MANZIL (Chapter 20)


Shashi : Not this time.. Please I’ve given my word.. Ishu & kushi will marry them..

All 8 gasp hearing it.. Ishu hold Raman’s hand & kushi hug Arnav..

Anj & Rajeev : what..!?

Anjali : marriage

Rajeev : that too kushi.. She’s still small.. How can u even think if it

Garima : Good relations don’t come again & again.. & both sisters will be in one house they’ll be comfortable

Raman : comfortable my foot

Shashi : even boys are nice

Arnav : I swear I’ll kill them

Garima : what do girls have to by studying better they concentrate on households

Anjali : enough.. I never thought you two have such cheap thought

Rajeev : girls are pride of the house

Anj : they are not coming & they’ll never come there.. Marriage & all can wait & all this bullshit won’t be tolerated..

Rajeev : they’re good at studies.. Ishu will be a good doctor.. & chutki & chote have already started their firm..

Garima : that chutki is the problem people are talking about her & arnav.. What will the..

Rajeev : enough aunty.. Please.. They’re in love what’s the big deal they are like this since childhood you know that

Shashi : yes.. The same way.. Why can’t ishu marry & continue her work..

Raman : what bakwas logic man..

Anjali : marriage is a big responsibility which they can’t handle now..

Garima : but she’s not a kid. She’s 22 already

Rajeev : but kushi she’s just 18

while they’re arguing Anjali faint..

10 mins later

Anjali is lying on bed & ishra shagun are checking her & remaining people are staring them for answer..

Rajeev : what’s wrong..?

These 3 look at each other..

Arnav : speak up..

Raman : bhaiyya woh..

Shagun : di is.. Hmm..

Anjali wake up & everyone ignore these 3 & rush to her..

Arnav : di are you fine.. What happened ah..? You kept any fast again.. I know why don’t you listen..

Rajeev : chote relax let her have water..

He name her drink water..

Arnav : ( to ishra & shagu) what’s wrong with her..

Ishu : Di is pregnant ( she exclaim)

Rajeev look at Anjali & she blush.

Kushi : di you knew it already?

Anjali ; yes.. I was about to tell &..

Everyone hug her.. Suddenly swara pull back & exclaim..

Swara : toh ab mein maasi ban jaavungi itni jaldi ( now I’ll become aunt.. This soon)

Harshad : ji haan ( yep) now someone smaller than you is coming get responsible..

Swara : but I wont let him/her call me maasi..

Kushi : even I don’t like mami..

Shagun : yea maasi feels old..

Anjali : toh.. Kya bulaaye woh aapko.. ( then what shall she/he call )

Kushi : Chutki

Shagun : simmo

Swara : shona.. & harshad bhai Sonu, arnav bhai chote , sanskar will be sanky & Raman bhai..

Raman : Raman is fine for me..

Kushi : what shall we name a baby then..

Harshad : we still have time for that first we have to take care of di..

Arnav : we all know how careless she is..

Raman : you’re right.

Now all 8 turn towards Anjali & rajeev..

Sanskar give a book & pen to rajeev..

Sanky ; bhaiyya write the rules whatever we say..

Arnav : rule 1 No fasting..

Harshad : 2 take medicines on time

Swara : 3 have milk every night

Kushi : 4 shouldn’t watch any crying serials

Raman : 5 you should eat everything we give no arguments

Ishu : 6 Strictly no work.. Not even in kitchen only rest..

Shagun : 7 sleep on time

Sanskar : 8 No running behind us.. We will take care of ourselves

Arnav : that’s it for now

Rajeev : bacha hi kya hai.. ( what’s left)

Anjali : I’m not agreeing to all this now.. Arre..

She stop seeing everyone glaring her..

Arnav : di sign below the paper you’re not supposed to break the deal

Kushi : ( poke Arnav) deal.!? Promise.. Di you can’t break the promise

Anjali : Maine promise kiya kab ( when did I promise)

Raman : kiya nahi toh abhi kar kijiye bhabhi ( then you promise now)

Anjali look at rajeev for help..

Rajeev : I’m with them..

She sign it left with no option

Anjali : ab kush.. ( happy)

Raman : ok now bhaiyya your turn you too should follow some rules..

Arnav : rule 1 aap.. ( interrupt)

Rajeev : I’ll always take care of Anjali & make sure she will follow all your rules & no business trips happy..


Ishu : why did you agree..

Harshad : what can I do she was forcing me sending some 100 messages & calls.. How could I ignore

Ishu : but if you go on a date she will get to know you’re only Raj..

Harshad : ab kya kare ( what to do now)

Ishu : I’ve a plan..

Shagun’s room

Shagun is all ready in cute black dress

Swara : wow di.. You’re a diva

Kushi : that Raj will go gaga over you..

Shagun smile in pride..

Raman : what if he turns out be not so handsome, chasmish type boy..

Sanky : you’ve always have to speak I’ll only

Shagun : idiot..

Arnav : we’ve to think of all possibilities in an alliance then only we can have profit in a deal

Shagun : someone throw this deal machine out first..

Swara snatch his laptop & about to push him out..

Kushi : arre.. Wait.. He didn’t mean.. ( before she could complete everyone throw arshi out of the room )

Raman : ( closing the door) we’ve no time for you two’s arguments for each other..

Arnav : what the..!

Kushi : how mean

7:30 pm Hotel Royale

Guy : ( on call) I’m waiting since ½an hour she’s still not here..

Ishu : you will handle na.. Don’t mess up things she can turn really dangerous

Guy : please.. Stop scaring me you two.. She’s just a girl not any monster..

Harshad : you dont know her.. If she gets to know you’re not Raj & fooling her then..

Guy : however she is.. She can’t be a more dangerous than my Sharon so relax I can handle your simmo..

Ishu : because of these comments only Sharon broke up with you swayam..

Harshad : chaar din ka naatak hai inka.. Fir dekhna ( only 4days they’ll act Luke this then you see..)

Swayam : this time its serious break up now keep the phone she’s here..

Arnav’s room..

Kushi : I think she’s perfect.. What do you say ( looking at girl’s photo on dating site)

Arnav : hmm.. As you wish.. I think she will be fine.. She’s good looking , height will also match with harshad &.. ( he stop seeing Kushi’s glares)

Arnav : what..?

Kushi : she’s good looking… ah..?

Arnav : I was just generally.. I mean..

Kushi : what do you mean..& what’s that about height.. Ah..? You want to say I’m short.. You’re stalking at her..

Arnav : what.!? When did I say you’re short & stalking co.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : you said.. How could you.. I .. ( before she could batter further he locked her lips..)

Kushi widen her eyes first resist but later give in..

Precap : Arshi love gyaan to harshad.. Shagun’s date with Raj..

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