MANZIL (Chapter 6)


Precap : ishra and hargun taunt each other in party. Arshi have a fight.

Shagun : yeh bakwas plan kiska ka tha.. ( who made this stupid plan)

Raman : I’m sure its sanky’s ( he state angrily)

Sanky : no no bhai.. Why would I die.. Kushi ‘s plan it was..

Ishu : chutki.. ( she’s about to confront )

Kushi : nahi di.. Not mine swara’s

Harshad : kab sudhrogi tum.. Kal se tumhara.. ( when will you grow up.. From tomorrow..)

Swara : ( interrupt) no.. Wait bhai.. I did nothing I planned nothing..

She stare Kushi & Sanky angrily.. They both make puppy face requesting not to tell anything.

Ishu : toh kisne kiya yeh.. Bhoot ne ( then who did this. Ghost? )

Harshad : if you continue to lie.. I’m not talking to you shona..& I’m serious this time

Raman : yeh saari baasha ine kaha samajh aati hai.. Jab tak chaar padhegi nahi. Yeh mooh nahi kolenge.. ( they don’t understand all this language.. They won’t say truth unless get bashed )

He come forward..

Sanky ; no .. Bhai wait we are telling..

Raman : haan bol aur soch ke bolna warna bahut din hogaye hai Teri pitayi nahi huyi aaj Murat niklega.. ( ok tell. & think before you talk or else its been long you got some nice beatings.. It will happen today )

Sanky gulp down his fear & stammer..

Sanky : woh.. Hum.. Haa..( that.. We.. Hmm..)

He look towards kushi.. They both think what to do.. & they see Arnav.. In lawn talking with someone..

Ishu : don’t test our patience now..

Kushi : arnav.. It was his plan..

Hargun & ishra : what..!!

Harshad : I don’t believe this

Ishu : he’s not stupid.. Like you people..

Raman : your one chance finished now ..

Kushi : no we are telling truth.. It was his plan

Sanky : warna humari itni himmat kaha ( or else how could we dare )

Arnav come in finishing the call ishra & hargun stare him angrily..

Arnav : what..?

Raman : its our question.. What?

Shagun hold his ears..

Arnav : ouch di..

Shagun : how dare you.. Ah? koyi Kuch kehata nahi iska matlab tum Kuch bhi karoge ( no one tell you anything it means you will do anything you want )

Ishu : didn’t expect this from you chote..

Arnav : what did I do.. Di leave me.. Its hurting..

Ishu : your plan hurted us too..

Arnav : what plan ?

Raman : nauntaki.. ( dramebaaz ) you stay away from these 3 they’re spoiling you

Shagun twist is ear bit..

Shagun : now stop lieing & apologise

Arnav : for what..

Harshad : for planning all this in function..

Now Arnav understand.. What’s happening.. He look angrily at Kushi & sanskar.. They ask not tell they did this..

Arnav : I’ve done nothing.. Its all planned by..

( Kushi & sanskar close eyes )

Arnav : ruhi..

Kushi & sanskar take a sign of relief

Arnav : now leave me di I did nothing..

She leave his ear..

Shagun : usne kaha aur tum logo ne sun li uski.. ( she said & you people listened )

Sanky : how can we deny her..

Swara : will she listen even if we deny

Ishu : leave it simmo they’re right..

Kushi : don’t you know how good she’s at blackmailing..

Harshad : ok fine now go & sleep.. Its late already

Raman : I’m watching you..

Ishra & hargun go..

Kushi : thank God

Arnav : what?

Sanky : thank you

Kushi frown.. & go.. Arnav go behind her..

Kushi’s room

Kushi go to her room.. & lights get off she think arnav is behind her & turn to confront.. But there’s no one.. She get scared..

Kushi : stop this prank & switch on the light.. Don’t make more angry.. Are you listening. Look Arnav..

Arnav grab her hand pull her closer to him

Arnav : I’m looking.. Tell me what..

Kushi : I’m not talking to you..

He look in eyes.. Just admiring her..

Kushi : your looks won’t calm my anger down..

Arnav leaving kushi : yep I know.. So ..

He give her a plate.. With full of gelebis.. Correction burnt gelebis..

Kushi get happy.. & hug him.. They both go to lawn & start having them..

Kushi : I’m teaching you since childhood but still you don’t get how to prepare them..

Arnav : I’ll learn very soon..

Kushi : you better.. I doubt you will even make burnt gelebis for consoling our grandchildren

Arnav : first tell me how many children you want.. Then let’s think of grandchildren.. ( he tease..)

Kushi blush

Arnav : I need 2.

Kushi : no only one..

Arnav : no 2.. one girl & 1 boy .. We will raise them just like.. ( he stop )

They stare each other..

Raman’s room

Ishu storm into his room..

Ishu : what do you think of yourself.. What did you mean by that song ah.?

Raman : I don’t want to talk about it.. Now get out..

Ishu : no I won’t.. You will have to answer.. Or else..

Raman hold her hand pulling closer to him..

Raman : or else what.. Phirse chod ke chali jaaogi ( will you leave again )
They stare in each other’s eyes their stance break when shagun enter..

Shagun : Raman.. We are seeing movement in di.. She said something..

Harshad : even captain is showing movements..

Ishra hargun rush out..


Kushi : just like them..

Arnav : we are not getting married only & we are dreaming all this..

Swasan come there.. They hear this last sentence..
Swara : what??

Sanky : let’s go to hospital.. Its urgent

All 8 reach hospital..

Ishra & shagun are checking a couple who are lying lifeless since 5 years.. Others are desperately waiting outside..

Raman : where is Mr.Sethi. why isn’t he here yet

Mr Sethi come & start checking the couple..

Ishu : di is saying something.. Uncle..

Sethi : clam down.. Let me check..

Woman ( in low voice ) : So.. Son..

Raman : she said something..

Shagun : see even jijaji’s fingers are shivering..

Woman : so.. sonu.. ( she’s still unconscious)

Nurse call others in..

All 5 rush in..

Woman : Sonu… Sonu..

Harshad immediately hold her hand..

Harshad : mein yehi hoon di.. Aapke paas ( I’m here only di.. )

Arshi swasan are standing numb there..

Swara : what’s happening..? Are they ok..

Ishu : they’re recovering..

Kushi : will they be out of coma..

Mr Sethi : yes very soon..

Suddenly they see the couple breathing hard.. Oxygen mask is put.. Some injections are given.. Seeing this Arshi swasan get scared.. & they are sent out..

Ishu come to arnav.. He hug her & tears roll down his eyes..

Ishu : sshh.. What’s this why are you crying.. Ah? Nothing has happened to them..

Shagun see kushi & swara also in tears..

Shagun : oh ho.. Its a good sign.. Soon they will be out of coma.. We should celebrate this..
All 5 have a hug ..

Raman & harshad come out..

Mr.Sethi : they’re fine now you people go & rest.. I’m here..

He convince them to go home..
While getting in car..

Shagun : where is sanskar..

They look for him..

Precap :
Sanskar is missing..

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Really nice and BTW wat separted ishra and shargun

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really Interesting yaar…….plzzzzz post next one soon……..

  3. thanks kumud & reshma.. mystery will be revealed as story proceeds.. i will try my best to post once in 2days

  4. Samreen Chougle


  5. Why khushi n arnav didn’t marry till end…. what they r saying??

    Who r admitted in hospital??

    Why ishra n hargun separated???

    I have a lot of questions in my mind…. plz update ur next episode soon…
    I miss ruhi in this episode…

    1. Its a suspence you will have to wait jo

    2. Ruhi will be back with bang in one or two episode.. If you like ruhi.. Then your gonna enjoy those scenes

  6. I m a silent reader of ur ff…. Ur ff is good…. Bt there are lot of questions… Who r admitted? Hw ishra & Hargun seperated? Like that many.. Who is to all of these ppl? I hope u will clear it soon…. Bt u hv good writing skills… God bless you… Take care… 🙂

    1. I mean who is Ruhi to all of these ppl???

    2. Thank you paru.. You will get answers to many of your questions in next 2-3 episodes

      1. Thank you dear… 🙂

  7. Nice 🙂

  8. Yaar your ff is superb …no words…. But y r u not regular yaar… Plz post it soon … checking ur last episode once again today…waiting for new update…….

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