MANZIL (Chapter 15)

Recap : arshi swasan & Raman shagun change their getup to find out real Raj..

Dressing room

Ishu : Why there is so much security today

Harshad : authorities got some extortion calls

Ishu : what they said..

Harshad : huh.. Nothing serious..

Ishu glare him to say truth

Harshad : you know I won’t lie..

Ishu : so you wanna hide truth

Harshad : They threatened a bomb blast here..

Worker : Raj sir..


Raman : thank God.. I got saved from that witch

Shagun : whom are you talking about

Raman : ishu.. I bumped into her..

Shagan : what.. Raman.. You will spoil our plan.. I’ll kill you if I dont find Raj..

Raman : relax she didn’t recognise me.. Itni IQ nahi hai uski..

Swasan come to them..

Swara : di I’m not wearing this for a second more I’m looking like joker & everyone’s making fun of me..

Shagun : oh.. Shona please a little while more.. We haven’t got any clue where he is

Sanky : what will you do when you find him di

Shagun : huh.. I’ll take his number & then we can talk & then let’s see

Raman : tum number poochogi aur woh number dedega ( you’ll ask & he’ll give number seriously)

Sanky : he’s not harshad bhai who dances to your tune

Shagun : Nothing is impossible for shagun raizada.. How can anyone refuse me

Swara was trying to see something jumping here & there.. Then all 3 heard this sound..

Swara : ( crying) my dress is torn..

Raman wrap his coat around her..

Sanky : thank God I’m sitting away from you & these 2 are here for witness or else you would’ve blamed that on me only

Swara start crying more

Shagun : stop it sanskar..

Sanky : di.. Me..

Raman : shut up.. Or I’ve to come out of this Charlie Chaplin avatar..

Swara smile seeing sanky being scolded..

Shagun : shona you leave.. Sanskar will take you home..

Swara : di.. I saw ishu di..

Raman : what.. Where.. Let’s hide.. God why isn’t she leaving me.. ( panick)

Swara : oh . not here bhai.. I saw her there down..

She point towards the Ferrari stand

Shagun : wow.. Shona.. Thank you so much.. Raman that’s the Raj’s stand.. He must be there come let’s go..

She almost drag Raman

Raman : you two.. Go home & for God’s sake don’t get caught & call me once you reach home


Arnav : I dont understand why di is behind that racer..

Kushi : I think she like him..

Arnav : so what..

Kushi : she wanna date him.. I suppose as they’re in same town & you know she hate mysteries she want to know who Raj is..

Arnav : dating oh come on.. Can we date everyone we like.. You like salman khan.. Will you date him if you were in Mumbai.. No na..

He look at kushi who’s blushing..

Arnav : what..?

Kushi : if I was in Mumbai.. He already would’ve been my boyfriend..

Arnav : excuse me..

Kushi : thank devi maiyya we are not in Mumbai

Arnav : what the..

Kushi start laughing seeing arnav’s jealous face.. Arnav smile seeing her..

Dressing room..

Worker : Raj sir.. Its time you get ready..

Harshad : coming…

( Yes Harshad is Raj which only ishu, Anjali & rajeev know)

Ishu : go get ready.. I’ll go up.. All the best..

Ishu leave..

Shagun & Raman are just outside the door.. They didn’t hear anything.. They were about to peep in but they’re hear anklet sound..

Raman : this sounds familar.. Oh God its ishitha

Both immediately run to near by pillar hide there

Ishu come out & find something fishy.. She see someone

Ishu : hey you..

Shagun : oh Raman we are caught

She hug him hiding her face in his chest.. Ishu walk past them she was calling some scarf men standing behind these two..

Ishu : who who are you..

Man : maam we..

Shagun : I’ll go inside that room you keep her busy..

Raman : what arre wait.. Dont leave me alone with thus jhansi ki rani..

Those men flee away ishu is about to run behind them but Raman hold her..

Raman : hello ma’am they look dangerous.. Why are you inviting trouble..


Harshad is already in racing suit he has put on white mask only his eyes are visible.. He’s about to put in his helmet shagun enter..

Harshad : Miss you’re in wrong place

Shagun : Raj..?

Harshad ; yes..


Ishu : tum..? Wt are you doing here its restricted area

Raman : huh woh. I’m looking for my wife ( he’s still holding her hand)

Ishu : leave me first..

He leave her.. She move close to him & smell him

Ishu : this perfume…


Arnav : I got a call there’s some emergency in office I have to go..

Kushi : what will I do here I’ll also come

They leave..

Dressing room..

Shagun has removed her burkha but not the veil covering her face.. She start removing her overcoat.. Harshad gets stunned..

Harshad : what are you doing..

Then he notice a tatoo on her wrist.. Where ‘R’ is written..

Harshad : (shocked) Shagun..!!

She reveal her face

Shagun : how do you know.?

Harshad : huh.. Woh.. Harshad told me..

Shagun : leave him.. Give me your number

Harshad : excuse me..


Raman : excuse me.. I’m married man..

Ishu ; its shagun’s perfume..

Raman : sha.. Shagun who shagun.. Its my wife sha.. Sh. Shazia’s perfume


Harshad : mam how many times I have to say.. I can’t..

Shagun : no one refuses shagun raizada.. Give it or I’m taking your mask off..

She move towards him..

Harshad : ok wait.. Here 98*******

He had told only nine numbers & was about to tell 10th number.. Here outside Raman’s moustache was slowly coming off & ishu notice it but…


There’s a huge bomb blast on race course.. Whole ground is blew up..

Shagun hug harshad in fear..

Ishu fell unconscious in Raman’s arms..

Raman : ishu.. Ishu.. Damn..

He picks her up & he see shagun coming out holding Raj’s hand. Shagun see ishu & Raman.. But Raman gesture not to cm here as they’ll get caught.. Shagun see ishu in Raman’s arms & a khurafati idea strike her mind & she too pretend to fall unconscious..

Harshad : ( to himself) Dramebaaz.. Now I get from where swara is learning all this..

Precap :

Ishu : I have doubt on that Charlie Chaplin

Kushi : oh come on di he’s comedian.. Look at his innocent face

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  1. Fanficoholic

    Hey anaya. I hav started reading tis also. Even tis is very good. Hw cme u get so many ideas. I am amazed. And first of all i need to ask u smething. I am in class 11 ryt nw. So tell me whether u r younger r elder than me. I want to call u as di if u r elder. And amazing episode. Who has done that bomb blast? And lolllll all of these guys r sooo funny. Esp raman. And i guessed that harshad wld be raj. Bt i want to see shagun’s reaction to it. And one thing is harshad the same one frm kaisi yeh yaariyaan? If somi want u to include manik and nandini also in one of ur ff.

    Love u loadsss

    1. Anaya

      Thank you so much fanficoholic.. Even I too have no clue how so many ideas start popping in my head.. I turned 20 on Oct 22 dear you can call me di..

      Bomb blast secret will be revealed in next part.. Harshad is not from kaise yeh yaariyaan.. He is harshad chopra from humsafars.. I have not watched kaise yeh yaariyaan.. So I’ve no idea about a characters of manick & nandini & the chemistry between them.. So have not included them

      1. Fanficoholic

        Belated bday wishes anaya di. If u cld hav tld me before i wld hav dedicated my episode to u. Anyways frm nxt year i wll do the same

  2. Veronica

    Lol the precap is funny….And the epi was just awesome!!!loved the wholr thing to the core

  3. Sravs

    funny chapter…………lol………..waiting for next one……..

  4. Kumud

    Lol really funny episode and precap

  5. Arshi

    Hahahhahahaha….. superb…. last doalog.. dramambaz was epic… liked full scenes.. superb

  6. Anaya

    Thank you so much fanficoholic, veronica, sravs, kumud & Arshi..

  7. Anaya

    And I’m really sorry for not posting any of my stories for 3 days.. Actually I was out of station to celebrate my b’day ( Oct 22) .. It was a surprise from my papa.. I too had no idea about that trip so couldn’t inform you people earlier.. He wanted it to make special as it was my 20th b’day.. Sorry again..

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