MANZIL (Chapter 8)


Recap : Raman take care of sanskar. Ruhi punish ishra & hargun for fighting in party..

Ruhi : chutki give me those..

Kushi bring handcuffs..

Ishra & hargun look on tensed..

Ruhi : Chote tie these 4 with handcuffs..

Ishra & hargun : nooo..

Ruhi : chote jaldi karo.. ( tie fast Arnav )

Shagun- Raman & ishu – harshad come together..

Ruhi : yeh kya hai.. Jiske saath jagda kiya tha uske saath chalo swap.. ( what’s this.. You will tied with whom you fought )

Raman : don’t you like your chachu.. ( uncle) Why are you tieing him with chudail ( witch )

Ishu : mein chudail toh tum Rakshas raavan kumaar ( me witch !? Then you demon raavan kumar )

They start again..

Ruhi : stop… ( she scream )

Looking at her angry glares…

Ishra : sorry sorry we won’t fight again..

Arnav tie handcuff to ishu’s left & Raman’s right hand..

Harshad : look we are not even fighting ruhi… Sorry naa don’t tie us please..

Ruhi : rules are rules..

Shagun : but he have to go to office & me to hospital

Ruhi : that’s your problem ladna se pehle sochana chahiye tha naa.. Uffo kitna embarrass kiya kal sabke saamne… tum logo ko kahi nahi lejaana chahiye ( you should have thought before fighting.. Uff how much you embarrassed me yesterday.. Shouldn’t take you people to anywhere )

Arnav : drama queen..

Arnav tie handcuff to Shagun’s left & harshad’s right hand

Kushi : she is the best to handle these 4 look at their faces.. waise do you have one more handcuff

Arnav : no why..

Kushi : for us.. So that you cancel your plan..

Arnav : oh… I’ll be back soon baby..

Swara : kya phasaya hai ruhi ne aaj waah.. ( ruhi has trapped them very well today )

Sanky : mein bach gaye bhai door hi rahenge mujhse.. Warna aaj toh pakka pitayi hoti.. ( I’m saved Raman will be away from me.. Or else today 100% I would got bashed )

Swara : do you know how much everyone was worried .. Ah ? Raman bhai was almost on verge of crying.. Idiot..

Sanky : really..


Ishra pulling each other..

Raman : I want to sit in my cabin..

Ishu : no we will go to mine..

They fight & finally Raman pull her to his cabin.. They check the patients together..


Shagun : I want to go to hospital..

Harshad : ok.. Chutki can handle in office..

Mrs Sethi see them entering hand in hand she couldn’t see handcuff as shagun has covered it with dupatt ( veil )

Mrs Sethi : at least now they’ve got some brains

Lunch time..

Raman : will you walk fast monkeys are dancing in my stomach..

Ishra reach home & hargun are already eating.. Kushi is feeding Harshad as his right hand is tied.

Kushi about to feed onion..

Shagun : no chutki he doesn’t like fried onion..

Everyone look at her..

Then after sometime..

Kushi about to feed beetroot..

Shagun : wait wait.. He’s allergic to it..

Harshad get happy seeing her concern.. But soon shagun hides it..

Sanky : ( whisper ) large raho sahi jaarahi ho kushi.. Aur allergic sabzi kilaav aur pyaar jagav.. ( keep on.. You are doing correct.. Feed more allergic veggies & more love will come out )

Swara serve ishra..

Ishu start eating & Raman look at swara..

Swara : ah.. I’m going to college bye..

Sanky : hey wait even I’m coming he too leave..

Kushi : wait bhai I’ll feed you just 10 mins..

Raman make sad face as he is very hungry

Suddenly a hand comes towards his mouth to feed him its ishu’s..

Raman : no need I’ll wait..

Ishu : before monkeys in your stomach reach your brain & spoil it even more eat it..

He eat as he is very hungry..



Swara : he proposed me sanky..

Sanky : so what..? That’s why you slapped him.. Are you insane swara.. You could have refused decently na..

Swara : ( in tears ) he held my hand look my bracelet also broke & you are screaming on me

There is small wound & blood is coming out from her hand.. Sanky immediately tie kerchief

Sanky : You slapped him swara.. That’s wrong..


A couple come into their cabin

Ishu : what’s the problem..

Women : he gets tired very often & say chest is paining so we came..

Man winks at Raman & he understands..

Ishu check him..

Ishu : ah.. There’s nothing I see & reports are also nor.. ( Raman snatch report )

Raman : ah.. Your husband have a risk of getting heart attack.. Take good care of him don’t give him much stress.. Don’t make him do any stress full work..

Ishu : Raman what are you saying..

Couple leave taking prescription..

Ishu : what was that.. You cheated them( she ask angrily )


Sanky : You slapped him swara.. That’s wrong.. You should have killed him..

Swara : no sanskar.. Stop..

Sanskar beat some boys black & blue..

Sanskar : aaj ke baad mere swara ke aas paas bhi dikhe naa maar daaloonga.. ( if I see you anywhere around my swara then I’ll kill you )


Raman : oye.. Relax.. I didn’t cheat.. I did this on request of that poor married man..

Ishu : what..?

Raman : I lied to save him from his wife’s atyachar.. Bechare se kaam karwa karwake.. Jagada kar karke parishaan kar rakha tha ab dekho kaise kyaal rakhegi.. ( poor man.. His wife had troubled him a lot by making him do household chores & fighting with him.. Now see how she will take care of him.. )

Ishu : what.. Do you have any idea.. Uspe kyaa bit rahi hogi actually tumne hi uske pati ko yeh idea diya hoga haina.. ( she start shouting )

Raman keep finger on her mouth.. Sshh..

Raman : don’t shout how many times I have said don’t give lectures to me.. Woh sunta hoga mein nahi.. ( he might listen to them but not me )- he say tauntingly with smirk )

Ishu : haan sunte hai woh.. In fact mujhe Kuch kehane ki hi zaroorat nahi kud hi samajh jaate hai.. Kyun woh tumhari tarah nahi hai.. ( yes he listen.. In fact there is no need of me telling him anything.. He will understand by himself.. Bcoz he’s not like you..)

Raman : iss liye choda mujhe.. ( that’s why you left me.. He say sarcastically)

Ishu about to say something but she get a call..

Phone screen flashes.. Abhimanyu calling..


They are returning home but Mrs sethi come in middle..

Mrs Sethi : waah aaj toh bada pyaar aaraha hai ek doosre pe.. Har jagah saath saath jaa rahe ho.. Kyun harshad office nahi jaana.. ( wow today your pouring so much love one each other.. Roaming everywhere together ah.. Why harshad don’t you want to go to office .. ) she tease..

Hargun just give smile getting irritated…


Ruhi has freed them
Kushi is calling Arnav but he isn’t picking.. She’s pacing around tensed..

Shagun : relax Kushi he might be coming that’s why not picking phone..

Kushi : but di.. I said there will be no one at home & still he’s late..

Suddenly all lights get off..

Someone hold Kushi from behind Kushi about to scream but suddenly she realise its Arnav.. She’s about to tell everyone is at home but he kiss her..

Arnav : missed you soo much…

Precap :

Arshi romances.. Ishitha gets a call & everyone get annoyed…

What relation does abhimanyu & ishu share.. Any guesses guys..?

Credit to: Anaya

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