MANZIL (Chapter 3)


Arshi come to mall

Raman : beta hogaya romance poora (finished your romance ah?)

kushi : bhai app (you..)

Arnav : i was just helping her..

Shagun : rehene de beta, hume sab pata hai (leave it.. we know everything)

everyone start shopping

ishu : ruhi look at this one.. it will be perfect for party

ruhi : wow.. maasi its superb

Swasan near trial room

Sanky : swara make it fast how long will you try

swara : one minute.. (she come out wearing black dress)

Swara : how is it

Sanky :superb

Swara : thankyou

Sanky : bilkul 1920 ki lisa lag rahi ho (you are looking just like lisa of 1920) [ Lisa ia heroine in hindi horror film 1920 guys. she is gorgeous but look really scary when ghost enter her body]

Swara : sacchi.. itni acchi lag rahi hoon (really I’m looking that nice..?)

Sanky : haan woh last scene mein uspe bhoot aata hai na tab woh bilkul aisi hi lagti hai (yes in last scene she get possesd by ghost naa then she exactly looks like you)

Swara : sanky ke bacche rukho mein dikhati hoon (you sanky wait ill show you..

she start hitting him

Ishitha & shagun checking out some outfits.. raman & harshad standing behind them

Shagun : ishu i dont like any

Harshad send one saree without her notice & shop keeper gives it to shagun

Shagun : wow.. its so nice.. the design perfectly blends with my style.. I’ll take it

Ishu : now help me finding one

ishu take one saree

Raman : bakwas

ishu see one more saree

Raman : bekaar

ishu select another saree

Raman : isse behuda cheez meine aaj tak nahi dekhi (i havent seen a worst saree than this)

Ishu : pack this

Raman : simmo keha do bhoot lagegi isme (shagun tell her she’ll look like devil in it)

Ishu : simmo kehana phir bhi usse better hi lagoongi (shagun tell him i’ll still look better than him)

harshad & raman go from there

Harshad : you said that intentionally naa.. You liked it g you wanted her to wear it right ..?

Raman : naa.. Tumhara dimaag naa aaj kal zyaada chalne laga hai.. ( no.. Now a days your brain is working more )

Harshad : accha.. ( oh.. Really )

Raman : haan.. ( yes )

Harshad : ishu ko bataav.. ( shall I tell ishu )

Raman : haan beta jaa Jake bolde mein bhi simmo ko bata deta noon woh saree kisne select ki ( ok go & tell her I’ll also tell shagun who selected that saree )

Both smile at each others helpless condition

Ishu : hogayi sabki shopping ..?

Shagun: yep but where is chote & chutki ( arshi )

Sanky : kushi is still selecting

Everyone go to arshi

Swara : kushi di make it fast

Kushi : I’m confused which one to take help me shona

Ishu : God chutki… Saare red colour ke.. Phirse..!!?? ( all red one.. Again..!!??)

Raman : isse kehate hai pyaar mein paagal hona lo dekhlo sab ( this is what is called getting mad in love )

Shagun : your whole wardrobe is filled with red dresses no more now..

Kushi : but di..

Shagun : no means no..

Swara : don’t worry kushi di.. Even if you wear other color dresses arnav bhai will admire you the same way

Everyone laugh while kushi make pout face


Ishitha has prepared dinner for everyone

Arnav : wow what a food loved it di

Harshad : you are the best ishu no one can cook like you right Raman

Raman : haan teek taak hai uss ramu kaka se better ( hmm its ok ok.. Better than that cook)

Sanky : tareef karne mein bhi kajoosi.. ( he won’t even praise properly)

Ishu : kyun simmo bhi kabhi kabhi banaati haina ( why even shagun cook sometimes naa )

All start laughing & shagun make angry face

Arnav : simmo di ka khaana kaana punishment hai ( its punishment to have her food )

Shagun : bahut din hogaye tumhari pitaayi nahi huyi naa iss liye aise bol rahe ho tum ( its been long you didn’t get some nice beatings naa that’s why you are talking so )

Arnav : di..

Shagun : don’t lie.. Raman tumhi batav uss din poochke mujhse cake banwaya tha na.. Acchi thi na ( Raman you only tell that day you made me prepare cake.. Wasn’t it nice )

Raman : haan haan acchi thi.. ( yea it was nice )

Kushi : jhoote ( liar )

Arnav : kaaye hi nahi aur bol rahe ho acchi thi ( you didn’t even it & you’re tell it was nice)

Sanky : do you know why he asked for cake

Shagun : why?

Swara : sanky marks kam aaye the issliye aapka cake khaana uska punishment tha ( sanskar got less marks so it was his punishment to eat your cake )

Shagun : Raman…

Ishu : ok stop it now & have dinner

In between all this Arshi are romancing with their legs under the table but by mistake Kushi start hitting Harshad & arnav start hitting shagun. Hargun glare each other angrily

Shagun : what are you doing?

Harshad : me..? You are doing

Shagun : accha

They start fight but arshi are not in this world

Raman : chup karo yaar dono pagal hogaye ho kya ( stop it both of you have you gone mad )

Shagun : he’s hitting me

Harshad : no she’s hitting me

Swara understand what’s going on..

Swara : ho hello stop it & see our live birds..

Now all realise what’s going on..

Shagun hold Kushi’s ears & harshad hold Arnav’s ears..

Shagun : chutki.. Its your harshad bhai’s leg not your Romeo’s..

Harshad : woh tumhari Hitler di ka pair hai.. Teri Juliet ka nahi ( its your Hitler sister’s leg not your Juliet’s..)

Arshi get embarrassed & excuse themselves

Ishu gets a call she come bit away

Ishu : hello..

Man : aap teek se pohuch gayi ( you got there safely )

Ishu : ji ( yes )

Man : how’s everyone? Ruhi..?

Ishu : fine..ruhi is also fine

She continue talk for a while everyone get annoyed by that call. Ishu bring ice cream for all but Raman get up without having it.. Ishu go behind him.

Ishu : Raman its ur favourite flavour..

Raman : I’m not interested

Ishu : but..

Raman : leave me alone..

Ishu : sun tho lo ( at least listen )

Raman hold her tightly

Raman : agar mein Kuch bol nahi raha hoon tho iska yeh matlab nahi mein sab bhool gaya.. Woh din mein kabhi nahi bhool sakta.. Pehle woh woh accident phir tumhara dhoka.. Kuch nahi bhoola mein samjhi tum..( if I don’t say anything it doesn’t mean I’ve forgot everything that day I can never forget first that accident then your betrayal I can never forget you get it..)

He screamed..

Ishitha : maine dhoka diya.. ?? Tumne dhoka diya tha mujhe.. Aur mein bhi Kuch bhooli nahi hoon.. Lekin mujhe tumhari jaise jaanwaro ki tarah pesh aana nahi aatha.. Tum.. ( I betrayed.?? You betrayed me.. & even I haven’t forgot anything.. But I can’t like animal like you.. You.. )

Raman : ( interruptting ) enough.. Mujhe lecture dene ki zaroorat nahi.. Woh sunta hoga mein nahi.. Issliye gud night..

He go to his room.. Hargun arshi swasan see the whole scene..

Precap : sanky & Kushi hosting the function.. They ask ishra & hargun to ding a song..

Credit to: Anaya

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    1. Thank u kumud. Mystery will be revealed later

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    Its Awesome……. I loved it………

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