MANZIL (Chapter 1)



Everyone busy in packing.
Sanskar bump into Raman

Raman : kya kar rahe ho dekhe chalo ( what are you doing watch where are you walking )

Sanskar : sorry bhai

Raman : is everything ready we should depart in an hour..

Arnav : yes aman is monitoring everything

Shagun : where is ruhi..

Harshad : she was with swara..

Kushi : where is swara..

All look at each other

Everyone : not again

Both are sitting bear a small pond making sad face..

Raman : what are you doing here come let’s go..

Ruhi : hum dono motu patlu pinky chinky titu bubbly sonu monu ko bye bol rahe the

Arnav : what the.. How many times I told they are only fishes but no..

Ruhi : you know nothing chote don’t make fun of my friends..

Harshad : oh ho sorry ruhi mam ab chale ( shall v go now)

Shagun : haan ruhi it’s late now..

Swara : ine yaha akela chodke ( leaving them alone ) she wink at them

Kushi : swara shut up

Arnav : I can’t believe this..

Raman : yaar Arnav chupa ho jaav yaar.. Ab ruhi naraaz ho gayi toh ek taang pe kadha karwayegi sabko ( stop it arnav.. If ruhi gets angry she’ll make us stand on one leg )

Swara : arnav bhai you told nothing is impossible for you then.. Now see its proved wrong you cannot carry thses fishes to Darjeeling

Harshad : shona chup you are provoking ruhi & arnav now

Ruhi : tum chup.. Shona is right.. Chote can’t you do this much for me.. ( she plead the same way her mom used to ask making innocent face)

Kushi : no Arnav no..

Arnav : these fishes will reach Darjeeling before us..

Shagun : gaye kaam se ab

Ruhi : thank you chote love you

she go from there everyone stare swara & arnav

Arnav : what how can I refuse when she’s asking so much..

Swara : I too couldn’t resist supporting her

Sanskar : accha ab tum dono hi jaana roz usske saath mujhse nahi hoga meine socha tha woh din ab khatam lekin nahi.. ( oh we now you two only go with her I can’t do that anymore.. I thought those days are gone but no .. )


Ruhi sitting near pond with kitchen set playing some “ghar ghar “game. Sanskar being her husband & all those fishes are their children.

Ruhi : yeh lijiye coffee.. ( have coffee she give some water in cup & sanky takes it )

Sanky : very nice..

Ruhi : drink fast & make children ready for school.

Sanky : they’ll go to school!!??

Ruhi : yes give them bath & dress them in these ( she give some ribbons )

Fb end..

Sanky : who on the earth can bath fishes..? & she made me pour water on each of them & tieng them ribbon of their names I have fallen minimum 100 times in that pond.

Everyone laugh at him loud..

Swara : poor sanky..

Sanky : I’ve done it every day & now when it was finally over this arnav & swara.. ( he look at them angrily swara run from there & sanky follow her but she run away.. )

Sanky : it was who’s plan to have a small pond in house

Kushi : I think I’m forgetting something just a minute

She too run away..

Ishitha in a saree sitting in front of laptop seeing pics of arshi ishra swasan hargun & ruhi… adoring their cute smiles loads of happiness & full of fun… They always stayed together, enjoyed a lot eventhough everything was ruined 5 years back the lil angel ruhi binded them together.. But now her internship was over its been 3 months now she returned to Lucknow..
Ishu lost in thoughts get a call..

Ishu : hello simmo how r u..

Shagun : kitni baar kaha hai simmo mat bulav lekin nahi.. Ab chodo woh sab envelope mila.. ( how many times I’ve told you not to call by that name.. Ok leave it… Got envelope)

Ishu having envelope in hand & she opens it..

” Ruhi Group of Association ”

We cordially invite you & your family for the Inauguratio of our company.

Venue : Darjeeling

Shagun : are you there ishu..

Ishu : yea I saw.. I’ll try to come..

Shagun : what will try I’ll kill you & you’ve one more envelope if you have noticed what about that tgen

Ishu : who told him & who gave him the permission to make me the co owner of hospital. I can’t join simmo try to understand. Mummyji won’t agree

Shagun : it was dream someone’s dream if you remember. The persons who supported us took care of us , who realised our dreams..

Ishu : I know… & I’ll..

Someone snatch the phone

Person : she’ll come I’m sending her she is all yours for a year happy..

Shagun : ji thank you aap bhi function ke liye aayiye ( you too come for function )

Person : ah.. I’ll try have some important meeting

Ishu: don’t tell anyone I wanna give everyone surprise..

Shagun : ok done

Everyone reach Darjeeling seeing those 3 beautiful villas, huge classy office & hospital everyone are impressed by Arnav & Raman’s ideas.
Shagun tell everyone ishu not coming.

Arshi & swasan & Ruhi are sitting in ruhi’s room kushi swara are sad..

Arnav : will anyone tell us what happened

Swara : ishu di is not coming

Sanskar & Arnav : what ishu di not coming..

Kushi : because of that haddi ( kabab mein haddi )

Arnav : I swear I’ll kill him one day

Sanskar : that’s why Raman bhai is so gloomy from morning.

Ruhi : not to worry when ruhi is here I’ve some great idea to bring maasi here

Everyone : what is it

Ruhi explains her plan

Arnav & Sanskar : no way we are not doing this..

Arnav : shagun di will eat me alive

Sanskar : Raman bhai will hang me upside down

Ruhi : can’t you both do this much for maasi

Arnav & Sanskar agree & these 3 show thumbs up to both.

Ruhi : waise chote where are my motu patlu pinky chinky titu bubbly sonu monu..

Arnav : in garden..

Ruhi swara & kushi go to see them. Sanky goes to Raman & Arnav go to shagun..

Arnav & sanky about to tell something to shagun & Raman they hear ruhi crying & all run to garden.

Raman take her in arms & shagun ask

Shagun : what happened baby..?

Ruhi : chote is cheater

Precap : Ishu in Darjeeling..
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