Manya,Rara,Raglak,Swasan,Shivya,Twinj,Ishveer,Karvi,Virenika,Ardhika,Mehbeer,Abhigya.Episode 6.

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Mantu welcomes everyone.He eagerly waits for Amaya,He asks Sanskar to call Swara as they have to cut the cake.Sanskar calls Swara:
Sanskar-Hi Swara where r u?
Swara-We r…

Sanskar-Cuts her off and says how long do u’ll take to dress up,I mean like u’ll have to just put a dress and perfume and comb ur hair I don’t know when a earthquake comes instead of running u’ll wl put ur makeup and the world wl end with the make up on our faces.(Funny tune plays).
Swara-Turn and see the earthquake standing behind u.
Sanskar turns and murmurs today the earth wl explode.Amaya murmurs and tells the rest that Swara will abrupt the volcano just watch.They laugh silently.Swara tells Sanskar:
Swara-SS(Super Sanskar)what happened I though girls take so long to dress up.
Sanskar-Swara,I know I was joking.
Swara-Sanskar,what a very not nice joke.
Sanskar-(think what to say bcoz he got owned).
Swara-Awww…my SS got owned and is keeping silent.
Sanskar gets embarrassed and leaves and changed the topic.Swara and the rest give a hi-five to each other and laugh.(Funny tune).
Mantu comes and is super happy seeing Amaya.Rachita comes and wishes him but he keeps staring at Amaya.Amaya comes and hugs him and says Happy Birthday(Friendly way hug)Mantu is over the moon and hugs her back and Thanks her.Dheere Dheere plays.
Rama sees Rachita and says Rachita.Rachita says Rama?
Rachi-How cum u here?
Rama-Actually Mantu is like my bro we r close friends.
Rachi-Ohh wow..actually I know Mantu thru Amu and Jazz.
Rama-Oh so friends.
Rara shake hands.Tum hi ho plays.
Mantu calls everyone to cut the cake and tells Amaya that she looks….before he could say Chiklu comes running and says Mantu Bhaiyaaaa….and says:
C-Happy woh.
M-Woh matlab.
C-Arrey Mantu Bhaiya woh…
C-Haan woh Happy Birthday Mantu Bhaiya.
Mantu tells Amaya,Rachita,Rama and Chiklu to hold the knife and Chiklu says:
C-How can u do this.
M-Do what Chiklu.
C-Mantu Bhaiya my friend is not here wait.
C-Wait…Mantu Bhaiya.

Jazz comes from the washroom and Chiklu says her.Mantu and everyone laugh.They cut the cake and Mantu feeds Chiklu and then Amaya,Rama,Jazz and Rachita.Someone starts speaking on the stage and says:
When we were small we used to play with each other,fight with each other,hit each other,cry with each other,laugh with each other and do everything together.After 20 years we left and they forgot all of us but we never forgot our best friends bday,four people r shown..
One person turns and says Happy…it is Ishani.
The other person turns and says Birthday…it is Ranveer.
The other two turn and scream Mantu!!!!it is shown they r Twinj…
They start dancing on Gerua.Mantu jumps in excitement and goes and hugs them tightly and says:
Twinkle,Kunj,Ishani and RV how can I forgot my best friends.They all hug each other.
Kunj-Loves Twinkle a lot but never confessed it,thinking she loves Mantu.
Twinkle-Loves Kunj as a friend and never thought that he even loves her and doesn’t even know.
Ishani-Loves RV but didn’t confess.
RV-Too loves Ishani but thought to never tell her.
Karthik goes to take a drink and bangs with a girl and she drops all her juice on his shirt.She says sorry..sorry..sorry and takes a tissue and tries to clean the stain he says:
K-Don’t worry it’s fine.
It’s is shown its Survi.
S-No it’s not ok,I wl send it to the laundry tommorow give ur address.
K-Oh u want my address to take advantage of me when I sleep.
K-U r so innocent and pulls her cheeks.
They come to know that their bro and sis know each other and becum friends.
Karvi roam around and Amaya says oh Bhai already found someone and teases him.Survi blushes.Amaya says no prob…u can hang out with him.
Abeer comes on stage and says:
A-Hey guys I’m gonna sing a song for my bro Mantu.
A-Hope u’ll wl like it from Abeer the Rockstar.
A-I’ll give my auto graphs to those who throw money on me(joking).
He starts but the mic gets disconnected and everyone laughs.Meher sees this and shouts:
M-Shut up!
M-Haven’t u’ll done a single mistake in ur entire life u’ll r acting as if u’ll r the president.
M-The mic got disconnected not his voice.
Abeer’s soul talk thanks so much u r so cute and innocent though I behaved rudely u helped me thru this(I’ll tell why he did later).Meher fixes the mic and sings with Abeer on the song Sab Tera from Baaghi.
Soem guys stare at Amaya and Rachita,Mantu and Rama notice this and they r drunk they come to Amaya and Rachita and tease them.Mantu sees this and crushes the glass of apple juice in his hand and says stay away.He pushes them and keeps Rachita and Amaya behind his back.The guys beat him and Rama slaps the man and they get into a fight.Kunj sees this and hits the guys and slap them.The guy goes to Twinkle and Kunj slaps him,the guy takes a vodka bottle and bangs it on Kunj’s head and Kunj falls down and holds his head which is bleeding Twinkle screams Kunjjjj!!!!

Precap-Manya and Rara hug.Twinkle cares for Kunj.Kunj murmurs her name in his sleep and Twinkle cries.Manya n Rara console her.He sees his head and says it’s my fault if I was not in this world then nothing would happen,Kunj hears this in unconscious state and regains conscious.He tells Twinkle to never speak like that.Twinj hug each other.
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Credit to: SMC


  1. Dyan

    WowWww….I just enjoyed it it was just a mix episode…I love it…
    Keep writing and hats off to u..

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    Brilliant episode…
    I enjoyed it…
    Pls upload nxt one fast otherwise I wl beat u in school..??

  3. Priya

    Gr8 episode…
    I don’t know what to write people took all the words..
    Just loved it..
    I would suggest one thing bring a jealously track u wl Rock in that plssssss..

  4. Nikita

    Phenomenal episode…
    I think that u wl write or concept a true story as u did the acting in school so well u might becum an actress I am honest…love u..

  5. Kensy

    Yesssss!thsi is what I call an FF….it was beautiful..I don’t know if others liked it but I loved it..

  6. Najah

    Wow!Just Wow is the word to describe ur FF…,I loved it…
    Pls pls nxt one fast my Twinj scenes…

  7. Kimberley

    Yeah ur episode took me to heaven…it was so good and made my day…
    Seeing ur name..I got a smile on ma face…love u…

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    My Best friend stole my heart today…
    What an episode…

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    Thanks u so much…ur episode is like u…

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    Ur FF is like a pearl…
    It shines but never stops Shining…
    That’s bcoz of ur twists and awesum scenes..

  11. Johan

    I’m helpless to read ur FF bcoz u make me so excited to even remember or think what wl happen u keep me so focuses and I keep waiting for this FF and yes finally I sen it today…love u and ur FF..

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