MANZIL (Chapter 13)


Gupta mansion

Ishra arshi Swasan & hargun are busy doing masti having parathas..


Shashi : I dont understand why you both are so bothered for their education

Anj : I’ve not seen them different from shagun or swara..

Rajeev : uncle why are you against their studies..

Garima : ek accha rishta aaya hai ishu ke liye.. Aise rishte baar baar nahi milte ( one good proposal have come for ishu we dont get them often)

Anj : its not her age to get married & moreover its still 2 years for her MBBS to get complete

Garima : that boy has good job she dont need to work

Shashi : what’s the need for girls to read further..

Anj : what’s wrong with you both..? Anyway we’re taking ishu & chutki with us that’s final..

Shashi : but beta..

Anj : aap isse request samajhiye yaa aapki malik ki beti ka faisal par woh ab yahan nahi rahenge aur shaadi toh bilkul nahi ( you take this as a request or order from your boss’s daughter but these won’t stay here & definitely won’t marry now)

Anj go out..

Rajeev : we will take complete responsibility of ishu & chutki.. Their education their marriage their safety trust me…

Delhi.. 2 years later..

All are having breakfast..

Anj : Its been 3 months you 3 ( ishra & shagun) joined post graduation how’s everything

Shagun : superb

Raman : she just killed two dead bodies by using her dumb brain nothing more..

Shagun : Raman..!! Idiot dont lie.. How can anyone kill dead bodies

While these 2 start fighting.. Ishu is lost in her thoughts..

Shagun : see na ishu.. ( seeing her ) what happened ishu..

Rajeev : I know what happened to my princess ( he place hand on her shoulder) I’ve talked to uncle aunty.. I know they’re angry now but will understand later everything will be fine dear.. Trust me..

Ishu smile & hug him from side..

Raman : bhaiyya sugar zyada hogayi diabetes ho jayegi..

Rajeev glare him

Mean while swasan start fighting..

Swara : what you forgot..

Sanky : I told you to remind me before sleeping its not my mistake..

Swara : how dare you sanky.. I won’t leave you now..

Both start fighting..

Rajeev : stop it..

Swasan look at him..

Anj : why are you fighting now..

Sanky : she’s yelling at me for not doing her homework

Anj rajeev glare swara.. While swara stare sanskar for letting her truth out

Anj : what are you staring at him.. Is it true shona

Swara : yes.. ( she say lowering her head)

Rajeev : No video games today

Swara : but he too bunked classes yesterday so he agreed to write my homework for hiding that

Sanky : sorry ( he make puppy face)

Swara : your innocent face won’t help you.. No video games for you too today.. Right bhaiyya

Rajeev sign.. Everyday these two came up with new quarells they never acted like highschool kids. Swara was in 8th & sanky in 10th standard

Anj : where is sonu ( harshad)

Harshad come running from upstairs..

Harshad : sorry got bit late..

Shagun : not bit you’re ½hour late..

Anj : its ok come have breakfast.

Shagun : you two always forgive him.. Never say anything to him..

Harshad : because I’m their favourite.. ( he say hugging anjali from back )

Shagun : do you know he cane home at 2 yesterday..

Raman : you came at 1 if you remember..

Shagun : jiju picked me & moreover I went to watch Raj’s match..

Ishra & swasan : oooo.. So simran went to watch her Raj’s match..

Anj : even sonu was there.. How can he miss his best friend’s match..

(You all must be wondering where our Arshi are right)

While everyone busy with their own queries & arguments Arshi were busy with their romance at one corner of table

Raman poke ishu with his elbow showing arshi.. Ishu poke shagun & she to harshad & harshad poke anjali followed by rajeev.. Sanskar notice everyone looking in same direction & he too see them.

Arshi are eating in single plate admiring each other so lost in each other’s eyes that they’re unaware of their emptied plate..

Rajeev clear his troat to get their attention Anjali to make sound from her bangles but no use

Shagun : all these won’t work on them..

She get up & shake both & they come back to senses..

Arnav : di why are you troubling us while eating

Raman : eating or romancing

Kushi : Kuch bhi..

Swara : ( innocently) why are you both eating in same plate.. Plates ki kami hai kya ( are there less plates)

Ishu : if they’re eating in same plate there must be something special today..

Sanky : again some stupid anniversary of stupid thing right..

Arshi glare him..

Harshad : I’ve noted down everything wait let ne check..

He open his phone & starts checking..


Arnav : kushi you know I don’t believe in all this

Kushi : but I believe arnav let me do it please..

Arnav : what’s the need..

Kushi : do you know if I keep this vrath (fast) then I’ll get a desired husband & this also helps him in his well being & success..

Arnav : ( pulling her closer) well already your desired man is ready to marry you so stop this fast let’s get married

Kushi : how can we.. We are still 15 arnav ( she say taking his talks seriously)

Arnav : So you’re ready to marry if we get permission ah..? ( he tease)

Kushi : of course..

Arnav : itni jaldi..( this early he simply say to tease her)

Kushi : kyun.. Aapko nahi hai.. Koyi aur mil gayi hai kya.. ( why.. You’re not in hurry.. Have you found someone else)

Arnav starts thinking as if there is someone.. Making faces..

Arnav : haan.. Actually..

Kushi : I won’t talk to you go..

Saying she storm out from there.. It took whole day for arnav to convince her & at last in night he made her have food with his own hands..

While eating

Kushi : dont do dare ever to say that there is someone else in your life & you won’t marry me

Arnav : this is the 100th time I’m telling I won’t

Flashback ends..

Ishu : so sweet memory.. Chutki..

Kushi : bhaiyya how you know all this..

Harshad look at shona

Swara : I was beside you only kushi di you thought 8 year old cannot remember anything ah..? ( she wink)

Kushi : I won’t leave you today

Swara run away & kushi start chasing him..

Precap : Arshi, swasan , Raman shagun spy on harshad to know who is Raj the racer..

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