Manya alive in my heart (Episode 4)


Everyone comes to the hospital to see mantu and amaya hugs sneha
Sneha: dont cry amu
Amaya: maa mantu….
Sneha: he’ll be alright
Doctors come out
Doctor: mantu is very critical
Amaya goes and sits infront of gods idol
Amaya: god u know i love mantu and i am unable to see him in this condition…. Pls god i beg u, u take my life cause infront of mantu’s life my life is nothing i love him alot
Doctors: who is amaya???

Amaya: i am amaya
Doctor: mantu is continuously taking ur name
Amaya: wat??? (Thinks that in this condition also mantu is taking my name he loves me so much)
Doctor: i think u should go and sit near him where medicines do not work love does
Amaya: ok doc, thank u
Amaya goes inside and see mantu
Amaya: mantu why r u lying wake up we will go on a coffee date …..speak mantu….(emotional) mantu u love me so much
Amaya sitting near mantu
Amaya: why r u so careless mantu??? If something happens to u wat will i do ??? How will i live without u
Amaya kisses mantu on his forehead
Amaya: see maine tumhari kiss ka jawab bhi de diya…. Now wake up
Amaya is about to leave but mantu opens his eyes and holds amaya’s hand
Amaya turns back and is very happy to see mantu all ok
Amaya: mantu mantu u r alright , i am so happy , thank u god for returning me my mantu
Mantu: (trying to wake up) am..amaya

Amaya: dont utter a word and lie down quietly u r very careless mantu
Amaya calls the doctor and the doctor says mantu is fine now and he will be discharged in 3 hrs
Amaya: mantu u wait i will call everyone
Amaya tells everyone and everyone is relieved
Mantu is discharged and everyone drop him home
Amaya: can i stay with mantu for sometime maa???
Sneha:(smiling) ya sure , we will leave come on time amu….bii dear and mantu take care
Mantu puts his hand on amaya’s shoulder for support and they walk towards his room
Amaya: mantu u should walk carefully on the road na
Mantu: i am sorry (very sweetly with innocence)
Amaya: ok , now i am bringing soup and u sit here and rest where is the kitchen ???
Mantu points towards the kitchen
Mantu: u know na how to make soup as i cannot eat tasteless soup
Amaya: very funny , umm i only know how to make tomato soup will u be able to havd it???
Mantu: i will have anything from ur hand even poison …but ya that poison should be sweet flavoured
Amaya: mantu u… Now only u’ve come from hospital and jokes started behave urself
Mantu: ok dadi uma

Amaya: whom did u call dadi uma
Mantu: the aunty standing next to u
Amaya: han….
Mantu: only u and i are in this home all alone so i’ll call u only
Amaya: but i do not look like dadi uma…..(seeing her face in the mirror) i dont have rinkles or white hair
Mantu laughs
Amaya: wat so funny now u shut up and let me do my work
Mantu: ok
Amaya makes hot tomato soup and feeds it to mantu
Mantu: (burns his tongue) omg!!! Its hot
Amaya takes soup in the spokn blows air makes it bit cold and feeds it to mantu
Mantu: vaise the soup is not that bad
Amaya: wat u mean by not that bad my hands have magic and the soup is very tasty
Mantu holds amaya’s hand and says i heard wat u said in the hospital room
Amaya: wat???
Mantu: coffee date???
Amaya smiles

Mantu: so can i get a chance to take this beautiful lady on a coffee date
Amaya: i will think
Mantu: u really need to think
Amaya: no, obviously u can take me
Mantu : yesss!!!
Amaya: mantu i trust u alot and i’ll go wherever u take me blindly
Mantu: even i trust u cause i love u
They share an eyelock

Precap: mantu takes amaya for coffee date they both talk alot and suddenly mantu takes out a ring and proposes amaya infront of everyone …..amaya is very happy

Credit to: Sanika

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