MANZIL (Chapter 12)


Recap : Everyone angry on Mani for hugging ishu. Abhimanyu & ishitha are married


Raman dozzed off sitting beside ishu holding her hand.. Ishu start coughing.. Raman gets up & make her drink water rubbing her back.. Abhimanyu passing by sees it..

Next day


Ishu : But why so suddenly..

Abhimanyu : some urgent work came up in office..

Ishu : I disspointed you.. I..

Abhimanyu : no ishu.. You take care of yourself..

He leave..

An hour later..

Swara : thank God he left..

Arnav : after yesterday’s matter I couldn’t have tolerated him around..

Sanky : come let’s meet ishu di..

Raman : no need.. The way you all behaved yesterday.. No need to meet her..

Kushi : but..

Raman : you better don’t talk to me chutki..

Harshad : Raman.. End this now..

Ruhi come there..

Ruhi : ishu maasi is calling you all..

All reach the room.

As soon as Raman enter their eyes meet.. Both remember how she hugged him feeling safe in his arms.. & the way he caressed her..
Arshi swasan are hanging their faces down..

Ishu : what happened..? Are you all sad as abhimanyu left ? ( she tease & laugh feebly)

Arshi , swasan : we are sorry di.. ( they’re holding their ears.. )

Ishu smile..

Ishu : why sorry..

Sanky : for yesterday..

Ishu : its ok now leave your ears..

All 4 hug her..

Kushi ; now you too forgive me bhai..

Raman is silent…

Ishu : why is he angry on you..

Raman : nothing.. Where am I angry

Ruhi : ishu maasi what happened to you..

Ishu : nothing baby I’m fine..

Ruhi : let’s cancel the trip if you’re not well..

Ishu : No no I’m fine no need to cancel we will leave tomorrow ok..

Harshad : are you sure..

Ishu : yes..

Next day..

Everyone left except Harshad ge will be joining them tomorrow..

Mrs Sethi come with lunch to office..

Harshad : I would have had something in canteen

Mrs Sethi : mere hote huye canteen mein kaayega dekho kitne dugle hogaye ho ( when I’m here why will you eat from canteen.. See how lean you’ve become )

Harshad : thank u & food is very tasty..

Mrs Sethi : I needed one file Raman went without giving can you pass me it

Harshad : oh.. Aunty I’ve a meeting now & soon after it I’ve to leave for delhi warna ruhi ek taang par kadha kardegi mujhe.. Kya aap khud le lengi mein keys deta hoon ( or else ruhi will make me stand on one feet.. will you take yourself I’ll give you the keys )

Mrs Sethi : teek hai de de ( ok give )

An hour later..

Harshad gets a call asking to come home immediately by Mrs Sethi..

Bhalla mansion

Harshad : what happened aunty ? Didn’t you get the file..

She show him some pics of ishra together & Raman’s diary..

Mrs Sethi : what’s this ? Is it why abhimanyu left that way.. Is it why Raman refusing to marry

Harshad : Aunty actually.. Its a past.. Nothing left now..

Mrs Sethi : tell me the truth may be I can help

Harshad : its a long story aunty leave it..

Mrs Sethi : mein kahan bhaage jaa rahi hoon ( I’m not in hurry )

Harshad : teek hai toh phir suniye ( ok listen )

Harshad : Actually my parents , shagun’s parents & Raman’s parents were best friends.. Ishu’s father worked in our company.. We know each other from childhood all together we had too much fun..

Rajeev bhaiyya & Anjali di liked each other & eventually they fell in love so all elders got them married.

Mrs Sethi : arre at least tell me their love story..

Harshad : I don’t remember much we were very small.. But I remember they used to send love letters in our hand to each other & one day..


Anjali : Raman give this to your rajeev bhaiyya ( she hand over him a letter )

Raman & all 7 have gathered..

Kushi : open it let’s see what’s in it

Ishu : its bad manners to read it

Arnav : what if we get caught

Shagun come there with letter given by rajeev

Shagun : hey see even bhaiyya gave one

Harshad : I wonder what they exchange

Raman : let’s open & read..

Ishu & harshad : no.. We will be punished..

Arnav : they’re right..

Kushi : let’s give it to swasan they’re too small no one will punish them they’ll read & we will listen..

Swara : I know you’re angry on me

Sanky : dont think I’m angry on you.. I’m sorry I overreacted..

Swara : its all my mistake.. I should have told the truth when everyone asked..

Sanky : what’s done is done I’ll make everything right dont worry take care..

Swara : I love you..

Sanky : I love you..

Fb ends..

Harshad : our parents heard this & got them married..

Mrs Sethi : sabne boora phasaya bechare.. phir ( you all trapped them.. Then )

Harshad : Everyone planned to send them on honeymoon to London

Mrs Sethi : how romantic

Harshad : nothing romantic in it.. All 8 of us troubled them to take us along & they took us

Mrs Sethi : bechare.. ( poor souls )

Harshad : And here in Delhi our parents were killed due bomb explosion in a party.. ( Gupta’s alive ) and from that those two took care of us.. Ishu & chutki spent most of time with us only & they used sleep here only many times..

Flashback starts..

Arnav Raman harshad sanskar are sleeping in one room & kushi, ishu, shagun & swara in one room.. Rajeev go to boy’s room & Anjali to girl’s room

Girl’s room ( Actually its swara’s room )

Everyone is sleeping sticking to each other..

Anjali remove the curtains..

Anjali : utho sab… ( get up everyone )

Shagun : sone do na di.. ( let us sleep na di )

Kushi : we slept so late yesterday

Anjali : its already late get up.. We should reach Gupta house na..

She make everyone get up & push them to bathrooms ( different bathrooms)

Boy’s room ( Actually its sanskar’s room )

Rajeev : get up everyone its late already

Sanky ( in sleep ) no bhai.. I want to sleep..

Rajeev : how long will you sleep & why are you all sleeping in same room..

Harshad : Raman was scared watching horror movie so he dragged everyone here..

Raman ( getting up ) ; liar.. No bhai arnav was afraid

Arnav : what the.. Me.? Ghost will be afraid of me..

All 3 start fighting in middle of that

Sanky : stop making noise I want to sleep

Rajeev : ( scream ) enough…

All stop fighting & look at him.. & then start pointing at each other..

Rajeev : whoever want to come to Gupta mansion & eat delicious aloo paratha made by garima aunty get ready or else I’ll leave you here only..

All : No.. We will come..

Precap :

Rajeev : we will take complete responsibility of ishu & chutki..

Shashi : what’s the need for girls to read further..

Credit to: Anaya

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