MANZIL (Chapter 26)

1 month later..

Everyone had decided to tell Anjali about ishra & hargun’s relationship & then she would convince Rajeev.. They made her sit on couch & all of them sat around her feeding her all her favourite dishes

Anjali : you people have no work today & you two ( swasan) why gave you bunked the college

Ishu : we need to talk something di

Anjali : haan bolo. ( ok tell)

Ishu : ahh.. Hmm raman will tell

Raman : me.!? Bhabhi woh.. Shagun.. She’ll tell

Shagun : (angrily,) raman.. Di.. I.. actually its harshad who wants to talk..

Arshi swasan : he’s never gonna say that..

Swara : we bunked our classes unnecessarily

Sanskar : inka Kuch nahi ho sakta ( they can’t do anything)

Arnav : even I’ve work I’m leaving.. Bye di take care

Ishra hargun : No….

Anjali : what’s wrong..

Kushi : Arnav you only tell di.. Its not their cup of tea

Arnav : di these 4 are in love

Anjali : sachhi.. Kiske saath ( really..! With whom)

Kushi : with each other..

Anjali : you mean ishu harshad & shagun raman.. Wow.. I’m so happy we can always stay together..

Ishra Hargun : No.. Di.

Swara : di its harshad bhai & shagun di

Sanskar : ishu di & Raman bhai

Anjali : what.!!!! If its a prank I’m.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : di.. We’re serious I know its hard to believe but.. This is the truth..

Anjali’s jaw had touched ground.. Suddenly she feel sharp pain in stomach she wince holding it.. Rajeev arrived the same time when they said ishra & hargun love each other.. He had heard everything.. Anjali is rushed to Hospital

All of them were eagerly waiting outside the labour ward.. They were tensed hearing Anjali’s screams.. Finally they heard a sweet cry voice of a baby which relieved all their stress…

30 mins later

Anjali was resting on a bed rajeev was with her holding a baby. These 8 were waiting outside thinking how to face them..

Rajeev : are you people stepping in or not.. Your little angel is waiting here

All 8 get in excitedly Kushi take the baby in her arm adoring her.. Arnav was as usual goes to Anjali asking about her health. Swasan too start playing with baby.. And everyone get engrossed in welcoming the new member. Later they’re discharged & Anjali & baby get a grand welcome at home..

Everyone were busy playing with baby

Rajeev : I’ve something discuss here.. Listen everyone

Kushi : we know jijaji. Its about baby name right.. We’ve already searched it..

Anjali : kushi its.. ( interrupt)

Swara : Arnav bhai searched the name its so cute

Rajeev : arre.. ( interrupt)

Raman : tell them the name Arnav

Arnav : “RUHI”

Anjali : so sweet Chote..

Rajeev : ok we will name her ruhi only then

Ishu : when shall we keep the function

Harshad : we’ve so much to prepare

All start discussing about naming ceremony without paying any heed to Anjali rajeev who wanted to discuss something..

Rajeev : ( loudly) chup… ( silence)

Anjali : at least listen to us once..

Rajeev : you 4.. What’s going on between you ah?

Ishra & hargun doesn’t speak..

Anjali : won’t you talk now

Rajeev : I think it was prank Anjali look at them.. If they wanted to marry they would speak by now.. Let’s find someone else for them

All4 : No.. !

Everyone burst into laughter seeing their horrified faces

Arshi, ishra & hargun were enjoying their life. Anjali rajeev talked shashi garima about their marriage But Gupta’s weren’t happy. They wanted ishu & Kushi’s marriage with a grooms they searched.. No one gave into their demands.. So the conspiracy began..

Whoever conspire whatever they do it was impossible to make arshi fight.. As they always sticked together in office home.. Everywhere.. It was a childhood love & they knew each other too much to have any misunderstanding was just impossible

But everything was going wrong with Ishra. Raman was flirting with a colleague Riya just to make ishu jealous earlier but now it had started taking another turn due to conspiracies they fought more often.. Others were really worried for these 2 now.. Ishra still loved each other very much & rajeev Anjali thought marriage will put end to all these silly fights.. But they weren’t silly anymore.. Ishitha seriously suspected raman.

An year later

Shagun : we’ve to do something I can’t see them fight like this

Harshad : ishu is seriously disturbed we’ve to act fast

Arnav : everything was just perfect I’m not getting what went wrong

Kushi : its just a misunderstanding which will be sorted if they sit & talk alone

Shagun : me & kushi will pursue them to go out & Chote you plan the outing..

Shagun kushi leave

Arnav : what plan?

Harshad : You’re good at such romantic plans not me

Arnav start thinking.. As harshad get important call he leave for office..

Kushi : Arnav they agreed so what’s the plan

Arnav remember that vacation house we purchased last year..

Kushi : ( blushing) the one near jungle where we..

Arnav : that would be ideal

Kushi : but why will they stop there..

Arnav : let’s make their car stop there..

Kushi : great..

Arnav repair the car so that it stops after running some 60kms exactly at the location

Arnav call harshad & share the idea with him

Harshad : Arnav you sure you’ve done it correctly.. I’ve shown you how to do only once.. Its dangerous if something goes wrong

Arnav : it’s perfectly fine don’t worry

Next day kushi & ishitha leave for Lucknow as shashi Gupta fell ill


Kushi : where is papa..

Ishitha : what did doctor say where are the reports

Garima : he’s fine now.. Come he’s in living room

Kushi & ishu rush to living room only to find their father fit & fine sitting & chatting with some strangers

Shashi : come sit here both of you

He introduce them to guests..

Garima : ab toh aapko tasalli huyi aagayi dono kalse hi hum rasme shuru kar sakte hai ( are you happy now both are here.. We can start rituals from tomorrow)

Kushi ishu look at their mother confused.. Kushi was getting what was going on here.. ( ASR’s effect) Guests leave blessing these 2..

Kushi : what’s going on here..

Garima : we’ve fixed your marriage with laksh & ishu’s with abhimanyu

Ishu kushi : what..!!!??

They argue for some 30mins

Kushi : aren’t you getting I love arnav.. I’m not gonna marry anyone.. Jaa rahi hoon mein abhi ( I’m going right now)

Shashi : Kushi.. We’re your parents & in 2days its your marriage forget him..

Kushi : I’ll die before doing that

Shashi drag her into room & lock it

Kushi : di why are you silent tell them

Ishu : Maa.. ( interrupt)

Garima : ishu please now you don’t say you love that raman he’s cheat you know that.. Why would we disagree your love if he was right..

Ishu : but Chote he love kushi I’ve seen it you can’t do this to her

Shashi : we can’t trust them he’s no different than raman..

Though ishu argue they won’t budge in & lock her too..

Both were continuously crying.. Kushi tried all ways but she couldn’t do anything to get out or contact Arnav. Ishu was confused she had seen something which had completely broken her trust over raman but still in some corner she hoped it was a misunderstanding.. Here Arnav tried to call Kushi but no answer so he decided to pay a visit as he was restless & on the other side Raman thought ishu was angry so wasn’t picking any calls & thought of calling tomorrow

Next day – 12 pm

Arnav arrive at Gupta mansion & was shocked to learn about marriage preparations going on here

Arnav : where is my Kushi

Precap : Ishitha Abhimanyu wedding & Accident

Guys flashback will end in next part

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