MANZIL (Chapter 18 & 19)


Kushi : Raman bhai…!!!

Arnav : ishu di…!!!

These 2 scream.. Hargun & ishra look at these 2 shocked..

Shagun : ishu..!!

Raman : ( taking out blindfold) ishu..!!

Both dramebaaz.. Act as if they know nothing

Ishu : Sonu..

Harshad : what..?

Kushi : di. It means you’re keeping fast for him..

Arnav : you fell for Raman..

Again everyone start drama.. In dramatic voice

Shagun : for Raman..!!

Kushi : for Raman bhai..!!

Raman : for me..!!

Arnav : ( scream ) shut up..

Everyone look at him..

Arnav : Now don’t do dramas here.. We saw everything

Kushi : di & harshad bhai knew everything & he’s helping her in it

Raman ; but we are innocent

Arnav : then why you came here now please dont say to play this stupid game that too tying this cloth through which you can see.. You two too knew everything ah..

Kushi : what’s this now.. ( she pull out a paper from Raman’s pocket..)

Raman about to snatch it but ishu take it.. Seeing it she blush hard..

Shagun : what’s written in it you didn’t even tell me Raman..

Kushi take it from ishu..

Kushi : ( with broad smile) oooh hoo “Mrs Ishitha Raman Bhalla” not bad bhaiyya.. Huh I mean jijaji.. She giggle

Arnav : God I can’t believe this.. What about all those fights you two had then..

Shagun : Raman troubled her only because she looked cute when annoyed

Arnav : wait wait something is missing here

Ishra : ( immediately) what.. No.. Nothing

Arshi & hargun look at them suspiciously..

Kushi notice the kangan ( bangles) in ishu’s hand..

Kushi : These.. These are aunty’s bangles right ( Raman’s mom)

Shagun : yes.. ( she stare ishra angrily)

Harshad : what’s going on here..

Arnav : ( smile) they ( ishra) very well fooled you both.. ( hargun)

Kushi : what swara told that day was true then..

Hargun & Arnav : what she told..


Raman : you’re looking very nice in saree

Ishu : only nice.. ( she pout)

Raman : huh.. Hmm.. Oh I can’t praise.. I don’t have any experience like your chote..

Ishu : aww.. Its ok.. Where’s my gift..

Raman : gift ? Why ?

Ishu : you forgot how mean Raman.. Today was the day we proposed each other..

She turn away in anger.. Raman take out a box from his pocket & hold it infront of her..

Raman : how can I forget a day on which the angel walked in my life..

She open it & find Raman’s mom’s bangle which she had kept for her daughter in law..

Raman make her wear it..

Raman : today in true sense you’re mine forever..

Ishu smile & hug him..

Flashback ends..

Hargun & Arnav’s mouth were left open hearing it

Kushi : I didn’t believe swara as she always make up new story & how could I believe these two talking so sweetly to each other.. Love is indigestible

Raman ; ( pulling ishu closer) oh come on kushi.. Haven’t you heard opposites attract..

Ishu : you liked Raman na.. See now he will become your jiju..

Raman : love you ishu..

Kushi : waah.. Always you said love you chutki & now love you ishu.. You cheated bhaiyya..

Raman : oh come on I love you too..

Meanwhile two people were throwing daggers at ishra..

Hargun : you two lied to us..

Shagun : how mean Raman.. You fooled me

Harshad : don’t talk to me ishu..

Both leave.. Ishra go behind them to console..

Arshi look at them & burst out laughing..

Arnav : Unbelievable..

Kushi : I still think I’m dreaming.. Pinch me arnav

He pinch her & she rub it..

Kushi : ouch.. Yeh sapna nahi hai.. I’m so happy ( its not a dream then)

Arnav : Let’s tell di & jijaji.. We will tease these 2 a lot.. It’s our turn now..

Kushi : yea.. Our line is half clear now.. We’ve to find match for these 2 ( hargun)

Arnav : shagun di will set with that racer

Kushi : who Raj..? She’s crazy about him but love.. We’ve to wait & see

Arnav : what about harshad bhai.. I don’t think he will love any girl

Kushi : who knows..? What do you think of shagun di & him..?

Arnav : dont even think so..

Kushi : why..?

Arnav : spare him yaar.. Bechare innocent why do you want tie him to her.. She will eat him alive

Both laugh at that thought..

Kushi : we should find match to them soon.. Then we can happily marry..

Arnav : you’re in a hurry.. Ah. ? ( he tease)

Kushi blush

Back to Delhi..

Hargun still angry at ishra.. Arshi have revealed nothing to others on ishra’s request

Ishu : oh come on harshu.. From when did you start getting angry so much..

Raman : shagu baby.. Won’t you forgive me..

Ishu : anger doesn’t suit you.. You look cute when smile.. Give me one smile please..

Shagun : don’t fall for her trap.. She’s buttering you..

Raman : I’ve risked my life to get Raj’s number.. At least show some mercy on me..

Harshad : don’t fall for him he’s trying emotional tricks..

Shagun : all these emotional dramas won’t work on shagun Raizada..

Arnav : haan pata hai aap patar dil ho..( yea we know you’re stone hearted)

Swasan stealthily hear their conversation & join them but these 6 are too engrossed to notice them..

Sanskar : Arnav bhai.. She’s not stone hearted..

Swara : dont you know how heart beats for Raj..

Shagun slightly blush & harshad smile seeing it

Kushi : ooh ho.. Look at that blush.. Shagun Raizada & blushing.. Not bad ah..

Raman : you’re looking cute..

Ishu : you’re smile is sweet..

Hargun : dont change the topic..

Ishra : sorry na.. Forgive us..

They hold their ears..

Swara : what happened..?

Raman : nothing shona.. Its just we his our relationship from them..

Swasan : what..!!???

Now these 6 come to senses..

Ishu : god they got to know

Raman : when did they come

Kushi : what now..

Sanskar : who in relationship..?

Swara recall everything & give teasing smile to ishra..

Swara : kushi di didn’t I say.. You didn’t believe me

Sanskar : you mean ishra..? Oh thank God..

He hug ishu..

Swara : I can’t wait to tell di & jijaji..

She run out & others run behind her to stop…

Swara : Anjali di.. Rajeev jijaji….. ( she scream & run to hall & see shashi & garima sitting on a couch with anjeev )

Anjali : swara not now.. We will talk later..

Rajeev : we are discussing something important you go in..

They looked serious..

All 8 notice it & go up & peep from balcony

Raman : we can’t hear anything yaar

Swara remove her phone..

Swara : I’ve put my transistor cum pen there.. We can hear everything..

Anjali : what are you saying uncle

Shashi : look bitiya last time we agreed to your words but now..

Rajeev : now what uncle.. They’re kids..

Garima : we won’t get good proposals again & again.. Try to understand

Rajeev : its my responsibility to get them married to good house.. I promise

Shashi : Not this time.. Please I’ve given my word.. Ishu & kushi will marry them..

All 8 gasp hearing it.. Ishu hold Raman’s hand & kushi hug Arnav..

Precap : Raj & Shagun on date.. Arshi swasan follow them

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  1. Mica

    aaawwww..they are pulling leg to each other *pinch kushi along with arnav..
    my swasan always…

  2. Veronica

    Awesome yaar…I hope I had some crazy cousins like this.I do have a lot but they are in hometown…And my neighbors are my bros and sisters bffs and the friends relatives.We have to behave formal in front of them.And they are from diff states.It’s fun but not as fun as staying with family

  3. Arshi

    Omg.. what a chappy…

    But how come mani as ishus husbamd…. is this flashback.. i guess no…. i m lil confused…

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