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MANZIL… The unknown destination…


A young lady in her early 20’s opens the door of her house and moves in followed by two little kids.
Lady: So this is my house.
Girl: It’s nice, Miss. Gauri.
Gauri: Oh God! Please, quit calling me that. It sounds uncanny.
Boy: Can’t help.
Gauri: So tell me where your parents live so that I could drop you there, they might be really worried.
Boy: I really don’t know.
Gauri: What?

Boy and the girl exchange a look and girl takes the lead.
Girl: Sorry, I lied to you.
Gauri being abruptly red with embarrassment and anger speaks in an unsure voice: About, What?
Girl: We didn’t loose our track from our parents.
Boy: Not, anywhere in the near past.
Gauri in shock: I didn’t get two of you.
Girl: Sit, I shall explain.
Three of them sit on sofa, Gauri having had enough with the two while the other two being seriously not worried about anything.
Girl: I am Asya.

Boy: Sahay.
The duo introduce themselves.
Gauri impatiently: Okay.
Asya: Years back, we were kidnapped.

Gauri gasped at the revelation, the duo didn’t seem to be moved by the reaction as they hadn’t expected anything better.

Asya: Somehow we escaped our way back and landed at your place the previous night. We had planned to go before anyone wakes up but as if it wasn’t really fated to happen that way. When you confronted us, I spoke lie to you as in no way I was interested to land up either at the police station or in the court of your ruthless aunt who may had put us up for the contempt of running from our kidnappers.

Gauri looked at the duo for a while in pendulous motion and then fixed her gaze at a place exactly in front of her and in a little rude manner that hadn’t come naturally but was in anticipation to the previous lie, she spoke: Why am I too buy your another lie?
Sahay: We don’t expect anything. That’s why we are leaving. Come on let’s go Asya.
Both walked to the door but Gauri spoke in concern and anger both mixed in proportion: Dare you two step a feet out.
Both looked at each other and then turned to face Gauri.
Gauri: Explain!
She demanded.

Asya and Sahay nodded and sat back at their place.
Sahay: We exactly don’t know when were we kidnapped and why? But a week ago we herd our kidnappers planning to sell us, we hadn’t known till then that we were kidnapped and ever had a family too.
Asya continued: So we flew from there; somehow- in order to escape.
Gauri: How are you supposed to trace down your family?
Sahay: No idea.

Gauri: How old you two are supposed to be?
Sahay: As per told, maybe 6 or so.
Gauri nods.

Asya: Now what.
Gauri her hands and remembering what family means to a person, speaks emotionally: I will help two of you.
Both passed a plain smile to her for the very first time since they had acknowledged each other.
Gauri: I will help you find your family. But…
She turned to be serious and so did the other two.
Gauri: You both got to stick to me and take all my orders till I don’t hand you both over to your family.

Sahay: Okay, we take that.
Asya to nods conformingly.
Gauri: Another thing, if anybody asks who you two are to me, just say you are my friends kids. My friends name is Mayuri Patel, she is from Gujarat, out for some urgent work. Is that clear.
Both nod again in assurance.
Gauri: Fine, I think you two should rest now. Come I will take you both to the room near mine.
Both follow her to the room.
Gauri: Shall I help, two of you.
Both look at each other and nod in no.

Sahay: Thank you.
Gauri: No big deal. You can ask for help whenever you both wish. I will be in the adjacent room.
Both nod again and Gauri leaves the duo.
Asya: Do you think we can count on her.
Sahay: I don’t know, but she seems trust worthy and above that we have nothing to loose.
Asya holding his hand in her: Each other.

She said looking down acknowledging the fact that what they two mean to each other. Sahay cages her hand in his and assures her of his presence.
Sahay: Don’t worry I will always be there.
Asya nods.

After an hour both were still starring at the ceiling holding each other’s hand and lying on the bed, when Gauri enters with a tray. She looks amused at the duo seeing them wide awake.

Gauri: I expected you both to be asleep.
Asya: Sleep seems far.
Gauri: Oh… Shall I help to put you two to bed.
Sahay: Thank you, but we aren’t used to so much of hospitality.

Gauri felt a sudden shake of soul as something inside her churned hearing Sahay’s words. They have definitely seen alot, alot more then she could even imagine. Gauri makes her way to bed and sits besides the duo, ignoring their NO she takes their head and keeps it protectively on her lap and starts humming some random lullaby while stroking their hair lightly. No sooner the duo were fast asleep and so was Gauri, whose head now rested on the bed rest and hands still on the duo’s head.

By the dusk, the kids woke up and found themselves for the very first time in someone’s lap.
Sahay: You asked whether we can count on her or not?
Asya nodded her head.
Sahay: I will prefer staying my entire life with her then anyone else.
Saying that he lightly kisses Gauri’s cheek followed by Asya. Gauri wakes up with affectionate touch on her cheeks and looks at the duo who were starring her admiringly.
Gauri: All okay.
Sahay: Never have been better before.

Saying that he crashed into Gauri’s chest and so did Asya. Gauri reciprocated the hug with motherly affection.
Gauri: Relax guys it’s all okay, cheer up.
Both smile at her in a much better way then before.
Gauri looks at the walk clock: Shit!
Asya: What happened?
Gauri: He might be here any moment.

Sahay curiously: Who?
Gauri: Omkara.
Asya: Whose that?
Gauri: My friend.
Asya teasingly: Friend…. Or boy friend.

Gauri narrows her eyes at Asya who shrugs it off with giggling. So peaceful were her giggles to Sahay who had heard them for the very first time, only he could feel the happiness. While Gauri started tickling Asya for her teasing and the entire room was filled with Asya’s giggles to which both Gauri and Sahay smiled. Gauri looked up at Sahay, the serenity and calmness of his face told her his part of tale too. She took him into a side hug and kissed him on his head.
Gauri: Come on both of you get ready quickly.
Both looked at her and then she realises that they don’t have any luggage.
Gauri: Got to go for shopping, first thing to do tomorrow.
Asya: I hate it.

Sahay: I have no problem.
Gauri looks at Asya: I am not buying clothes for myself Miss. so better get going without another word.
Sahay chuckled at Asya’s expense.
Asya: Not that funny.

She smacks her hand on his upper arm.
Gauri: Fine stop it guys. You both can go to garden and play.
Both jump out of the bed and make their way to the door.
Gauri sternly: But don’t dear step out of the house, not even for a mili second.
Both nod and run to the garden, while Gauri smiles at the kids.

A black Mercedes stops at the gate of the garden while three man come out of it, they are none other then ShivOmRu.
Shivaay: OmRu you both go in I will be there in a while, got to make an important call.
OmRu nod and walk in somehow they had successfully managed to capture Shivaay at his office and pull along to Gauri’s place.

A ball hits Shivaay’s lower leg and he turns to look at it. Sahay walks out to take it and sees it in hands of Shivaay.
Sahay: Kindly, pass the ball.

Shivaay: Can’t you see and play.
Asya who had followed Sahay speaks in defence: We saw and played, only but unfortunately the ball failed to get his eye surgery done.
She said trying to act comical to which Sahay chuckled but Shivaay didn’t seem quite glad with the counter reply.
Shivaay speaks up plainly yet with a hint of anger: Don’t you dear back answer.
Asya ignoring his words speaks sternly: Ball.
Shivaay throws the ball and walks away.
Asya: How rude?

Sahay: Let’s teach him a lesson, what’s say.
Asya smiled and joined hands with Sahay.

After a while Shivaay enters the garden as soon as he steps in, a sprinkler turns on almost soaking him wet. He moves back in shock.
Shivaay: What the wuck?
Both the kids smirk from behind the bushes.
A few seconds later the sprinkler is turned off and Shivaay again attempts to walk in but as soon as he does that the sprinkler turns on again. He jumps back being annoyed.

Shivaay self questions: What’s going on?

The sprinkler again comes to halt and Shivaay puts his foot in just to check whether the sprinkler starts again or not but after being sure enough, he walks in. A few step away from main gate he encounters a wire and trips falling down in the puddle full of mud which got accumulated due to uninvited rain done by sprinklers. He gets up being more annoyed and takes out a handkerchief and rubs his face when he hears giggling sound from behind. He turns to encounter the trouble maker.

Shivaay walks to him: How dear….

He’s cut by burst of colour filled water at him by Sahay. This enrages Shivaay but he controls himself. Another shot of coloured water and Shivaay’s anger crosses all limits and he bursts out at the two trouble makers.

Shivaay: Have you both lost it. What the wuck was all this?
Asya: Payback for your rudeness.
Sahay: You could have been soft with Asya.
Shivaay: As if I care. You mannerless kids.
Asya speaks in same attitude as Shivaay’s: As if we care.
Shivaay glares her.
From the blue he receives a call.
P.O.C.: Sir,…

Before Shivaay hears further in anger he strokes his cell phone that lands on his car’s bonnet. Asya glares Shivaay and so does Sahay while Shivaay divides his glare time between the duo. Both bow down and take a stone in their hands and throw it towards Shivaay’s car breaking the windscreen in million pieces.

Shivaay looks on shocked at his car and then at the duo both move to him and dusting their hands and stand facing him with equal tadi.
Asya: You only don’t have the copy right on anger Mr.
Shivaay glares her being all red in anger.

By the continuous banging sound OmRu and Gauri come out, it would be an understatement if I say that they were shocked – they were baffled looking at the scene in front of their eyes. Just in order to believe it they blinked their eyes and rubbed it with the fist of their hands.

Gauri: Gajab.
OmRu cupping their faces: Ye ho kya raha hai?
(What’s happening?)

Shivaay turns to the stunned three and in anger overflowing: Who the hell are they Gauri?
Gauri becomes suddenly aware of his apprehension: Bade Bhaiya, why don’t you come in and clean yourself, first, then I will tell you everything in detail.
Shivaay nods and glaring the kids walks inside.
Sahay shouts from back: Do you need help Mr. Arrogant.

Asya laughs while Shivaay chooses to ignore and walks in. Three others stare a retreating figure of Shivaay and the kids in front of them.

Om: What was this?
Both the kids look at him and rather then answering walk upto Gauri and stand withe her, Gauri understands their discomfort so she doesn’t pushes them to reply to the other two but rather decides to question them on her own.

Gauri: Asya, Sahay tell me, what happened and why did you do this with bade bhaiya?
Sahay: He spoke arrogantly with Asya, he had to pay back for that.
Asya: He was rude to Sahay too.
Gauri huffs in hearing the two and massages her temples.
Rudra: Ary bhaiya was talking normally only, this is his way.

Asya: So we didn’t like his way only and rudeness isn’t welcomed.
Rudra shuts his mouth.
Gauri: Forget it, let’s go in.
Five of them walk in and find Shivaay already sitting on the couch, kids make not so pleased look at his encounter.

Gauri cheerfully: Bade bhaiya, I am so glad to see you. Thank you for coming.
Shivaay hugging Gauri speaks in conventionally caring tone: Anything for my sister.
Gauri smiles back at his gesture and so does the O bro’s.
Shivaay looking at the kids: Who are they?

Gauri: Bade bhaiya….
Gauri pauses for a while unable to make out whether she should lie to them or tell the truth, she looks at the kids and makes up her mind.
Gauri: Bade bhaiya, they are my friend Mayuri’s kids Mayuri is out of town so they would be staying with me.
Shivaay nods.
Gauri cheerfully turns to the kids: And he is….
Asya: Not required.
All give her a confused look.

Rudra: Why?
Asya: Ek insaan ki pehchaan uske kaam aur charitra se hoti hai aur Vo toh hum already dekh chuke hain.
(A person is known by his work and character and we have known that well, already.)

Shivaay looks at them with pierced glare and forehead lines turning into a frown.
Gauri clears her throat and smiles uncomfortably: Umm… Asya please… (she nervously signals her to stop, and Asya nods in return.) Umm… Asya, Sahay he is my bade bhaiya, Shivaay Singh Oberoi, (turning to Omkara) my best friend Omkara Singh Oberoi and their younger brother-cum- my partner in crime Rudra Singh Oberoi.
Both Asya and Sahay nod their head in approval.
Gauri still with an awkward smile and gritting teeth: Come on guys greet them.
She pushes the duo a bit, with a glare.
Asya and Sahay mechanically: Good evening.

Shivaay just passes a glare while OmRu reciprocate.
Gauri: While you guys sit and talk, I will get some snacks.
All nod and sit on the sofa.
OmRu sit in the centre while Shivaay towards their left and Asya and Sahay to the right. The room was enveloped in pin drop silence. OmRu were analysing the situation as if they were sandwiched between two fat teachers.

Om took the initiative to start a conversation: So Asya, Sahay how old are you two?
Sahay: 6.
He says curtly while Asya doesn’t bother replying, she was getting red hot in anger, owing to the SSO anyways.
Rudra: So, where do you both study?

Both look at each other alarmingly and then turn around casually.
Asya: St…. Pe… Peter…Petersburg… St. Petersburg.
She stammers as the magazine from which she read the name was quite far away from her site.
Rudra: Oh nice, even we three have studied there. So has Mrs. Braganza taught you two also, she teaches my niece who hates her to infinity.

Asya slaps herself mentally for landing herself in another square of trouble while Sahay looks on helplessly.
Asya: Umm…. No.

Rudra curiously: Why?
Asya huffs: Because most likely the school has other staff too and we shifted here a few months back only.
She carries on her lie so cleanly that none can doubt her statement but Rudra feels a little offended and seizes to ask any further question.
Gauri reappearing from the kitchen: Tan- tana here are your snacks. So what all have you been talking about.
Om: Nothing much, just a word or two.
Gauri looks at Shivaay annoyingly: Bade bhaiya please leave your cell, you aren’t here for a business meet.

Shivaay leaves the cell without any further action.
Gauri: So tell me how are the rest.
Om: Everyone is really good and they want to meet you, especially, Ariana.
Gauri: Then why didn’t you bring her along.
Om: She had a class with Mrs. Braganza.
Gauri being confused: At this hour.
She says looking at the watch.

Om: Ya preps for annual day and all.
Gauri nods with a smile.
Rudra: Well, di, she was asking you to join us on this Sunday.
Gauri: Of course, I will. Above that I was thinking of visiting everyone, maybe tomorrow for breakfast.

Rudra: Awesome idea.
They continued to chit chat for another while and then O Bro’s left for their house.

As soon as the brothers entered everybody got shocked seeing Shivaay being coloured, their mouths were wide open and so were their eyes.
Pinky: O my Mata! What happened to you Shivaay?
Shivaay: Nothing, mom.

Ariana who was coming from behind holding a glass of water didn’t notice Shivaay standing and banged into him spilling the water on him.
Shivaay in anger: What the wuck?
He looks down at Ariana who had opened her eyes wide in anticipation to her non deliberate act.
Shivaay: Can’t you see and walk Ariana.

Ariana blinks her eyes as Shivaay spoke to her in anger. Shivaay leaves from there to change.
Ariana walks upto OmRu and placing her hands on her hips she speaks in investigating tone.
Ariana: Where have you left my papa? Whose this angry young man?
Rudra: No idea. We took bhaiya only with us, God only knows how he changed.
Dadi: What do you mean?

Rudra: Dadi, bhaiya was completely normal, I mean as usual before we entered Gauri di’s house but then he changed….
Dadi: Kya matlab?
(What do you mean?)

Om: Dadi, today Shivaay got angry and not only that he even showed tadi.
All: What?
Ariana: Ta… Ta… Tali… Whatever. What does it means?
Om: Umm… It means arrogance or showing off your richness.
Asya: Right.
Dadi curiously: Detail mai batao kya hua.
(Tell in detail, what had happened.)

OmRu explain the entire interaction that took place among Asya, Sahay and Shivaay. All look at them amused as if they have escaped a circus.
Pinky: Rehne do… Faltu mai mann behlane ke liye keh rahe ho ye kahani tum dono.
(Let it be you both are narrating this story only to uplift our mood.)
Rudra being disappointed: Aur Vo colour bhaiya ki shirt par aur toti hui car Vo saab apko lagta hai kya hum ne kiya hai.
(The colour on bhaiya’s shirt and broken windscreen are proof of that. Obviously, we wouldn’t have done that.)

All nod in agreement.
Dadi: Mujhe toh un dono bacchon se milna hai bas.
(Now I just want to meet those two kids.)
Rudra: Mil Lena dadi kal subha hi Gauri di aa rahe hain breakfast ke liye toh vo dono bhi ayenga hi unke saath.
(Sure dadi, tomorrow morning Gauri di is coming and I am sure the duo would be accompanying her too.)

Shivaay after getting changed was sitting on bed holding a picture cube, that was hand-made and seemed a little wired off. He rotated the cube in his hand for a while and then placed it back in the drawer near his bed and closed it. At the same time Ariana entered the room.
Ariana: Papa, are you alright.
Shivaay: Ya Aru, I am fine what happened to me.
Ariana blinked her eyes vigorously and shook her head in disbelief, shaking her ears with her hand she questioned Shivaay back: What did you just call me?
Shivaay: Why, What happened?
Ariana: What happened? You just called me Aru…

Shivaay remembers saying the word and looks at her and nods in ‘so what?’.
Ariana: That’s not a problem but you never call me with nick name.
Shivaay nods and sits back straightening his back with the bed.
Ariana: You know, Omi papa and Rudy papa told what happened at Rapunzel’s house. You didn’t seem to be really yourself.

Shivaay looked at her with no emotion in particular how-was-he to tell that once that was his real self, he was once the man whose anger use to bring cold tremors to everyone, who had broken many phones but till nearly 4 yrs back, it was going to be 4 years to that incident, the incident that changed his life 360 degrees.
Ariana waved in front of Shivaay bring him out of his zoomed out world.
Ariana: Are you, okay.

Shivaay nods.
Ariana: I would really wish to see you in that way. At least you will show some emotion. You know everyone remains worried for your changed behaviour, but me. No wonders, I never saw your other side. From day one I have seen you like this only showing less, caring more; you are really weird and tough for me to understand.

It wasn’t the first time Ariana was complaining about Shivaay’s behaviour but Shivaay liked it anyways, he himself is in a state where he is oblivion of his own self. He knows he hurts Ariana, she too isn’t in good enough a state but then he just can’t help. Anyways he liked hearing to Ariana all the time, if nothing at least he could be a good listener for his daughter.

He pulls away one hair strand from Ariana’s face as she continued speaking to him. It’s then she looked upto him, expecting a word from his side but as always she knew she will be disappointed at the end.

Shivaay: So how are your preparations going on?
Ariana: Good.
Shivaay: It’s quite late and time for bed too. Come on.
Ariana nodded and starts to leave.
Shivaay holds her hand and she turns to look at him: Sleep here.

Ariana smiles at him and hops over the bed. Shivaay strokes her hair till she is in deep slumber.

In an isolated forest that shows no trace of any human the sole living spices that inherit the place are wild animals and trees. In the haunting silence of night none of the birds even dear make a sound only few vultures and eagles escape the place shouting doing no good to the horrible night, whistling of the trees to makes the place horrible.
But in the mid of this a black BMW makes a way crushing the pale yellow leaves and reach an iron cubical in the mid of the forest that is nearly 25 kms away from the road. The car stops making a creek sound and a number of armed men in black suit come out of the car followed by another man who is in black tuxedo. He enters the cubicle with his armed force and sees men inside, who shiver on seeing him and their words fumble million times before being completed.
Man: S… Si… Sir… Sir actu… Actually…

The other man who had entered (Sir) shows his hand to stop that man.
Sir: If you don’t get those kids back in a weeks time then I will send you to your death bed.
The other men nods being afraid.
Sir: What about other kids?

Man: Sir… They know… Nothing about them…
Sir nods: Get them before I burry you.
All his men nod and he leaves the place.

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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