MANZIL (Chapter 27)

Recap : ishu kushi leave to Lucknow because of shashi’s I’ll health which turns out to be lie & they’re forced for marriage

Arnav arrive at Gupta mansion & was shocked to learn about marriage preparations going on here

Arnav : where is my Kushi

Shashi : don’t create a scene here.. This marriage is happening with her approval

Arnav : kushi.. Kushi.. ,( he scream)

Kushi hear him in room & bang door

Kushi : Arnav I’m here..

Arnav : open it.. Now..

Some goons attack him but Arnav best them all & break the door.. Kushi hug him as if there’s no tomorrow. Arnav cupping her face..

Arnav : are you fine

Kushi : yes… ( she hug him again)

Arnav : where is ishu di..

Before Kushi could answer someone hit Arnav’s head from behind making him unconscious

Kushi : Arnav…..

She’s dragged & locked in a room & Arnav too in the adjacent room

Kushi : I’ll die before getting married mark my words ( Kushi scream to her parents)

The was a common window between both rooms..

Arnav was lying unconscious & Kushi start screaming his name

Kushi : Arnav.. Arnav get up.. Open your eyes.. Arni..

She find water in her room & throw it on him.. Arnav get his senses

Both come to that window.. Kushi tie her dupatta ( veil) to Arnav’s forehead. Tears start flowing from her eyes seeing his wound

Arnav : ( wiping her tears) chot mujhe lagi hai lekin aasu tumhare beh rahe hai.. Nice connection ( I’m hurt & you’re crying)

Kushi : I shouldn’t have come here only.. I hate them.. I’ll kill them how dare they hurt you

Arnav : calm down my lioness.. I’m here to take care of them.. You just get some sleep you need it & we will be out tomorrow..

Kushi : but.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : trust me kushi.. This marriage won’t happen. But to elope we need energy right now east the dinner & sleep..

Kushi : we both need energy so ( she take the plate & feed first bite to Arnav & later he too fees her & both sleep)

Next day

Haldi ceremony is taking place

Kushi is sitting ideal thinking of Arnav.. She was worried for his injury

Ishu hold her hand & give her some key

Ishu : Kushi this key where Arnav is kept I’ll open your door you escape with him

Kushi nod..

Let after the ceremony ishu open the door & Arshi are free..

Arnav : let’s go di

Ishu : no you two go.. I won’t come

Arshi : what..?

Kushi : di what are you saying what about raman bhaiyya.. Come let’s go

Ishu : of he care he would have come here just like Chote

Arnav : di it’s no time for all this let’s leave

He hold her hand but she doesn’t move

Ishu : no Chote I’m not coming.. He no more love me

Kushi : di.. What’s all this..? Let’s discuss this once we reach Delhi now come

Ishu : I can’t spoil 2 families respect for a cheater

Arnav : what if it’s a misunderstanding

Ishu : you two go & ask him to stop this wedding.. If he come here to take me then I’ll come


After much efforts Arshi reach Delhi by evening & tell what’s going on in Lucknow.. Anjali Rajeev repeatedly call Gupta’s but no one pick the call. As wedding time was next day evening y decide to leave for Lucknow tomorrow morning.. Raman was devastated to hear about it & he get more sad remembering their last fight.. While in Lucknow too ishu remember the same thing

Ishu : I need answers raman.. You just can’t walk away..

Raman : I’m done answering your baseless questions.. ( he turn to leave but ishu hold him)

Ishu : oh now you’re done with him.. So you’re finding new girls to satisfy you

Raman : Ishitha… ( he raise his hand but doesn’t slap her) be in your limits I’m all ready enough angry.. Don’t provoke me more…

Ishu : ( in tears) I hate you..

She run away…

Both come out of their thoughts

Raman : I’m sorry ishu.. I’m sorry for hurting you

Ishu : raman please come & take me from here.. Please prove me wrong.. Please tell me you still love me.. I can’t live without you…

Next day

Swasan ruhi kushi stay in Delhi. Arnav raman shagun leave in one car. Anjali Rajeev & harshad leave in another car to Lucknow. Harshad was driving a car in very high speed in order to reach early suddenly car start getting into trouble.. It starts kicking.. Harshad suddenly understand what’s wrong with car.. Damn it will blast in a minute when informs the same to Rajeev Anjali.. They first push him out of a car..

Harshad fall out of a moving car which goes & collides into a huge tree startling him & a huge blast


Anjali & Rajeev being taken into operation theatre

Anjali : raman.. Ishu..

Raman : bhabhi I can’t go leaving you two here

Rajeev : but..

Harshad : I’ll go & bring her don’t worry

Both look at arshi swasan hargun & raman once & they’re being taken into operation theatre

Lucknow – 6 pm

Ishu was eagerly waiting for raman somewhere she had faith in hey love.. She was hoping he would come & take her from here..

Harshad hurriedly run into marriage hall.. He’s injured.. He couldn’t find ishu anywhere due to crowd.. Even Gupta’s were avoiding him..

Finally he manage to reach her room after an hour

Harshad : come ishu.. Let’s go..

Ishu : you’re injured what happened.. She tend to him..

Harshad : leave all this there’s no time we should hurry before anyone see us.. Come..

He hold her hand & about to drag but she resist. He look at her..

Ishu : where is Raman..

Harshad : he didn’t come as.. ( ishu interrupt )

Ishu : I knew it.. He won’t come.. I’m not coming anywhere you go.. ( tears roll down her eyes)

Harshad : what..!? Ishu do you know what you’re saying..

Ishu : yes.. ( wipe her tears & run out)

Few hours later

Harshad enter the hospital.. Everyone standing outside operation theatre..

Raman : Where is ishu..

Kushi : she has come with you right..

Harshad : how’s di & jijaji..

Arnav : operation going on.. But where’s ishu di..

Everyone see ishu rushing into hospital in tears… & a man hurriedly walking behind her..

She’s wearing mangalsutra & sindoor.. Which clearly indicated she’s married… Raman’s heart broke seeing it others were shocked.. He move in to operation theatre & ishu too go in..

Arshi swasan ask harshad what went wrong.. He explain them some 2 hours later ishra & other docs come out of OT & break the news that Anjali Rajeev slipped to coma.

Everyone cry a lot but some how ishra hargun manage everyone.. But no one was there to console them.

Later that night – 2am

Finally everyone were settled in their room. Harshad was standing in balcony crying silent tears which he had held till now.. Shagun come there & add more to his agony..

Shagun : you’re not Raj right.. You lied to me.. ( she hold his collar) just to prove me you’re ready you drove the car shoo fast & caused this accident. Di & jijaji are in this state because of you.. How can you do this… ( she collapse on floor crying..

Harshad : ( try to hold her) simmo..I..

She shrug off his hand..

Shagun : I hate you.. I hate you.. ( she run away)

Harshad couldn’t tell the truth & spoil other relations so he kept quiet accepting the accusations only be knew what was wrong with car why that accident occurred & who really was responsible for it. To save that person he sacrificed his relation

That was the longest night for raman.. He felt ishu cheated him.. One misunderstanding made her take this big step.. He couldn’t digest it.. Was this the trust she had on him. He started hating her.. Little did he knew they both were victims of trap.. Raman turned into drunkard from that day.. That day changed the life of all 8 buddies

After 2 days abhimanyu leave to Lucknow leaving ishu here as he too was not very interested in marriage he asks her to complete her studies & practice..

Flashback ends….

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