MANZIL (Chapter 17)

Recap : all 6 get caught for sneaking out of the house..

Arnav : di.. I’ll tell we stole them from ishu di..

Anjali Rajeev stare them angrily..

Ishu : you mean all that was a drama.. You people lied about check up..

Anjali ; ( twisting Arnav’s ears) from when did you start lying ah.?

Arnav : ouch di.. Sorry..

He look around & find everyone angry at him..

Rajeev : stop staring him.. Whose plan it was ah.? Only simmu & Raman can get these ideas..

Sanky : they only planned this..

Anjali leave arnav & hold shagun’s ear & rajeev hold Raman’s

Anjali : you two are teaching all this to them ah..

Rajeev : all 6 of you grounded for a week

All 6 : No..

Anjali : ok I’ve another punishment.. we are going to Darjeeling.. To celebrate karva chauth..

All 6 take a sign of relief but arnav get a doubt..

Arnav : How come that’s a punishment..

Rajeev : Mrs Sethi invited us..

All8 : what..!!??

Shagun : don’t punish everyone for my mistake.. Bechare

Raman : you can ground us for 2 weeks but not there.. God she’s one hell crazy woman

Swara : that’s why Mr Sethi don’t have hairs I think..

Everyone burst out laughing

Night.. Ishra hargun & swasan are planning how to tackle Mrs Sethi..

Ishu : go bring chote.. He will have some bright ideas..

Harshad : I’ll go & see..

After 1 5mins..

Harshad : they’re no where..

All : what..?

Raman : come let us all search together..

Everyone search the while house but they’re nowhere to be found..

Sanky : we should tell bhaiyya & bhabhi.. They’re missing.. They might be in trouble

Shagun : where can they go..

Swara : they must be romancing somewhere..

Raman : how can i miss this.. After all they’re love birds.. Everyone search carefully they will be romancing in any of the corner..

Swara : balcony.. They might be there

Everyone head towards balcony

Next day – Darjeeling

Shagun ; ishu come on tell me for whom are you keeping this vrat

Ishu : no one.

Shagun : liar..

Ishu : why would I lie its just that if we keep this vrat will get good husband so

Shagun : whatever..

Ishu : why dont you try..

Shagun ; not even in dreams.. You know I dont believe in all this & I can never sacrifice my hunger to anyone..


Anjali : her we are hungry & you people are making fun of us by showing food not fair

Rajeev : bad manners.. Youre only showing them but not telling how delicious they are

Anjali throw pillow on him

Swara : di now we will do one drama.. You will forget all your hunger after seeing it

Kushi : then what are you waiting for

Shagun : some one is desperate ah..

Sanky : she won’t be after seeing it

Kushi : why

Raman : because you already know the script

Rajeev : stop beating around bush & start..

Anjali : ok start now…. I’m very excited

Shagun come dressed in suit & Raman in red saree..

Raman : ( in lady voice) Arnav will you please stop looking at me..

Arnav who was busy in his phone look up..

Shagun : ( male voice) No.. ( she start moving towards Raman & he move backward.. Just like arshi.. Now Raman act to slip & shagun hold him & they’ve a eyelock..)

Kushi : we never do that

Arnav : they’re exaggerating

Shagun slowly make Raman stand & lean towards Raman as if she will kiss..

Arshi : Noo…. ( scream)

Arnav : they’re lying di..

Kushi : we never kissed.. Sacchi..

Swara : but that day.. After holi.. You two kissed I saw.. & then during Kushi di’s b’day & when..

Harshad : stop..

Anjali : we will end this topic here.. ( trying hold her laugh)

Rajeev : ishra hargun you better get married fast or else these 2 will outplay you in that too…

Arshi are embarrassed while others laugh

Ishu : next time be careful before romancing at least look around yaar..

Raman : mein toh shareef hoon jab tum dono kal balcony mein romance kar rahe the meine bilkul nahi dekha.. ( I’m a gentleman.. I really didn’t see you two when you were romancing in balcony)

Shagun : meine bhi nahi dekha jab tum kushi uthake chal rahe the ( I too didn’t see when you were carrying kushi in your arms)

Sanky : meine bhi nahi dekha jab aap dono ek doosre ko kila rahe the.. ( I too didn’t see when you two were feeding each other )

Swara : arre mein toh bhooli hi gayi.. Kal bhi yeh dono kiss kar rahe the balcony mein.. Maine dekha tha.. ( oh.. I forgot.. Even yesterday these 2 were kissing in balcony… I saw)

Kushi was all red by now.. She was trying to hide her face behind arnav.. He was all pretending to be busy on his phone.. Anjali & rajeev looked at them teasingly

Rajeev : chote..

Anjali : chutki..

Arnav : what ..? They’re big liars & shameless

Raman : accha beta romance tum karo aur besharam hum waah.. ( oh really.. You do romance & we are shameless..)

Shagun : first clarify we are liars or shameless ( she wink)

Kushi : liars..

Ishu : yea you’re liars because you didn’t tell full truth.. Arnav prepared those jelebis for kushi & how could you miss that point.. Dont worry chote I didn’t see you preparing them with batter on all your face..

Kushi keep hand on her forehead..

Harshad : Even I didn’t see them dancing on chand chupa badal mein..

Swara : but me & sanky saw it. Guess what.

Rajeev : still anything remaining

Sanky : we will recreate that dance now..

Swara : humari dialogues pe ghor farmayiye ( concentrate on our dialogue)

Arshi : No..

Swasan come infront & Anjali play the song..

Swasan start dancing slowly..

Chand chupa badal mein
Sharmake meri jana

Chand chupa badal mein
Sharmake meri jana..
Seene se lag jaa tu
Balkhake meri jana

Sanskar : ( as arnav) what’s this chand & all kushi.. You’re more beautiful then it. Let’s ignore him &… ,( he give signature teasing smirk of ASR while swara blush like kushi..)

Swara : ( as kushi’) Arnav please concentrate on dance..

Sanskar : ( as arnav) I cannot concentrate on anything else when you’re around

Ghumsum sa hai gupchup sa hai madhosh hai khamosh hai
Ye samaa haan ye sama
Kuch aur hai

O oh..
Chand chupa badal mein
Sharmake meri jana
Seene se lagaja tu
Balkhake meri jana

Nazdekiya bad jaane de
Arey nahi baba nahi abhi nahi nahi
Ye duriya mith jaane de
Arey nahi baba nahi abhi nahi nahi

Door se hi tum jee bhar ke dekho
Tum he kho kaise door se dekhu
Chand ko jaise dekhta chakor hai

Sanskar : ( as arnav) whose chakor now..

Swara : ( as Kushi ) arre you dont know chakor.? Chakor is..

Sanskar : ( as arnav) : huh leave it kushi.. I’m only interested in you.. Chakor ko goli maro..

Hey, Ghumsum sa hai gupchup sa hai madhosh hai khamosh hai
Ye samaa haan ye sama
Kuch aur hai

O oh..
Chand chupa badal mein
Sharmake jaane jana
Seene se lagaja tu
Balkhake meri jana

(Aaja re aaja chanda ki jabatak tu na aaye ga
Sajana ke chehrein ko dekhne ye mantersa jayega)

Na na chanda tu nahi aana
Tu jo aaya to
Sanam sharma ke kahi chala jayena

(Aaja re aaja chanda tu lakh duya ye painga)

Na na chanda tu nahi aana
Varna sanam chalaa jayegaa

Achal mein tu chup ja ne de
Are nahi baba nahi abhi nahi nahi
Zulfo mein tu kho jaane de
Are nahi baba nahi abhi nahi nahi

Pyar toh naam hai
Sabar ka hamdum
Wohi bhalaa bolo kaise kare hum
Sawan ki rah jaise dekh mor hai

Sanskar : ( as arnav) ASR kisi ka intezaar nahi karta.. Aur meri kushi se Milne ke liye mujhe koyi cha and ki izazzat ki zaroorat nahi.. ( ASR never waits for anyone & to meet my kushi.. I don’t need to take permission from any moon)

He pull her towards him & she come & land on his chest..

Swara ( as kushi ) struggling to free

Aye, rehene bhi do jaane bhi do ab chudo na
Yo modo na ye sama ha ye sama kuch aur hai

Aaya re aaya chanda ab har khwayish puri hogi
Chandani raat mein har sajani apne sajana ko dekhe ki..

Sanky free swara but lean towards her just like Arnav did yesterday.. Everyone widen their eyes..

Sanky : we can only do this much..

Swara : we are not good kissers like arshi..

Arnav throw flower basket on swasan.. & start chasing them to hit..

Sanky : ouch.. Sorry.. Sorry bhai.. Sorry.. Leave me.

Arnav : have you heard the word privacy.. Ah..

Everyone ; oooooh privacy..

Arnav : ( to himself) not again..

Kushi : devi maiyya please save me..

Mrs Sethi come there..

Mrs Sethi : come on children.. Moon is up..

Kushi anj & Mrs Sethi perform the Pooja.. Arnav, rajeev & Mr Seth start feeding them after it..

While feeding Arnav drop bit rice on Anjali

Anjali : rajeev careful.. You will spoil the saree

Rajeev : oh sorry.. I’m not expert like arnav in feeding na.. ( he tease)

Arnav : then feed her daily we won’t mind

Raman : but everyone is not shameless like you

Kushi : Arnav dont open your mouth. I’m do e with the teases for today

Arnav : we need some fresh air.. We will eat out

Shagun : fresh air to eat or to romance ah..

Arshi go to terrace

Arnav : they’re too much..

Kushi : we should be careful from next time..

Arnav : I’ll make sure they pay for it

Kushi : their time will also come then we shall not leave them.. Simmo di is already trapped with Raj.. I’m sure Raman bhai will have someone.. He’s so mischievous..

Arnav : but ishu di & harshad.. I don’t think they’ll do something.. They’re decent..

They hear some sound on other side..

Kushi : what’s that..

Arnav : come let’s check..

They see ishu & harshad talking something.. Ishu have karva chauth thali.. She had taken pallu over her head as if she’s doing vrath..

Arshi look at each other & exclaim..

Arshi : they’re together..

Kushi : let’s go near & gear them..

They move near & hide behind a pillar..

Ishu : Sony. I don’t want to break the fast with photo..

Harshad : you expect me to bring him here & you think he will happily pose for your Pooja

Ishu : but.. You do something na..

Arnav : its not harshad.. She live someone else..

Kushi : the one in that photo I think ( she point at photo in harshad’s hand )

Arnav : but whose it..?

Harshad : now dont make that face I’ll do something

Ishu : please bring him

Harshad ; after that what.. What will you tell him.. Ok ok I’ll try. You hide behind the tank..

Arnav : whose it..? Is it Raj..

Kushi : I don’t think so.. I mean ishu di know that shagun di like him since so many years.. I dont think its him..

Arnav : let’s wait & watch..


Raman : when are we going up..

Shagun : they will only come & take you up

Raman : in your dreams.. I think she’ll break vrat using photo..

Shagun : never I know my ishu..

Harshad knock the door..

Raman : get in..

Harshad : hey.. What are you two doing here.. Come let’s get some fresh air on terrace..

Raman gets happy & shagun give him the knowing look..

Harshad : let’s play hide & seek there

Raman : what. ?

Shagun : first Raman will be blind folded..

Raman : why..?

Shagun pike him & gesture to keep quiet..

Shagun : you go up we will come in 2 mins

Harshad leave..

Raman : there my Ishu is hungry & you want to play..

Shagun : duffer. If you’re blind folded then ishu can do Pooja na. She won’t do it infront of you..

Raman : but I can’t see that..

Shagun : I’ve this special clothe you can see through it..

Raman : I love you..

Shagun : zyada maska mat maaro ab chalo.. ( dont butter ne much.. Let’s go..)


Harshad show thumbs up to ishu Raman & shagun come up..

Arbav : now what are these 2 doing..

Shagu : ok let’s start..

She blindfold Raman & drag harshad to other corner..

Arshi : what the..

Kushi : they’re crazy..

Harshad : what are you doing..?

Shagun : I want 10th number of Raj’s phone number

Harshad : but Raman..

Shagun : ignore him for few minutes..

Ishu come out & Raman could feel her presence.. He smile but hide it immediately..

Kushi : what is she doing. ?

Arnav : your devi Maiyya knows..

Ishu do the Pooja..

Arshi’s jaw drop…

Kushi : Raman bhai…!!!

Arnav : ishu di…!!!

These 2 scream.. Hargun & ishra look at these 2 shocked..

Precap : Shagun & Raj’s first date.. Gupta’s visit Delhi.. What’s awaiting for kushi & ishitha with their parents visit??

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