Manya alive in my heart (Episode 5)


Recap: mantu regains consciousness and manya scenes
Mantu: amaya its already 7 i think u should leave and we’ll go somewhere for sure tom
Amaya: i think u r right (in mind: but i dont want to leave u mantu)
Mantu: i know u must be thinking u dont wanna leave me and……..
Amaya: no (laughing ) no, not at all
Mantu: oh i thoungt so
Amaya : so should i leave…..(in mind: pls stop me mantu)
Mantu: stop amaya!!!
Amaya turns back and has a smile on her face
Amaya : y mantu???
Mantu: u were leaving ur bag
Amaya: u know wat mantu u r good for nothing
Mantu: but y amaya….tell me y

Amaya leaves
Mantu is sad that amaya is angry with him
Mantu: (in mind: amaya pls pls pls turn back once , if u love me , pls)
Amaya turns and smiles
Amaya and mantu have a sleepless night both thinking about tom
Amaya calls rachita
Rachita: hi amu
Amaya: hi rachi di ……how r u ???
Rachita: fine….how r u amu ???
Amaya: oh i am good …..wat r u doing???
Rachita: work
Amaya: is rama jiju supporting u???
Rachita: ya rama is very nice and supports my decision
Jazz: hi amu…. R u talking to rachi di
Amaya: rachi di i think jazzipedia wants to talk
Jazz: ya ya ….y not

Rachita: hi jazz
Jazz: hi rachi di
Jazz and rachita talk for sometime and then end the call
Sneha: come on girls come for breakfast
Amaya: i am going for a coffee da…
Jazz:(coughs) unh unh!!!
Amaya: i am going for coffee with…..
Sneha: with mantu obviously
Amaya: how do u know ….un..i mean
Sneha: by the happiness on ur face which only mantu can bring
Mantu texts amaya “madam come to CCD and pls reach on time”
Amaya (smiles seeing the text)
Jazz: mantu’s message right….oh ho
Amaya: shut up jazzipedia nd mom i am going
Sneha: ok my amu…..enjoy
amaya reaches CCD and sees mantu waiting eagerly
amaya: sry mantu i kept u waiting
Mantu: its ok….wat will u have???
Amaya: cappuccino and u???
Mantu: frappé
Mantu gives this order to the waiter
Amaya and mantu drink coffee and talk
Amaya: so did u have a sleepless night ???
Mantu: yesss but how do you know???

Amaya: (in mind : i was not alone having sleepless night) cause i also had
Mantu: oh
Amaya: mantu btw when will we marry???
Mantu suddenly takes out ring from his pocket , bends on his knees and says
Mantu: amaya i had to first propose u formally so….
Amaya is surprised and happy
Mantu: i love u madam i dont know when all this happened but i love u i know this ring is not that precious and costly but…
Amaya: just shut up….
Mantu shocked

Scene shifts to sneha
Sneha to god : pls keep all my three girls happy and safe god rachita is married, amu is in love and about to marry, jazz is so intelligent in studies i just hope their future is bright
Scene shifts to cafe
Amaya: this ring is the most precious thing in the world and mantu u dont need to say anything bcoz i trust u , i care for u and i love u too
Mantu happily fits the ring in her finger
Amaya: so we r engaged informally
they hug

Precap: pandit comes home and says that the engagement date is for tom or after 7 months

Credit to: Sanika

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