MANZIL (Chapter 23 and 24)

5 months later

shagun swayam & sharon harshad are still dating all 4 know what’s going in each others life but pretending to be unaffected.. Sharon is doing this only to make swayam jealous & harshad fearing Sharon.. While swayam too is doing this only to make Sharon jealous & shagun is just happy but feeling something is missing she doesn’t want to commit to swayam..


Kushi : damn.. Di you’re telling this now

Ishu : I thought they’ll confess swayam Sharon never fought for this long

Raman : arre even if they patch up what about simmo & harshad

Sanky : I’ve seen harshad bhai writing shayiri on some girl.. I think he have someone in his life

Arnav : secret admirer may be

Ishu : leave it guys think how to unite swayam Sharon

Kushi : but di..

Swara : you know with whom bhaiyya is in love right ishu di.. ( she ask with mischievous smile)

Ishu : No.. Na..

Everyone look at her suspiciously

Swara : but I know..

Everyone : what..!!? Who is it..

Swara : Shagun di… !

Everyone : what..!!?

Sanskar : are you serious..

Swara nod & explain how she had heard him talking to himself about shagun di while she pretended to sleep..

Arnav : so we just need to swap the partners its that simple

Ishu : its not at all simple.. Swaron are highly annoyed with each other & you know how shy harshad is..

Kushi : I’ve a plan…

2 days later..

Swara: wow.. Finally godhbharai aagaya.( wow finally its baby shower)

Kushi : haan swara.. Sab khoob naachenge aur full on masti karenge.. ( yes swara… Everyone shall dance a lot & have full on fun )

Shagun : ok ab sab log.. Apne apne gaane batav ( ok now everyone tell the songs on which you are gonna dance )

Raman : sabse pehle mera aur ishu ka.. “Janam janam janam saath chalna mere ” (from dilwale)

Swara & Kushi : ooh ho… Mr. Ravan kumar is planning to make Ms Jhansi ki rani.. Mrs Ravan kumar..

Ishitha : shaitaan..

Everyone tell their songs. Swara & Kushi performing together, shagun swayam & sharon harshad together.

Sanskar : yaar mujhe akela chod diya..? ( you guys left me alone..?)

Arnav come there & everyone stare at him…

Arnav : what..??

Shagun : chote you are my good brother right

Sanky : arnav mere dost meri help kardo.. ( arnav my friend help me..)

Kushi : if you agree for this I’ll agree to what you asked yesterday ( she wink )

Arnav : wait wait.. Itna maska laga rahe ho.. Kis liye ( why are you guys buttering me this much )

Raman : arnav actually sanky doesn’t have a partner to dance..

Arnav : soo..

Ishu : chote.. You dance with him..

Arnav : impossible

Kushi : someone said impossible word is not in their dictionary itself..

Arnav : I’m not dancing that’s final

Kushi : why won’t you dance..

Swara : I know why..( everyone look at her.. She innocently shows arnav dictionary & say ) because impossible word is there in his new dictionary he brought yesterday..

Everyone laugh…

30 mins later – Arnav’s room

Arnav : there are other serious issues to discuss.. Did those 4 give you the letters..

Kushi : yep.. You should have seen their faces..

( Actually they’ve made hargun & swaron write a letter to propose their bf/gf now they’re gonna exchange them )

Kushi : hopefully hargun confess

Next day

Baby shower is going on.. All guests are showering their blessings on Anjali & baby & are even teasing Rajeev.. Performances are also going on but swaron & hargun are very tensed thinking what happens after the other person open the letter. Swaron’s ego came between them to confess their true feelings while harshad was scared on shagun’s reaction while shagun was confused on how to tell her feelings to Harshad.. She almost felt as if someone had pierced her heart when she saw haron dancing..

All 4 get a letters & they open it after the function.. They immediately notice the handwriting & think the letters might have got exchanged but they still read out of curiosity

Swayam reading Sharon’s letter

” I know I said I’m fed up of bad boys & wanna date gentleman like you but.. I really love swayam.. I know I know you told this all the time & I refused.. So you were right.. Now being a good friend convince your friend to propose me please… ”

Harshad see shagun’s name on letter & think of opening it but doesn’t ( you know he’s good boy) but our arshi who see this come to him..

Arnav : why aren’t you opening it

Harshad : its for swayam.. Its misplaced

Kushi : so what.. Let’s see what di has written read it bhai

Harshad : bad manners..

Kushi try to convince him but he doesn’t give in frustrated arnav blurt out..

Arnav : we’ve exchanged it intentionally so you can read now open it dammit…

Sharon reading swayam’s letter..

” Hey shagun.. First of all don’t get angry.. You’re really sweet & perfect girl anyone can get but I love my Sharon.. No matter how much we fight.. I still love her.. I know she’s faking a date with harshad so please don’t be upset or angry ”

Sharon couldn’t hold her smile reading it..


Harshad : what..!? Very bad..

Kushi : bhai sorry but.. ( Arnav interrupt snatching the letter)

Arnav : you two are good for nothing.. I’ll read just listen..

Arnav start reading shagun’s letter

” The day we met I was super excited to see you & I’ve always had a crush on you so dating you was a dream come true.. ( harshad make sad face) but.. I started missing something I was not happy completely.. Then I slowly realised.. I was missing my bhuddu Harshad ( harshad face lit up hearing it) when we both went on trekking for 2 days I realised no matter how different we are ( hargun) but I still just want him beside me.. He complete me.. Today when all forced me to propose you I realised yes I’m in love but not with raj but with my buddu ( harshad).. I’m sorry I still love you as Raj the racer teach my buddu too some racing ”

Harshad : don’t make up stories arnav

Arnav : excuse me Arnav Singh Raizada never lie


Shagun reading Harshad’s letter

” Please don’t kill me after reading this Sharon but I can’t be your love as I’m already in love with someone special.. So please understand & patch up with swayam I know you both are made for each other & I’ll make sure that idiot apologise & propose to you once more.. Please forgive both of us ”

Shagun : ( to herself) he’s already in love..? But with whom..?


Ishu : raman leave me..

Raman : ( still hugging her from behind) ishu.. Don’t be unromantic now..

Ishu : I’m tensed for hargun..

Raman : don’t worry our love birds ( arshi) will pull out something.. After all its matter of their life..

Ishu : Matlab ..? ( what to do you mean)

Raman : arre if we 4 get married then only their line will be clear na.. So tell me when shall we marry..

Ishu : raman.. ( she blush)

Raman : what..? You don’t want to marry

Ishu : I didn’t say that..

Raman : agar nahi karna hai toh bol do riya ready hai.. ( if you don’t want to then tell me riya is ready)

Ishu : I’ll kill you both.. And don’t you think you’re being bit more close with her..

Raman : why I feel something is burning

Ishu : stay away from her..

Raman : I will but only when you will get closer na.. ( he pull her closer & she too was almost about to kiss him but push him back seeing one of her relative)

Ishu : you will get me killed one day god.. I think aunty saw us..

Raman : aunty ko goli maaro yaar ( ignore her)


Harshad : I can’t believe shagun.. I mean..

Kushi : I’m so happy for you.. ( she hug him)

Shagun come there..

Shagun : ( angrily) you’re in love.. Who’s she..

Arnav : di.. He.. ( interrupt)

Shagun : I’m asking him Chote.. ( to harshad) you hid this all from us..

Harshad : its.. Sharon forced me..

Shagun : I know you don’t love her.. Tell me who it is & don’t you dare lie.. ( she show him letter)

Arshi smile seeing her jealously..

Kushi : you know di she’s very beautiful &..

She go on praising… while shagun fume..

Arnav : bhai why don’t you tell her name to di..

Harshad : what me.. No..

Shagun : you won’t tell me the name.. I’ll kill you.. I hate you..

Tears form in her eyes.. Harshad hold her..

Harshad : her name is.. Is …

Shagun : is.. What ..

Harshad : let me personally introduce you to her..

Arshi move out giving them privacy.. & Harshad take shagun to his room

Shagun : she’s already staying in your room..

Harshad : just come..

He make her stand infront of mirror..

Shagun : where is she..?

Harshad stand behind her & turn her towards mirror making her look at it.

Harshad : here..

Shagun is shocked but then gets excited..

Shagun : you mean.. Its.. Its..

Harshad : yes.. Its you.. I love you..

Shagun turn & peck Harshad’s cheeks shocking him

Shagun : I love you too..


Arnav hold kush’s hand..

Kushi : Arnav leave.. We’ve guests to attend..

Arnav : you don’t have time for me..

Kushi : arre.. We’ve function & you want time..

Arnav : function is over.. Why aren’t guests leaving.. ( he pull her closer)

Kushi : Arnav leave someone might see

Arnav : no one will dare to question ASR

He’s about to kiss her but kushi mutter

Kushi : jijaji..!

Arnav leave her & turn back to explain but there was no one.. Kushi show him teeth & run away..

Swayam has messaged Sharon to come to garden.. She doesn’t know he too have read the letter she wrote to harshad so decides to show him some attitude

Sharon : why are you calling me now.. Where’s your date Shagun.. Ah..?

Swayam was first surprised by her behaviour then he understood she’s teasing..

Sharon : stop smiling & tell me why you called me here.. Harshad will be waited for me..

Swayam : I’m sorry..

Sharon was on cloud nine but control..

Sharon : after all this all you have to say is one sorry.. No I don’t accept it.. I’m going to hars.. ( interrupt)

He lock her lips with his & she too give in..

He pull back & whisper in her ears..

Swayam : I got the letter you wrote to harshad..

Sharon : what..!? Huh..

Swayam go down on his knees ..

Swayam : we fight a lot.. We will have many differences but still we are perfect together.. So will you marry me Ms Sharon

He take out a ring.. Sharon nod & he slid it into her finger..

Sharon : I love you..


Anjali : chutki.. I’ve left a gift upstairs go & bring it..

Kushi nod & go up only to get pulled by Arnav..

Kushi : aahh arnav..

Arnav : finally you’re in my arms now..

Kushi : arre I need to get the gift down.. Leave me.. ( she struggle.. But he doesn’t let go)

Arnav : I want a kiss first..

Kushi : No way.. Someone might see..

Arnav : I’ll take it myself then..

He lean but stump on his foot making him jump back.. & run to room giggling..

Arnav : what the..

Kushi go to Anjali’s room take the gift & was about to come out but Arnav block her way

Kushi : aap.. ( you..)

He move towards & she move back

Arnav : you think you’re very smart kushi

Kushi : Arnav please.. ( she collide to wall & he block her keeping hands on either side.. )

Arnav : so you disobeyed me..

Kushi : sorry

Arnav : don’t you think you’re troubling me a lot since yesterday..

Kushi : sorry

Arnav : and you almost sprained by foot with your point heels

Kushi : sorry ( she make the most innocent face)

Arnav : this isn’t gonna work this time I need my kisses that too with extra for troubling me..

He lean to kiss her pulling her closer

Kushi : jijaji..!

Arnav suddenly pull back & was about to leave her but he tighten his grip again

Arnav : your trick won’t work always..

He again try to kiss her only to hear a cough from behind..

Rajeev : Ahem.. Ahem..

Arshi were hell embarrassed

Rajeev : Chote you both still have time for all this..

Arnav : huh.. I was just helping her get the gift..

Rajeev : dikh raha tha ( is it? I saw..)

Precap : Romance.. Valentine special

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