MANZIL (Chapter 9)


Recap : Ishra & Hargun nok jhok.. Sanskar beat up boys for teasing swara

Suddenly all lights get off..

Someone hold Kushi from behind Kushi about to scream but suddenly she realise its Arnav.. She’s about to tell everyone is at home but he kiss her..

Arnav : missed you soo much…

Kushi : Arnav light.. Ah.. Everyo.. ( he interrupt )

Arnav : what’s this kushi instead of kissing me back you are asking about lights..

Kushi : Arnav woh … ( he interrupt )

Arnav : I need it now.. Or else I’ll give one more..

Raman : oh God.. Ye dekhne se pehle meri aakhe kyun nahi chaligayi.. ( why didn’t I loose my eyes before seeing this )

Arnav release kushi.. Lights get on.. Everyone look at Raman like what was that..

Raman : this would be Garima aunty’s reaction

Ishu : pyaar mein pagal huye ek diwana ek hasina ( two mad people in love )

Harshad : pata hai pyaar andha hota hai.. Magar aas paas tho dekh lo (I know love is blind.. But at least watch out for people around..)

Swara : why are you people troubling them.. At least they’re showing romantic movie not like you 4.. You show only action & horror movies

Shagun : let’s get them married..

Arshi : noo…

Everyone look at them confused but swasan are worried..

Arnav : I need time.

Kushi : we want to enjoy.. Let’s think of it later..

Everyone have dinner & are sitting in garden..

Ishitha gets a call & everyone get annoyed…

Ishu : hello..

Abhimanyu : I guess I disturbed you. Its late already..

Ishu : no.. Aap nikle waha se ( you left from there )

Abhimanyu : yep I’m in train now.. Will reach there by tmrw 6am..

Ishu : I’ll pick you.. You won’t get taxi that early..

Abhimanyu : aap ka dinner.. ( your dinner )

Ishu : ji hogaya.. Aapka ? ( finished.. Yours ?)

Arnav : why don’t anyone give him some poison

She talk for a while & comeback.. Everyone is just annoyed & are silent..

Ishu : what happened now why are you so annoyed with him always…

Kushi : you know the reason better di..

Ishu : no I don’t know.. What’s his mistake

Raman : right its not his.. Its your mistake..

Raman leave..

Arnav : you ask him to stay away from me di.. I can’t control myself..

Arshi & swasan leave giving irritated look

Ishu : what’s wrong with you all can’t he even come to meet me.. He’s my .. ( arnav push the vase on ground & leave )

Shagun : no ones stopping you ishu… He can meet you who are we to stop him.. ( she say sarcastically & leave..)

Tears start flowing down ishu’s eyes.. Harshad comfort her..

Ishu : what’s my mistake why are they behaving like this..

Harshad : its neither your mistake nor their.. Its fate’s mistake ishu..

Mid night…

Ishu is sitting in garden.. Raman is watching her from balcony with teary eyes.. Toasting a drink. Kushi come there..

Kushi : I’m sorry di I shouldn’t have talked that way

Ishu : its ok..

Kushi : can I ask you something..

Ishu : hmm..

Kushi : don’t you think you took the decision in haste

Ishu : you are small to understand it chutki.. You are lucky to have chote in your life.. But everyone lovestory won’t have a fairytale ending. That was my fate..

Kushi : but di.. You can still.. I mean you & Raman bhai can get back together..

Ishu : tum paagal hogayi ho.. ( you have become mad )

Kushi : di.. Listen.. Nothing is spoiled.. Still..

Ishu : no chutki.. Yeh kabhi nahi ho sakta.. Mein aur raman ateet the.. Aur ab hum dono ki raaste bhi alag aur MANZIL bhi alag ( this can never happen me & Raman are past.. Now our paths are also different & our destiny is also different)

Hearing this glass breaks in Raman’s hand.. Kushi run upstairs.. Ishra are having a intense eyelock but there is hatred instead of love..

Humari aduri kahani plays….

Next morning..

10 am..

Harshad & ishu picked abhimanyu from station..
Still no ones down.. Ruhi come running..

Ruhi : what’s this still no ones here… Again late today ah..?

Harshad : mam we are here.. Look whisper here..

She see abhimanyu.. Ruhi too doesn’t like him much but neither hate like others..

Ruhi : hello Mr. Sen..

Abhimanyu : hi Ms.Bhalla.. How are you long time..

Ruhi : I’m fine..
Servant come there..

Ishu : where’s everyone kaka..

Servant : in bhalla mansion..

Ishu gets disappointed..

Ruhi : ok then let’s go there.. We shall have breakfast together…

She take them forcefully everyone get annoyed seeing him there.. But formally talk with him..

Everyone leave for work.. Ishu too leave making some excuse…

Ishu enter the hospital & Mrs sethi encounter her

Mrs Sethi : I thought you won’t come today..

Ishu : why ? You saw it in dream Mrs Sethi (she joked )

Mrs Sethi : what’s the need of dream.. I know Abhimanyu is here…

Ishu’s smile vanish & she go making excuses..

Arnav is shouting on everyone in office.. Kushi & swasan come into his cabin..

Arnav : I don’t want to talk..

Kushi : but we need to..

Swara : please listen bhai.. Don’t you want to make everything right..

Arnav : what can be done now..

Sanky : listen to our plan.. ‘Abhimanyu only knows to enter chakravyuva but doesn’t know the escape’

Kushi : he has already entered our cgakravyuva.. Now he won’t be spared..

Swara : we will kick him out of ishu di’s life & unite ishra…

Kushi : so here’s our plan… (she tell something)

Sanky : now don’t deny.. It will work..

Arnav : ok..

Evening everyone in mall fir shopping as ruhi’s school reopens..

Abhi is also helping them..

Raman & abhi choose different bags.. But ishu select the one Raman gave this happens with everything.. Abhimanyu gets bit irritated but doesn’t show..


Abhimanyu is waiting for Ishu but she isn’t home yet.. He call her.

Abhi : hello Ishu.. Its late already.. When are you coming..

Ishu : ah.. I’ll be late.. I think I can’t make it tonight.. There’s one major operation to be done here.. So you sleep..

Ishu cuts the call & shagun see this & wonder why ishu lied there was no operation in hospital.

Precap :
Hill top..

Kushi is hugging arnav from behind…

Kushi : I’m the luckiest person… ( she scream )

Arshi romance

Abhi : I feel there’s no privacy here ishu.. I think we better shift to quaters till I stay here..

Ishu gets worried..

Why do abhimanyu want to move out that too with ishitha..,? What relation do they share,? Any guesses guys..

Credit to: Anaya

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