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ManYasa OS :My Scooty Girl By FenAnksss.


Hello Friends !!
ManYasa was at Rajsthan for family school picnic of their daughter. Manish was telling his love story .

Manish’s Pov

“Today also I remember the afternoon of 4th April five years back the day which completely changed my life for better ,of course that day my lovely Alisha bhabhi stromed into my room and without any hello hi she said , “ common Manish get ready , My mom has suggested a very beautiful girl for you she teaches dance in a nearby school only come lets go.

Finally I had completed my MBA in Finanace. From childhood only I wanted to become a Finance manager in big company or in bank and now I was looking for a job and I was not even thinking about marriage for the coming 2-3 years and here she’s finding girls for me ….

Common bhabhi what r u even saying ? does it look nice to look at a girl for marriage in school what will the students and everyone think ??” I tried to avoid the situation but my bhabhi is my Bhabhi who can stop her from doing that which she wants;

Arr who’ll tell her that ? we’ll go to inquire about admission and we’ll get to know her also and she won’t even get it …”

“ then its better na bhabhi ki we’ll directly go to her house and see her …” I again tried to reason but …..

“arre if we’ll go to her house n see then they’ll come to know that y we are there … and suppose if we didn’t like the girl then ???? will u like to say no to her and break her heart … its better we go and see her now and then if we’ll like her we’ll go n talk to her parents …” she suggested . left with no other option I had to compile and go with her to school .

After sometime we reached the school on my bike .

“ you park the bike and come till then I’ll find her ” Alisha bhabhi said to me and went inside the huge gate of the school . I nodded and went to the parking to park my bike.

As I parked the bike and was going in I saw a young girl coming out of the school . she stood there and was finding something in her purse . I stood there watching her without even blinking my eyes. long strands of her hair were flowing with the wind . I was mesmerized seeing the beautiful creation of god in front of me ….. I knew I was in love. yes , I guess this is only called Love at First Sight !! and I was head over heals in love with her…

As I started to move towards her , she took out a pair of keys from her bag and started moving to her scooty, a pink scooty pept !! she sat and rode whereas I kept standing there looking at the retreating figure of my unknown lady love …………….thats when I decided that if I’ll marry then I’ll marry this girl only and no one else ,

Thats when bhabhi came to me and before she could say anything I told her everything and said that I want to marry that girl only and now she should not force me to see any other girl . my bhabhi was also amused as to how I did not want to see the girl few minutes back and now I was talking about love and marriage .

“ who was she ? from where did she come ?? we don’t know anything about her … her religion culture … and what if she’s already married ??”

“ I don’t know anything bhabhi… I have told u what I want ..”

“ why are you so stubborn Manish ???”

I turned my head whereas she sighed and looked around . She found few children playing in the ground. we both went to them to ask about the lady.

Most of them haven’t seen them but when one of them spoke we both sighed in relief .

“ She was Jigyasa ma’am , Jigyasa Singh.”

“ So She was the same girl whom we had came to meet and look at u . u are already mad in her love … this is going to be a unique arranged marriage …”

My bhabhi said as I blushed hard and went from there . everyday my whole family used to tease me like anything and I could do nothing but blush like a girl …… I requested my bhabhi to talk to the scooty girl’s parents fast and fix the marriage …. for which she again teased me but later hugged me also ………

My family and her family , both were comfortable and were happy with the relation . even my scooty girl liked me , my happiness knew no bounds but the next moment my face fell as the pandit said that the marriage will happen after three months …. huh .. I just wanted to kill that pandit then n there only . but I somehow controlled my self and then with lots of difficulties passed these three months ….

All thanks to my lovely Alisha bhabhi that she arranged a few meetings of me n my scooty girl .. I got to know many things about her …. even she started liking me as we kept meeting now and then …seriously my first love was so unique also we he kept her pink scooty carefully with us . Whenever I see that scooty all the memories of my unique love story starts replaying in my mind .

End of Manish’s Pov.

A small hand came over his face bringing him out of his thoughts . he look towards the direction and saw his cute little baby girl lying above him and his beautifully wife snuggling in his arms as the sun rays disturbs her beauty sleep . he smiled at his small cute family and thanked God and his bhabhi who was the link for this beautiful relation .

He smiled at his princess Manyasa and kissed on her forehead and then kissed his beautiful wife who opened her eyes and looked at her cute husband and fairy baby girl !! she kissed the baby and looked towards manish …. manish smiled and closed the baby’s eyes with one hand and kissed Jigyasa’s lips.

Manish : I love you my scooty girl !!
Jigyasa : I love you too my cute hubby and father of my doll Manyasa !!

Manish pouted and Jigyasa smiled and went from there pecking his lips once more ……

Manish smiled and got up and twirled his princess In the air and gave the baby to her mother and went inside the washroom following Jigyasa … after closing the door.

Later, In their room ,Breakfast table

Manyasa : Papa, continue your love story.

Manish : now your mummy will continue..

Flashback start :Unknown place

Both reach at dark place, he made her stand.

Jigyasa: it’s so dark.

Manish: just hold my hand and keep walking. Do you trust me na?

Jigyasa: more than anyone else, even more than myself.

Both kept walking, sudden she felt some height under feet.

Jigyasa: Manish
Manish; just some more time.

She keep feet at 1st stairs, then only her image flashes there.

Jigyasa: it’s me, but I guess here is no mirror+ dress is also different.

Manish: it’s not you.
Jigyasa: then

She tried to touch it, image scratch little and her hand passes through it.
She sees toward him, he passes smile.
She take second step, there two image flashes. That is her pic with her Bijal Dii & Rahul Jiju.
She kept third step, there again two pic flashes. Her and Ankit Bhai.
She sees toward him, he signal her to keep walking.
She kept forth step , there her childhood pic with her parents.
She became emotional seeing it.
She kept forth step there was her pics with frnds.
Like this she reached at last step, there was not any flash. She sees toward him.
He was sitting on knees.
She give questionable look to him.

Manish: This time I don’t wanna give speech, I just wanna ask will you marry me?

Jigyasa: we are already going to marry na?

Manish: yeah but I wanna marry you right now.

Jigyasa: means? Here but Manish …

Manish: just say yes or no?
Jigyasa: yes but …

Manish: you can’t even think how much happy I am, thank you Jigyasa. I really love you so much.

He happily hug her and kiss her forehead. Then Manish took her to garden area where he already collects some wooden sticks and light up fire. Manish and Jigyasa took 7 rounds and made 7 promises to each other and smiles and sits there for sometime and talks of their future life.

Flashback ends.

Manyasa : Wow Papa !!

Manish : now mummy will tell u about our dance in our sangeet.


Manish sat on his knees ask Jigyasa for dance while forwarding hand. Jigyasa puts their hands in Manish’s hand and smiles.

“Jeene Laga Hoon, Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada, Tumpe Marne Laga Hoon
Main..Mera Dil…Aur Tum Ho Yahaan
Phir Kyun Ho Palkein Jhukaye Wahaan
Tum Sa Haseen Pehle Dekha Nahin
Tum Is Se Pehle Thhe Jaane Kahaan
Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada Tumpe Marne Laga…
Hmmmm… Ho..Ho…Hmmmmm… Ho..Ho”

Manish’s one hand was resting on Jigyasa’s waist and Jigyasa’s on his shoulder and their other hand entangled. They dance slowly and beautifully.

“Rehte Ho Aake Jo Tum Paas Mere
Tham Jaaye Pal Yeh Wahin
Bas Main Yeh Sochun…
Sochun Main Tham Jaaye Pal Yeh
Paas Mere Jab Ho Tum… (Twice)
Chalti Hai Saansein, Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada, Dil Theharne Laga…
Hmmmm… Ho..Ho…Hmmmmm… Ho..Ho”

Manish then lifts his lady up in the sky, and then he gets her back to the ground and they dance matching each other’s step. And then Jigyasa is in Manish’s arms.

“Tanhaaiyon Mein Tujhe Dhoonde Mera Dil
Har Pal Yeh Tujhko Hi, Soche Bhala Kyun
Tanhaai Mein Dhoonde Tujhe Dil
Har Pal Tujhko Soche (Twice)
Milne Lage Dil, Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada, Ishq Hone Laga..
Hmmmm… Ho..Ho…Hmmmmm… Ho..Ho”

They go away from each other then runs to each other and Manish lifts Jigyasa and made round. He pulls her close and share a eye lock They were lost in each others eyes so deeply .

Music ends.

Flashback ends.

Manyasa : So romantic papa , mummy is so lucky.

Manish : I’m lucky to get your mummy in my life.

Jigyasa : And now you are our world and upcoming baby.

They trio hugs and smiles.

Hello My New Friends !! This is Fenil and Anksss here with OS on our heavenly couple ManYasa.

Ankita : As fenil promised you all that he will write OS for TPK and i helps him for this.We are best friends.So hope you all likes our combined efforts.We select only proposal and sangeet dance and already its very long if we will write for everything OS will be so long and than u ppls will get tired.thanks

So i fulfill my promise.Hope u all will enjoy.

Fenil and Ankss here Love u all.
Missing TPK

  1. It’s really cute story.. 😊 😚

    1. Fenil

      Thank u so much !!
      Glad that u liked it

  2. ReihanaThamiz

    Wow dat was a cute
    Arrange-Love-Arrange marriage…
    #PerfectLoveStory 👍👍…keep writing Os lyk these👍👍

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  3. Soo cute…….

  4. Rinka_Ritz

    No fans like long updates… If we give short updates on our ffs, readers say to give longer updates. Actually everyone loves to read about manyasa and that’s the reason… It was mindblowing and superb os.. keep writing more

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear
      Glad that u liked it.
      yaa readers needs more same with my Ffs tooo

  5. wow…nice one but short too….dear come up wd a ff …

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      Will think about ff

  6. Wow great yar. Very nice.

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    Once again thank you so much…

    1. Fenil

      Thank u so much dear kudarat.
      yaa sure read and tell me your precious views.
      haha SRK.
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    2. Rinka_Ritz

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      1. KUDRAT

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  9. its superb I totally lost in it the most beautiful couple manyasa and this story really beautifully describe by u do come back with new os and I gonna to read it once again and so again and again as I m still lost In this Os . Have a nice day

    1. Fenil

      Thank u so much Anu
      Glad that u loved it.
      your comment means a lot


    hii…. Beta finally likh diya OS….😊……
    different ManYasa love story, i like this story … 👌… keep writing… 👍

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Bhai.
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      Will think about TPK after my current FFs

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  14. bro i read it today only
    it wasssssssssssssssss awesooooooooooooome
    oh oh oh my mataaaaaaa
    maar daala awesome reading abt my jagyasa and manish after such a long tym
    nowadays there r very less thahaan ff’s
    n ur os is cherry on the cake

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Polly
      Glad that u liked it.
      your words means a lot to me

  15. wat is the meaning of fenankass?????????
    fen = fenil ur m=name but ankasss???????

    1. Fenil

      Ankita- Anksss
      I call her Anksss
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  16. KUDRAT

    Sorry for so late Bhai…
    It’s just a unique nd Mindblowing OS..
    Thank you Bhai for write a Fantastic OS..
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    Keep rocking..
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    1. Fenil

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