MANZIL (Chapter 11)

Recap : Arshi romance on hill top & promising to trust each other always. Ishitha avoiding abhimanyu. Swsan & Arshi irritate abhimanyu

Night – 9 pm
Gadodia Mansion..

Everyone sitting for dinner except Ishu & Abhimanyu..

Sanky : everything looks so delicious..

Raman : don’t go by looks.. They often deceive ( he say thinking of ishu )

Arnav : yes.. ( he say looking at abhimanyu who come there )

Harshad : you’re hurting me now..

Raman & Arnav : what..!??

Kushi : harshad bhai prepared the food today..

Swara : ( whisper to Raman ) what you thought? ishu di..?

Shagun : no matter on how many issues I quarell with sonu.. Ah harshad but I agree he’s a good cook..

Harshad : sikhaya bhi toh kisne anjali di ne hai.. Accha cook toh ban na hi tah.. ( I’ve been taught by anjali di… So I’m perfect cook )

Sanky : unhone pyaar bhi toh aapse kiya hai.. Agar aage jeena chaate hai toh cooking seekhna hi tah.. ( he has loved you.. If he wanted to live then he had to learn cooking )

Raman : khaane se yaad aaya.. Shagun.. Mrs Sethi ke ghar mein bahut chuye hogaye hai.. Toh please woh tumari special halwa bana ke de do une rat poison ki paise bachenge ( on name of food I remember shagun.. There are lot of rats in Mrs Seth’s house.. Prepare your special sweet & give it to her.. They can save money by avoiding rat poison )

Shagun give angry looks.. While arshi swasan & Raman laugh..

Harshad : abhimanyu come sit have dinner..

Abhi : No I’ll have once ishu returns…

Everyone’s smile vanish…

Swara : but she had already.. I think she’s busy in some operation.. You have dinner.. She will be late ji..ja..ji.. ( she stress tauntingly )

Night 11 : 30..

Ishu enter her room & abhimanyu hug her from behind she get shocked… & scream instantly..

Ishitha shrug him of.. & in process her blouse gets a bit teared.. Everyone enter hearing her scream.. & ishu hugs Raman involuntarily in fear.. He too comfort her..

Raman : relax.. I’m here..

Abhimanyu : ishu its me.. Why are you getting scared..

Arnav hold abhimanyu’s collar..

Arnav : how dare you..

Harshad try to free him but in vain…

Ishu come back to senses hearing arnav shout

Arnav : you tried to touch my di..

He’s about to punch him but ishu stop him..

Ishu : chote.. Leave him..

Arnav : but di..

Harshad : Arnav please..

He leave him..

Ishu : I’m sorry I disturbed everyone. I.. I thought ( she struggle to find words still tears flowing from her eyes )

Abhimanyu : its ok ishu.. ( he try to hold her but she jerk shivering.. Kushi shagun hold her )

Sanky : what’s wrong di.. Speak up something

Arnav : did he misbehave with you..

Swara : di your blouse..

Everyone notice it… & get raged..

Shagun : you… You touched my ishu.. ( she scream )

Arnav : I won’t leave you..

Abhi : I just hugged her… & you all..

Arnav move toward him but stop hearing ishu.

Ishu : stop it..

Kushi : itna sab hone ke baad bhi aap.. ( he did all this & you..)

Ishu : He did nothing kushi..

Swara : your saree then.. How it tore. ?

Ishu : He is my husband.. He have a right on me..
( those words echo in everyone’s ears.. )

Shagun & kushi leave ishu.. Arnav leave abhimanyu.. A lone tear escape Raman’s eyes.. A darkest bitter truth of his life has once again encountered him today… Raman close his eyes in pain..

5 years back..

Harshad enter the hospital.. Everyone standing outside operation theatre..

Raman : Where is ishu..

Kushi : she has come with you right..

Harshad : how’s di & jijaji..

Arnav : operation going on.. But where’s ishu di..

Everyone see ishu rushing into hospital in tears… & a man hurriedly walking behind her..

She’s wearing mangalsutra & sindoor.. Which clearly indicated she’s married…

Flashback ends… Raman open his eyes..

Arnav : oh.. Yea.. How can I forget that..

He rush out in anger.. Others about to say something but Raman interrupt

Raman : enough of this now.. Out everyone now..

Swasan, kushi & shagun move out..

Harshad: I’m sorry abhimanyu.. They overeacted

Abhimanyu : its ok.. I understand..

Raman & harshad about to go out but ishu becomes unconscious…

Before abhimanyu could hold her Raman hold her

Raman : ishu.. Ishu..

½ an hour later..

Ishu is lying on bed unconscious in shagun’s room

Abhimanyu : what happened to her

Shagun : due to stress she got unconscious

Arnav : and..

Harshad : enough now.. Let her rest..

Everyone come out..

Harshad : let her sleep here with ishu today abhimanyu..

He nod & leave..

Kushi : Arnav please don’t scream at him..

Arnav : because of him.. Today di is in this state..

Kushi : no.. She’s here because on herself

Everyone look at her..

Kushi : who asked to marry him ah..?


Harshad hurriedly run into marriage hall.. He’s injured.. He couldn’t find ishu anywhere due to crowd.. Even Gupta’s were avoiding him..

Finally he manage to reach her room..

Harshad : come ishu.. Let’s go..

Ishu : you’re injured what happened.. She tend to him..

Harshad : leave all this there’s no time we should hurry before anyone see us.. Come..

He hold her hand & about to drag but she resist. He look at her..

Ishu : where is Raman..

Harshad : he didn’t come as.. ( ishu interrupt )

Ishu : I knew it.. He won’t come.. I’m not coming anywhere you go..

Harshad : what..!? Ishu do you what you’re saying..

Ishu : yes..

Flashback ends…

Kushi : her own decision has dragged her to this state..

Swara : but why did she do so.. I don’t understand..

Kushi : she is a cheater..

Raman : shut up chutki… ( he scream at the peak of his voice ) No one has right to call her so..

Kushi : bhai. I..

Raman : She cheated me & I’ll say whatever I want.. But I don’t like anyone else pointing at my ishu & this is the last time I’m telling..

He go inside room to take care of ishu..

Kushi : why di did this with him..

Arnav comfort her…


Abhimanyu pacing inside a room.. He recall everything what happened.. How ishitha shrugged him off & hugged Raman.. Arnav yelling at him..

Abhimanyu : I made a mistake sending her back here.. Maa was right…

He gets call… receiving it all his anger cool down..

Precap :

Arshi , swasan : we are sorry di.. ( they’re holding their ears.. )

Ishu smile..

Ishu : why sorry..

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