Gauri ko dena ki bajaye Asya ya Jo bhi hai…. Ko kun denga.
(Greetings elder brother! But why will you give the phone to someone else accept Gauri.)
Shivaay feels a little awkward: I am giving it to your kids.
Mayuri in shocked tone: Kaim bolo che, mahri dikra aur dikri???
Shivaay being confused with her Gujrati: What?
Mayuri: Sorry, I mean my kids???? I don’t have any kids.
Shivaay: Don’t say like that, Asya and Sahay are your kids.
Mayuri: Kaim bolo che mote bhai! I mean what are you saying I an not even married yet.
Shivaay in rush doesn’t notices what he said: Marriage ka bacchon se kya Lena dena.
(What’s connection of marriage with kids?)
On realising what he said his eyes go wide and mouth twice the time bigger.
Mayuri shouts: Kya???
Shivaay: Umm…. Sorry I mean, Gauri told me they are your kids.
Mayuri: Nahi mota bhai koi confusion hoga apko.
(No brother, you may have some confusion.)
Shivaay: Oh maybe then it would be some other Mayuri Patel.
Mayuri: No mota bhai, Gauri knows no one else with the same name.
Shivaay: How can you be so sure?
Mayuri: I am her bestie-cum-sissy I am very very sure.
Shivaay: Okay. Wait then I will give the call to Gauri.
Mayuri: Let it be mota bhai I will talk to her later, mom is calling me. Aur baki saab thik.
(And how is rest all?)
Shivaay being confused: Fine as you say and all is good. What about you?
Mayuri: Mai maja me.
Shubh ratri.
Shivaay nods being totally confused while Mayuri puts the phone down.

On other side the kids were playing near the door when they see a car stopping at the gate of Oberoi mansion.
A man in navy blue tuxedo comes out of the car.

Back at hall, Shivaay walks upto Gauri and gives her the phone who in return gives a confused look.
Gauri: Kya hua bhaiya.
(What happened brother?)
Shivaay: There was a call for you.
Gauri: Oh.
She takes the phone and checks the call list.
Shivaay: Mayuri Patel.
He says as his gaze was fixed on Gauri and the change in colour of her face didn’t go unnoticed by Shivaay.
Om: Wait I will call Asya and Sahay.
Shivaay in stern tone showing his hand to Om: Not required.
Rudra: Why bhaiya?
Shivaay looking at Gauri: Because she doesn’t knows about her kids.
Everyone: What?
Gauri stands up looking at the floor being unable to meet Shivaay’s gaze.
Shivaay: Care to explain.
Gauri gulping her own saliva: Bhaiya actually… This isn’t…
Shivaay cuts her: Dear not to lie.
Gauri looks at him somewhere getting a clear understanding of the fact that he has got to know much part of her not so well guarded secret.
Gauri: Bhaiya…actually I can explain.
Shivaay in a high pitch: That’s what I am asking you to do Gauri. Who are Asya and Sahay? Where are their parents? Why did you lie to us?

Meanwhile at the entrance, Asya and Sahay see the man who just stepped out of the car. The colour on the face turns white not even pale a pure white colour as if the blood had quit running in their veins. Both look at each other their faces speaking volumes about fear as flashes of their past flow in their head. Voluntarily, their hands entwine with each other. While Ariana being oblivion of their action goes to inform Shivaay about the unknown guest at this hour, before leaving she tells that too the duo no word even entered their ears.
Sahay tightens his grip on Asya’s hand and seeing the intruder walk towards the room both run even faster then light away from everyone.

Back at hall.
Ariana interrupts Shivaay’s investigating session: Papa.
Shivaay: What Asya? Can’t you see we are discussing…
Ariana cuts him: Ariana! Papa. And their someone out there.
Shivaay looks towards the door from where the man walks in.
Shivaay: Excuse me!
Man: Hello! I am Vidyuth Sinha.
Shivaay shaking the forwarded hand: Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Vidyuth: I am here to talk about the construction deal.
Shivaay raises his eyebrows: At this hour.
Vidyuth: Ya I know. Sorry for that but I was a but busy already, so could manage only right now. Let’s have a seat.
Shivaay: Sorry. Right now I am busy. We can talk about the deal someday later. This is family time and I expect not to be disturbed.
Vidyuth: It’s just a matter of a while.
Shivaay sternly being irked by Vidyuth as he was already in-between a very grave situation already: I am sorry. Do drink something and leave.
He says pointing at the worker who had got water for Vidyuth but Vidyuth nods in no and looking all around the house stops his gaze at Ariana.
Vidyuth cups Ariana face to the utter dismay of Oberoi’s: Hello! Sweetheart. What’s your name?
Ariana in a used to attitude: Ariana Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Vidyuth being impressed of her looks at Shivaay: Nice meeting you and your daughter is amazing.
He ends smiling sheepishly.
Shivaay: I think you are cutting over my time.
Vidyuth passing a not so welcomed smile leaves.
Ariana rubbing of the place where Vidyuth had touched her: Who was he? So rude.
Shivaay: You go and play.

Ariana nods and leaves towards her previous place where she finds Vidyuth glaring her that makes her feel uncomfortable and the smirk he passes before sitting in his car just adds to the uncomfort.
Soon she notices absence of Asya and Sahay and starts finding them around but doesn’t finds so returns to the place where elders were talking.

Ariana: Papa!!!
Shivaay looks at her: What now?
Ariana: I am not able to find bhaiya and Didi.
Shivaay: They will be around go and check.
Ariana: I have checked everywhere they are nowhere around.
Gauri in alarmingly scared tone: Are you sure.
Ariana nods, while the Oberoi’s find the alarming tone to be uncertain of Gauri.
Gauri: Where you saw them last?
Ariana: We were playing together near the door before that man came and then when I returned they weren’t there.

Many wrong thoughts pass through Gauri’s head at once making her yell.
Gauri: We not to find them. They could be in danger.
Shivaay: What? This is Oberoi Empire.
Gauri: I don’t know. But they can be in problem.
Om: What do you mean?
Gauri: I don’t have enough time to explain but will tell the entire truth once we find them. But please we need to find them.
Rudra: Okay, I will check the upper floors.
Shivaay: Fine let’s search and Ariana you stay with dadi.
Ariana nods and runs to dadi.
All of them start searching for the duo but feel hopeless every passing second.
They gather again in the hall.
Gauri: Did you find them.
All nod in no.
Gauri’s eyes tear up, Janvi consoles her.
Janvi: It’s okay Gauri we will find them.
Gauri just cries unable to say a word but manages to speak her worries: I… Am… Scared… Something…. Would’ve…. Happ….
She cries bitterly and continues: They were my responsibility….
Janvi: It’s okay we will find them. Relax.
Om: Shivaay let’s check the CCTV.
Shivaay nods and asks Khanna to get the CCTV footage. After checking around they follow Asya and Sahay’s moment through the footage and find them hiding in the kitchen in a lower almirah.
Rudra: Ye dono yahan kun Gaye.
(Why did they go there?)
Gauri runs to the kitchen ignoring their questions while the rest follow accept Ariana and dadi. Ariana was all in tears while dadi pacifies her.

They go and open the lower cupboard but do not find Asya and Sahay in.
Shivaay finds another cupboard being a little opened so he opens it and sees both crouching and sitting in cupboard being scared. Asya’s condition was quite same like it was thin evening after that nightmare and Sahay was in same condition too, Shivaay’s heart clenched itself seeing the duo’s vulnerability.
Shivaay touches Sahay as expected after his encounter with Ariana’s condition, Sahay to shooed off his hand and moved back in the small cupboard alerting Asya too. The layer of thick tears in their eyes enabled them to recon the people in front.
Sahay pushes his way out of the cupboard dragging Asya along. Both begin to run and Om holds Sahay from his waist while Shivaay does same with Asya and both are forced to leave each others hand.

Asya shouts: Sahay…. No….
Sahay shouts: Asya…. Asya…. Hold… My hand…. Asya…

Om: Relax guys, what happened?
Neither of the two hear any word and just keep shouting each others name while crying terribly and trying to move out of clutches of the one who are holding them. Being unable to take the pressure Sahay faints being completely red, Asya who sees that yells and with entire force tries to get out of Shivaay’s clutches instead the duo roll and Asya hits her head to a sharp edge and faints and it’s then that entire place turns silent. Because of loud noises dadi and Ariana too rush in.
Dadi: Hye bhagwaan! Ye kya ho raha hai?
Tej: Shivaay, Om take them to room. Janvi call the doctor.
All nod and ShivKara pick up both the kids and take them to Shivaay’s room.
Rudra hugs a crying Gauri.
Gauri: Asya… Sahay….
Rudra: Calm down di, both are fine. Don’t worry. Come with me.
He escorts Gauri to the room.

ShivKara are sitting holding Asya and Sahay’s hand and caring their hair.
Janvi: Shivaay, doctor is stuck in emergency.
Shivaay shouts: Hell with him! Get someone right now.
Rudra: Relax bhaiya.
Shivaay: What relax Rudra, can’t you see Shivika and Shiviaansh’s state.
All look at him being shocked but he notices nothing accept for the kids.
Pinky: Rudra, call Saumya.
Rudra nods and calls Saumya.
In ten minutes Saumya reaches their and asks everyone to leave so that she can examine the kids. After a while she comes out.
Shivaay: Saumya, how are they?
Saumya: Calm down bade bhaiya they are fine. It’s just that due to shock they got fainted.
Shivaay: There isn’t anything serious. Right?
Saumya: Ya bhaiya. But I need to talk to their parents.
Shivaay: Say…
Saumya: Bade bhaiya, their parents.
She says pointing at the kids who were sleeping inside the door.
Shivaay nods.
Om: Gauri!!!
Gauri looks at him and he points at Saumya who repeats her question.
Gauri: I don’t know.
Om: What?
Rudra: But did, you were with them.
Gauri: Ya.



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