MANZIL (Chapter 16)


Recap : bomb blast on race course.. Shagun meet Raj & ishu fell unconscious in raman’s arms

Raman carry ishu & take her near the entrance.. He see a volunteer

Raman : yeh.. He’s Raj’s secretary I suppose.

volunteer : ishitha mam.. What happened to her & who are you..

Raman give ishu to him & run away..

Volunteer : oye.. Who are you..?

Harshad is carrying shagun & as they near the entrance..

Shagun : ( to herself) oh no.. May be ishu & sonu will be here I can’t get caught.. What to do.. Ah..

She open her eyes & jump out of his arms..

Shagun : I’m fine now.. I’ll go by myself.. I’ll call you bye..

Harshad : arre but.. ( she too run away wearing her burkha..)

An hour later.. – At Jannat ( Home)

Everyone have safely reached home & anjali rajeev unaware of this sneak out.. Harshad has not yet come..

Anj : you’re fine na ishu.. Are you hurt

Ishu : I’m fine di.. Don’t worry..

Police arrive.. & they start showing the CCTV footage

Rajeev : I want them behind bars at any cost..

Ishu : stop.. ( it stops on Charlie Chaplin)

Ishu : I have doubt on that Charlie Chaplin

Raman gulp down his fear

Kushi : oh come on di he’s comedian.. Look at his innocent face

They play further & find him carrying ishu safely after the blast

Raman : look he has helped you & you’re accusing that poor innocent soul..

Ishu give whatever look

Police 1 : look at that fake rockstar & that joker girl.. & Hawaii girl.. We doubt these 3

Police 2 : and one burkha girl was found sneaking into Raj sir’s room & this so called Charlie Chaplin helped her in it..

He show pics..

Anj : who come to races like this

Rajeev : definitely they’re the culprits

All 5 gulp down the fear.. Arnav is talking to someone on phone.. He knew he had to find the real culprirs or else they will get caught..

All 5 move little away from police..

Swara : God what if we get caught..

Raman : bhai will kill me

Kushi : ishu di’s anger will be at peak

Sanskar : bhaiyya bhabhi never like lies… We not only lied but also stole tickets &..

Swara : will you stop scaring..

Raman : arre arnav.. What are you doing on phone.. Is work more important than life.. Yahan humari jaan jaa rahi hai aur tum ( he stop looking at Arnav’s glares)

Arnav : ( on call) ok.. Be careful.. Call me once you reach police station..

Swasan, kushi ,Raman : police station..!!

Arnav : stop screaming..

Swasan, kushi ,Raman : police station..!! ( whisper )

Arnav sign thinking where am I struck

Arnav : my men have caught the real culprits in 10 mins they’ll be in police custody

Sanskar : and we will be safe..

Kushi & swara : love you.. You always save us

Arnav acknowledge it with a smile..

Shagun : oh no…

These 5 look at her..

Raman : ab konsa pahad toot pada ( what happened now)

Shagun : Raj has given only 9 numbers..

Sanky : yahan hum jail jaane wale hai aur ine number ki padi hai.. ( here we are about to go to jail & she’s worried about number)

Kushi : shut up sanky.. Agar kisi ne poocha jail kyun gate toh kya bolo ge.. Raj the super racer ki aadhi number li use blackmail karke( if someone ask why are we in jail what we will say.. That we got half number of Raj by blackmailing him )

Swara : log hasenge.. Number tho poori honi chahiye na.. ( people will laugh.. At least we should get full number)

Arnav get the call

Raman : these girls have gone mad.. Arre situation ki seriousness ko samjho.. Hum pakde jaane wale hai Kuch tho Socho.. ( understand the seriousness of situation.. We will get caught at least think something)

Arnav ( end the call) : those culprits have been caught.. Now stop panicking.. ( he say looking at kushi..)

Shagun : anyway we will get caught why are you all thinking so much .

Swasan kushi Raman : what..!!

Arnav : stop screaming idiots.. And what do you mean di..

Shagun : Raj recognised me.. He will obviously tell harshad & then you know he won’t lie.. So basically the moment he return we are caught

Swara : kushi di.. Didn’t i tell you let’s wear normal dresses.. Look no one’s doubting arnav bhai.. You all shouted on him that he will get caught..

Police : sir.. Sorry for disturbance we got the culprits.. Thanks for co operation

Harshad : officer one minute.. Bhaiyya we should find out who these people are na..

Ishu : yes.. Especially that Charlie Chaplin

Police : ok we will leave the CCTV footage here then..

Police leave..

Rajeev : what’s the matter

Arnav : I’ll kill you 5 if we get caught

Harshad : that burkha girl is shagun..

Rajeev anj & ishu ; what…!!!??

Shagun give innocent smile & Raman whisper please dont trap us..

Ishu : ( after thinking a lot) then that that.. Charlie Chaplin is Raman.. You..

Everyone glare him..

Harshad zoom at rockstar’s shoes..

Harshad : anyone remember these shoes..

Anjali : sanskar..

Ishu : that joker girl is fighting with you all the time.. It means that’s… ( everyone look at swara)

Swara : it was not my mistake they forced me

Harshad : and this Japanese girl munching jelebi

Rajeev : Kushi..

Kushi : I think she’s my look alike.. Wow isn’t that great.. Now do you all believe that there will be 7 people with same face ah..?

She try to patch up but everyone glare her.

Kushi : sorry..

Arnav was nervous now..

Rajeev : only chote have some senses here

Ishu : at least you could have stopped them..

Anjali : wait.. Wait.. Who is that Japanese girl romancing with..?

Everyone look at arnav

Kushi : Arnav’s look alike.. ( everyone glare her) sacchi.. Do you think arnav will do drama.. Oh come on you all know how bad he is at lies..

Rajeev : what the hell were you people doing there & from where the hell did you get the tickets ( he shout in anger)

Everyone get scared..

Raman ; ( whisper) relax.. I’ll answer them you people just nod ok no need of telling truth..

Rajeev : I’m asking something..

Raman ; bhaiyya we wanted to see race..

Shagun : and Raj too

Kushi : we just wore those dresses for fun..

Swara : I got those tickets from my friend

Sanky : we really had no intention of going there

Kushi : we thought why to waste tickets so..

Raman : this is the truth..

Rajeev : if I found out even one word of hours isn’t true then..

Anjali rajeev ignore these 5 & look at Arnav whose all tensed now..

Anjali : Now you tell us the truth chote..

Raman : sab log taiyyar ho jaav bali chadne ke liye..

Rajeev : chote are they telling truth..

Arnav look at them all 5 gesture to nod yes & then he look at rajeev & Anjali..

Arnav : I told you not to do this drama.. Now what ate you people saying

Kushi gesture as if hitting her head to wall

Anj : why you went there..

Arnav : shagun di wanted Raj’s number… She want to date him..

Rajeev : this is the limit.. Sonu would have given the number what was the need of doing all this ah. ?

Anj : now go to your rooms & sleep

Kushi : thank God they didn’t ask him anything about tickets..

Ishu : one minute di.. Where did they get the tickets

Swara : from my friend

Harshad : which friend

Rajeev : chote.. What about tickets

Swasan shagun Raman & kushi gesture not to tell & even fold their hands..

Arnav : swa.. Swara’s friend gave..

Anj : if it turns out be lie.. Dont talk to me

Arnav : di.. I’ll tell we stole them from ishu di..

Precap : Trip to Darjeeling.. Arshi are missing

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    1. Anaya

      Thank you arshi.. More than honesty we can say he’s too afraid to lie & get caught

  4. Reshma_Pradeep

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  5. Anaya

    Thank you so much kumud, veronica, arshi & Reshma..

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