MANZIL (Chapter 10 Part 2)


Actually guys earlier I had posted yeh Dosti ff by mistake under Manzil part 10 title… My exams have drived me crazy.. Anyways this is MANZIL part 10 ok.. Don’t get confused

Recap : Everyone annoyed with ishu as abhimanyu come..

Abhi : hello Ishu.. Its late already.. When are you coming..

Ishu : ah.. I’ll be late.. I think I can’t make it tonight.. There’s one major operation to be done here.. So you sleep..

Ishu cuts the call & shagun see this & wonder why ishu lied there was no operation in hospital.

Shagun : ( to herself ) isn’t she happy.. Why is she avoiding him..? Or do she still love Raman….

Shagun come to ishu..

Shagun : ishu what are you doing here?

Ishu : huh.. Ah. Nothing .. I

Shagun : let’s go home now..

Ishu : ( instantly ) No.. I mean one patient is coming.. So..

Shagun : who will come at this hour ishu.. Its 11 already..

Ishu : its emergency..

Shagun : ok I’ll also wait..

Ishu ; no simmo you go. I’m here naa.. Please

Shagun : I’m seeing everything ishu.. But I’m not getting what’s in your mind..

Shagun come home. & is wondering what’s wrong….

Shagun : what am I thinking is it right..? No.. But ishu.. Oh .. Whom shall I share this with.. There’s no one to give me the solution..

She stand infront of a big portrait of a couple in her room..

Shagun : dekh rahe ho aap dono.. Kya se kya hogaya.. hum sabki zindagi itni ulajh gayi hai ki.. Lekin aapko kya.. Aap aaram se sote raho hospital ke bed mein.. ( are you both seeing what our life has turned into… Everything is so messed up.. But what’s that to you both.. Sleep peacefully on hospital bed )

Couple in that pic start talking.. Its shagun’s imagination..

Woman : Simmo.. What’s this you are my strong girl stop crying..

Shagun : di.. !!

Man : every problem has a solution but you should think peacefully for it..

Shagun : you know I don’t have that patience jijaji.. I need your help. I can’t handle everything

Woman : then call your partner..

Shagun : no..

Man : he’s the only one who can help you know simmo..

Shagun : no.. ( she turn away )

Woman : won’t you listen to your di & jijaji..

Shagun : but.. ( she turn towards them but they’re no more.. )

Harshad enter her room.. & she remember their words..

Shagun : I need to talk..

Harshad : yea tell me…

She explain everything what she saw.. How ishu us avoiding abhimanyu & what she saw in hospital.. Swara hears all this…

Arshi & swasan in swara’s room

Sanky : what..!!? Really swara.. You heard it right na..?

Swara : yes..

Kushi : thank God there’s still hope..

Arnav : even if I get a slightest hint from ishu di.. I’ll kick him out of her life forever..

Swara : ok guys listen now..


Shagun : what to do now..

Harshad : I’ll talk to ishu let’s see.. We will pull out something..

Next day..

Ishu came & freshned up & left to hospital in ½ an hour without even meeting abhimanyu….

Abhimanyu having breakfast.. Swasan start their plan.. They pretend as if they didn’t see him..

Sanky : where is ishu di..

Swara : in hospital..

Sanky : she wasn’t home yesterday night too..

Swara : may be she had some emergency case..

Sanky : but simmo di said there were no cases

Swara : what really..?

They leave.. Abhimanyu ignore their talk thinking they might have mistaken..

All 8 along with abhimanyu are near school gate to drop ruhi… Everyone is advising her…

Ruhi : oh stop it guys when I can handle you 8 these children are not at all a problem to me I’ll manage… ( she wink )..

Ishu : Ruhi.. Naughty baby… ok now all the best..

Ruhi : you both come & drop me till class ok..

Ishra go… Raman pick ruhi in arms..
Ruhi turn back and wink at arshi & swasan.. These 3 ( except Arnav) show thumbs up..

Kushi : They look so nice together na.. ?

Arnav : yes..

Kushi : I hope they’ll always be together like this..

Arnav : yes…

Sanky : ( whisper ) what yes yes.. Dialogue bolo ( tell the dialogue )

Kushi : aren’t they cute..

Arnav : yes…

Swara : (whisper ) he can’t do it.. Darpok kahike.. (coward)

Swara : yea they’re are made for each other kushi di

Sanky : kaash ishu di meri bhabhi hoti.. ( it would’ve been nice if ishu di was my sis in law )

Kushi : aur Raman bhai mere jijaji ( and Raman bhai my brother in law )

Abhimanyu gets shocked at their thoughts & gets jealous of Raman he storm out from there..

These 4 give HiFi..

Hill top..

Kushi is hugging arnav from behind…

Kushi : I’m the luckiest person… ( she scream )

Arnav : no.. I’m the luckiest..

Kushi : haww.. Cho chweet.. ( so sweet ) Love you ( she pull his cheeks )

Arnav : come let’s sit there..

They sit on a big rock seeing a beautiful scenario

Kushi : Is this the famous lover’s point

Arnav : yes..

Kushi : thank u thank u thank u.. You don’t like all these but came here for me..

She kiss him..

Arnav : ok now stop eating my cheeks.. And eat this.. ( he give box of jelebis )

Both start eating them… Later walk hand in hand there under orange shade of sun enjoying sunset

Kushi : Our life is so beautiful arni..

Arnav : all because of you..

Kushi : kaash ishra & hargun bhi saath hote

Arnav : they’ve spoiled everything themselves.. I don’t understand what happened that ishu di took such drastic step.. & shagun di she’s impossible.. They lack trust in their relationship that’s what have spoiled everything..

Kushi : hmm.. We have to do something..

Arnav : we will try kushi.. But promise me one thing whatever might happen you’ll always trust me no matter what the situation might be..

Kushi : I promise…

Arnav : I too promise I’ll always trust you

Kushi : Arnav look that rock.. Let’s carve our name there.. ( she drag him… )

She carve Arnav+ Kushi=Arshi inside a heart shape on rock

Kushi : isn’t it cute.. Wow I can’t wait to show this to our kids grandkids.. They will be so excited na arni.. Wow.. ( she exclaim )

Arnav just adore her with a smile

Kushi : what’s this arnav aren’t you excited..

She see his face..

Kushi : stop.. Don’t say a word.. Don’t you dare to say we aren’t marrying.. We will marry.. We will be uniting those 4 idiots ( ishra & hargun ). If they don’t agree na then let’s kidnap them & get them married forcefully what say..

Arnav : what if we couldn’t unite them..

Kushi : but arnav we will..

Arnav : what if we couldn’t

Kushi : ( sadly..) Then we won’t get married

Arnav : ( hold her hand ) baby but I’ll always be with you.. Its ok if we can’t marry.. Anyways I never believed in it too..

Kushi : hmm. ( still sad )

Arnav : but we can be in a live in relationship what say Kushi.. ( he wink )

Kushi : chi.. Arnav devi maiyya ( Goddess) will curse us..

Arnav : she’ll forgive us once we give her junior Arnav & Kushi..

Kushi open her mouth wide… & start hitting Arnav..

Arnav : ok ok no babies but we will be together always ok..

Kushi : ok

Raizada mansion..

Ishra have picked ruhi back from school now ishu is again all set to go to hospital..

Abhimanyu : ishu.. You’re going again..

Ishu : yea some important cases..

Abhimanyu : I need to talk..

Ishu : but I don’t have time.. Its urgent please..

Abhimanyu : yep… You just don’t have time for me isn’t it ( he say rudely )

Ishu is shocked as he never talked in that tone.. But he had changed a bit since last 3 months she had noticed it before coming to Darjeeling

Abhimanyu : ( changing his tone ) huh.. I’m sorry actually just wanted some quality time with you

Ishu : I understand Mani.. ( to herself ) but font know why I’m not able to give you

Abhi : I feel there’s no privacy here ishu.. I think we better shift to quaters till I stay here..

Ishu gets worried..

Ishu : Give me some time..

Precap :

Ishu enter her room & abhimanyu hug her from behind she get shocked…

Arnav holding abhimanyu’s collar..

Arnav : how dare you..

Credit to: Anaya

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