MANZIL (Chapter 7)


Recap : A couple in hospital show recovery signs.. Sanskar is missing

Shagun : where is sanskar..

Everyone look for him in surroundings but doesn’t find him anywhere & get worried.. Already tears start forming in ladies’ eyes…

Harshad : calm down everyone.. We 3 will go lodge complaint & search for him.. You people go home..

Arnav : yes.. Di you dial his friends number & ask them..

Arnav , raman & Harshad leave.. Ishgun go to bhalla mansion & start calling his friends.. Swara & kushi go to Raizada mansion checking ruhi..

After 2 hours..

No one could find anything about sanky.. All are worried..

Swara : kushi di I know where he will be.. I’ll go & bring him..

Kushi ; no swara you can’t go alone wait..

Swara : di everyone is busy.. Let me find him first.. Then I’ll call & inform you..

Kushi : ok take care..

Swara leave..

An old temple…

Sanskar is sitting on the steps holding his head.. Swara come there..

Swara : sanskar…

She go & hug him… start consoling him.. He is not in his senses..

Swara : are you drunk..? That too in temple

A man dressed like agori ( lord Shiva’s devotee) come to them..

Agori : no beta.. Its lords Prasad to soothe his pain.. I gave it to him…

She get scared seeing him & call Raman to come there.. They reach in 2 mins as they were near..

Raman & harshad hold swasan.. & Arnav about to confront agori.. But he start talking..

Agori : your pains are gonna end.. Love will return to your lives… They both will recover.. Their life will be back.. This the beginning of the end of all your struggles… The path is hard ahead but you’ll get everything back which was snatched.. MANZIL mein sirf kushi milegi pyaar milega pariwaar milega.. Har har mahadev.. ( your destiny have love happiness & family )

He go away chanting shiv mantras..

Swara : what did he mean..

Harshad : he gave us ray of hope

Arnav : he’s nothing more than mad man… Let’s go home..

Bhalla mansion

Raman make sanky lie on bed remove his shoes pull his quilt.. & sit beside him caressing him..


Shagun : really agori said that.. ?

Hars : yes..

Ishu : then soon everything will be fine.. Didn’t we see miracle in hospital today..

Kushi : this place divine.. Hope everything will be fine soon…

Arnav : I’ve seen enough drama for today.. So all of you to your rooms now..

Sanky’s room

In midnight suddenly sanky get up & scream bhaiyya bhabhi… he is still not in his senses.. Raman start consoling him..

Raman : calm down.. They’re fine.. Calm down

Sanky hug him tight..

Sanky : nothing will happen to them naa.. They’ll be fine right..

Raman : yes.. They’ll be fine.. Sleep now..

Sanky : tod… today in hospital.. They.. They were..

Raman : they’ll be fine I promise.. Sleep now..

Raman make him sleep on his lap.. Ishu sees this..

Ishu : ( to herself ) dil mein itna pyaar hai phir bhi khadoos bane phirne ka Shauk ( so much love in heart but still wearing mask of angry man)

Next day..

It was already 10 & no one was ready to get up.. But Ruhi got up & woke everyone

Sanky woke up & found himself on raman’s lap..

Sanky : oh Teri.. I’m trapped in lion’s den its better I escape before he wakes up..

Sanky about to get up but Raman hold him..

Sanky : haa bhai.. Gud mrng.. Woh actually.. Kal.. ( yesterday.. )

Raman : ( interrupt ) are you ok..

Sanky : ah? Haan haan ( surprised )

Raman : sar bahut dukh raha hai ? ( is your head paining a lot ? )

Sanky : ji.. Woh.. ( hmm.. )

Raman : go freshen up.. & I’ll bring lime water for you..

Sanky : ( to himself ) ab ine kya hua.. Sher ne galathi se gaas kaa li kya.. Na.. Beta sanky.. Sambhalke.. Yeh toofan se pehle ki khaamoshi hai.. ( what happened to him.. Did lion eat grass by mistake.. No.. Sanky better be careful this is the silence before the storm )

At 11_pm
Everyone one are down

Ruhi : ooh ho.. What’s this.. Acche bacche jaldi uthe hai.. ( good children wake up early ) & what’s the time now.. Ah..?

Raman : ruhi…

Ruhi : sshh.. Don’t talk in middle..

Harshad : we are sorry princess we won’t be late from tomorrow.. Ok

Ruhi turn away..

Swara : she’s angry on you 4 ( ishra & hargun )

Shagun : but why

Sanky : because of party…

Ishu : what happened in party..

Here everyone are behind ruhi but our love birds are lost in their own world..

Arshi are standing in a corner holding each others hand..

Arnav : you are looking gorgeous today..

Kushi : don’t butter me now.. Is it so necessary to go.. Can’t you send someone else..

Arnav : no baby you too know it..

Kushi : but.. How will I spend time without you..

Arnav : I’ll call you in every 2 hrs ok..

Kushi : ok.. ( happily )

Sanky : hello love birds hold on… and arnav if you call her for every 2 hrs & talk 3hrs then what work will you do there.. And Kushi madam he will back by night.. Can’t you spend one day in office without him.. God..!!!

Arshi : sanky…

Sanky : ok leave it & explain these 4 why ruhi is angry on them..

Ruhi is angry as they fought in the party

Raman : no ruhi we didn’t fight it was ..

Ruhi : ( interrupt ) don’t lie.. Or else..

Shagun : ok ok sorry now.. We won’t fight again ok..

Ruhi : not ok you will get punishment for it..

Ishu : ok we accept what we have to do..

Ishra & hargun see arshi & swasan giving you are gone looks..

Ruhi : khaan pakdiye.. ( hold ears )

Raman : sach mein uthak baithak karwaoge sorry naa.. ( will really make us do sit-ups sorry naa.. )

He make innocent face but ruhi is determined

Ruhi : fast.. Don’t do dramas..

All 4 hold ears & about to do situps but..

Ruhi : stop… what’s this..? Have you forgot the rules..

Harshad : what rules.? ( he ask even though he know )

Ruhi : when you fight with each other you should hold each other’s ears & do sit-ups..

All 4 : no..

Ruhi give angry look & Ishra & hargun invetibly hold each other’s ears..

Ruhi : now start..

They up to 10 & ruhi asks them to stop..

Ruhi : chutki give me those..

Kushi bring something & seeing it ishra & hargun are shocked..

Precap :

Mrs Sethi : waah aaj toh bada pyaar aaraha hai ek doosre pe.. Har jagah saath saath jaa rahe ho.. Kyun harshad office nahi jaana.. ( wow today your pouring so much love one each other.. Roaming everywhere together ah.. Why harshad don’t you want to go to office .. ) she tease..

Hargun just give smile getting irritated…

Guess what ruhi might have done with ishra & hargun guys..

Credit to: Anaya

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